Aus Open Champs Kokkinakis & Kyrgios Face Dodig & Melo | Indian Wells 2022 Highlights

The Aus Open champs look to keep their run going...

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100+ comentarios:

Purple Coffin Man
Purple Coffin Man:
Kyrgios and Kokk vs Isner and Sock, that match can only be entertaining.
It doesn't matter if you like him or not.
Kyrgios probably has one of the greatest drawing powers in tennis, outside the big 3 today.
Nate’s Footy - AWO
Nate’s Footy - AWO:
You may not like it, but this is what peak doubles performance looks like...
Probably the deadliest doubles pair in the game today.
Gigi Ugrekhelidze
Gigi Ugrekhelidze:
These two are really having fun and pleasure playing tennis and watching them same emotions goes to spectators, love them. By the way they became really top level doubles players together
Pedronx - Anime on Piano
Pedronx - Anime on Piano:
I just love watching kyrgios and kokkinakis playing together, it's seems like they play better and also enjoy more the match. Their fight against sock and isner tomorrow is going to be incredible as well
Yuri Tussolini
Yuri Tussolini:
These two are honestly so entertaining to watch. At this point I’m guessing both are aware that in singles they won’t be able to put together any impressive results so it’s great to see the talent and energy being put to good use as both do better and seem more focused in doubles!
Such a shame they’re playing Sock/Isner next round. That matchup is grand slam final caliber doubles.
Velcin Gilles
Velcin Gilles:
When two guys have fun on a tennis court, and talent, it's a pleasure to see. Well done guys😎
0:37 "c'mon, move" urged Kyrgios! I love these two
As accomplished as their opponents were it's pretty pitiful the encouragement at the end of set 2 for them... 2:37
Randy Estrada
Randy Estrada:
Got to watch this match in person Nick is so entertaining. They gave up the second set and then went HAM final set tiebreaker. Crowd was not even half as lit as the Australian crowd but still was hype. Let’s go Special K’s!!
It's like Doubles brings out the best in Kyrios! It's so magnificent and amazing to watch him play with such passion. Hopefully he finds this in Singles long enough to win 1 grand slam once before he calls it quits.
Poofy Minion
Poofy Minion:
Hope Kyrgs and Kokk keep playing together and having genuine fun like this and in the AO. Makes you feel emotionally invested in the energy of the game. I think what the two are doing is really great for the sport of tennis doubles.
It's great to see some exciting doubles.
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Shyness Breakthrough Community:
They make doubles fun!
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh:
The special Ks play such exciting doubles tennis…wonderful
I'm really enjoying those 2 playing doubles. And the next match will be fireworks! Such a shame that one of the 2 teams is going out this early tho..
Julian's Tennis Journey
Julian's Tennis Journey:
These two are becoming the doubles pairing to beat on tour. Kyrgios and Kokkinakis are ying and yang. brilliant pairing!!
Pim van Wetten
Pim van Wetten:
It’s great that doubles tennis now finally get the attention it deserves. Me personally: I like playing doubles better, because it’s just more fun
camo sriyam
camo sriyam:
“We are going to lose at some point”
“No we are not”
Shiva Suresh
Shiva Suresh:
Thanasi's return of serve is next level. The next match against Sock/Isner will be a banger.
Raneir Pollard
Raneir Pollard:
This might get me to drive up this weekend. I love watching these boys!
Keith Foo
Keith Foo:
Many doubles specialists have been comforted with the knowledge that most singles players don't play doubles or if at all, very often. They must be shaking in their shoes now.
Nick is a fabulous talent.
Miss Fab
Miss Fab:
Amazing! Fun! Keep winning! I wanna see more!
Best doubles team in the world rn. :'D
Thanassis returning in doubles is amaizing
This is good for doubles. Is entertaining and the crowd love it.
making doubles entertaining again ! 🤩
Rowena Leones
Rowena Leones:
So happy nick back hoping for them to win the tournament
we Snooker
we Snooker:
That’s gonna be a great upcoming doubles match
In The Beginning Was The Word
In The Beginning Was The Word:
…The most entertaining doubles team in the world right now.
reactions 4u
reactions 4u:
perfect example of whatever happened before a champ tiebreak having no effect on the champ tie break
Saleha Xo
Saleha Xo:
Yayy. Please upload every Kyrgios match. Thank you!
Z Mann
Z Mann:
These two putting DOUBLES back on the map
Michail Arkas
Michail Arkas:
You make Greece so proud!!!
These two love putting on a show in front of a capacity stadium. Fun to watch.
boufidis stavros
boufidis stavros:
what a pleasure to see these two playing tennis👍👍👍👍☘☘☘☘
Marcos D.P
Marcos D.P:
These two can really put a show
nick has looked great so far
Pessi vs Penaldo
Pessi vs Penaldo:
Imagine this two has beaten many top doubles players
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
Congrats to Kokkinakis/Kyrgios

All the best.
William Davies
William Davies:
The Ks have higher doubles than singles rankings nowadays
Elizabeth Krymski
Elizabeth Krymski:
Great play💪🇦🇺💪
On Laver Cup : Nadal/Federer vs Kyrgi/Kokki could be an epic
Like often said, doubles claimed specialists players are WAY overrated. When it comes to face two good single players, they lose. Facts.
Arthur Van der Kooij
Arthur Van der Kooij:
Smart to say that Jack and John are the best doubles team, takes some pressure of kyrgios
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Fun together talent in double great performance. !
I put my hand in that kyrgios is the best doubles player and it was exemplified well in this match on all counts. Them facing sock/isner will be ggrrannd.
James James
James James:
Take it easy. You legends
Eladio Gonzalez Bardelli
Eladio Gonzalez Bardelli:
Esa pareja es puro fuego, vamos por mas Chicos
Damn they looked dialled in from the get go just picking up where they left off in Melbourne
Jonathan Quinteros
Jonathan Quinteros:
Grand Slam Champion Nick Kyrgios back at it again!!!!
alissa mkd
alissa mkd:
Are there highlights of karatsev rublev vs fokina rba somewhere ?? Was a great match
Venkatesh Naidu
Venkatesh Naidu:
Oh I'm waiting for their next match!
Chloe 04
Chloe 04:
I enjoy watching Nick and Thanasi play, but my goodness I've noticed how handsome Thanasi is
Harry Halloumi
Harry Halloumi:
NK plays much better and consistently in doubles.
Perhaps because he is holding and sharing the responsibility with his partner, team work.
He might have a problem liking himself.
Timothy de Haan
Timothy de Haan:
Hahaha nick and kock so funny to watch
Lol that Hamlet reference from the commentator towards the end 3:17 nice
albe rto
albe rto:
explosive duo!
We need Kygs and Kokk vs Sock and Isner
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen:
Singles players big serves and groundstrokes outclass top doubles players any day sadly
Alex PV
Alex PV:
wait there's no deuce in doubles i didn't even know that
1:06 They should ban him like they did to Zverev for hitting the umpire chair LMAO.
Abhi Pokhrel
Abhi Pokhrel:
nick is must see tv
Sergej ol
Sergej ol:
Wow, Croatians are out in first round
Fa Rossi
Fa Rossi:
Possono diventare il miglior duo di doppio in circolazione.
TheBigSquirrel 50
TheBigSquirrel 50:
Sunday Night/Kokk vs a building/an article of clothing

I don't know who told Nick that holding his pose for five seconds after a winner looks cool, but...they lied to him.
these doubles specialist are pissed when they see single players playing in their lane.
Sel Os
Sel Os:
I like these commentators
David Vivsik
David Vivsik:
0:52 Nick with the SABN haha
Daiwan Smith
Daiwan Smith:
A little trickeration in this daneceree! Lol 😆
Yuminator H
Yuminator H:
When the lost the 2nd set... 🦗
What a depressing crowd reaction after these guys won a set lol 2:34
Rafa Goat
Rafa Goat:
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year
I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2022
Rodny A R Rojas
Rodny A R Rojas:
I love kyrgios
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
The unorthodox doubles pair is back at it.
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
And lol, the silence from the crowd to Dodig and Melo when they won the second set. Literally classless Californian
They could easily win another slam this year if Kyrgios decides to play another one with Kokkinakis. Especially Wimby.
Marek W.
Marek W.:
Can't wait to tune in to tennis channel and see.. women's singles
Paul ES
Paul ES:
0:48: "And they are literally on fire." Literally? If that's the case, shouldn't they empty the stands? Or could it be that the commentator means FIGURATIVELY on fire, the precise opposite of LITERALLY?
Louie Cruz
Louie Cruz:
Kokk Sock sounds good of a team I guess..
M Braos
M Braos:
2 garçons d,origine Grecque !!! Vive les Grecs d,Australie !!! vive Australie !!!
Left Foot Brake
Left Foot Brake:
Had a bad dream.... I was due to play Isner and Sock.....
Maguslloret Munoz
Maguslloret Munoz:
The new Bryans?
shivam chaudhary
shivam chaudhary:
Those doubles specialists are so trash lmao, 2 mediocre singles players easily win against them and win a slam
Why kyrgios use old shoes?
Biased compilation of shots? Where?
Lwin Aye
Lwin Aye:
They are at it again
Moise Cosmin
Moise Cosmin:
These two clowns won the aussie open.. incredibile!
Grade12 Purity
Grade12 Purity:
Vimal Patel
Vimal Patel:
Nestor Villa
Nestor Villa:
Por favor Kyrgios y Kokkinakis juntos?
ya dice el refrán Dios los cria y el diablo los junta!! que asco estos dos!!
Gerard Sarmiento
Gerard Sarmiento:
Kyrgios should be a professional clown 🤡 he's really good at it 👌
F US tyranny. Let djokovic in the country.
Helen Ivanic
Helen Ivanic:
Who’ll win the next round? Anyone?
The K’s or Isner/Sock.