Bayern Unstoppable! Müller Paves The Way | Greuther Fürth - FC Bayern München 1-3 | All Goals | MD 6

#SGFFCB | Short Highlights from Matchday 6!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between Greuther Fürth and FC Bayern München from Matchday 6 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 0-1 Müller (10’), 0-2 Kimmich (31’), 0-3 Griesbeck (68’, OG), 1-3 Itten (87’)

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Ruslan Malinovskyi
Ruslan Malinovskyi:
Imagine being so good that not scoring in a single game is surprising everyone.
Hope my call with him doesnt turn into a curse
mstqz z
mstqz z:
Muller never change his celebration 😂😂
Unlike Barcelona, ​​Greuther Furth scored
Darth Kushvinder420
Darth Kushvinder420:
Love that all the fans were going crazy at 3-1 down
I loved seeing the Furth fans so happy after their goal 💚 Also Burchert is really underrated. Bayern on fire as well
Eu Revikz
Eu Revikz:
That goal by kimmich was great just proving why he is one of the best midfielders in the world
blue line
blue line:
Thomas Müller is the leader of his team. He knows how to control the game & to bring the win. 🔴🔵⚪🤩
That shot by Kimmich tho 🤯🤯🤯
FanRose FabRose
FanRose FabRose:
Even though it's just the goal highlights, I am absolutely certain to day that Bayern Munich have the best attacking strategy in football right now
“Hemos aprendido a volar como los pájaros, a nadar como los peces; pero no hemos aprendido el sencillo arte de vivir como hermanos”.
Martin Luther King
El Yanki
El Yanki:
Greuther: Last goal wins 😎
rajath k
rajath k:
The fans were really great, one of the best support I have seen in a long time. They deserve that goal
spencer Louis spn
spencer Louis spn:
Bayern is not about the coach! It is about the players! The chemistry already there! 🙌😐🙌
Cedric Itten has now scored against Real Madrid and Bayern munchen this season 😂
UnderFunded inc.
UnderFunded inc.:
Davies involved in first 2 goals 🔥
Justin _w7
Justin _w7:
Leroy sané is absolutely amazing always has been
Neymar is my idol
Neymar is my idol:
Bayern are on a roll under Nagelsmann 🔥🔥🔥
It's really very interesting to see all the teams fighting for the league which will eventually be Bayern Munich in time, you always know brother
Ito Chophy
Ito Chophy:
Now in this season kimmich is showing that he can score too😅
Super Bayern! Beautiful goals by Müller and Kimmich. Let's go!
The shots in this game 😎
Football Poland
Football Poland:
Lewandowski Good match no goal 😒. Lewandowski best Player . Eyery now and Then he plays Great matches witchouta A goal or assist. Lewandowski Good dribbling and skills Lewandowski best Player in The World.
I think Lewy scores if Pavard doesn't get that red card. Bayern 6 - 1 with 11 men.
Vinci n
Vinci n:
That was the most celebrated goal for honour I have ever seen
Stefano Traverso
Stefano Traverso:
Extraordinary win by Bayern
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim:
Sane and Davies back in form after last season, where they were mostly unimpressive, the Bayern defence starting to hold firm again, Kimmich starting to get higher up and looking for goal more, more options at right back with Stanisic’s rise…Bayern look ominously unstoppable this season.
ahmed Bouzidi
ahmed Bouzidi:
Thomas muller the true leader always ther and humble good luck thomas ❤👍💪
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya:
You guys could make the highlights 3-4 minutes long you know. My man didn't even show the red card😭
Demian Mukete
Demian Mukete:
The most important goal was the last 😅
Divyang Dodia
Divyang Dodia:
I so wanted Lewandowski to score 😭
Classic Thomas muller celebration keeping it cool 😎👌
Bayern was hardly unstoppable this match,they tried a new formation from the usual 4-2-3-1 to 3-5-2 It did not work out . Bayern was really stable defensively,but its attacks were mediocre,the players did not understand each other postions especially Paward, in the first leg. Fürth fought well,what they lacked in futball, they made up in ferocity,and the refree assisted them with his questionable decisions. They did not break. In the second leg Paward got himself a red card,with a stupid tackle. One man minus Bayern remained calm,they counterattacked,and Lewa was unlucky ,he was really close to score,hit the post first leg,had chances his teammates really wanted him to score,they gave him the ball when they were in better positions even. Furth startegy was the same in the whole match,one man plus or otherwise:Counterattack and force corners and freekicks. In the end they scored from their first real chance. For me man of the match was Upamecano,he corrected Paward mistakes in the first leg,and was also read the game well and was a beast one-on-one in the whole game
Abdul Rahuman Haris
Abdul Rahuman Haris:
Pavard's red and sane's yellow affected the rhythm of the play we must improve our defence and why not just stick to 4231
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
...and this, ladies and gentlemen is why Bayern Munich is the team to beat in Europe.
Nurul Rahi
Nurul Rahi:
I love see home fans reaction while they lost the match but we're unstoppable half time with 10 man win it's ain't easy for everyone The best club ITW for the reason... Mia San Mia Pockmas ❤️🤘
Manos Kok
Manos Kok:
Greüther fans are so cool!
Kevin Jazy
Kevin Jazy:
He actually scored ! What are your thoughts on not calling it Lewandowski's goal ?
Bayern looking good enough to be competiting for CL
Man in Fury.
Man in Fury.:
nice celebration from the Greuther player.
Tuta Remus
Tuta Remus:
lewy didnt score, im sad
Silverados MR
Silverados MR:
Literally I saw a post of Bayern winning 2-0 ,. I didn't realize it was only for the first half score, and the first thing came to my mind is " Lewandowski didn't score !!!!! " but then while watching this video, I was waiting for a 2-0 match ,. Then Boom Lewandowski out of nowhere,. This is unbelievable
Zahraa Ashkanani
Zahraa Ashkanani:
#Miss10n #MiaSanMia ❤️
The game and goals are good 👌🏽
Well deserved win. Well played the team.
Sad that Lewy wasn't able to score, but he will come back with a bang.
Ashish Jacob
Ashish Jacob:
If muller scores first then you already know the result
pavard’s stupid red card will serve as an opportunity to lose his starting position in the future.
Vlad XShot
Vlad XShot:
I think they are winning UCL this year
James 1120
James 1120:
Davis is playing well ☺️
Rachel Nomzamo Sibanda
Rachel Nomzamo Sibanda:
Great Muller
No goal from lewy it feels so weird
The Goblin
The Goblin:
I bet that Lewa would be on the score sheet 😭
Bayern Munich are way too strong!
thomas swords
thomas swords:
Greuter furth put up magnificent fight
Pranav Barapate
Pranav Barapate:
How sad lewendoski was for the own goal
Reshab Dam
Reshab Dam:
what formation did bayern used in this Match
Ryan Kujur
Ryan Kujur:
Loved the fans
Football as it’s meant to be
Bayern won? I really didn't see that one coming.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Thomas Muller never changed his old celebrations...
Kev Ogilvie
Kev Ogilvie:
Ced the ted … keep doing your thing my man . We r the people
Congratulations to Bayern for its 10th bundesliga in a row...
Eder Ramirez
Eder Ramirez:
Bayern are getting in form and will become stronger than it’s healthy later on?
Yuri Mohamed
Yuri Mohamed:
According to me if barcelona played fearlessly like this team cedric , barca would got shot on target or maybe a goal or win but poor barca are traumatized wen it came to bayern munich ..
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka:
We love muller
Addo Densu
Addo Densu:
That guertha furth goal cost me my betting slip..😒I don't think I will be able to forgive the Bayern CBs for switching off
Kiera Alyah
Kiera Alyah:
Just give them the trophy
Is there any point of there even being a german league when Bayern dominate it every single season and take the best players...
Ross McNair
Ross McNair:
Pleased to see big Ced the Ted getting on the score sheet.. WATP 👍💙
jery natanael
jery natanael:
Damn even they were down 3-1 still celebrate it like it was 1-0
Moor Moorish
Moor Moorish:
Davis is playing like a striker 😳
Nilashree Easwar
Nilashree Easwar:
What a goal by kimmich
No one is mentioning alvonso,s performance
Syed Shahrukh
Syed Shahrukh:
Bayern Munich is strongest team of UEFA waiting for vs psg
Malawi Cichlids
Malawi Cichlids:
Itten goal 🔴⚪🔵👍🏻
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta:
EA still thinks Sané is just 84 🤦‍♂️
Mia san mia ❤️♥️🇩🇪
Viva Bayern
Muttaqiina Imaama
Muttaqiina Imaama:
Muller mustinya ke La Liga atau EPL sejak bertahun² lalu, tapi kenapa dia gak mau yaa??
Padahal sekelas Madrid dan MU udah pernah coba bawa dia dari Munich.. 🙆
Wtf Iaaan
Wtf Iaaan:
How many cleansheets has Nuer had in the last 3 seasons 😬😬
Kingdom of Kush
Kingdom of Kush:
Bundesliga teams plan it goes like, how to not get beaten badly by bayern. They don't plan to stop them
Psycho CeD
Psycho CeD:
They so good they don't celebrate goals no more
Sekedar Tahu
Sekedar Tahu:
Good luck the bavarian✊
its sus
its sus:
A yeah another master class rotation by bayern
Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich:
The touch from davies at the last moment though
Y T:
Sane in the right wing don’t work , he is one of best in the left wing but in the right he become impotent because it is not his natural position
Barca needs to sign that man🤣🙏🏿🙏🏿
Md Hussain
Md Hussain:
Lawandowski not scored in this mathce I can't believe this omg😳😳😳
Gutes Spiel
Why is the other team so happy about their goal? I don't know the context
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
Bayern is too good
Herms Fresh
Herms Fresh:
Why a play in the Bundesliga? when Bayern has already won the title
suhail latiff
suhail latiff:
Really wish @bundesliga uploaded longer highlights
Cedric itten my striker 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar:
"supa ball king!!"
FMZ Channel
FMZ Channel:
Lewangoalski and break the record in the next 19 games!
Big ced the ted 🇬🇧😍
Jeriel Tee
Jeriel Tee:
Neuer has been in decline for many seasons now....a shame really
Phera Makhele
Phera Makhele:
This league should be changed to "BayernLiga"
Md Hussain
Md Hussain:
86:00 minutes goal 1 and fan cheer 😂😂😂
muller fan❤
muller fan❤:
Björn Böhm
Björn Böhm:
Kleeblatt Fürth ☘️☘️☘️