Ashley Judd Details 'Grueling' 55 Hour Rescue After Breaking Her Leg In The Congo

Ashley Judd shared a series of photos on her Instagram to thank the heroes that helped save her life after she broke her leg in the jungle while visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Jack Guerrier
Jack Guerrier:
I wish all the spotlights were on the two Black African samaritans that saved her.
J D:
I’ve met Ashley in person while she was shopping at the grocery store I worked at. She’s such a wholesome, down to earth person who happens to be famous. I’m glad she made it through her ordeal and she’s now safe!
this girl in Congo while my friends can't leave their house
Someone like her gives me hope for the future. When she said her brothers and sisters. I dig that. Cause thats what we all are.
Doc truth
Doc truth:
Media failed to report that the photo of Judd being carried in the hammock , was actually taken several months ago prior to any injuries !
After all have said and done, she should go back and really thank these local people who have directly instrumental in her escape from death, with some of her great intrinsic value asset to help lift them out of poverty instead of just empty and hollow words.
Shannon Georgia Peach
Shannon Georgia Peach:
I cant imagine the injury let alone surviving the pain especially on the 6 hour ride on a motorcycle 🏍 That shows her mental strength is great.
Thank God for the humanity of the people of Congo! 🙏🏽
lola brini
lola brini:
rich people: always putting themselves willingly in danger
Marcus INfinity
Marcus INfinity:
Lol nasty woman lost her foot. Fitting
Michael Leslie
Michael Leslie:
If she want to be in Congo that's her business she was doing what she has done many times
Cunty McCunt
Cunty McCunt:
Stay home. We’re in a pandemic!
Bless Ashley's friends and her guides on her journey and the brave people in the Congo for helping her to get safely to that hospital. I can't imagine going through all that with all that pain she endured and yet her strong and beautiful spirit did! I hope Ashley has a full recovery.
Gemini Ascension
Gemini Ascension:
Who took the pictures while on that "55 hour" trek ?????
k , franky, syiem
k , franky, syiem:
You see people from small village are very kind they are welcome everyone in there village and also help them ,
Tan Sok
Tan Sok:
Girl imagine a those people with no healthcare or hospitals near by . That is a true eye opening experience
Deborah Smouse
Deborah Smouse:
Seriously? There’s something fishy about this story. “Internal bleeding”? In the U.S. we call that bruising. Or a hematoma. Internal bleeding is something in the US that happens when there is bleeding in the abdomen. And there were three people riding on a moped? Things that make you go hhhummm?
Steph G
Steph G:
For the love of God stop getting those horrific facial fillers. Your cheeks look so grossly unnatural. Please embrace natural aging and represent us. Look at UK actresses and the wisdom lines in their faces. They look like people we encounter in our daily existence. I’ve always loved you and still do, but please, stop the madness!
The s'more
The s'more:
May she get well soon and the locals who helped her may god bless them
Tim D
Tim D:
I send you complete healing.....
Aurora Gonçalves
Aurora Gonçalves:
Hopefully she'll make a donation to the people that helped her
B D:
What happened to her face, I don't even recognize her 😬
Tiffany I
Tiffany I:
My thing is why did she have to do this trip in the middle of a pandemic??? She put so many people at risk....and I hope she compensated these heroes financially in a way that is just as life changing as what they did for her was life saving.
Kanard Mauk Jr.
Kanard Mauk Jr.:
Only nice thing I can say is, I'm glad she ok.
nora vasquez
nora vasquez:
perhaps she is not there in vacation .. but helping in some way the good people of the Congo.
Angie A
Angie A:
I love Ashley so much! God bless her! Everyone commenting such negative things need to search their heart for peace, compassion and humility instead focusing their attention on berating a woman who is anything and everything but the negative things they are saying about her.
Narda Simpson
Narda Simpson:
Jesussss....55hrs...that's over 2 days straight of debilitating pain and immobility. Girl...I love you. I love these people who helped too. So happy things are looking better.
Caroline Theberge
Caroline Theberge:
May God Bless those who loved and cared for you❤️....glad you’re going to be okay! You have been blessed! God Bless you to continue to improve❤️
Big Deal
Big Deal:
Big Deal !!
CelesteStation51 Smith
CelesteStation51 Smith:
Hope Ashley feels better soon.....
Kim Kochel
Kim Kochel:
My thoughts and prayers 🙏 are coming your way Ashley. Blessings from Canada 🇨🇦
Angela Castro
Angela Castro:
We loveeeee you Ashley & the Congo nation!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏾
J H:
So amazing of the locals. I hope she returns the favour somehow to help their situations
Sweet Salvation
Sweet Salvation:
What was she doing in the Congo ? Probably looking for diamond 💎
teresa duffy
teresa duffy:
She should be sharing more about the bonobos. If only people knew more about them then it would be easier to save them. These bonobos can communicate like children when taught.
Look up "bonobos dr susan"
They seriously communicate with pictures and even over the phone there are videos on youtube.
Rob W.
Rob W.:
Ashley really got WOKE this time.
Peris Ndirangu
Peris Ndirangu:
Wow .. girl ... what are you doing the Congo .... if I remember her own mother ..boyfriend lost both his legs ..on a motobyicle accident ...
Tim D
Tim D:
I am sorry for you pain Sweetheart....
Cheryl bois
Cheryl bois:
Yes what's with her face
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal:
She’s always a victim, self imposed.
Danny Reyna
Danny Reyna:
Who cares
Dee Bee
Dee Bee:
Can anyone guess why she had to go all the way to South Africa to get treated for the injury?
Kenny Testa
Kenny Testa:
She’s going to milk this for all it’s worth
Angela Castro
Angela Castro:
Miri Loo
Miri Loo:
Oh wow she’s so lucky 🤭
Julian Escobedo
Julian Escobedo:
What was she looking for the fountain of youth?
Krystal Sedillo
Krystal Sedillo:
Wow she is a senior citizen now. I’m getting old too.
unknowntuber unknowntuber
unknowntuber unknowntuber:
nobody cares about wealthy people problems.
Plastic surgery overkill
B Bean
B Bean:
This is a wonderful of story of love regardless of Race!
Helen Todaro
Helen Todaro:
Luv her. Rest easy Ash
K Z:
Why was she in Africa. We are in a pandemic, everyone supposed to stay home. Pretty sure this woman lives in Los Angeles.
Tim D
Tim D:
You will come out better
John D
John D:
Wow she must’ve hit the wall really hard....
E Dub
E Dub:
I hope they didn't "touch her" otherwise they'd get "me too'd"
Sandra Napier
Sandra Napier:
Smiling for the video. Plenty of photos taken from Her camera I bet. GETTING ATTENTION.. 😷💥
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
2021 version of Tarzan??
Martha Lucia González
Martha Lucia González:
Why is she exposing others locals to the virus ... when you don’t belong in a place this are the consequences...
Ninja Ninja
Ninja Ninja:
God please heal her completely and bless those that saved her. In Jesus name Amen.
Ashley aging like milk
Mike Patton
Mike Patton:
The Feminist required MEN to carry her out of the jungle! LOL
That was god tripping her up over being a nasty woman to men.
I'm really happy she is better she is so swett
aya.N jah
aya.N jah:
But. Why was she here in Africa, there in the Congo, during a global pandemic, no less. I literally always now detour western people *especially celebrities* from coming to the continent. It causes more harm than good, most of the time. Start your organisations and things in your own country, study your own people. That was the ancestors telling you to leave. You do not belong.
The Rickening
The Rickening:
First of all, you wouldn't have lost your leg, second you aren't brothers or sisters to anyone Congolese, and third you have a bank account that is greater than the entire country and all its people. You gave them nothing. Your harrowing story, and amazing battle to power through the pain and stay alive is everyday activity for the people that are native to that area. Only Americans have the privilege to goto remote areas, remain safe, and when they get a boo boo they milk it like a freshly ready cow.
Dtairtime Bobisright
Dtairtime Bobisright:
I wonder if she felt the men who helped her were sexist for not letting the women carry her out of the jungle? When it's their own skin liberals revert to common sense. When it's at someone else's expense they are loose with facts and humanity.
Can dora
Can dora:
Her face!!! Sad
Pv Beach
Pv Beach:
Did she shatter her leg or face, sooo ugly?