Ashley Judd 'Shattered' Her Leg In 'Catastrophic' Injury

Ashley Judd is recovering after a "catastrophic" injury "shattered" her leg. The actress and activist broke her tibia in multiple places while on a research trip to the Congo. Ashley reflected on the incident and its harrowing aftermath while in a South African ICU, telling New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on Instagram Live that she tripped over a fallen tree while walking in the dark and was in agony for the next 55 hours until she was able to get proper medical care.
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Ashley Judd Details 'Catastrophic' Leg Injury After Falling In Rainforest: My Leg Is 'Shattered'


100+ comentarios:

Laurie M
Laurie M:
Omg I thought this was an old post. Why is she traveling in a pandemic??
Kass Arthur
Kass Arthur:
Oh well. Regular people have injuries every day - of course they don't count - only celebs. Boo Hoo
Ander Ander
Ander Ander:
What was she doing in the Congo during a pandemic?? Another Hollyweird.
Mama Mia
Mama Mia:
Big deal. Take a look around and see there are a lot more people out there suffering with bigger problems than you. Maybe a video of you helping them might be more interesting
Gail Knowles
Gail Knowles:
What the heck was she doing there in the first place? What kind of "research" could this wack-o woman be doing? I don't want anyone to be hurt and I'm glad she's alright but she really has no business in the Congo walking in the dark with nothing more than a head lamp. She really is crazy.
Kenny Testa
Kenny Testa:
Is breaking your leg falling over a log catastrophic?
Christie Trout
Christie Trout:
She is almost unrecognizable, did she trip on a plastic surgeon?
How big a carbon footprint are you leaving with all these trips kitten???
lina nicolia
lina nicolia:
When you trip over a tree limb, you do not suffer a catastrophic injury ; at the most, you get a cast. A catastrophic has to do with trauma, related to speed.....not tripping over a limb. Ever heard the expression " the difference between minor and major intervention is whether it is on you or not " . In this case, coming from her, it was likely minor. Just a broken leg......bone sticking out ? how fast was she running over that tree ????? the speed of sound ? why is it, she does not seem to have much credibility ? her history, maybe ?
sm peace
sm peace:
That was a nassstttyy fall over a nasssssty tree. OUCH.
All these people feeling sorry for her obviously missed the part in this video where they talk about her privilege. Maybe it's her "white privilege" . . . what do you think about that "blm". . .Ashley Judd has "white privilege"
Hephzibah Premkumar
Hephzibah Premkumar:
Wish you a speedy recovery, I love your movies and humanitarian work.❤️👍🏾
Wow, wish I could go for a trek in the Congo too. Must be very exhilarating.
What a whack-a-doodle
Shay Gordon
Shay Gordon:
Maybe she will now be thankful for western medicine saving her leg...maybe.....
Hollywood said wakanda was so advanced! Why did she have to go to South Africa to get treatment?!?! Hmmmmmmm
Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado:
I feel sorry for the people that had to help her.
Alain Fortin
Alain Fortin:
Get well soon dear and God bless you, Grace from Canada
TD Baker
TD Baker:
hold up ... what is she doing inAfrica? doesnt it have a dangerous strain of Covid going around???
mark elliott
mark elliott:
Nothing's too painful for a photo op!
cathy jones
cathy jones:
Geez, I hardly recognized here. Damn, I bet she never returns to the Congo again.
Ama Cela
Ama Cela:
Everyone feels bad because she's a celebrity. If this happened to someone who was unknown and not famous, they would most likely have died or lost their leg. This world is fucked.
SA Inja woof
SA Inja woof:
🇿🇦 glad SA could be a safe haven. Get well soon.🐾❣️
car camper
car camper:
Crazy person.
Bob lester
Bob lester:
You knew about your privilege but you took the trip anyway. Why do these people do privileged thing and then feel sorry instead of just not using your privilege and be quiet
Kathy Hoskin
Kathy Hoskin:
Africa is amazing and I'm so glad you're there to help its people. I hope you heal quickly and I'm so glad you're okay.
Shlm el
Shlm el:
🎞 "wait for the Oscar worthy performance playing herself in this one"
Vida Twynham
Vida Twynham:
She kept the stick 🤦🏻‍♀️
Doc truth
Doc truth:
Ashley stated " the poor little peasants have just been darling " !
Moss X186
Moss X186:
One legg is all she needs just act like u got 2🥀
Danny Reyna
Danny Reyna:
Who cares
Doc truth
Doc truth:
I think this injury occurred when Judd had her foot in her mouth , odd since she normally keeps one there !
How is she "tripping" suring lockdowns?
Durandal Baina Diego
Durandal Baina Diego:
Damn trees!
Double Doink
Double Doink:
Alternate Headline: Egotistical actress with white knight syndrome causes headache for locals
Ms Mystery
Ms Mystery:
Oh Ashley!! "Acting" like a scientist now? Such drama, while you are traveling to another country possibly spreading Covid to vulnerable people. Gag
Dustbin Truedope
Dustbin Truedope:
New movie coming Nobody Cares.
Cara Jones
Cara Jones:
Been there, done that. 3 surgeries and a year of my life.
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
Tarzan. GMA will have an exclusive interview.
Kat Sloan
Kat Sloan:
Praying 🙏🏻 you have a speedy recovery. Also hope you’re not in a lot of pain
RScott Logan
RScott Logan:
Stupid is as stupid does.I would never find myself 6 hours from the nearest hospital.
Tripped over a fallen tree (branch?) and CATASTROPHICALLY SHATTERED HER LEG in multiple places. Hummmm...
L R:
Get well Soon Heal heal heal x
Carmen47 Freixas
Carmen47 Freixas:
How come, when I fell and my femur broke, had to have a full hip replacement, I was not
in the news. Things happen, today Tiger Woods is in hospital, let us hope that he will recover.
I'm very familiar with the external fixator, broke my femur (compound fracture pierced my femoral artery),fractured my fibula and had a bone in my ankle come out my boot. I walk a little funny, but I can walk. I hope you completely recover. God Bless.
equus quagga quagga
equus quagga quagga:
Natasha Nelson
Natasha Nelson:
Kenny Testa
Kenny Testa:
She even saved the stick
Get well soon!
Shirley Brassard
Shirley Brassard:
Hope you are doing well and on your way to a speedy recovery! Stay safe 😷
Lois McMillan
Lois McMillan:
In the dark - in the woods - how silly - wonder if a tracker would have such care - ❗❗❗
What about her flick hubby jeffrey donovan from 06'
Christ almighty what the hell do she do to herself...😳
Oh my #ashlyjudd you poor thing I pray you don't have psd I prayed for you .
Ineed Heir
Ineed Heir:
What kind of research was she conducting in Africa when everyone else, ie., the non-priviledged (black and white alike), are required to quarantine in their homes? Who was she chasing? ; (
Youtube Fan
Youtube Fan:
May God Protect you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Paul Fienga
Paul Fienga:
🙏 speedy recovery 🤞
Judy Kelly
Judy Kelly:
Connie Feltman
Connie Feltman:
Donald Ridenour
Donald Ridenour:
Just can't imagine how "NASTY" she must have been considering the long journey out of the Beautiful Rain Forest.
Marianne Snead
Marianne Snead:
Holy moly hope she heals
God getting even I suppose.....
mark rottjakob
mark rottjakob:
I am sure she acted like a perfect angel. And you know she is tough
Paivi Project
Paivi Project:
OMG !!! What a ordeal. I wish you a speedy recovery 💗
Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson:
What a harrowing experience. Rest and heal, both physically and emotionally. Sending love your way.
holy roller
holy roller:
So I guess it's true that "NASTY" people have bad karma!
Sol Family Vlogs
Sol Family Vlogs:
Leonard Washington
Leonard Washington:
She saw the word democratic and thought it would be a good place to vacation
Melvin Hsu
Melvin Hsu:
Is this the official Hollywood access YouTube channel? How come there is a female automated voice?
Debbra Robinson
Debbra Robinson:
Healing Blessings sent
Robert Shields
Robert Shields:
No Harvey no work.
In my 20s, I travelled to some pretty remote areas. When you're young, fit and healthy, you don't always think about what would happen if you got sick or injured and the only way off the island is via a 3 hour boat ride to take you to the nearest village with exactly zero medical facilities. But you live and learn. Speedy recovery.
Matthew Caughey
Matthew Caughey:
Had this been a normal person in this situation then it’s a fair bet to say they would be in any one of these situations. Laying in an African Bush clinic with a stump where their leg used to be. with folks at home on go fund me, trying to come up with the money to evacuate them home. Laying in a South African hospital with their leg totally immobile unable to board a plane and forced to stay there till they heal enough to travel , or contract and die of super mutant covid. Or 3 denied medical transport by the insurance company and have to hobble your way onto a commercial flight.
Amy Meanor
Amy Meanor:
Ouch watch u're self gf hope u.get better soon
Irma Gonzalez
Irma Gonzalez:
God bless you as you heal from this horrific accident.....🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Brian Palmer
Brian Palmer:
So she posts that she would have died...and she would have lost a leg. Makes losing the leg kind of moot, don't ya' think.
Lady Thyme
Lady Thyme:
Well I guess there’s hope for her... unlike many with COVID ... maybe stay in the US and not go trapping through he jungles or wherever she was and medical care would have been more readily available... no sympathy
Steven Katz
Steven Katz:
What is she doing baby hunting?
Sandra A
Sandra A:
She is an amazing human being and activist as well as actress. So screw all you haters. She is very grateful and I am positive she will pay it forward to all that helped her. This is who she is. So to all the haters poo poo on you and shame on you for being so hateful and nasty. There is no need for this crap. I am so thankful she will be ok and is alive. I am so grateful and thankful to all that helped her. She is a strong woman that has endured a great deal in life and she helps numerous people.
t henderson
t henderson:
That was a Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssttttyyyy accident.
goldie rocks
goldie rocks:
My heart goes out to you Ashley, you poor dear. Your courage in all areas of your life is amazing. What an ordeal and your gratitude is infectious. I feel better about my situation hearing your story. A miracle for sure. Sending you light, love, and strength for your healing, repair, and all you will go through to get there. God bless, speed, and be with you.
Shanae Dyer
Shanae Dyer:
Oh my god, I hope she gets better soon.
Itwaswrong Wrong
Itwaswrong Wrong:
Get well soon , from Laurel Hill NC from Donald,
Love your movies.
Dee Bee
Dee Bee:
J-VAL King The Str8t up vibez show Str8t up records
J-VAL King The Str8t up vibez show Str8t up records:
May God heal her
Jennifer Vermillion
Jennifer Vermillion:
oh no, praying for a speedy recovery.
Clint Aklin
Clint Aklin:
Strange story, why was she out in the middle of no where, and another thing. She also had that Im in so much pain look on her face when she was being carried in a hammock. My goodness, the hell she must've went through.
Robert Zuniga
Robert Zuniga:
No one was wearing mask you shouldn’t be traveling during this pandemic we’re all going to die
Keith Clark
Keith Clark:
Blah blah blah wha wha wha poor old pitiful Ashley
Millions of people suffer way worse injuries and don't whine about it.
Joe McKraken
Joe McKraken:
i love the photo of the priviledged white woman being carried around by two black guys.
Laura King
Laura King:
Poor thing with a big radical mouth
Margaret Slater
Margaret Slater:
Praying for your recovery. Hope you can get back to the USA without delays
Lastly More
Lastly More:
So she spends her money and time doing these trips to the Congo? What a waste.
Cynthia P
Cynthia P:
So sorry Ashley! Get well sweetheart ♥️ I’ve always respected you and appreciated all that you do! 💝
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen:
God bless.🙏🏼
Crafty Gal
Crafty Gal:
Wow, shes amazing.
Boo Boo
Boo Boo:
Wish it was that thing she calls a head.
So sad! Hope she can get help and recover
Lisa Morgan
Lisa Morgan:
Ashley Judd, maskless and traveling the world.
well, you can thank the rescuers by buying them a house to each one of them, and also ATV vehicles for all of them!!
kathy parker
kathy parker: