Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!

Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer is live now and was crazy! This video has a tonne of gameplay details and information about the game from guns, game modes, specialists, maps and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

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emir sulaiman
emir sulaiman:
specialists are a huge turn off ngl, id rather play as a nameless soldier than a war hero or something
Millaray Morales
Millaray Morales:
I have no clue where this trend of having specialists and operators come from, I’ve always preferred the generic solider with no names attached
Almost every single comment here is people not wanting specialists. Take note Dice.
Rather want to be a worthless nameless soldier in a huge ass battlefield than some action movie with main actors
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
Not sure how I feel about "Specialist" but the Battlefield 2042 trailer had me hype.
Definitely don't like the specialist element. The magic of Battlefield is the feeling of being part of something bigger than you, rather than the center of everything, like some sort of unique hero.
Kim Brodersen
Kim Brodersen:
I’m trying to stay optimistic, I’m just really worried about the specialist thing
David Diver
David Diver:
3rd person takedowns...I can't roll my eyes harder....

It's the worst invention of modern gaming....keep me in my character with a quick action to reduce my vulnerability.
Mr. HerobrineGaming
Mr. HerobrineGaming:
The problem I have is the specialists. Feels like DICE is lingering on COD now.
“Hey guys so I’ve been playing this game for the past 2 years now...”
If The specialist system is anything like Previous Cod game's it will Negativity impact bf6... Fans play bf to get away from Things like that
Akira Stark
Akira Stark:
Oh god damn it, don’t do specialists, Dice.
Kai Linden
Kai Linden:
idk about you but the random no name guys seem way cooler than the specialist
Jaelen Green
Jaelen Green:
I’d rather have a regular soldier rather than being a specialist I feel like it’s unnecessary
Lets squad up Jack!
VF Network
VF Network:
I hope they allow us to heavily customise our weapons like in BF4
Vudomoc Big bones
Vudomoc Big bones:
Everything was cool until the specialists
Good god. why do devs push the "Operator" type in their games. I'd hate to fight a literal wall of Borises and their freaking turrets replicating Fort Knox
Hoang Nam Nguyen
Hoang Nam Nguyen:
Jack save us, having a soldier being customized and tailored for the player over preset specialists all the WAY
Battlefield 4 "This is the biggest battlefield game ever"
Battlefield 1 "This is the biggest battlefield game ever"
Battlefield 5 "If you don't like it, don't buy it."
Battlefield 2042 "This is the biggest battlefield game ever"
P. F.
P. F.:
Battlefield needs to stop with this specialist crap. Clearly it was one of the failures in bf5. Make the soldiers exactly how it was in 1 and 4
I’m not a huge fan of the specialist and not having exclusive weapons tide to each class
Specialists are turn off for me, it's would be immersion breaking. Overall i am hyped for the game this could be best bf game in years.
Basile Cambou
Basile Cambou:
I was hyped until the specialist stuff came up
This game looks really good except for the specialists, something about being some nameless dude makes the game feel more immersive
Shouko Nishimiya
Shouko Nishimiya:
the whole specialist thing is straight shit.
cham per
cham per:
Really want the og classes back, this specialist idea goes to far away from the battlefield identity...major concern for me.
Astral'o Pithecus
Astral'o Pithecus:
Warzone can't even give us a couple of destroyable walls...these guys have had destructible environments since the very beginning (almost 20 years ago).
Reilly O'Brien
Reilly O'Brien:
But the most important question everyone's too scared to ask: Can I unlock the bipod for my knife?
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee:
Come on Jack, don't be shy, tell us about battlefield 7
Dombo 916
Dombo 916:
im getting more and more depressed the more i hear about this game
Xerox Sos
Xerox Sos:
"No mention of anti-cheat"

Chinese players on Asian server: Let us introduce ourselves
The Battlefield class system worked perfectly and I’ve never seen anyone complain about it, but alas they had to copy the modern trends
Double G
Double G:
Just hope they don’t get too caught up trying to mimic warzone. Wish they’d have shown a bigger focus on commanders and strategy.
Bonn Williams
Bonn Williams:
I like playing as generic soldiers rather than specialists, it gives the feeling of a bigger battle that way
Brennen Akely
Brennen Akely:
The specialists killed my hype...
I like everything apart from the different abilities being tied to specific characters. Just let us have a small scale character customisation and choose which class we are.
Josh F
Josh F:
lmaoooo, I caught the "darude" that you stuck after sandstorm
"progression is on when playing solo" YEEEEEE
Puneet Dhillon
Puneet Dhillon:
“In call of duty you call a air strike”

“In Battlefield you are the air strike”

-A Battlefield 3 player
Pierrig Tanguy
Pierrig Tanguy:
Im scared about the guys will use their "shiny" skin everywhere, the imersion will be hard
I like how battlefront 2 handles specialists/heroes. You have your standard infantry and you build up points throughout the game to spawn in as a specialist/hero. It actually feels like they’re someone special and they’re reinforcements. Not everyone can be a specialist/hero at once but it works.
I was really hoping for a battlefield 3 or 4 vibe. Grappling hooks, automatic turrets, robodogs, little 3 wheeled taxis, wing-suiting around in tornados. This is fucking dumb, I’m sorry.
The Funky Bassist
The Funky Bassist:
Two questions that have not been addressed are: what will they do to ban rampant cheaters , and how will they handle netcode with so many new variables.
Nicklas Green Bræmhøj
Nicklas Green Bræmhøj:
That specialist thing... dont do it Dice. I just wanna be a 'random soldier'.
David's Subway cookies
David's Subway cookies:
Weapons aren't locked, so imma see a grappling hook sniper 😭😭
Yeah I was gonna say dude, imagine a normal firefight and then suddenly a bunch of UAZ's are being dropped on your heads. Fortnite but with cars.
6:56 the US would love that map
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders:
The sand map, hourglass, is something straight out of Spec Ops: The Line
Jacos TTV
Jacos TTV:
The amount of "Only in Battlefield" moments in the trailer have me excited to pull off some of them with my friends again
Rich Orange
Rich Orange:
Specialists harumph! harking back to the BF2 days when you needed a Medic & knew who was 1.. see if Dice listen as seem a lot agree..
Jaeger Bomb 2
Jaeger Bomb 2:
I'm cautiously optimistic about this game. Wait and see how it pans out.
Ben James
Ben James:
ik battlefield isn’t know for their single player but i’ve always wondered how amazing it’d be if they hired an actually group of writers to sit down and make an immersive story and campaign with memorable characters. couple that with everything to love about battlefield like mechanics and graphics and it would be so cool
Ocean Man
Ocean Man:
Why didn't they just keep BFV's customisation system? Letting you customise a generic soldier? And for the battlepass they could've just sold outfit packs?
Robert Upson
Robert Upson:
The specialists have me REALLLLLY worried lmao
I can't wait to uninstall cod on my xbox for this I'll have room then😂
nijuo joing
nijuo joing:
Im scared about the guys will use their "shiny" skin everywhere, the imersion will be hard
I wanna be "myself" in this war not some premade canvas.
Orlando Alicea
Orlando Alicea:
WTF this is looking more like COD than battlefield !
Cyber Wolf5463
Cyber Wolf5463:
The fact you can fight against only AI makes me happy. As a kid I wanted a system like this so I could play my favorite games forever.
Raging Snake
Raging Snake:
I don't remember when was the last time I waited so much for a game to come out 😍😍😍
i haven't been so hyped for a game in 6 years lol
A stranger you’ve met on the internet
A stranger you’ve met on the internet:
besides the fact that my hopes of being a nobody instead of a character-based system was thrown out of the window im so excited for 2042
Blake Sun
Blake Sun:
Specialists wouldn't bother me as much if they weren't given names, I'd rather have a no name soldier than be playing as some chum named Boris.
Kevin Østerkilde
Kevin Østerkilde:
"Stateless soldiers, deployed by the US and Russian armies"
Dude what? That makes absolutely no sense...
Soy ad
Soy ad:
i can already imagine snipers that camp all the time, helicopters and jets being OP due to lack of good AA weapons.
Ian Nebraska
Ian Nebraska:
Now, this is epic
Y P:
I would love to see COD vs BF fight one more time…
Hunter Akers
Hunter Akers:
Not entirely sure how I feel about the specialists but everything else seems cool
I would love it if this helped set up a remake or reimagining of 2142 down the line.
Questionable Adviser
Questionable Adviser:
Hell yeah, we'd see the legends return on this one
Now that the weapon restrictions are removed, I wonder is it going to retain the same arsenal count as BF4/3 or they gonna shrink it to along the lines of BF5/1
i missed battlefield so much, thank god its back
Kev Ting
Kev Ting:
"Each vehicle seat has a vital role to play to..."

Tuktuk: My time has come..
A-A-Ron W
A-A-Ron W:
It’s good to see Jack talking about fresh Battlefield content again 😎 It’s been too long!! 🤭
This game will be the greatest shooter for years, I can feel it
samuel socha
samuel socha:
"you can change atachments whenever u want!"

warface that's been doing it for years:
Aziz_ Alrumayyan
Aziz_ Alrumayyan:
So they spilled the beans to you and you didn’t tell us 🥺 i feel betrayed
Tom Wilding
Tom Wilding:
Why is every game insisting on having specialist/operators? I'd much rather be a generic soldier with specific gear than always having to be some random German woman just to use defibs or something
I'm gonna go preorder this right now, this sounds amazing
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
Specialists are turn off for me, it's would be immersion breaking. Overall i am hyped for the game this could be best bf game in years.
I havent been this hyped in a long long time!!!
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore:
Sounds great, reserving judgment until I see which features actually launch.
Sooryan Anil Kumar
Sooryan Anil Kumar:
"This game allows to play against AI soldiers"

Finally DICE remembered about the offline bot gameplay which was last seen in Battlefield 2.
Thai McKee
Thai McKee:
I literally been watching jf for years and just realized I wasn’t even subscribed🤦🏾‍♂️ i am now
Morgan Chapman
Morgan Chapman:
Dice -- Love 'em, hate 'em, bring on the Battlefield! I'll be there.
Lmaooo jacks yt channel is being revived now 😭
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven:
And will all this stuff actually be released when the game comes out?
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts:
Just get rid of specialists. Classes and being a random soldier in a massive war is what battlefield has always been about. Keep it that way
Morse Code
Morse Code:
Excited about having some fun with the ai bot matches.
50-0 in the jet cant wait!
Single-Player would be POG. I expected a campaign but now I am getting less hyped
Haashir Junaid
Haashir Junaid:
I’ve never been interested in battlefield until now
nick kung
nick kung:
"There is no campaign but you can play against AI in multiplayer"

*A soul for a soul*
Mad 1
Mad 1:
Well, I’ll see you when the next modern day battlefield comes out, I ain’t gonna be here for this one.
R H:
Wake me up when 2142 and the ice age comes again.
Warzone finna go up in the award cage, time to play 2042 24/7
the specialist thing reminds me of COD BO3. However, from what i’m hearing and seeing the have the right balance of futuristic and staying current. Also seems like they found all of their best aspects and expanded on them creating a great game. Also, the attention to minor details entices me as many games seem to overlook that. Definitely looking forward to this game!