Aston Villa v Manchester United preview | Watch tonight on MUTV at 22:00 (BST) | Line-Ups, Warm Ups

Ahead of the 22:00 (BST) showing of our friendly at Aston Villa on MUTV, enjoy this preview as we hear from manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and reveal the team line-ups.

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100+ comentarios:

Rafi Ali
Rafi Ali:
Other football clubs like Chelsea made their pre season friendlies free to watch and your here telling us to buy it, when you don’t buy players in the transfer market, DISSAPOINTED!!!
Quick Clips !
Quick Clips !:
Remi Boyka Smith
Remi Boyka Smith:
United then lost 1-0 what is the point in watching the game.
we lost lmao why would i watch. just shows we need some signings. maybe sancho reguilon and thiago👀?
Nandi Collector
Nandi Collector:
What's the point watching a game when already know the result?

The hype is gone.
Cool dude
Cool dude:
It’s alright we played our reserves
JUST SIGN SANCHO AND ALEX TELLES AND THIAGO AND UPMERCANO.. at least sign two out of 4 of these players to have a decent summer
anony mohs
anony mohs:
Sign. Some. Players.
Elias Sancho
Elias Sancho:
Sign Thiago , Reguilon and Sancho

Ole tactically losing in a friendly to force the board to sign more players.
Paul Hrahsel
Paul Hrahsel:
Come on.. Bruno will be a way much better captain than Maguire..
We lost 1-0 what's the point just sign sancho and regiullon
Javii freemason
Javii freemason:
Buy sancho and regiullon❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕❗️❕
The kit looks so nice with black shorts
lilieth cameron
lilieth cameron:
"Financially loads of clubs have suffered" "There have not been a lot of activity in the window" tell that to Chelsea. We need to sign a few more players to have more quality in depth Ole.
James Ojujanya
James Ojujanya:
These guys make it seem like the real game hasn't happened 😂😂😂. We lost and the game was 💩💩😤. That second string team will not save us when game become cramped in October November December Jan feb and March.
We lost and just put the highlights on YouTube don’t need to play the whole game on MUTV
zac lazari
zac lazari:
Another tough season incoming
Wabz Tube
Wabz Tube:
Glory Glory Manchester United
Comments chill out 🤦‍♂️ it really doesn't matter. Why would we go all out in a friendly and risk injuries?
Anton Duong
Anton Duong:
With this team i don’t surprise that we lost
United!!! This is just a preseason, we will be back strong 💪🏼
We lost 1-0 ffs,hoping its not true
It was a friendly, who cares.
‘’Time to dot the Is and cross the Ts’ we haven’t even finished our transfer business before we start getting onto the ‘on the field’’ business ffs this club is actually a joke with no ambition in comparison to other clubs😡😡😡
Lost 1-0 haha. Don’t try and hype this up
Red Devils
Red Devils:
Sign Sancho and Thiago😬
Not surprised on the lost, we don't sign players and upgrade the team what else can we expect?
Tade Shahnazariyans
Tade Shahnazariyans:
What's the point of watching this, when EVERYONE know, that Villa have won 1-0...?
Mogzy Butler
Mogzy Butler:
we lost 1-0 we know
Thanikan Sonsupap
Thanikan Sonsupap:
It’s plan of Boss to sign Sancho 😂
Christopher White
Christopher White:
United should have had two penalties.
Luke Shaw was pushed in the back from behind in the box.

And same as another player.
S a n s.
S a n s.:
Sign Sancho,Telles N Kane.
Eliam Gonzalez-Vejar
Eliam Gonzalez-Vejar:
The kit looking clean on the players🔥🔥
Pls we need more signing RW, CB & LB
Zak Waters
Zak Waters:
I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Meyer Ferreira
Meyer Ferreira:
Is there any way that we can watch the match without mutv
Deep Joshi
Deep Joshi:
We need players come on sign someone please
Johnny Gamergod2199
Johnny Gamergod2199:
Tbh I'm not looking forward for the new season with United cos I expected better with the transfer window and now the math😭😭😭😭😭😭
PMs Village
PMs Village:
Save the Club from Glazers
Amar Riza
Amar Riza:
I wish ole to guard his cards closer 🔴
cloh star
cloh star:
Who knows when will start the match please ?
Stretford END DEVIL
Stretford END DEVIL:
Playing with no formation at the front lmao
This is the horrible game that I have ever seen
Chandrachur Mukherjee
Chandrachur Mukherjee:
Woodword out !! Glazers out!! Ruining our beloved Club!!
Ehs Moughal
Ehs Moughal:
We lost
Yash More
Yash More:
Bookmark this : Aston Villa 1 - Manu 0

Yusupha Touray
Yusupha Touray:
u said we'll take advantage of this transfer window😤
Just sign Sancho and Reguilon 🙏🏻
Hoa Lan Tuấn Phong
Hoa Lan Tuấn Phong:
I'm from vietnamese with love.. love MU
Let's go ole
jammyb 89
jammyb 89:
I find it amazing united have tried to get us in for a 12 month subscription on no content... Should give these games for free... Sorry one game!
Murphy moe
Murphy moe:
Looking ....we need signing Ole before if closes lost enough time
This club is taking my patience
Hardiyanto Raharto
Hardiyanto Raharto:
Yap.. and we lose 😂😂
Brannen Dickson
Brannen Dickson:
That B team is hardly a B team😖 need proper squad depth immediately
Hawthorn _25
Hawthorn _25:
When will pogba sign a new contract
Pritam Karmakar
Pritam Karmakar:
We need to unlike every video they upload untill they sign some players what we need badly
Niven Cathien
Niven Cathien:
United 😍😍😍
Live Life
Live Life:
Can’t wait for until 10pm to see us lose 1–0 😅
Oboikanyo Booysen
Oboikanyo Booysen:
Sign Sancho...we need him💔
Hamza Omar
Hamza Omar:
Would it work if I watch it on a sports app or totalsportek?
Neo Kah Hock
Neo Kah Hock:
The bench players except keeper need to step up their game..with this kind of players let forget the epl..even in cup its difficult for ole to compete..
Timothy Ramsey •Christian Channel•
Timothy Ramsey •Christian Channel•:
A typical performance against bottom team, we still got it in us🤓
Utd Vlog TV
Utd Vlog TV:
Should I bother watching a 1-0 loss 🙄
Funny Junny
Funny Junny:
I am a united fan but sometimes I just have enough of this team and I loose hope.Ugh!!!!!
Jadon Sancho Confused
Jadon Sancho Confused:
Wonder if I can have a proper Man Utd Jersey pic..
Ed is slow always....
Sell Rojo, Jones, Lingard, Smalling
Loan: Andreas, Fred, Dalot
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar:
Grealish played better than most of the United team in the match.
Mahad Hassan
Mahad Hassan:
Keep goin my team then sign sancho plz
Mohamed Hajji
Mohamed Hajji:
Sign players ffs!!!
j_ gauntlett
j_ gauntlett:
great start to the season then lads :/
Why on earth would I pay to watch our B team lose against villa lol
Devashan Pillay
Devashan Pillay:
You're getting sacked in the morning
SVegas Chanel
SVegas Chanel:
I love Ole gunna Solskjaer👺❤️
jammyb 89
jammyb 89:
Great game for donny to start on....
Prima Ferdi
Prima Ferdi:
linh hương
linh hương:
Buy sancho for us, ED
Michael Atcheson
Michael Atcheson:
Announce Sancho 🔴
David Julius
David Julius:
We need to sign sancho
Knight Oyin
Knight Oyin:
Manchester United can't sign players yet they want us to pay to watch a pre-season game? Not gonna happen Woodward.
00:07 Don't do that JL
MUFC Highlights
MUFC Highlights:
Can some1 tell me why it said it’s gonna be on at 2oclock
Nikola Ivkovic
Nikola Ivkovic:
I mean losing 0-1 with this lineup is a positive
Milos Majstorovic
Milos Majstorovic:
Lost the game and showing it at saturday night
Pa Thang
Pa Thang:
Maybe we won
oyeah oyeah yeah
oyeah oyeah yeah:
ThisIsFootball HD
ThisIsFootball HD:
Why would we watch our team losing 1-0?🤦‍♂️
Ayushman Jaimini
Ayushman Jaimini:
We lost
Daniel Channel
Daniel Channel:
We need Winger,and wing back
Muhammad Ameruddin
Muhammad Ameruddin:
I know the 3rd kit ugly, but when they wear on the field, that was real ugly tho 😂
Devin Johnson
Devin Johnson:
Sign Sancho !!
Michael GR
Michael GR:
Do you really push this onto us when we lost
Ben Zakariya
Ben Zakariya:
i love the pre match kit.
Chandrasekaran V
Chandrasekaran V:
Sign Sancho, Thaigo
Joke club 😂
s g
s g:
tf is lingard still doing here, get him out
Chaitan Hanuman
Chaitan Hanuman:
Is that true that Manchester United lost 1-0😯😯
Saifur Rahman
Saifur Rahman:
1-0 lost.
phillip muhumuza
phillip muhumuza:
Why didnt they make one for the ladies' team?
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
Can't wait to see Van De Beek's debut