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I read a couple of comments here saying how they wanna die like how he died too. Please don't. If you feel like giving up, always remember the reason why you held it for so long. If you made it til today then you can make it til tomorrow. Feel your heart and find your purpose, you're alive for a reason and someday you're gonna thank yourself for making it through and for defeating that demon inside you. Know that your feelings are validated and it's okay to feel sad, but hey there's always a rainbow after the rain, maybe not for now but for sure it'll come. You have the power to say "this is not how my life is gonna end".
Miyubi The Sloth
Miyubi The Sloth:
Successful in your carrier doesnt mean it brings you happiness.. Enjoy what youre enjoy things you like, dont force yourselves from what family told you to do so, its your life its your choice.. Depression is no joke.. RIP Haruma Miura, im one of the people who also fight my own depression, wish me luck to get my own life achievement..
Just Gally
Just Gally:
Even though Miura passed away.

He's still alive in everyone memories.

R.I.P Haruma Miura
May Ann Macaraeg
May Ann Macaraeg:
The movie I first saw him was in kimino todoke live action and I immediately fall for him. This is so sad😢😢😢
J purple ramen
J purple ramen:
He was most likely killed for a sacrifice his mother is in a Cult and in one of his songs albums he's holding his hand over his eye like how all of the illuminate celebs do.
NỘI TRỢ 's story
NỘI TRỢ 's story:
Why 😭😭😭why??? I don't want to believe 😭😭😭
PinkMilk Chan
PinkMilk Chan:
This year sucks! Why?! I don’t want to believe this. Haruma san😭💔
Hrishi Raj
Hrishi Raj:
I m from India and recently we also lost an amazing actor like him (who also hanged himself).
May they rest in peace
julia Fernandez
julia Fernandez:
The most beautiful eye smile belongs to this guy. He's so talented he even made it to kinky boots. I can't believe he's now gone.
Mason Fremlin
Mason Fremlin:
I did know a little bit of him when I was doing a fan made cast for the life action fate zero film or TV show since I was doing some fan made casting for posting on Instagram i’m not a professional casting director or anything but I am really great at it doing it since when I grow up I like to be a casting director a voice director a voice actor actor and model but I did not really expect that he committed suicide he seems like a great actor but I don’t know he has suffering from depression or something it’s still sad that he passed away he was 30 years old and he’s way too young to die
Silvia D
Silvia D:
i'm heartbroken. He was my favorite japanese actor
aikoラブ aiko
aikoラブ aiko:
Jessica Liwanagan
Jessica Liwanagan:
I was shock when i see in tiktok that his dead and its true i love all his movie
Toybitz Tv
Toybitz Tv:
So sad to hear this.. may he rest well in peace..
Gawa Amano
Gawa Amano:
R.I.P Haruma Miura
Our precious, talent man
You must have been hurted a lot
Now you are with the sky, where there is no more pain, only love and freedom.
You’re always in our heart.
barbie_ dolL
barbie_ dolL:
Bloody Monday and Kimi ni Todoke are my all time fave of miura's dorama/eiga.
RIP 😭😭😭
Gii Delara
Gii Delara:
He is too young 😭
He is one of my favorite Japanese actors.
I love all his works.

I was really heartbroken and shocked at the same time when the news flashed in my newsfeed.

Why Haruma? Why?

May your soul rest in eternal peace.
You will always be remembered.
Sharon Ivanov
Sharon Ivanov:
He kinda reminds of Heath Ledger. I'm not sure why some stars couldn't live more than 30yrs on the earth. Whenever I saw this kind of news, I have thousands of questions to ask regarding the purpose of life.
Helga. Ruhtert
Helga. Ruhtert:
It makes me shock when i know the actor who acting eren is dead. He is the first japanese actor i saw when i start watch live action movie 😢
I knew him without knowing that he was part of the SNK cast and I was pretty shocked of this new…
He is gifted…
why?…why? I can't believe it.
Jayson Dela Cruz
Jayson Dela Cruz:
He looks like squall in final fantasy 8. I really enjoy watching some of his movie like kimi ni todoke(live action), the hours of life etc. R.I.P Haruma Miura🙏
bae yuuta
bae yuuta:
its hurt so much when i saw his face in every youtube recommendation 😞, i just dont wnt to believe.,
So poor thing! I think he's so exhausted and want to take rest! He might need the guide to choose the way to rest. Management is everything and self management is the best!
I never let anyone to manage my life, instead I help managing for my loved ones!
Thanks for leaving lots of memory and really Rest in Peace!
so into K-hallyu
so into K-hallyu:
I'm still crying watching this 😭💔💔💔 I miss him so much may he rest in peace 💔💔💔
I can't believe it . He is one of my fav actres . I love him alot . I just can't believe it
pbu 4j
pbu 4j:
😭😭😭😭he'll live an everlasting life 😭😭
I am just seeing this! I did not know he died! I watched him and thought he was great!☹️
I still can't believe it... This really breaks my heart into pieces. Those smiles of yours will never be forgotten... Rest in peace Miura-kun. 😢💔
TeaTime4 Akane
TeaTime4 Akane:
Rest In Peace 📿📿📿 The world is heartbroken 😢
it feels unreal.
I randomly want to check on jpop again but found out that haruma had leave us..
his smile cheers my youth, all this time I just wish his happiness.. I dont know what to say anymore

thanks haruma miura
Asing Hongray19
Asing Hongray19:
Today is the 3rd anniversary of my late brother and a sad demise of my favorite Japanese actor left us oh human y our life is so uncertain RIP Miura Haruma you will always be remembered in our hearts😪😪
Noooo he is one of my favorite actors, he is incredibly amazing regarding his job i love him since I watched gokusen and other many movies more than a decade ago... 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 I just watched his Kinky Boots Stage Play clips that just proves his a high level actor, wtf I can't I'm very sad right now.... 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 R. I. P. my idol..... 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭
Mia Osmand
Mia Osmand:
I was watching him yesterday and i woke up with this news 😭😭one of the amazing Japanese actors who is not just about looks ❤RIP and you'll be missed 💐 I regret not meeting him in person 💔
nanchatte nihonjin
nanchatte nihonjin:
omg what a SHOCK!!
he use to be one of my favorite actors :''(
akira kimjoo
akira kimjoo:
its so sudden, i still feelimg that day is never happen, i really hope he just sit at is home laughing watching tv with people he loves😭
kritika shrestha
kritika shrestha:
He was favourite Japanese actor since Sky of love I was so devastated while I heard Haruma is no more no words RIP.
Anna Liza Puno
Anna Liza Puno:
One of my favorite japanese actor is miura haruma, i felt sad when i saw that news..
Shiela Aposaga
Shiela Aposaga:
Praying for his soul and family. It’s heartbreaking he died so young. He gone but never forgotten.
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey:
You can become a sky now, A sky full of Love Haruma-San☁☀
Misaki Sakura
Misaki Sakura:
I just find he passed away today. My heart is hurt, i just can't believe 💔😭😭
He one good man who died and talented man may he rest in peace
These year need to be over
Mina Gu
Mina Gu:
Noooo! Whay?! :( I felt in love with him in Last cindirella, since then I followed him in many others shows
riza ramos
riza ramos:
It breaks my heart why this is happening???😭😭i cant believe it hes one of my favorite may he rest in peace😭😭
Alisha Rajbanshi
Alisha Rajbanshi:
Rest in peace so sad to hear.. leaving at this young age
Hindra Pushpa
Hindra Pushpa:
“Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.”
seth Gabriel
seth Gabriel:
May his soul rest in heaven rip my favorite actor #erenforlife
Clarisse Joy A. Waquiz
Clarisse Joy A. Waquiz:
Oh my god miura haruma!!! He is one of my fav japanese actor specially his role as kazama in gokusen!!! 😱😭😭
Levi Akerman
Levi Akerman:
It's so sad the he died😭😭
krizia prince
krizia prince:
R.i.p Miura Haruma remembered him from the movie koizora.
eve ruby
eve ruby:
"It's not that I want to die, Is that I am afraid of living, Boku no Ita Jikan"... Rest in Peace Miura Haruma I will miss you.
jelle agustin
jelle agustin:
Why?, Since then. I am always moved by your movie "Sky of love" every time I am watching it I can't hold my tears from falling 💔... And now I cried more than I ever cried for someone. May your Soul rest in peace.
Min Suga Swag
Min Suga Swag:
I was just thinking of watching gokusen the 3rd season that he was in then I saw this I am very shocked and I teared up
Nahakpam Jayarani
Nahakpam Jayarani:
He's one of my since his movie " 14 years old mother".This year many famous celebrities commit suicide.2020 is a sin year 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anthony Fernee Tolentino
Anthony Fernee Tolentino:
Haruma Miura is the reason why i watching Anime's😭😭😭♥️♥️
Azusa Valerian
Azusa Valerian:
My friends, he will look upon us from the sky. So do your best and smile everyday! He surely would smile back to you :)
Joesa Lacasa
Joesa Lacasa:
I just watched again the sky in love, after crying because he dies on the movie then now I found out that he's really dead in real life :(
Tahiya Rahman
Tahiya Rahman:
I dont know whats going on in the world..... i am just disappointed day by day.... he was such a amazing actor 💔
Jacinta Hnamte
Jacinta Hnamte:
I can't believe he died till now.. I hope his soul rest in peace.. Haruma, I will love you forever💓😞
tae niwa
tae niwa:
Kanokwan Sarnsuthakul
Kanokwan Sarnsuthakul:
RIP Haruma
Rest in sky of love . You will be in my heart forever 😭😭😭
Naeem Noh
Naeem Noh:
The time I was In .. Among my favorites drama. And every movie where he was the actor in it I watch it.
I usually hate the live action aot but literally feel heartbroken to know what happen to the actor.R.I.P
Pharm girl
Pharm girl:
I’m not sure why, but it really irks me that so many comments feature ‘why?’ ‘Why did he do this?’ It makes it seem as though people think that you couldn’t possibly be unhappy if you are wealthy and successful.
tretchi Paring
tretchi Paring:
Does it for real?!! I- I can't.. can't believe!😭💔
Charina Villarica
Charina Villarica:
this is crazy, RIP Haruma, we love you!
Rena Capillanes
Rena Capillanes:
i know this couple we have all reasson why
Vivian Pagdanganan
Vivian Pagdanganan:
Haaaaaaaa,😭😭im saluting you my best eren
sonam youden
sonam youden:
Rest in peace😭
Vindha Yulia
Vindha Yulia:
悲しい (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)( TДT)(。┰ω┰。)
Yongdina Ochi
Yongdina Ochi:
As a child I grew up watching his shows and movies. He was a great person and an actor . I loved and respected him and will always remember him. It's so sad and depressing to watch this.
Keith Procter
Keith Procter:
Great actor loved Attack on Titan..Peaceful journey where ever it may lead you..
Jeon Da Ah Ornopia
Jeon Da Ah Ornopia:
So shocked!! Why he did it!?I can't believe it!..he is one of my rest in peace..we will remain as your fan.
Louella Claveria
Louella Claveria:
REST IN PEACE Haruma-kun 😭😭😭 I really love your dramas and movies especially the AOT. As a fan how I wish I was able help you. Your a beautiful blessing from GOD. You'll ALWAYS be remembered. My condolences. 😭😭😭
Angelic Chen
Angelic Chen:
He is my idol since 13 year old 😭😭😭 ..

Very shock that he is now .... 😢😢😢

Rest in peace idol
Sally Nadine Soan
Sally Nadine Soan:
😭😭😭 rest in peace my kazama Ren😢
jenifer jenifer
jenifer jenifer:
Haruma miura 😓
I can't believe why 😭
Rain Marcus
Rain Marcus:
Farewell Haruma😭😭😭😭💔💔

May eternal peace grant unto you.
You will be forever missed. ❤️❤️
Sayonara Hiro😭😭😭😭
Sari Ummukhairun
Sari Ummukhairun:
RIP My Idol 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Karen Joy Bartolome
Karen Joy Bartolome:
You're my no 2 fav. Actor RIP 😭😭😭😭
Leonito Jr Wenceslao
Leonito Jr Wenceslao:
rip what if there are other aot part ur the great actor of eren jaeger
rose capillanes Vlogs
rose capillanes Vlogs:
Oh my G im shocking this
Sheba Pathaw
Sheba Pathaw:
😭😭😭😭💔my favourite Ever oh no I miss him😭
Rest in peace❤️
Ema Ema
Ema Ema:
His movie won't let him demise .

Be remembered MIURA HARUMA 💌~~~~. Rip
Shannon Romblon
Shannon Romblon:
2020 really sucks goodbye our dear Haruma.
You'll always be in our hearts
Yuki GameRZ
Yuki GameRZ:
Rest In Peace Haruma Miura. I'll always love you forever 😢
Wiz Camato
Wiz Camato:
sonam youden
sonam youden:
He was the best I loved the movie
Love Yourself
Love Yourself:
Rip,I honestly can't believe it. This really hurts honestly❤💔
RIP legend ❤️😔
Goin Bulilit
Goin Bulilit:
I'm really sad i still can't move on from Naya Rivera and now Haruma Miura.... 2020 why???
reyson gado
reyson gado:
R.I.P haruma miura

What is the title of background music?
RoxanneRoa_ BTSArmy03
RoxanneRoa_ BTSArmy03:
I thought i already move on..but seeing this video makes me sad again😢😢i hope he's happy wherever he is now..Rest in peace Haruma Miura.. you're still one of my favorite Japanese Actor ❤️❤️
Alpha Lishena
Alpha Lishena:
Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput also found hanged at his compartment .wtf is going on
Lalhmingpuii Hauhnar
Lalhmingpuii Hauhnar:
RIP my Hiro....😭😭😇😇
kn kn
kn kn:
rip haruma 😭
aida ali
aida ali:
Ooh sad great now i have to watch titan everyday