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Nostradamus: Is Trump the Antichrist?

Baba Vanga is the “Nostradamus of the Balkans”. From discussions with invisible aliens to counselling world leaders, the Legend of Baba Vanga is weird and, at times, epic. In this video you'll dive into mystic’s story, find out all about her superhero-like origins as well as her bizarrely, sometimes on-point, prophecies.

Narrated by Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson. Written, produced, edited and animated by Next Animation Studio staff. Stock footage via Storyblocks.

00:44 Baba Vanga early life and childhood
02:07 How Baba Vanga went blind
03:49 How Baba Vanga predicted the future
04:58 The predictions of Baba Vanga
06:59 Baba Vanga future predictions
09:04 Baba Vanga's home


In-cognito at Bulgarian Wikipedia

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M 555
M 555:
Although she is remembered as a prophet she had unique personality. She had a really good sense of humor and she looks as if she is bright, witty and quick. Obviously very aware that other people's perception of her is determined by the things she says to them and whether they like the info or not. She seems like a positive and rational person, despite her abilities and not at all a gloomy and scary person as the media always represents her.
There are more like her, i know old ppl in Bulgaria who can change your life perception in 5 minutes.
Rain Pebble
Rain Pebble:
So many of her future prophesies are misunderstood. The extra terrestrials for one example. These extra terrestrials that she speaks of are actually human beings that once lived on our earth prior to the flood.
People thought that when Nostradamas saw people rising from the dead that he was seeing zombies when he actually saw the resurrection as was prophesied in the bible. These predictions are not as dark as people think.
VI Tech
VI Tech:
Baba Vanga also gave a Spiritual guidance, not just predictions & advice. She lived partially in a Communist era & gave us an example how to keep the faith in God, how to love & respect Nature, other people, other nations & cultures. She scolded the Bulgarian King & anybody who got in trouble from greed, ignorance, lack of Faith. She was very modest, it was the local county who collected fees from people wanting to see her.
j.a vee
j.a vee:
She is a true definition of a LEGEND!
Ivan Stoyanov
Ivan Stoyanov:
The word “baba” means grandma. So she definitely wasn’t born as Baba Vanga.
Erik Swanson
Erik Swanson:
She wasn't "out playing" she was working in the fields. She wasn't caught up in a tornado, she was caught in a thunderstorm. She sure wouldn't have been dressed like the child portrayed here.
The One True Mario
The One True Mario:
I love how ppl probably think her name is "Baba" while in fact baba means grandma, so she is grandma Vanga
Prince Hek
Prince Hek:
All of her predictions have happened. She may have been wrong about the dates, but when you exclude them, the prophecies do happen in order.
male Gupta
male Gupta:
she is just superb i am very interestd to study about her
jai bharat mata
jai bharat mata:
We people believe that we are clever people but the reality is our ancestors are more clever than us. As I am Indian there are many mysterious things happen in India but it is not solved my anu scientists. If we want to solve this mystery. we should think beyond science and believe in it
Rexy, The Hound
Rexy, The Hound:
At 8:16 she predicts a nuclear world war with Russia (between 2010 and 2014) where Russia comes out on top. She was wrong… on the dates 👀

2022 says hi
Ok, Baba Vanga is a serious matter in the East. The story is told nicely, but with some kind of joke, which is not a joke to many people.
"Switched allegiance". My guy, it was an invasion, occupation and the switch from a Monarchy to communism. It's a huge difference.
Daniel Ivanov
Daniel Ivanov:
I just want to mention another powerful and important bulgarian psychic and healer: !!! Vera Kochovska !!!
vito genovese
vito genovese:
Very good documentary,but why I couldn't find a full documentary of the predictions??!!
Why did get chills from hearing her name 😳
Bryan Yingst
Bryan Yingst:
Love how Baba Vanga's mom was wearing a smart watch in 1911 :)
Ahmed Aqraa
Ahmed Aqraa:
Baba Vanga knows it all.
Julia Tipografova
Julia Tipografova:
I really wonder if everything said in the video is accurate. The picture of the place she was living in is definitely not.
Ww Iraq
Ww Iraq:
Please say that she expected the demise of Israel, so that my heart would be at ease
Lal B Tube ላል B Tube
Lal B Tube ላል B Tube:
God is with her. Her heart might be pure. That is why God show her the future.
mr kokoshka
mr kokoshka:
She was bulgarian , that lived in macedonia.
Gold Eye
Gold Eye:
I say tell people if their going to die she could of changed all her activities, where she didn't drive a car and stayed off the road.
Ian P
Ian P:
Hahaha 😆 makes no sense . So she said we will be become friendly with aliens and live for ever . Then you say - soon as we find aliens we have an inter plant war lol 😆 😂
Katya Yordanova
Katya Yordanova:
she told my mother the month I would be born and that I would be a girl.
85% accuracy is not ALL ... perspective is everything
Graceful losco
Graceful losco:
Maybe she was seeing a parallel earth ...and the time line was different from this one ... the people that knew her say that she didn’t say all these things ... it’s all to get attention on YouTube 😏😏
Gašper Slak
Gašper Slak:
My grandfather was also born in 1911 :0
Bing bing nishizono
Bing bing nishizono:
Now here in philippine Rudy Baldwin her name. she can see what happen in thr future.. shes 100 percent accurate.. she have face book. everyday she will post her vision and all are happened.
Sanja New Moon Life
Sanja New Moon Life:
Beautiful documentary ,very sad for this girl .
Her source is from fallen angels who can make a pretty good guess at what will happen. But the future these angels do not know, therefore , the truth & error ...
Syria ss
Syria ss:
This video deserves more views
What is this filter called. It seems so nostalgic but modern at the same time.
Karamela Mu
Karamela Mu:
hahah Baba Vanga means Grandmother Vanga, baba is used for elderly woman too. You shouldn't say "baby baba Vanga "
Dimitar Mihailov
Dimitar Mihailov:
Please don't tell Baba Vanga - nostradamus
Julie Nielsen
Julie Nielsen:
I was trying to search her but forgot her name. It just came up now.
Henny Bal Lector
Henny Bal Lector:
A lot of details are wrong in this video but its ok
Andrew Lore
Andrew Lore:
Regardless of her insight she was a tough women.
Nikolay Halachev
Nikolay Halachev:
She never predicted ww3!
Myth Stories - Animated Legends
Myth Stories - Animated Legends:
Nostradamus: Is Trump the Antichrist?
Emiljano Emiljano
Emiljano Emiljano:
Hope she is wrong about the prediction that all life on earth will be gone
suck it
suck it:
We can't live in Mars forever
Sanja New Moon Life
Sanja New Moon Life:
Maybe she sold her soul to the devil, that's why she can predict.
She build Church in her name, why she didn't build in a Jesus name?
She read Bible, perhaps Nostradamus and after she open her 3eye.
Well …. 2022 and Russia started the war
Nick-Wain Wright
Nick-Wain Wright:
very funny video
dead pool
dead pool:
Voice is great
male Gupta
male Gupta:
sab prediction shi ho rhe hai unke sirf 15 pernet galat hia yaar superb superb great
Aishi Bersabal
Aishi Bersabal:
Lets pray evey day
Николай Дойчинов
Николай Дойчинов:
Here is a link to a very interesting original movie with english subtitles about Vanga. Highly recommend!

A personal story : my grandmother (baba in bulgarian) died today. She have two kids : my aunt and my father. 60 years ago, when my father hasn't been born yet, my grandma had an argument with my grandfather. She was born in Petrich ( the city Vanga was married in and where is her first house). After the argument my grandmother leaves her husband and goes back to her born town with my baby aunt. After a short stay she goes to Vanga for an advice what to do because she is desperate and frustrated. At this time there are crowds in front of Vanga's house, hundreds of people waiting for help. Sometimes, Vanga calls someone to step inside by name, without ever seeing him. This is what happens with my grandmother. She calls her to come inside and tells her the words "to go back where she came from", without questions or anything else. And that's all. No more talks and she calls for another one to go inside.

After this my grandmother decides to forgive my granpa and goes back to his town. My father is born after that and respectively me after many years. I would've never been born if it wasn't for Vanga for which I am forever grateful.
My grandma lived in this town 65 years before she died today.

I've never met Vanga but I watched all the movies about her, heard many stories and she gives me hope that nothing ends here and eventually we meet all the loved ones we lost. She teaches to believe in God, to help each other and be good with ourselves.
She was a true saint!

P.S. Vangelia comes from greek and means "good news", "someone who brings good news". There is also a bulgarian variant of the name : "Благовеста" (Blago-vesta). After all, she came with her name and helped thousand of people.
Lets go Bulgariaa
Tatjana Moroz
Tatjana Moroz:
I wasn't able to find a good documentary on this topic. Sad
Rob Dyson
Rob Dyson:
Died decades ago? There's your show over in the first words, bye
Pamela Beauchamp
Pamela Beauchamp:
She is a real prophet, a chosen one. I am the last one a Bieing breed. My name is paulbell biological heir to Royal king David’s throne. Aman. Jehovah is simply fulfilling his promises in the Bible. The meek will inherit the earth and dwell on it forever. Aman
Sanja New Moon Life
Sanja New Moon Life: Real Baba Vanga
Sanja New Moon Life
Sanja New Moon Life: Real Baba Vanga
oswiecacz ciemnoty
oswiecacz ciemnoty:
Demon only reveal half truths
Julian Cook
Julian Cook:
bring back IRON MAN!!!!!!
Gold Eye
Gold Eye:
Wow Russia and Ukraine its 2022 though
God knows the future not her
Nice voice
reading Wikipedia??
Actually Karen
Actually Karen:
It isn’t the case yet
Radhu Christian
Radhu Christian:
DO NOT Immmagine those peasant woman prophecies as quanticaly she selected to the doom ones as human nature in her was prone to,! Work in Light!
Όνομα Ανώνυμο
Όνομα Ανώνυμο:
I detest the mocking tone of voice
20:17 Дедо Ефтим јасно наведува “ Врховистите сакаа бугарија да дојде тука, Централистите(внатрешната македонска револуционерна организација) сакаа Македонија самостојателна да биди, никои да не се брка ниту србин ниту бугарин ниту грк”

Dedo Eftim clearly states with Baba Vanga sitting next to him "The supremacists (VRHOVISTS) wanted Bulgaria to come here, the Centralists (the internal Macedonian revolutionary organization) wanted Macedonia to be independent, no one to f around, neither Serb nor Bulgarian nor Greek"
ViaFerry International
ViaFerry International:
Wrong story... Many lies .... Shame 🙄
Ris N
Ris N:
Fake story from the beginning she was Macedonian and her parents war Macedonian they didn't left Macedonia they have gone in Pirin Macedonian later occupat from Tataria aka Bulgaria
Maria Lopes
Maria Lopes:
Russia, Putin, 2022 😰😰😰
Prem Pebam
Prem Pebam:
Which country
Chris B
Chris B:
mistake video and all wrong
Sanja New Moon Life
Sanja New Moon Life:
She is from Yugoslavia ,Macedonia ,and move to Bulgaria
Vanja Stojanov
Vanja Stojanov:
Baba Vanga was been living in Bulgarian, but she is from Serbia...
Chris B
Chris B:
Don Мacedon
Don Мacedon:
She was MACedonian from Strumica, Macedonia.
This is how the Macedonians were repressed at that time. Macedonians were also recruited by Bulgarians and Serbs. Because the Macedonians had no choice, brothers were shooting at each other. It is the same to this day because the Greeks changed their name.
Her first name is Andromache.
She predicted the Islamization of Europe.
lim eddie
lim eddie:
Utter rubbish!
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus: