Asmongold Reacts to ELDEN RING - Gameplay Reveal Trailer

THE TRAILER IS FINALLY OUT! Asmongold reaction to Elden Ring Gameplay Reveal Trailer, from the creators of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro, FromSoftware brings you the next Game of The Year...

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is a collaborative effort between game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin and is scheduled for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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100+ comentarios:

"That's a year and a half"
Pandemic induced time distortion is hitting Asmon hard
Revolver Snake
Revolver Snake:
this must be the greatest day of the daily elden ring update guy's life
turtle f1ve
turtle f1ve:
My fellow Hollows we have made it: HUMANITY RESTORED
M. L.
M. L.:
Its actually so wholesome to see how far asmongold has come :D
Now referencing almost every piece of trailer haha
Caleb Barker
Caleb Barker:
2:55 The epicness of this scene isn't that shot of him jumping at the monster. But the fact that he jumped without sprinting.
Andrew Hickman-Moore
Andrew Hickman-Moore:
Good shit, this is exactly what we wanted to see, we know fromsoftware and bandai namco can make fucking great games and it looks like they are building on what worked instead of trying something brand new. As Asmon pointed out there are a lot of similarities to previous games and that to me is actually a plus, don’t fix what isn’t broken
Shigeo Kageyama
Shigeo Kageyama:
I find it funny how some people disliked this game in chat. This game was honestly one of the best games they showed in that conference. Most the other games i saw were kinda underwhelming. Regardless this game truly shows that they put their heart and soul into making this! This team of developers are talented and creative! Im still blown away!
Tomáš Skála
Tomáš Skála:
Can't wait for the 2 minute long no-hit run once he Finally gets to play it.
You know what I love? Everyone is like "This looks a lot like dark souls" and no one is upset about that
Rob Reith
Rob Reith:
Big open world, multiplayer Souls game with mounts. Can't wait to platinum this bad boy. My favorite series by far. It looks like all the Souls games mashed together in a huge open world. 🤙🏻
John Ap
John Ap:

Sun 4K
Sun 4K:
Love how he seems more genuinely excited about FromSoftware stuff than Blizzard's.
Vili Evans
Vili Evans:
I didn't watch the trailer, going into these games as blind as possible is the best way. Their trailers always show all the bosses and such which takes away from the exploration and mystery imo. I did however catch very brief glimpses because I had to feed my curiosity and those few seconds I saw looked fucking amazing. Best way to play these games is not knowing anything and discovering all by yourself.
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon:
Looks like a good game and the music matches with the trailer silent, then climatic and epic.
Fun fact, Dark souls was originally going to be named "Dark Ring" so the idea that this could be connected isn't even that far fetched.
"You can get on mounts!? No fucking way"
And so Asmon started planning his mount-offs and farming for yet another game
Erich Schiller
Erich Schiller:
This looks like the coolest game ever made. I can't wait.
Drastic Miracle
Drastic Miracle:
Well spotted on the online whip lag, hilarious man!
Nice react vid, I saw the trailer here 1st so cheers Zach.
Love ya reviews and non filtered straight up opinions.
Keep it up dude.
Brian Kay
Brian Kay:
Like Darksouls and bloodborne, I'm hoping this game will inspire a whole new generation of good games trying to capture on what novel things this game does right.
This will be an instant buy once it's released on PC.
Daniel Hay
Daniel Hay:
“It’s gotta be Elden Ring it’s gotta be Elden Ring”

*Trailer starts*

“No way! No way!”
Can’t wait to watch Asmond play another game he loves
The zod
The zod:
wow can't hold a candle to any aspect of a game like this. I hope one day MMO's are at this level of quality.
"A lowly tarnished. Playing as a lord" Soulsbourne players, "And I Took That Personally”
ihm 23
ihm 23:
¨That's a year and a half¨

In his defense, i also forget that it's alredy been like 6 fucking months.
Thomas Atehortua
Thomas Atehortua:
I wish people talked more about miyazaki. This man created a whole genre and literally has not missed, every game he makes is just a banger
Joe Jonah Jameson
Joe Jonah Jameson:
I love how that announcer guy exactly matches the excitement I had watching this
C j
C j:
We need some new game content from Asmondgold!
I remember hearing it was going to be like shadow of the colossus and dark souls mixed together and the trailer couldn't have gave off more of that vibe

I can only imagine that the horse wont be the only mount in the game.
Devilbhro the Savage
Devilbhro the Savage:
It looks like an actual new and original DS4 which is honestly what I wanted. 10/10 GOTY ez.
i guess i speak for everyone when i say im hyped af. i would just love sony to finally bring bloodborne to pc or do a remaster on ps5 at 60fps so asmon can finally play it. its so damn worth it.
Timothy Morris
Timothy Morris:
Anytime some great happens in my life. I hear asmon in my head saying "there it is bois"
Elden is like all souls games mix looks amazing
Nick Zanini
Nick Zanini:
The only thing holding this game back is gonna be it’s connection to old gen.

Elden ring 2 as a next gen exclusive is gonna be the real deal
kinda funny how you see the monsters and the movesets and clearly see the skeletons they used and what boss they used for these guys lol
Try This
Try This:
i wanted to add that it was no lagg at 6:58 its actually the hitbox, otherwise things like whips could easily miss or never hit the target.
"HOW DID HE DO IT SO FAST OMG" i can predict his speed running reactions lmao
I think they want us to have the option to approach this game from dark souls (shield ) bloodborne ( dodge ) sekiro ( parry ) in depth style of play, and that's one of the reason why it took some time to finally balance it
Kevin The Llama
Kevin The Llama:
Its going to be an awesome game.
Styx Zero
Styx Zero:
Looks like dark souls aesthetically, with sekiro combat... love it!
Gregory Mifsud
Gregory Mifsud:
Speculating here but i imagine the tree signifies the cycle of life and death. Light and dark. The dark souls way. Man im so hyped for this.
7:39 The weapons actually have a 30cm thick bubble shaped hitbox around them to make it easier to hit anything.
Ed Toniolo
Ed Toniolo:
Asmongold ascended and now is a part of the souls community
M K:
This looks incredible!
Michael Davis
Michael Davis:
As soon as he realized what he was watching you could see the PTSD flare up from all of his previous deaths throughout Dark Souls
racoon M45T3R
racoon M45T3R:
"Thats a year and half"

This math isnt adding up.
Philipe Anthony Battung
Philipe Anthony Battung:
Knowing fromsoftware, I bet half of the map is swamp.
Marc Durand
Marc Durand:
I have been fooled too many times by great cinematics.
I'll wait for actual gameplay and in-game mechanisms.
Andrew Sipich
Andrew Sipich:
Looks like they put in the stealth mechanic from Sekiro. Nice 👍🏻
Raunchy Santa
Raunchy Santa:
The tree is either the world tree, tree of life, or tree of knowledge. It significantly resembles the trees from the Great Hollow of Dark Souls 1.
Nehemiah Esquivel
Nehemiah Esquivel:
I got so hyped when I saw it live
Jory Cassel
Jory Cassel:
Love how much asmonbald gets excited for a game he will play for two hours ❤️❤️❤️
James Sun
James Sun:
We need a Beserk game from Fromsoft
This was the best birthday present just hearing this game is coming out soon!
Boye The Wise
Boye The Wise:
Imagine Asmongold finally getting gud, such a miracle
A goty indeed
Arian Dito
Arian Dito:
for people who don't know the big deal about this game is that it's written by Game of Thrones' book author GRRM and Miyazaki(Creator of Dark Souls) is the main guy behind it probably as creative director or something, basically two geniuses at work.
Rinrin Fran
Rinrin Fran:
Now Sekiro + Dark Souls mechanics in one game + a legendary writer?
Hello game of the year...
I'm currently too drunk to visually comprehend what's going on but it looks fucking cool
A moment of peace for all our brothers who went hollow waiting for this.
Austin Byrd
Austin Byrd:
I can't wait for asmon to totally beat this and not quit.
Can we all just agree that FromSoftware is making better games than like... everyone else now?
Hyphy Souls
Hyphy Souls:
Asmondgold u have truly Impressed the hell out of me everything u noticed in this trailer none of the souls-tubers didn’t even noticed. U r definitely a souls-guy now I remember watching u die and throw a bitch fit playin DSremastered and now look at u.. can’t wait to watch ur Elden Ring stream
Thank God it coming out on PC too!!!
Dark souls was inspired by berserk and im so fing happy they put that in the game as a tribute to kentaro miura
Man they really advertised this game the right way. The trailer is flashy but it also has flaws that make it seem honest and realistic, and this is pretty much all of it we’ve seen since its announcement and the game is due out in just half a year

Cough cough, cyberpunk, cough cough...
ive had some issues with this guy before but i loved the smile on his face as he watched
This kinda looks like a love child between; Dark Souls 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Code Vein
DIY Art College
DIY Art College:
I wonder what GRRM brought that From Software didn't have before. The storytelling in Dark Souls was phenomenal already.
Marvin Usher
Marvin Usher:
I think I see where we will be getting the moonlight greatsword!
YOU CAN JUMP OVER BOSS ATTACKS!!! Not just telegraphed ones. If you look closely, PC jumps over a boss swing, and double jumps on his horse over a different bosses lightning AOE.

Ched Kosovac
Ched Kosovac:
Fromsoft every game they release is better than the last. Hype!!!!
This is everything I wanted, so much DS vibes, holy shit!!!!
Looks fucking amazing! Can't wait.
Dude if this is going to look like the Demon Souls remake, damn its gonna be good
Love the reaction. You seem as obsessed as I am.
Ezekiel Onezero
Ezekiel Onezero:
I can't remember the last time I was this HYPED for a game

I'm taking a week if work when this comes out.

(Also George now your done with this game finish your god dam books!)
this actually looks sick
Cirno 9.9
Cirno 9.9:
When showing lag in the multiplayer part of the trailer is an indicator, how legit the game is xD

Joking aside, I'm so happy and hype to see an actual trailer of Elden Ring
Game of the year right there boys. No doubt in my mind.
He even got the berserk reference,props to this man.
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart:
Wonder how much of a role GRRM played as this looks entirely the mind of Miyazaki!
josh belton
josh belton:
notice how happy asmongold is because he has so much money for doing practically nothing but play games he likes. to happy
Roland Kovacs
Roland Kovacs:
Sekiro combat, Dark Souls feels, Bloodbourne style spells, mount combat this game is gonna be epic as fuck!
Josh Lich
Josh Lich:
How could someone possibly be excited about logging into WoW after seeing this trailer lol.
Anyone saying that Asmon is just gonna quit cuz he's not good, is wrong i would say. He beat Demon's Souls with little deaths and replayed DSR, Sekiro and Bloodborne and beat them all, learning the games mechanics instead of doing the same attacks over and over again. He's obviously learned how to get better
The character looks so good dame
Sife Lux
Sife Lux:
That stag boss looks so cool
Recycling assets from dark souls games isn't a bad thing if there's enough original content for elden ring to stand on its own.
The wait was worth it.
Secular Spectator
Secular Spectator:
Dark Souls 4 looks amazing!
This game looks hot as hell! 2:48 is me planning my character build as of this moment xD
“That’s a year and a half.” I had to go on google to check if it was 2021 or not no cap 😂.
Just hope we get a proper mouse + keyboard support for the PC version!
Ólafur Þorvaldsson
Ólafur Þorvaldsson:
1:25 a fucking dragon holding a thunderbolt.. that is some next level badass shit.
That Adams family hand NEEDS to be a mount. It'd be so badass
They take every single perfect thing in this planet and mix it in here
Try This
Try This:
i know i can get hyped as hell because i know from software never disappointed me
Seeing him playing this will be so funny
Loony A
Loony A:
Holy freak one minute in and I need this game