Behind Emily Ratajkowski's Dream Met Gala Dress | Vogue

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Emily Ratajkowski's Vera Wang Met Gala look.

Director: Alexandra Gavillet
DP: Emmanuella Zachariou
Editor: William Gallegos
Supervising Producer: Jordin Rocchi

Producer, On-Set: Maya Solo
AC: Sarah Penson
Audio: Michael Guggino
Location: The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel
VP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer
Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy
Director of Content: Tara Homeri
Showrunner: Lila Benaissa
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Post-Production Manager: Marco Glinbizzi
Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty

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Behind Emily Ratajkowski's Dream Met Gala Dress | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

isselle medrano
isselle medrano:
cant believe vera wang is 72!! She is aging so gracefully, truly amazing.
Nicholas Kraut
Nicholas Kraut:
I like how Vera Wang designs and crafts this gorgeous dress for Emily and then wears that black and white schoolboy ish
Maria LS
Maria LS:
Emily looked gorgeous on this dress, but can we talk about Vera Wang?? She is in her 70’s and she has the body type of a teenager girl, wow, amazing, and so so talented!!
This dress was just such beautiful i really loved it
Akanksha Raturi
Akanksha Raturi:
Vera is so well spoken! It was wonderful hearing her talk. This video felt so relaxing and calming so personal! True appreciation of women and fashion 👏
Janet Pelua
Janet Pelua:
“An inch and a half makes a big difference”… words to live by.
Florian Joahn
Florian Joahn:
the fact that they dont mention once how the dress relates to the theme kills me. The Met needs a doorbitch that doesnt let you in if you dont have a plausible explanation on how the outfit relates to the theme.
I dont know her but her dress is one of the best at the met gala and she looks beautiful in it
Diana Yanél
Diana Yanél:
Emily and Kendall have a very similar profile view. anyone else sees the similarities of them both?
Shubhangi Mishra
Shubhangi Mishra:
This girl was on fire, for whom everyone was looking !
Madeline Honey
Madeline Honey:
holy smokes... I've definitely found my future wedding dress inspo... now my boyfriend just needs to get a move on proposing 😂
I don't dislike my shape (I've learned to love me!) however this woman has my dream body...just so beautiful!!
Emily is a combination of Victoria Beckham and Kendall Jenner
Dia Jarin
Dia Jarin:
The dress and is so gorgeous and looks more gorgeous as emily wore it
vsboy 25
vsboy 25:
This event showcases the beauty in people. I really think this event is hope that all can aspire to look and feel their best.
T Y:
drop dead gorgeous gown and of course, emily!
havent seen a gown in a long time that really caught me
but this is absolutely stunning
perfectly made for em :)
Erin B
Erin B:
Vera wang is icon- her dresses are so gorgeous and she is so artistic in the way she designs them! Emily looked fabulous and stunning in the red! ❤️❤️❤️
Katie Z
Katie Z:
I loved hearing Vera explain the dress and Emily’s essence while wearing it. Magical.
Renee Serrichio
Renee Serrichio:
Never regretted, even for a moment, choosing to wear a Vera Wang wedding dress.. she’s the quintessential gown designer. I want to do renewals just to be able to go through this process again.
What a perfect collaboration model/ artist ❤️💃🏽🧵❤️
Cookie Lover
Cookie Lover:
Thank you Vera Wang for making her looks amazing. And thank you Emily for being a great model to wear the dress of Vera Wang. Amazing job you both, we enjoy and feel the spark of joy you share to the world.
Mercedes Tran
Mercedes Tran:
I love listening to her speak, she is the perfect duo with Vera. Absolutely incredible
The most beautiful dress, it must feel so magic to wear. Perfect for her.
Extremely beautiful dress and I like the focus on hearing the designer speak about their vision. Vera Wang loves women! It made me think of Scarlett O'hara
this is the 1st time i hear emily's voice, i love it
There’s nothing soft and easy about this dress to me but i absolutely adore it
Anita Opel
Anita Opel:
Thank you Vera, Emily and team for making a fabulous dress and making Emily look exquisite!
Violeta Depaoli
Violeta Depaoli:
she looked absolutely gorgeous, as always.
Kaye Brown
Kaye Brown:
She and Kendall looks so much alike a picture of them together or if they twinned on the met would've been great.
Aisyah Shahira
Aisyah Shahira:
There’s no denying that emily looks great in red 🔥🔥 It suits her
Cara Sun
Cara Sun:
I think that Vera Wang designed a dress, that fits perfectly to Emily❤️
karla olmedo
karla olmedo:
Vera Wang és tan perfecta cómo la amó ❤❤❤
Sadia Fortune
Sadia Fortune:
Emily is a naturally TRUE Beauty inside and OUT a REAL CLASSY WOMAN
Emily always kills it!!! I love her
Jessica Cabral
Jessica Cabral:
The way Vera Wang describes the dress is for some reason so spot on, and I don’t really know much about fashion
This dress is absolutely stunning. It makes me want to get married in red 😍
Danica Uba
Danica Uba:
She looks so good even after having a baby, such goalsss
jd chy
jd chy:
defo one of the best outfits/looks which emily pulled off effortlessly but on a side note if i dont age like vera wang im ending it all early 😭
Lauren Wiseman
Lauren Wiseman:
I like this dress because it actually fits the THEME!!
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel:
OMG !!! This is stunning !! So so beautiful !! One of the most beautiful dresses in met !
Leyla Kilicoglu
Leyla Kilicoglu:
Wang's own onsemble on herself was also stunning honestly such great fashion beautiful
Ava Lily
Ava Lily:
I absolutely love her dress 😍 the color and the fit is amazing
Lee Steal
Lee Steal:
Beautiful dress. I think it would have been more popping in a pastel colour.
This dress is everything 🤧❤
Scarlett Blue
Scarlett Blue:
Emily looked stunningly beautiful. Vera Wang looked very beautiful. Gorgeous outfits. Fabulous hair.
Star Box
Star Box:
Emily is literally the most beautiful person ❤️❤️❤️
Ann Peyton
Ann Peyton:
They were one of the few teams that seemed relaxed lol, and wow the result was beautiful.
Khrisna Cantos
Khrisna Cantos:
Vera wang’s hair is just the definition of perfect SHES BEAUTIFUL
Valeria Marrufo
Valeria Marrufo:
She is next level, truly a goddess and inspiration 🤍✨
Jamie Saccone
Jamie Saccone:
Vera looks amazing. What a beautiful, talented woman.
Vera Wang is so amazing. I’ve loved her designs since I was a little girl.
Charmaine Khin
Charmaine Khin:
the dress is absolutely stunning 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
Fanny Lopez
Fanny Lopez:
Vera wang designs beautiful and unique dresses. It always stands out at the met gala
It's a gorgeous dress and I would have loved it for the Oscars or most other big events, but I don't understand how this is on theme to a lexicon of American Fashion? Maybe I just don't understand the reference, but like most of the outfits this year, I wish they had been more on theme. She is absolutely gorgeous tho and I love the design
The dress is BEAUTIFUL!! Emily is gorgeous but also Vera Wang is stunning. Can’t believe that she is 72 yrs old…👏🏻✨
7:47 omg Emily looks so effortlessly beautiful here wow
Lydia Rego
Lydia Rego:
Need a hair tutorial for this look YESTERDAY.
ola Razzaq
ola Razzaq:
Vera Wang is everything, knowing her insight is like visiting the greatest museum of fashion
Sadia Fortune
Sadia Fortune:
Vera Wang is the BEST designer always on the next level with all her designs
also am I the only one who has never heard her voice before? I knew she was American but I was still expecting an Australian accent for some reason lol
godness me!

you've got to be the most beautiful woman in the world!
One of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, Emily 🥰🥰🥰
B L A C K    S U M M E R
B L A C K S U M M E R:
She really looks beautiful af
Kasey Lee
Kasey Lee:
OMG that dress is soooo beautiful and she looks gorgeous
I love how vera wang doesn't force to look young, minimal to almost no makeup but beautiful and healthy hair and body
Melissa Bibza
Melissa Bibza:
She was best dressed for me hands down. Also she’s absolutely stunning. She has that rare body type where she is very thin but has the perfect amount of meat in all the right places. She’s a unicorn. 🦄 bravo!
Tanweer Majid
Tanweer Majid:
So how does this beautiful dress tie in with the theme of the Met?
Paula Griffith
Paula Griffith:
I think this is the best dress of the evening. Stunning.
She’s so beautiful and I love her 😍
Oracle (Lara Marshall)
Oracle (Lara Marshall):
Gorgeous ✨❤ Thank you for such a beautiful creation 🙏🌹
B L A C K    S U M M E R
B L A C K S U M M E R:
The dress is fire!!♥️✌️
Summer McCurdy
Summer McCurdy:
So stunning and I love how she really appreciates Vera.
Aislinn Hess
Aislinn Hess:
emily is literally the most gorgeous person
Sunshine Living
Sunshine Living:
This dress is exquisite! 😍🥰
I can’t believe I had to look at Addison Rae and a ton of other influencers dresses who don’t belong there and never saw this beautiful dress
Stephanie Stanley
Stephanie Stanley:
Vera creates beauty wherever she goes. ❤️
Rakel's Aligned Life
Rakel's Aligned Life:
this dress was AMAZING
Sabina Satibek
Sabina Satibek:
How she can be so beautiful. 🥺That dress, that face, that body 😍
Swan White
Swan White:
That dress is so stunning!!😩❤️‍🔥
Susan Griffin
Susan Griffin:
She is beautiful inside and out❤️
Iya Loves Life
Iya Loves Life:
They are both absolutely beautiful!
Kimberly Bourne-Truog
Kimberly Bourne-Truog:
Beautiful woman in a beautifully designed dress by a legendary iconic fashion designer. Vera is one of my favorites.
I swear Emily's side profile almost makes her look like Kendall Jenner. I literally cannot unsee it now!!
Amy Lim May Ling
Amy Lim May Ling:
I love Vera Wang.
I really adore her and also her designs.
You are awesome
"like, like, like, and like, like, like, like...and like", emily ratajkowski... absolutely could not have said "like" anymore.
m m
m m:
She looks stunning WOOOW 😩❤️❤️
She is one of the prettiest women in the world, in my opinion!😻
I am so in love with this!<3
liltags jam
liltags jam:
Emily looked gorgeous in the dress
Love her vibes 🙏🏼😘❤️
a literal angel. v stunning!
The Ifunanya Effect
The Ifunanya Effect:
She is literally so gorgeous
Both of them are very model esk. Emily looks soo good😘
Nasriayah Solaiman
Nasriayah Solaiman:
Finally I've seen this lady smiles.
Kit Walker
Kit Walker:
Vera is a true artist, you can tell just by the way she speaks. It reminds me of old hollywood actresses.
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson:
I don't love the big flower that keeps getting in the way of her face but the rest of the dress is gorgeous!
She looks absolutely gorgeous
sh al
sh al:
I wish her hair was pulled back or in a updo
Aastha Singh
Aastha Singh:
omg is this the girl who holds her baby as a textbook?!
M B:
Omg her glammmm and hair yesssssssss they slayedddd
Probably one the best dresses at the Met