Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

Play Battlefield 2042 starting October 22, 2021

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise. Adapt and overcome in a near-future world transformed by disorder. Squad up and bring a cutting-edge arsenal into dynamically-changing battlegrounds supporting 128 players*, unprecedented scale, and epic destruction.

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“Kickstart My Heart”
Original song by: Mötley Crüe
Remixed by: 2WEI

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*Supported on Xbox Series X|S, PC and PlayStation®5. Xbox One and PlayStation®4 will be locked at 64 players"

100+ comentarios:

It’s amazing how the marketing team behind this trailer knows more about Battlefield than the developers themselves.
this is proof that we shouldn’t always trust good game trailers.
I can't wait til this game officially drops.
David The tomato
David The tomato:
This is an amazing trailer, the transitions, the music, the visuals and the sound is amazing, too bad the game seems to be so broken
Looks like the "only in Battlefield" moments are finally making a triumphant return!
"So, when does this game come out?"
"It already came out"
"I said *this* game."
Funny how in this trailer we see:
Infantry combat
Good soundtrack
No specialists
And actual good levolution
Blender Boy
Blender Boy:
So much hope, so much potential. All for what.
Bryce Reynolds
Bryce Reynolds:
Funny how most of the soldiers shown in the trailer are normal looking soldiers that I feel like most of us would like to play as instead of the cringe specialists.
Here I am, once again, finding myself watching this trailer excited for the upcoming beta!
Pnowy 11
Pnowy 11:
I imagine this is where everyone will come back to every now and then and just imagine what BF2042 could have been.
Shy Giggling
Shy Giggling:
This game is looking mighty fine, when's it coming out?
yosua cahyadi
yosua cahyadi:
Its too bad we can't see dislike count now
RazZ NaiX
RazZ NaiX:
Crazy how they diluted the specialist skins with AI skins. When actually we should be seeing 30 Sundances, 20 MacKays, 10 Dozers in one scene.
this gives me huge battlefield 3 and 4 vibes i really hope its good, it has so much potential
Icey Suhn
Icey Suhn:
Hey EA it’s not too late to release THIS game
Foret 4a
Foret 4a:
How did we got from such masterpieces like BF4 and BF1 to this?
Man rewatching this amazing trailer after knowing in what bad state this game is really hurts.
Wow this game looks great! I hope my *EXPECTATIONS* aren't too *BRUTAL* and DICE delivers a fantastic game that isn't broken or unfinished.
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
That callback to the RendeZook was simply beautiful.
It turns out Battlefield V wasn't that bad.
Impressive how the reveal trailer hid the fact specialists were a thing, the only one we can see up close is espinosa, the only operator with a mask
Elon's Tusks
Elon's Tusks:
Looking at this trailer i see an entirely different game to what we have been given.
The good:
-Solo and coop
-Portal mode
The Bad:
-Almost everything
MOBOX Graphics
MOBOX Graphics:
This is basically a Battlefield trailer with "Best of" highlights from community videos.
Просто Саня
Просто Саня:
Trailer looks amazing, I hope this game won't dissapoint us.
Warrior Gaming
Warrior Gaming:
Battlefield 2002 - 2017 the golden years of battlefield.
excellent job to the marketing team, they always come out with some amazing trailers...
the game itself....oh boy should be Battlefield76+2077
it's sad to see how hyped I was when this trailer came out and now look at the state of the game it hurts :(
The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs
The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs:
3:19 yep that's a battlefield game alright.
So awesome they made a call back to that epic BF3 clip
The official trailer here was better than the actual game.
m0nster man90
m0nster man90:
Y’all really dropped the ball on this one.
Nikita Evdokimov
Nikita Evdokimov:
Press "F" to pay respect to those who didn`t get the refund and are fighting alone with these bugs
Icey Suhn
Icey Suhn:
The fact that this game turned out to be a flop is disappointing. They may has well have stuck it out with BF1. All we asked was for a remastered BF4 with a few tweaks. What a let down. Safe to say the communities voice doesn’t matter anymore.
I really hopes that game devs nowadays spent more time on making sure their games are perfect before they release. I don't mind how long it takes, just show us what we want.
Look I know I can just go play the game but this trailer is so well done I can't stop watching it.
Box Of Chocolate
Box Of Chocolate:
I’m so glad I didn’t buy this I knew this trailer was too good to be true.
1.1 Million Likes on a gameplay trailer wow (I have never seen something like this before) and so much hype and potential this game had and what did DICE do? They blew their chance to revive the franchise. How can a company be so delusional and release this game in such a state. So sad.
Quad from a roof into a helicopter? Check.
Jumping out of your jet to shoot another jet to get back in? Check.
New GPU? Missing...
"Only in Battlefield moments" are now only available in the trailer
Went from a like to changing it to a dislike. Down with Battlefield 2042! We want a real battlefield experience!
Nick B
Nick B:
Now we see where the budget for this game went.
This trailer and all of the trailers after it showed a gritty and violent war, that stayed true to the battlefield formula, it’s no surprised everyone was so hyped for it.
I can’t believe that we’ll have to wait 21 years for this game to release.
RIP Battlefield, you was so good. I playing the franchise since bf2 and now it's enough to give EA the second chance.

Demo version for a full price, just unbelievable :(
I think what makes it more disappointing is that usually the Trailers show what the game actually feels like in Battlefield. Battlefield 1 played just like the trailer, constant action and immersion. Usually the marketing team doesn't lie. And we got everything there is in this trailer, but... the FEELING isn't there. The most important part isn't there. The game doesn't FEEL good. I'm still having fun and playing it, but its a total downgrade.
kevin chadwick
kevin chadwick:
One of the most anticipated games of the year turned into one of the biggest flops of the year
I would love to see these things change:
1. No more operators
2. Less bugs (obviously)
3. Wide range of weapons
4. Animations that are not tactical. its not like the soldier you are playing as is enjoying what is happening around him, battlefield 1 is a good example of this.
History Secrets
History Secrets:
The People: We want WW2 games!
Also the people: We want future warfare!

Battlefield: Wait a second.. C O M B I N E!
Comic Sams
Comic Sams:
I wonder if we'll ever get the game we saw in this trailer instead of the actual game we got.
This is what we called, don't judge the book by its cover
mvhd luqmxn
mvhd luqmxn:
This trailer is better than actual game
Crispy Boi
Crispy Boi:
Around the6th time I've watched this trailer the first 4 was out of pure hype and excitement the other 2 was out of pure heart ache and sadness I hate to see a franchise as good as this die like this
Señor D2
Señor D2:
that jet kill was such a fan service, they are really aware of what we do with their games, that’s something to appreciate
You know at first I didn’t mind the specialists being a new “feature” of the game but honestly everyone is right when it comes to actual gameplay. 25 Flying “theys” in the air 35 sentry’s deployed and the rest modern day pathfinders in almost every server I join. Now idk what’s worse, them “doubling down” on specialists or “don’t like it don’t buy it.”
RIP Battlefield.. you will be missed.
Simon Riley
Simon Riley:
This game would be so successful if it's released in the year 2042.
Maybe BFV wasn't so bad...
This trailer got me really hyped.

The beta and What A Time Be Alive trailer killed it.
Craig with Monster Drink
Craig with Monster Drink:
Fun Fact: Every time you watch this trailer, you’re exactly 5 minutes closer to the release date.
it's sad to see how hyped I was when this trailer came out and now look at the state of the game it hurts :(
It's amazing how they put more effort into the trailer than into the game. Seriously, this game was so hyped up lmfao.
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck:
Say what you want about the game, this trailer is great and sure stirred up a lot of hype
noob noob
noob noob:
wow this looks great can’t wait for this version to release!! can’t wait to have good team coordination with my buddys with the original class system!!
4th day of watching the trailer, I don't think I can stop
post launch edit: disappointment
One thing I noticed in the reveal trailer is that they feature generic soldiers. Even the Gameplay trailer doesn’t have 13 Falck or Rao running around . My theory is that they were still implementing the classes during development (with customization similar to BFV, and probably throws in some Elites like they did in that installment), but DICE’s greedy overlord EA saw the immense profit that Activision generated by its operator system in Warzone and such and decided at some point to make them implement this bogus system. What a shame. The only thing they did keep their word was that the Portal mode would turn out great, but that’s only a selling point for the game. Apart from the horrid UI, the terrible bloom, game-breaking bugs and abysmal maps, it seems that Dice has truly lost their magic, and continued to go down the path that would lead to their own undoing.
Rayyan Ashar
Rayyan Ashar:
I was so hyped for this game. Very unfortunate that it turned out the way it did. However I'm still holding out hope that it'll get better
Anirudh Saiganesh
Anirudh Saiganesh:
I remember being hyped for this game, watching it when it premiered (which I never do), and being absolutely blown away and hyped out of my mind and saying it's gonna exceed expectations, the Beta was kinda rough (I played on xbox one), I played the trial launch version of 2042 in the early access b4 the launch in my pc (which can run fortnite, gta and stuff in high settings and get 60 fps) and i couldn't get 30 fps in 720p and all low settings, the last gen version's maps were horrible, and also ran at 30 fps with atleast 200 ms input lag and bad servers. Never trust the trailers or the looks people.
James Tanny
James Tanny:
I will never forget what DICE did! It’s literally a nightmare to be a console player on 2042!
Tee Ky
Tee Ky:
It's like watching your parents wedding video after they divorced
Definitely one of the better game trailers I've ever scene.
4:44 that music should be in the in-game menu. There are so many good looking soldier skins (1:06 the guy with sun shades and combat helmet). These assets must have existed. DICE, use them!
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson:
They're already working on the NEXT battlefield game, this disaster is already losing life support.
I like how battlefield makes the same beat sound of explosions and gunshots with perfect timing with the song
Moa Moa
Moa Moa:
Let's this be a lesson to EVERY game trailer you watch.

I remember how hyped everyone was... because of a pre rendered trailer.
Stuff 96
Stuff 96:
The opening scene portrays the average server perfectly, the single specialist (player) among the hoards of classes (bots) because the servers are empty
BF V has squad menu, squad leader abilites (smoke bomb, V1 rocket, flame tank, heath/ammo drops), crouch running, back lying prone, true leaderboard, destruction, construction, all chat, voip, career stat page, end of round stats, etc. Why such a blatant stripdown of standard series features? I play this game 2042 because it still feels just enough like Battlefield atm with Portal and 64 player options, but that's not enough. Why call this game Battlefield when all it has in common with Battlefield is vehicles and game modes. Everything else is stripped down or copy of another game
Mark James
Mark James:
This had the potential to be the best Battlefield to date and along with the interesting Portal mode, it was looking like a great package. So, it's crazy to see what we got instead and the state it's already in, with huge drops in player numbers and dead game modes.
Sean Maddox
Sean Maddox:
I like how they don’t even try for realism. They appeal with pure battlefield antics
Modro Said
Modro Said:
They probably had 100 professional guys working in this trailer and 2 students on the actual game
If only the game was as good as the trailer. BF1 was.
2-3 more years of development, and this game could be half decent. Oh well, we might never know.
Elie Tanios
Elie Tanios:
Never judge a game by its trailer sadly..
I feel like a little kid again.
Such a banger trailer for such a disappointing game...
It sucks this game became battlefield 2077
Ruben Sanchez
Ruben Sanchez:
Can’t wait for the full game to come out! Alpha was pretty fun but could use major work, can’t wait to play the full game when it comes out!
Watda Frag
Watda Frag:
even after the game release and the fact we can actually feel these things in first person, this trailer still gives me chills
Thunder Mitchell
Thunder Mitchell:
Love how they just embraced the “only in battlefield” vibes in this trailer.
I like the game portrayed in the trailer, too bad it doesn't exist
Roy Weatherby
Roy Weatherby:
Battlefield 2042 - When you realize the Trailers for No Man's Sky - Fallout 76 - Cyberpunk 2077 were all better than the actual game. Now it's Electronic Arts turn... :-|
Imagine being the guy who knew how Battlefield 2042 would actually play and *still* manage to make a video this good.
When will it be released?

It looks incredibly good. Is this the successor to the recently released one? That would be a leap and would hardly have anything in common with the current one....

In the meantime, I'll just play a bit of Halo and Vanguard.....
Luke Outcold
Luke Outcold:
This is actually perfect, it's not too far into the future that it doesn't feel like battlefield, instead it kinda feels like a modern timeline with experimental weapons and a futuristic touch.
Great choice.
Christian Adrián De La Rosa García
Christian Adrián De La Rosa García:
If this game is a love letter for the users, I will not know how to imagine the hate letter against the fans. Thanks for removing Rush, for having bad startup experiences, lies, illusions. DICE Being DICE.
Marshall Grek
Marshall Grek:
Trailer:shows an actual conflict between distinguishable troops fighting each other.
Actual game: same skin over and over again
Tyler Baum
Tyler Baum:
Regardless of how this game turned out this has to be one of the best video game trailers ever made
KVJ Breaker
KVJ Breaker:
BF4 still reigns supreme. The reviews make me have little hope for his game if I try it.
Сергей Хамёнок
Сергей Хамёнок:
Feels like this trailer costs more than the game itself
A perfect example of why you should never trust the trailers
Imagine making an amazing trailer like this, only to release a demo version of it with almost every feature missing, massive game breaking bugs and glitches, no scoreboard, still no season pass etc,etc,. Asking full AAA price. While having said not to include a campaign so they can "focus" on the multiplayer. And if that wasn't even enough, about a month later they give a big F*** you to their fans and put it on sale. way to go EA/Dice. Never buying a battlefield game ever...again. No matter how good it is, you don't f*** people over like that and expect them to be ok with it.