Bella Thorne - Burn so Bright (Official Video from "Midnight Sun")

Music video by Bella Thorne performing "Burn so Bright" from the Midnight Sun Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. (C) 2018 Lakeshore Records

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Valentin Wolfinger
Valentin Wolfinger:
who came here after watching “lonely”. Damn girl what happened.
d a
d a:
I came here again after saw her "lonely" mv, just to wash my brain. THIS SONG IS 100 TIMES BETTER.
Tiff Anie
Tiff Anie:
She’s going through the mile cyrus faze right now . Just give her some time to find herself 😭.
Sky and Kid Show
Sky and Kid Show:
We love this Bella Thorne ❤️😍💯
Bella is bella
Imke Joosten
Imke Joosten:
Imagine how popular she’d be if she stayed like this and promoted herself as much as she does now. Girl you’re not Miley, pls stop. You’ve turned into someone that I feel sorry for
Poonam Saroha
Poonam Saroha:
Me watching this after 'lonely': Damn girl, what happened
What happened to her she was so bright now she is so dark and deep.
Twist TV
Twist TV:
2021 все еще смотрим)))
Pop World
Pop World:
Everyone always hates on Bella Thorne for literally no reason. Well, you're not welcome here. 😂
Greg Romaine
Greg Romaine:
Had no idea who Bella Thorne was until a saw Midnight Sun.... I fell in love with this Bella Thorne!!!
Twist TV
Twist TV:
я кстати только после фильма узнал, что она поёт в реале, а этот парень сын шварца)
Twist TV
Twist TV:
❤️❤️❤️ Hey!
Valentine Voorhees
Valentine Voorhees:
She’s gonna find herself like Miley did it’s okay y’all
Cesar Tijerina
Cesar Tijerina:
I hate when people say she can’t sing i mean she has an amazing voice
playdoh planet
playdoh planet:
she really went SOUTH after this
Tuaila Sanzo
Tuaila Sanzo:
Kartika Karrr
Kartika Karrr:
This is better than "lonely" wtf....
Bethany pullen
Bethany pullen:
What I loved most about midnight sun is that Katie knew she was going to die but it didn’t stop her from achieving her goals and she also met the guy she loved the most. He also didn’t give up on her and that’s really nice to see, he loved her for her not because he felt sorry for her. Midnight sun teaches you that no matter what condition, disease you have just do what you love doing don’t give up because you may not have long to live but you can make the most out life.
Veronika Wise
Veronika Wise:
every time i watch this video i literally wanna cry... love movie midnight sun sooo much
Nessa A
Nessa A:
Some people just downgrade😔 and their music downgrades with them
Who’s here after lonely and sfb

If so I’m so sorry
KDS Edits
KDS Edits:
Ahhh bella, seriously, why do you want to lose your disney image so bad, look at you! You’re gorgeous! I missed this!
Premdeep Malhotra
Premdeep Malhotra:
This is really really nice song. Well, this shows the brightest side of bella. She is so beautiful and gorgeous. This side of Bella is sooo beautiful. I wish her nothing but the best of best. Talking about this movie, it should be award winning. Its such a magical movie and Bella's chatacter and Pattrick's character is worth watching. I feel blessed that i watched this. I balled my eyes out. I have cried like the way i did watching this beautiful movie. I almost choked and eyes swelled up, coz this one is a masterpiece. Pattrick is soooo damnn hot tho. I just fell in love with these two. Omg, this song is my jam now.
Twist TV
Twist TV:
2019 русские есть?
Jordana Schrier
Jordana Schrier:
Bella Thorne is so beautiful!!!!
Jheara Thompson
Jheara Thompson:
No se si soy la única que habla español, pero ame la pelicula y lloré hasta tener dolor de cabeza. Solo duraba una hora y varios minutos pero duele toda la vida 😭❤❤❤
miranda villalba
miranda villalba:
bella has potential to be really good at singing and i think if she starts to take lessons and work on her singing voice she would be amazing but beacuse she thinks shes bad she doesn't even try it and everytime she sings in public she does it joking and people end up thinking shes bad
Zenda Malik
Zenda Malik:
Im crying deeply in the last 20min of the movie... And the soundtrack is so saturrated
Nobody ever told me
The final chapter to the story
And if I win or lose
Don't know exactly where I'm going
I just keep on rollin'
You never know when your time is through, ooh
When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you love with your whole heart
Remember the hard times make ya you
That's when we'll show the world They're not gonna break us

Hey, we'll burn so bright
Makin' all the people come to life Hey, the darkest sky
Can't stop me and you tonight Said hey, we'll burn so bright Dancin' underneath the city lights
Hey, from way up high
Shinin' down like stars tonight

When it's too far for me to reach it
I close my eyes and believe it Ain't no other way to do, ooh
When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you love with your whole heart
Remember the hard times make ya you
That's when we'll show the world They're not gonna break us

Hey, we'll burn so bright
Makin' all the people come to life Hey, the darkest sky Can't stop me and you tonight
Said hey, we'll burn so bright Dancin' underneath the city lights Hey, from way up high
Shinin' down like stars tonight

When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you're lovin' with your whole heart
The hard times make ya you
When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you're lovin' with your whole heart
The hard times make ya you They're not gonna break us

Hey, we'll burn so bright
Makin' all the people come to life Hey, the darkest sky Can't stop me and you tonight
Said hey, we'll burn so bright Dancin' underneath the city lights Hey, from way up high
Shinin' down like stars tonight
Love Descendants
Love Descendants:
I love this song so much🔥😍
Yirma Amaya
Yirma Amaya:
Alguien habla español .2019
Dani Castellanos
Dani Castellanos:
I came here after SFB ✨✨
Damn, this girl went through a Miley Cyrus transformation on steroids
little fox
little fox:
"Полночное солнце" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Chhan Mawiaa
Chhan Mawiaa:
2020 look what you've done!!!!
inki pinki
inki pinki:
Whenever i listen to this song i can feel it because. I'm related to Katy price🙂 🤗🙂
Michael Tuba
Michael Tuba:
This song actually makes sense lol
Wicked Nickie
Wicked Nickie:
After SFB and Lonely I was scared that I'm gonna be deaf in best case scenario. Surprisingly this is listenable.
Eduardo Alves
Eduardo Alves:
Polêmica ontem com Duda Reis e o YouTube me recomenda esse vídeo, ela parece muito com essa cantora até pensei que era ela de primeira que olhei. 😱 😂
Katherine Auber
Katherine Auber:
You were so talented . I want to know who hurt you in the business because it makes no sense🥺
kaotiane seachao
kaotiane seachao:
She’s so gorgeous and he’s so handsome

Who’s thinking so?
Alina Life
Alina Life:
I from is Russia... I love Bella Torn !!! Only one love❤She is beautiful😍
Solgaleo and Lunala
Solgaleo and Lunala:
" her and him " :)
Alexzandera Brenckle
Alexzandera Brenckle:
I cried my heckin eyes out! Bella is such an amazing actress! And the story of Midnight Sun is beautiful and real. I wanna cry again now gosh! Imma turn up to this song and Charlie's Song so heckin much gosh! Beautiful job Bella!
Agreema Bajracharya
Agreema Bajracharya:
“Nobody ever told me the final chapter of the story” you mean the Disney story
Hsar Yu
Hsar Yu:
She so cute 😍😍
Song Mingi
Song Mingi:
This version needs to come back
chloe alfa
chloe alfa:
I accept bella thorne so much i dont care if many people judge her because she is feeling so much pain, she chooses her life and thats how she lives
This is my favorite song for all my life
The Evil Spirit
The Evil Spirit:
Фигура у неё конечно шикарная ,да и в целом внешность !
Misty Marie
Misty Marie:
I honestly think this is one of her best song!!!
sunchild -
sunchild -:
this reminds me of a 2007 movie backtrack to a cheesy love story lol. MUCHHHHH better than lonely & sfb tho i’ll give you that bella! what tf hapoened yo?
I like the actress version bella. The feminene type.
Jay Udar
Jay Udar:
❤️Who is here with me in 2020?🤔
Taylor Steinbruckner
Taylor Steinbruckner:
Okay, I’m digging this “innocent” Bella. She’s way more attractive than the Bella who dyes her hair wacky colours, wears crazy makeup and sings about putting salad dressing anywhere. 😂😂 I know that this version of Bella seems more manufactured, but I’d be quite happy if she acts and releases songs like this in the future. I might stan forever. ❤️
Lally Marshall
Lally Marshall:
she has a beatitful voice
Swag-A- Dellaman
Swag-A- Dellaman:
I wish she was like this all the time. I miss the days back when she was CeCe Jones before she quit Disney.
Chiyo Chan
Chiyo Chan:
i just finished watching the movie IT WAS SOO GOOD i was looking everywhere for her. her voice is so damn mmmhm GOOD AF
April 2019?😍😍one year ago
sana raheem
sana raheem:
Ok how she moved from this to when i check my phone 🤔
Kaileen I am
Kaileen I am:
Who’s here after #sfb
after i watched the movie i opened my youtube just to hear this music❤️
risa died
risa died:
She’s a whole different person in 2020!!!!! Omggg
prithika cmvg
prithika cmvg:
pls continue this type of songs this is the best song i have heard
Maria Garrido
Maria Garrido:
this song sounds amazing comparing to the other too btw i hate this type of music
jacquii piløts
jacquii piløts:
Victor vance
Victor vance:
The New Testament indicates even more clearly that our identities will remain unchanged. While sharing the Passover meal with His disciples, Christ said, "Take this [cup] and divide it among yourselves; for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes" (Luke 22:17-18). Christ was promising that He and His disciples would drink the fruit of the vine together again--in heaven. Elsewhere Jesus makes a similar, but even more definite, promise: "Many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 8:11).

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Is it any wonder that the psalmist said, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" (Ps. 116:15)?
Faith B
Faith B:
Who came here after watching "Midnight Sun??" BTW I watched Midnight Sun in the Cinema when the movie just came out n I didn't know that Katie was Bella Thorne until I watched the movie today again ❤❤
Kellyn Carrigan
Kellyn Carrigan:
She's my favourite I watch the movie every day and my name is Bella
Azura DragonFaether
Azura DragonFaether:
I miss you Bella 💔
Ri Ranjo
Ri Ranjo:
I actually really really love her as an actress. Hope she gets more breaktout roles!
Eloise lima
Eloise lima:
Midnight sun ❤🙂
Euleana Silva Moraes
Euleana Silva Moraes:
acho vc super linda, amo os seus filmes e te acho uma inspiração para mim, gosto muito do seu trabalho, e uma encanto de personagem
Came here after watching the lonely music video thing and damn girl what happened??
Ross VLOG:
I cried a lot while watching her movie midnight sun😢😢
forever Yung shelter
forever Yung shelter:
Bella should make more music like this and give her more love story films it would be so LEGENDARY ❤️🔥👑
Karine Leite
Karine Leite:
Isso é muito importante por incentiva tanto as pessoas que estão doente quanto as pessoas que não estão doente para fazer o quer logo não deixa pra depois pós sera muito tarde eu já assisti várias vezes e não canso porque me incentiva cada vez mais tem muita garota que tem vergonha de falar pro garoto que ela gosta os sentimentos dela e também tem muitos garotos com isso também mais se vc ama vc fala aqui fica meu agradecimento por todos que escreveu vez esse filme PARABÉNS estou muito feliz pos mim a corajou a não ter medo de nada porque se não fazer agora talvez amanhã não de.😊😊😊
Gabrielle Costa
Gabrielle Costa:
Ameeeei o filme ❤❤❤❤ todo meu amor a Bella Thorne que a cada atuação me presenteia com seu talento.
Gunamer's Travels
Gunamer's Travels:
When you realise she dates Big Arny's real life son in the movie.
Sadia Afrin Snaha
Sadia Afrin Snaha:
Love You Bella Throne❤️

Disclaimer: No, I am not a lesbian..I just like her a lot...😂😁😁😁😂
Fahmi Azhan
Fahmi Azhan:
What happen to her i used to like her so bad cause he look like a good girl pretty but now idk what happenedd :)))))
Harry Aldieny
Harry Aldieny:
when you order Bella straight from the factory
Patrícia Silfer
Patrícia Silfer:
Essa, música deixou uma marca em mim!
Karine Leite
Karine Leite:
Meu filme favorito
Chiara Sgogabo
Chiara Sgogabo:
2019❤ i'm in love with this ❤
THEY NEED TO MAKE A SECOND FILM!!! I'm not entirely sure how that'll work without Katie in it though.... I love your songs btw. :)
Im Sa
Im Sa:
I really love this song ❤️
Julyan Sr Peterz
Julyan Sr Peterz:
i love her and this movie cried my fucking eyes out
Your so beautyful
Hezal Meshram
Hezal Meshram:
The lyrics of songs of this movie just hit hard
Rhea Jewan
Rhea Jewan:
She's so talented to be able to act this well. Love her real personality and appreciate that she can still take on roles like the one in Midnight Sun
that's not my name
that's not my name:
isnt it so weirddd seeing bella in roles of these girly girls when you know how she usually dresses etc? good job on her pulling it off 👏🏽
Anna Bolen
Anna Bolen:
This is actually such a nice and cute song, what the hell happened??
Steven Tatam
Steven Tatam:
Mariana Hernandez.
Mariana Hernandez.:
20 833 Keerthika Krishna Moorthy
20 833 Keerthika Krishna Moorthy:
I love this movie ❤ ❤ ❤
The best movie i have ever watched.