Bersa Thunder 380 Plus Review 15+1 Capacity

Bersa Thunder 380 Plus Review . It has a 15+1 Mag Capacity over the Standard 8+1 in the Single Stacked Thunder 380 models. Big thanks to Eagle Imports for sending this Thunder Plus for the Review. Bersa Factory Tour
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John Aleck
John Aleck:
Love, love my Bersa single stack. So accurate. In San Leandro, Ca, I was at a gun range and a CHP was shooting his Walther PPK backup and his rounds had a big spread. He asked if he could try my Bersa and he just dropped those rounds within 5 inches. He looked at me and the Bersa and said, I’m going to have make a change. Never forget it.
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia:
The Bersa is excellent, very reliable, affordable, with good ergonomics, decent trigger, acceptable sights. The Plus would be a great carry or home defense gun for its good weight to recoil ratio, capacity and functionality. Great video!
Brother Palpatine
Brother Palpatine:
.380 in a medium frame is an incredibly pleasant shooting experience.
I wish more double stack medium .380s existed.
I had a Bersa Thunder years ago, when I was first getting into shooting. As I got more into the hobby, and upped my gun budget, I abandoned my Bersa (thinking I'd outgrown it), but I can see they've evolved their pistols since then too - and I have to say this one really looks like one I'd like a lot. I bought a new Walther PPK/S last year, and it was nice-looking but literally painful to shoot with that ridiculously bad beavertail design (and I didn't like not having a slide release). My old Bersa Thunder was much better, and for 1/4 the price. I'm gonna keep an eye out for this one at my local gun shops, and if I see one, it's mine.
Had the single stack for 12yrs and carried it for years. The dbl stack is an honest improvement and fun to shoot. No problems either.
Benu shaft
Benu shaft:
This is a great gun. It shoots amazing, with almost no recoil. I also have the Bersa UC 9mm; which is a little larger but shoots just as good. I have to say, I have watched a lot of videos on Bersa and in almost every video they mention how they don't like the frame lock: I personally like the fact that it has the frame lock; it is very useful in those moments that you go to a place that you can not take your firearm and have to leave it in your vehicle. You can lock down the frame and not have to worry that your gun might kill someone or is used in a crime, if it is stolen; especially in those states that makes the owner of a gun responsible for any crime committed with their gun even if it is stolen. JUST DON'T FORGET TO UNLOCK THE GUN.....
Paul Callaway
Paul Callaway:
A couple years ago when I was researching my first handgun, this was at the top of my list. Though I blew past my $350 budget and ended up with a Sig P238 (love the SAO trigger) I still want a Bersa Thunder.
Joel D
Joel D:
The Thunder Plus has a true break-in period; when new the controls are really stiff. It’s biggest downside is the finish, which cerakote can fix . There’s no better 17-round (not a typo) capacity .380 than the Thunder Plus. Take things like only 1 mag/cheap case/made in S. America and the Plus isn’t even a “cheap” gun in terms of price. In terms of design/features/reliability/low recoil/accuracy/USP (unique selling principle) it’s one of the best all-around pistols out there. .380 costs about 25% more than 9mm but so what? It’s practically useful. .44 mag is more than 9mm and it’s practically useless!
The average human’s means of self-defense is their hands. We are jaded & fortunate to live in the current time & place where these things exist and are legal.

The regular Thunders have plenty of competition but the Plus is a damn good package that’s greater than sum of all its parts.
Charles T Byers Jr
Charles T Byers Jr:
I have two of these pistols,one in the 7+1 and the plus.Love both of them.Very easy to shoot and very accurate.
michael hirz
michael hirz:
I had the single stack and traded it for this model....I really like the added rounds and the rubber grip is fantastic....I got a bersa tpr 9.... another great pistol
EJ James
EJ James:
I've carried the standard 380 Thunder 8+1 as a backup for several years. It's a little finicky on the ammo it likes, but other than that it's a great little pistol. My wife started carrying back in 2015 with that same pistol. She still prefers .380, but today carries a Kimber as her primary and the Bersa as her backup. Gonna have to check out the Plus now. Nice review.
Bart Shelton
Bart Shelton:
This pistol can be a great option for the truly recoil sensitive or people who want a larger higher capacity 380 to compliment their pocket pistol. I have a family member who has this gun and she loves it. She and her husband tried the Bersa after finding the blast and recoil of the 38 Special snub-nosed revolver to be too much. With this they can hit 32oz. Gatorade bottles at 25 yards quite easily( it did the same for me) . If you have small hands and recoil sensitivity then you should certainly consider this pistol for defensive use.
I carried this for five years then went to a mod 226 sig in a 9mm. It was also my duty weapon. Only one malfunction in each weapon. It alibiled due to running dry. My fault. Love my sig, but the little bersa was a dream to shoot. A bit difficult to break down. But a great weapon.
Toney Holcombe
Toney Holcombe:
My wife has the single stack. I think it's one of the most underrated handguns ever. Easy to rack slide and soft recoil. Highly shootable.
Rick Bourne
Rick Bourne:
Great review and a compelling argument if one is looking for a medium sized .380 ACP, which as great features, high ammo capacity, good quality, and at a very good price. I believe they have a great warranty also.
Steel Punisher 69
Steel Punisher 69:
Nice! I love the single stack, it's a great little gun to shoot. This is an awesome improvement. 16 rounds of underwood extreme defense or extreme penetrator is a great defense tool. Awesome review Sootch
Robert Bradley
Robert Bradley:
Got a single stack 2 tone..It has everything I want in a pistol..Price..Looks..Hammer Drop safety..Double Action..Its a bit snappy but blowbacks will do that..Best $250 I ever spent..Ordered a spare Mec-Gar mag..IWC friendly..
Jim D.
Jim D.:
Bersa makes fantastic firearms. I haven't seen a .380+ in any of my local shops but I'm going to keep a sharp eye out for one. Great vid!
Douglas Macgregor
Douglas Macgregor:
I had some experience with the Beretta M9 with the Iowa National Guard. I really like the DA/SA, but the M9/FS92 is a big beast! But perhaps this Bersa will conceal carry a little better. I could see myself carrying a Bersa in the future.
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas:
I have had one for years and love it. Its lightweight and holds lots of bullets.
Zena Z
Zena Z:
A really well done, comprehensive, logical and through review, thank you. Nice production values too.
The single stack version of this is my backup pistol and really enjoy it with Hogue rubber grips. It's easy to breakdown and clean too.
The Thunder 380 Plus was my first handgun. Even though she doesn't get the trigger time she used before my collection grew, she still is one of the guns I can shoot super well and always depend on.
Steve Philson
Steve Philson:
Great video as usual!
Never have tried a Bersa. Used a PPK/s for years and later bought an Astra A60, which is similar profile but double stacked. Alas, Astra's doors are long closed, parts & mags scarce. The Bersa Plus makes a nice, in production option.
Kevin Stamper
Kevin Stamper:
I’ve own 2 thunder 380 and I love them! My older one is smaller without the tail and really compact but they are great guns for me.
Probably the most underrated pistol! They shoot great, reliable, accurate, and handle recoil great!!!! I recently picked up a 380 Plus Combat, and its 👌👌👌👌
Rhonda Crooker
Rhonda Crooker:
Great gun, very accurate with little recoil, fun gun!!!
I have owned the Bersa Thunder Plus for close to 2 years. I have experienced no failure to feed, fire, eject, etc. It is very accurate and dependable. It is a good carry gun, and with 15+1 .380 should be enough to get anyone’s attention. Sights are very adjustable, and a great value for what you pay. Knock off of the Walther PPK.
Nice review. My EDC now is the Ruger LCP Max with 12 rd mag. I loved the look of the Walther PPK but spending $800 on a crappy shooting gun is a no. I like the Bersa because it has the PPK look at 1/2 the cost and now with a 15 rd mag it is practical.
Ed Reynolds
Ed Reynolds:
Love the safety features, and the capacity and trigger pull and accuracy of the plus. Easy to break down and clean too.
I own 3. A bunch of Efficient Glocks too. I like what works.
PPK ??? Great for hobbyists.
Cesar Puga
Cesar Puga:
I have a Thunder .45, its rough looking but fires everytime. Love it.
I have a BERSA Thunder .380 and love it. Bought it for my wife because I told her,,,,pick whatever you like the feel of the best. I didn't expect to like it at all, but I love it. I agree, I wish they came with 2 mags and I don't like the lock, but it shoots great. I'm thinking about trying the plus soon
David Carter
David Carter:
Owned one many years ago. It was always dependable.
Kevin Galloway
Kevin Galloway:
Sootch is the best reviewer I've seen...showcasing the coolest weapons!
thor eric
thor eric:
Great review ... absolutely love the channel .. you do a great job on each of the vids. The Bersa + has been my edc for years and love it ... also shoulder holster the 92fs and it's nice they are similar and trust them both very much. Hope you are having a great week
MIchael Belt
MIchael Belt:
Bought one for my daughter-n- law to protect herself and the kids, while my son was deployed. Most gunfights occur in 7-10 ft which, ballistically, is the same as a 9 mm
Bill Solomon
Bill Solomon:
I have had a thunder plus got over 10 years. Love the gun! Thank you for the video!
Curt E
Curt E:
This is probably as close as I'll ever get to a Browning BDA 380 which I've always wanted, but they have gotten hideously expensive.

While there are a lot of differences between this and the BDA I think I could learn to like it.
Jim Kubitza
Jim Kubitza:
I love my Bersa Thunder Plus 380! I have fired over 1,000 rounds through it without a single hiccup of any kind. It is my primary carry gun because it fits easily in a jacket / vest pocket and packs 16 rounds and is ultra safe to carry. It is smooth and accurate. Loaded with Underwood Xtreme Defense alternating with Underwood Xtreme Penetrator ammo it is a pocket full of whup-ass.
Dave Guerrero
Dave Guerrero:
Great gun I carry it every day. I take it to the range often never had a problem.
J L:
I enjoyed the heck out of that gun when I had it, I sold it and used the money to upgrade to a .380 double stack Beretta... I would miss the Bersa more but lucky for me I sold it to my brother and still get to rock with it at the range from time to time :)
Alain Melon
Alain Melon:
Bersa , orgullo Argentino, Excelente precio, Excelente calidad, y lo principal, Garantía de Fábrica de por vida
TheReindeer TheRabbitTheBat
TheReindeer TheRabbitTheBat:
Bersa Thunders have always been appealing to me. They just have "FUN" written all over 'em. Double stack 380? HA! Yeah! Real cool stuff... Wouldn't mind the threaded Thunder 380 or 22, awesome 👍
You’re one of the best youtubers. Thanks for this review. I have the single stack Bersa Thunder that has been flawless. You got my hopes up saying that the mag release can be reversed, which I can see the notch on your pistol. Mine doesn’t have that option.☹️ Just ordered the Olight mini 2 that you reviewed. Keep up the good work!
Jackson Walter
Jackson Walter:
While I don't own one, the Bersa Thunder 380 in general is a great deal (and easier to field strip) for a .380 round pistol compared to something like my father's Walther PPK. The Plus model is easier to fire because of the increase in size and the magazine capacity is great.
I have a Bersa Thunder. It feels good in the hand, and decent accuracy. However, over the years I've owned, I go one full magazine through it without a stovepipe. That was the only time I fired more than 5 rounds before it stovepipe. Cleaning, lubricating, polishing...Nothing ever helped it. It is the most UNdependable firearm I have ever encountered.
Rick Garcia
Rick Garcia:
For the price the bersa thunder is hard to beat... Good trigger, accurate, and reliable
Bought my wife one in 2005,.....GREAT pistol, and I will carry it on occasion when I don't want to tote my 4" Kimber CDP,....and will do so with full confidence. Quick and easy break down....and has been SUPER reliable.
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor:
Love my plus . . . note - extra magazines are hard to find, I got mine through Bersa/Eagle Imports; considering the price I managed to get my Plus for, I'm not complaining about $43 for a spare!
Johnny B. Goode
Johnny B. Goode:
I have a single stack Russian 9mm Makarov that is very similar. A little less fancy, but very reliable. The mag safety is the deal killer on this for me. I don't much care for them. I had one on my Argentine Hi-Power clone and my Star BM, but was able to remove them. In both cases, the trigger smoothed out significantly as a result.
Travis J.
Travis J.:
I worked in my gpa's gunstore for over a decade Bersa Thunder .380's were the #1 centerfire semi auto we sold to women. My grandma carried one for year's.
Rich Weatherly
Rich Weatherly:
Thanks for your great review of the Bersa Thunder 380 Plus. It's on my wish wish. I've had a Bersa Thunder 389 for about 5 years and couldn't agree with you more about the quality of these firearms.
One other thing, I have 2, 8 round magazines with my Bersa Thunder 380.
Byron Johnson
Byron Johnson:
It’s a nice pistol, had one and very accurate but for the size I trade for a walther ccp m2 and I was surprised how much I like it.
I love the look of the PPK, but my firearm budget just isn't there. My Bersa Thunder fits the look and budget. Plus, it's been a great firearm. I also picked up a .22 version cheap for inexpensive practice.
NOLA GospelTracts
NOLA GospelTracts:
Back in the days when .380 ammo was readily available.
colt45 Peacemaker
colt45 Peacemaker:
Straight blowback .380 has a more felt snappy recoil more than 9mm delayed recoil opperated.
I have a Springfield Armory 911 that is soft recoil feeling compared to an all steel Italian import .380 that snaps hard.
They can also slim those grips down too in the Bersa series. For an inexpensive option it is a great choice. I just bought a Bersa Thunder .22..
Great vids as usual. Pity they can't make the sig p365 in 380acp. Which would have less recoil the bersa straight blowback vs p365 (if it was made in 380acp).
Mike Van Ry
Mike Van Ry:
Great review as usual! I've had my eye on these for a few years. I may have to pick one up now!
Destiny Troll
Destiny Troll:
I've been looking at one of these at the gun store near me but figured at that price it wouldn't be so great. This is kinda impressive tbh! With 9mm ammo scarce as a snowball in hell, I can still generally find 380! I think I'm gonna have to diversify
Jesus Mario Macias Gonzalez EL ITA
Jesus Mario Macias Gonzalez EL ITA:
Magnífica pistola, y ese calibre está permitido en México, ojalá la vendiera la Sedena. 20/9/20. 🇲🇽
I have the CC version of the Bursa Thunder. Smooth and blacked out. I've shot a few thousand rounds of 380 through it in 5 years. It is ammunition sensitive. It's never failed to feed expensive ammunition, though. Ironic, cheap gun, expensive to shoot.
Steve Miller
Steve Miller:
This is the most comfortable .380 I have shot. It has enough weight and size to give good purchase on it while mitigating recoil. This is the one .380 i enjoy shooting at the range.. the LCP/LCP2 is a 3magazine and done affair. The Glock 42 is too small, the Shield EZ is not bad but the grip safety is annoying as hell. Sootch is right on the trigger, it is the smoothest double action auto I have fired. The grip is probably too fat for concealed carry but it is so comfortable in the hand. The one magazine is an abomination considering how hard it is to get a second one.
shane knott
shane knott:
My ONLY regret in purchasing a Bersa thunder 380...was that I did not know it also came in double stack. I have the single stack version and man, do I love this gun. It blows my mind how well crafted the gun is, and it sells for the price point it does.
I had a bersa mod 85. 13 +1. Great shooting and reliable. Sold it to a friend. Been trying to buy it back for several yrs now. This berda might fit my niche. A bit more expensive than my orginal but higher quality min was a Fixed barrel. May have been a mod 83. Cant truly remember. Still a great shooter.
Certified Hater W FACTS
Certified Hater W FACTS:
I have the 8 capacity bersa and I Love it. 3 forms of safety , great EDC
Walker Customs
Walker Customs:
Just got on a list for the all matte finish thunder plus. I love .380 and have an 8 and 10 round single stack now. I had 2 for a while and a Taurus .380 snub revolver. Can't wait to have a high cap .380ACP another awesome J.M.Browning cartridge.. This will become my next primary pistol.
Chris Sewell
Chris Sewell:
I've always wanted this model. I love the extra capacity, but it needs better sights! And many companies are making aftermarket stuff & holsters for this model now. Thanks for the review. (& great choice of music, I felt like a gaucho mobster?)
Very good review. A 7.5 lb DA trigger? I would not have thought that possible. That was my big gripe with the PPK/S- abnormally heavy triggers. Bersas have a good rep, and the prices are great. I can't get the Plus here in Kalifornia, but a single stack would make a nice tuckaway gun under the coffee table or around the couch. I do somewhat miss my PPK/S that had a trigger job.
I had a Bersa mod 85 or 83, can't remember. 13 +1. It shot fantasric. I sold it for a sig 226. Wish now i would have kept it. It was a gold-ish color. Great little gun, but ammo was basically fms rd ball. Still a great weapon.
Steven Dedeian
Steven Dedeian:
have one of the 22lr thunders...shoots fine ....and after broken in, as well as my PPKs .22...the DA pull on the .22, is light..much better then the PPKs..and single action trigger is no more the 4 pounds...wonderful low priced quality product from Bersa.
R & J Restoration Station
R & J Restoration Station:
Thanks for a great review. Love the Bersa, my wife’s daily carry.
Guardian Minifarm
Guardian Minifarm:
For those who are recoil sensitive this offers a high cap option. Options are always good.
Jim Kubitza
Jim Kubitza:
I have the Bersa Thunder PLUS 380 and dearly LOVE it. It is my primary carry gun. Why? Because it is utterly 100% reliable, utterly safe to carry ready to go, is accurate, has a great trigger and great sights, great grips, is small enough to carry in a largish vest or jacket pocket and carries 16 rounds of whup ass. It is a very high-quality gun even if it is relatively inexpensive (cheap it is not). I love this gun.
Anderson Sousa
Anderson Sousa:
Pistola top 👍 Gostei muito porte velado ótima
John Carter
John Carter:
SOLID REVIEW Bro, I own a Walther PPK / S and love this for a long time. but now that I see this Bersa Thunder 380 Plus. with 15 + 1 I am in love with this weapon with 2x the ammunition capacity. then a Walther. And with G2 research R.I.P. .380 ACP Ammunition. This weapon is a wolf in sheep's clothing
Juan Vargas
Juan Vargas:
Un gran saludos desde Argentina!! Exelente explicacion y muestra de esta pistola maravillosa!! Muchas gracias por este video!!
I carry the combat version of this on my hip EDC. The combat has OD grips, glock style sights, a more aggressive slide serration, and is all matte black. I feel like a James Bond hero every day. I love it so much!
I'm looking forward to owning one. I love carrying full size guns and .380 is a great round.
I am not a fan of the magazine disconnect, but in this case, the mechanism actually forces the mag out of the gun when the gun is locked back. A very positive mag eject, rather than having to pull the mag out to reload.
I have a Bersa 380 ccw. Sometimes I wish I went with the plus to have more rounds but still love it.
Lauro Garza
Lauro Garza:
Great job, Sootch! Very enjoyable music probably chose to represent the Bersa's Argentine heritage. In the decades since I bought a Bersa, I have heard they have greatly improved their quality. I had very poor luck with two pistols and finally returned them for being unreliable and unsafe in the early 90s.
Thomas S.
Thomas S.:
The trigger pull on the Thunder is awesome. Fifteen rounds . . . plus 1. Not bad.
Paul Pelletier
Paul Pelletier:
Just got one. Love it. Keeping my Kahr CW9 but carrying the Bersa Plus now. Great review. Thanks !
I bought one for my wife,my only complaints are the way the frame sticks out from the rear of the grip and it irritates the web of her hand,also grip screws and inserts they screw into work themselves out. A grip with a smooth transition ,eliminating the mag safety and adding some night sights would make this perfect.
Michael Sankewitsch
Michael Sankewitsch:
My first was a BT 380, second is a BT 380, third is a BT 380 Plus and fourth a Mini 9 Fire Storm. These are such a value! Are they for everyone, no, is the fit an finish up to par with a Sig, no - it's a carry weapon, who cares. The FnF on any of mine is great - they aren't show cars to be taken out every Friday night to the local parking lot. They are tools, they have a specific purpose.
Erol Kavlak Verizon
Erol Kavlak Verizon:
I have had the original Bersa .380 Thunder for 16 years..I still carry it occasionally. I like this .380 plus.
Jeffrey Hall
Jeffrey Hall:
Had one, traded it in for a Browning 1911 .380. Should have kept it. Never failed and it was a fast gun.
Silver Beard181
Silver Beard181:
Love my Thunder 380 Plus Combat model...Nice shooter for sure...Great house gun as backup in a specific room in the house...
steve trainer
steve trainer:
The Bersa thunder 380 plus in very easy to shoot and accurate at 30 feet. bought one 3 months ago for $345.00 . been looking for 12 months for one, hard to fine in my area, I snatched that one up fast. lol. love the gun.
Murilo Botelho
Murilo Botelho:
Been carrying one of these for several months now. The magazine disconnect can be an issue, especially if you mess around with the spring during disassembly/cleaning, but overall I love this gun. I even take it into IPSC matches on weekends.
I have this firearm, man o man this is one fantastic reliable gun. I bet I got over 1000 rounds thru mine and not ever one FTF or FTE.
BoilerUp HammerDown
BoilerUp HammerDown:
I bought a Bersa Series 95 in 1995(Thunder before the name change) and shot many thousands of rounds over the years. The frame cracked by the slide rail, I contacted Bersa and I sent the firearm to them. They told me to pick any Bersa Thunder 8rd version that I wanted under a lifetime warranty. I selected the Combat version with the green soft grips and Glock type sights. You can tell the Thunder is much more refined than the 95 series. A great shooter that is very accurate.
James Barrick
James Barrick:
Bersa thunder 380 was my first pistol. Always jamming then I read about the casted frames cracking. No thanks too many better alternatives out there in same budget price point
Vint Guitarz
Vint Guitarz:
The question is, should you wear a Beretta Cap while testing the competition's pistol? Great Review as usual, good production.
Chris Hirner
Chris Hirner:
I really enjoy my single stack version. Theres just something about an all metal gun. Every time i hit the range i get questions about it. Seems in the midwest they are hard to find.
Graydog 0126
Graydog 0126:
Love my Bersa. I don’t have the plus but I do have the two tone thunder single stack. Love that little gun. It’s a smooth shooter. I’d be willing to take a plus off a gun stores hands and give it a forever home if I could figure out a way to sell my wife on the fact I need another gun.
Harold Bradshaw
Harold Bradshaw:
I own two of these, amazing gun for the money!
Marked Man
Marked Man:
I love everything about the Bersa, except the magazine safety, and interlocking safety!
When they make this 15+1 version with a threaded barrel, then I'm buying it. I already own the single stack version with a thread barrel as a suppressor host so having twice as much rounds would be very nice.
Butch Hill
Butch Hill:
Had one for years loved it Shotwell was accurate. But where we were hiking I had to start carrying something a little bit bigger bullet. Here on the East Coast. Trade it in for M&P Shield. Really happy with the shield