Chris is here with your Twitter and Youtube reactions after a brace from Sadio Mane and goals from Mo Salah and Gini Wijnaldum meant that Liverpool beat Aston Villa 4-1 in the FA Cup.

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David Fearn
David Fearn:
Credit to AVFC’s year 11’s tonight. Credit to their club and parents
Gromovnik 88
Gromovnik 88:
Most embarrassing 4-1 WIN I've ever witnessed.
St. James Hawke
St. James Hawke:
Shaq needs to start. Shaq needs to start. Besides Alcantara, he seemed to be the only player who could make passes with great accuracy.
Thiago coming on and oozing class with every touch raises questions about what Henderson was doing when he was on.
At times like this and against, soton, Newcastle and Fulham we need a player like coutinho!
Thiago makes love to the football with every pass
I feel like Thiago and Shaq raise the team’s IQ when they come on.
Arya Mehdi
Arya Mehdi:
Its not really positiv that we have to bring thiago in to creat chances and score against a bunch of kids when we have salah, mane, hendo and gini on the pitch
Shaq and Thiago were brilliant. They have to start vs the mancs.
Especially if Hendo is in the defence. Have a midfield of Thiago, Gini and Shaq.
Emiliano Silveiro
Emiliano Silveiro:
Mannn people are forgetting our youngsters beat a full starting 11 Everton side last year 😂 Aston Villa have a solid youth program just like us, the first half was 100% poor decision making from some of the Attacking players (Gini and Salah specifically) who really should’ve put the game to bed. The Villa goal was an error by our youngster Rhys who played with a discombobulated as backline playing Milner (not a defender) at RB and Fabinho at CB. At the end of the day it’s a W.
Taqiyuddin Zulkifi
Taqiyuddin Zulkifi:
Shaq linked very well with thiago
Starvin Marvin
Starvin Marvin:
Are midfield needs too learn how too do forward passes accept thiago his different gravy just like mane
Aaron T
Aaron T:
thiago must start vs united
Ronan C
Ronan C:
Reds need one or two cbs. If they don't buy, don't expect a 🏆 this season.
Minamino assisted our second goal to make it 2-1.
Damian O' Sullivan
Damian O' Sullivan:
Are we delighted now again to beat villas under 8s ffs
Craig Hewitt
Craig Hewitt:
Mohammed Vachhiat
Mohammed Vachhiat:
Ox and origi need to b sold, need better players 4 our bench.
Fadil Jo
Fadil Jo:
The goal we conceded was kind of worrying. A simple through ball with a pacy striker was all Villa needed to score against us.
Given Fernandes and Pogba with Rashford/Martial up top, I hope it does not turn into a bad day at the office.
Need Hendo back in midfield and Fab and Nat Phillips in defence. Also TAA needs to be on his game or he's going to get torn apart by Rashford.
Connor Southerton
Connor Southerton:
More players will steadily be coming back off injury, hopefully this can now kick us on to find that high gear that we've been lacking in the last few games. Up the reds! YNWA
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine:
This was embarrassing !
David B
David B:
Credit to the villa kids parents for getting them to the game to play the world champions.
... 45 secs in .. watches lol
Glad that we got the win, but I'm still worried. Going in at 1-1 at half time against a bunch of kids when we're playing most of our first team players put us at meme status and it was embarrassing. Thankfully we broke out of that when Thiago and Shaq came on and when we decided to actually start shooting for a change, but something just isn't right and the game against Man U is a perfect opportunity for us to change that.
William lillicrapp
William lillicrapp:
I think it highlights how weak our midfield is in goals and assists without the full backs and Thiago / Shaq
Carol super Wheeler
Carol super Wheeler:
Thaigo needs to start against man u. Trent needs a rest. YNWA 96 COME ON RED MAN
Ger Murtagh
Ger Murtagh:
Will Måtip be fit to start
Mark Shrapnel
Mark Shrapnel:
We needed to win this game and we did. Well done to the lads.
Mark Brittain
Mark Brittain:
These means nothing if we do nothing against Utd and that in the end of the day is the full truth of it all
Im 18 and older than most of those Villa players. Christ.
Chris Burn
Chris Burn:
Klopp put a rocket up their arse at half time? He needs to look at his own attitude towards these Cup games, he might see a better attitude in his players!
I hate knocking Klopp and I've always accepted his disdain for tge domestic cups, but we can't scrutinise the players and not Klopp when it's his attitude that's reflected in the players.
Kim Corcoran-Morrison
Kim Corcoran-Morrison:
A win is a win is a win. This should hopefully give the boys a morale boost and they'll go an completely batter man utd 🤞🤞
michael chesney
michael chesney:
Shaq and thiago MUST start
Ice Cool
Ice Cool:
The first half was very very similar to our games v Newcastle, Fulham, Brighton etc. Too many sideways and backward passes and thus letting the game go by. They should have had a shoot on target policy rather than wanting to walk the ball in. Milner and Nico seemed to be the only ones hell bent on getting behind them. The rest of our midfield simply weren't take enough risks and afraid of losing the ball. Second half Shaq and Thiago showed their class
David D'Arcy
David D'Arcy:
Onodi was a Liverpool player
rodrigo bizzotto da silveira
rodrigo bizzotto da silveira:
Daryl Wilkinson
Daryl Wilkinson:
Shaqiri is superior to Salah in every way
Harvey Tuttle
Harvey Tuttle:
JKs OTT selection, nothing to cheer..
David B
David B:
Liverpool were dammed however it went win big and its expected don't put villa to the sword and they'll still get stick.
24 LLED:
need to buy grealish before utd get him
Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid:
Barry ended up with 2 shirts 👍
But guys, I don't think we can judge based on this game, where we played against kids, like, their level of game helped Liverpool play freely. But if the team against us was like Newcastle game for instance, i.e. closing gaps and defending like noting, I don't believe it would have been the same. however, lovely work there by Shaq and Thiago. Please let me know whether you agree or not.
Chris Burn
Chris Burn:
So we are a 2 man team now? Do people honestly believe that we don't go on to win that game without them? 😂
The overreaction is ridiculous!
Bad attitude towards the Cup and no respect given to the opposition we an issue first half, corrected 2nd half after having their pride jolted.
And not every ball into the box was aimless or wasted, their young goalkeeper was insane in the first half and fair play to him, credit to him and their defenders for playing so well.
Lesson learned for us, respect the opposition whoever they may be.
Alan Kennedy
Alan Kennedy:
Hendo hasn't been great last few games, lots of stray longer balls, clearly forcing the issue. Really want to like Minamino for his endeavour but not cutting it.
Ash Tafari
Ash Tafari:
Is it just me or is that first half exactly what this team needed?

A real hardworking performance, minutes in the legs for the squad. I never felt like we would lose that game at all..salah fires in. Very good all round
Bill Coleman
Bill Coleman:
I agree with who Klopp keeps saying that our decision making in and around the box are not good enough ... the lion share for me to blame is mane and Salah as there is very little interaction between them which is why Firminio (and Jotta) is so key to them and us ... until we solve this it will be the same ... ynwa
It is astonishing the amount of plastic fans with no clue whatsoever ,, so frustrating ,, Thiago is boss,,,, he excites me more than my mrs
A WIN IS A WIN✌, even if it is against ASTON VILLA's "kids". Props to them for a great match. A good start to the game with the MANE goal. A shoutout to CURTIS for a delicious cross. But again I just don't understand the "drop off" in our tempo, which usually does not happen under KLOPP. Probably it was inevitable this season. Great performances from THIAGO and SHAQIRI from the bench. For the 4th goal, I can guarantee any other midfielder in our team would have passed to NECO WILLIAMS, except for "the baller🔥" THIAGO. He probably could have scored in the end. But we have to sign a CENTRE BACK in this window or forget the UCL, we wouldn't even win the PL this season. No offence, but RHYS is not ready for KLOPP's high line system. The way a 17 year-old out ran him just shows that we need to BUY a CB this window. If we buy a CB, we can play MATIP and "the CB" at the back, which will lead FABINHO back in this preferred defensive-midfield position and then a FABINHO, HENDO and THIAGO midfield will look more stable. Also happy by the performance of MINAMINO. Hopefully KLOPP plays him more often cause the guy's work rate is stupendous. Don't know why he was taken off so early, even when he doesn't play often. SHAQ was a game changer🔥 of the bench. Feel sorry for the amount of injuries he has had. Now we have to ready for a counter-attacking MAN UTD next week. UPWARDS and ONWARDS from here. YNWA.
Chris Burn
Chris Burn:
Is right, it's not embarrassing, this is actual football, not fifa! Shite attitude granted, but we created nearly 30 chances of which 13 were on target seeing as people like those stats so much, scored 4 of them, we've scored more with less chances.
If youre embarrassed its because you don't respect the opposition yourselves and believe we have a God given right to smack them 10-0, bit like I said this is actual, real football.
Chris. The reason the fans are frustrated is that in minutes until Thiago and Xerdan came on no one tried to take on their man and create space....pass, pass fucking piss. They’ve worked it out. You take a man on it throws them out of the order they’ve imagined they have against us and they panic, the order is gone and then it’s about the skill. I would always play Nabi because he will take his man on. Curt can do that but he’s inhibited by the system...just my you guys..thank
jack kelly
jack kelly:
Watched Mane & Salah put there hands up to signal runs at lest 4 times each. Henderson kept ignoring them & shouting at people who lost the ball trying to find them. Henderson needs to be left out a few games. Thiago, Keita & Wijnaldum midfield is the best we have.
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown:
Liverpool fans not happy you won 4_1 I don't get it
Aadam Aadam
Aadam Aadam:
Rhys Williams was crap
Wilson Fisk
Wilson Fisk:
Any fan who celebrated any of those goals needs a long hard look at themselves, that performance was more embarrassing than the 7-2 defeat... we’ve become so predictable that a bunch of kids have worked us out. Wonder what would’ve happened if Thiago and Shaq never came on
Shaun Silva
Shaun Silva:
Why does Hendo hv so much of the ball when Minamino is on the pitch? Most of his passed are sideways or backwards,takes too many touches, and should've won the ball which led to the Villa equaliser. When will Klopp realise he's not Xavi or Iniesta?? And Thiago got 2 secondary assists, both taken by Shaq and class assists. The agenda against Shaq needs to stop. Was the 3rd best player on the pitch in the 2nd half behind Thiago and Mane.
Ed Dunne
Ed Dunne:
similar to the spurs game a few weeks ago it's a fxxking must,A MUST that matip plays on Sunday week,cause experience & pace is critical when the opposition has genuine speed up top & utd have plenty of that.... Neco was boss 2night
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside:
What a sad lwat klopp he knew villa be playing not the kids but the babies, yet he puts his best team out then celebrates it like a big win, embarrassment he is, city are going to win the league easily
AB 1
AB 1:
Not good enough it was embarrassing.. we struggled to break down a team of kids.. their is something very very wrong at this football club.. we desperately need a new sense of direction and new leadership.. because we are going very stale under klopp..
Kevin Moss
Kevin Moss:
Liverpool played with 10 men again untill minamino wemt off
He gives us nothing nothing but short passes back and sideways
Nothing going forward
Thiago is pure class and i love him playing slightly more of an advanced role
With fabs along side him in midfield just hope we can get someone for centre back
Thiago was child abuse
Mary Onyango
Mary Onyango:
Origi is far much better than minamino who is overrated.