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पार्ट टाइम कमाई, घर बैठ कर करना चाहते हैं?? तो यह सारे वीडियो जरूर देखो
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Krish 4.
Krish 4.:
Thanks 😊 sir from Andaman nicobaar
Sonali BãsWâl
Sonali BãsWâl:
i love the way you elaborated sir!! aristocratic, sesquipedelian ,generous, all the things you described sir!!!! thank you very much sir ,thank you !!!!!!
ଆମ ଓଡିଶା TV
ଆମ ଓଡିଶା TV:
(Street 1 &:street 2 fields can only be 30 characters in length)save and continue ke upar click karnese red color main esa dikharaha hai
Naveen Raja
Naveen Raja:
Really Appreciate your efforts. Lot of people will certainly benifit from your endeavour. For a country like India, your selfless, honest and moral way of providing such invaluable 'hope lifting' videos is very much needed & is well appreciated. Please keep up the great work. Cheers!
Raj kumar Raj
Raj kumar Raj:
I am working in a company as customer executive simultaneously can I work in Amazon Seller support executive can both company come to know if yes how they will come to know sir
shahid farooq
shahid farooq:
Love from Pakistan
sir you tell about many house hold jobs, But many of them are only for India,not for other countries.Can you help for others also ??
luv pundhir 9e
luv pundhir 9e:
He is look like a jeff bezos
Arafat Mukhtar
Arafat Mukhtar:
Sahi baat sir ji
D B:
Is there no any options for ASSAM or North East.
Venkatesh Kadirvel
Venkatesh Kadirvel:
@sanjiv kumar : Hello Sir, First of all Thank you so much for all that you are doing for job seekers.
I am working with one of the reputed MNC's in which dual employment is not allowed. So, incase if I want to do a VCS part time job with Amazon will that be counted under official hiring.
If YES, than I will lose the opportunity of earning extra which is really required for me and if NO, than I would be happy to work as a part time worker with Amazon.
I would really appreciate your response on this. Thank you !!
RAJA malvi
RAJA malvi:
"जेफ" बेजोस ।
के डूपलिकेट लगते हो आप 🤓🤓
subir goswami
subir goswami:
Sir, i read that this job reqires a laptop or computer, can i do it on my smart phone??plz tell me
Hafiz Sayyed Tahir Ali
Hafiz Sayyed Tahir Ali:
Amazon Mechanical Turk Ke Bare Me Bataye
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali:


Thank you for submitting your online job submission. Unfortunately, the information you provided does not satisfy the minimum requirements for this position and we are unable to consider you for employment at this time. We invite you to view the job openings available in our Job Page and to further explore the functionalities of your account.
Best information Sir right answer correctly now sir 👌
j.j ki videos
j.j ki videos:
Thnx sir 💯
Vinayak Rao Sanas
Vinayak Rao Sanas:
Very good
Very good VCS job sir.
I am agree.
Sarfaraz Ansari
Sarfaraz Ansari:
Sir form filling ke samay Nation ID number aapne kaha tha omit karne ko lekin omit karne se aage proceed nahi hota aur agar main PAN no put karta hoon to format invalid batata hai what should I do
Sir My name is Shahazad Ahmed from Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir state.Sir please any cce or data entry operator /12th passed jobs in Jammu and Kashmir or Chandigarh side please make the video of the vacancy.
Aakash Rana
Aakash Rana:
Tq sir job btane ke liye tq very much sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kratos Gaming
Kratos Gaming:
Sir I Earned 5700 Rs From Your Way...Thank You So Much Sir
Dinesh Kadam
Dinesh Kadam:
Sir mai agriculture se belong karta hoo. Maharshtra me Ratnagiri, mai chote tor pe Black pepper, product leta hoo. To muje selling ke liye assi koi side hai kya? Jo sequr bhi ho.🙏 Please bataye
subir goswami
subir goswami:
U have given a great idea Sir, thank you so much
Rajnish Singh
Rajnish Singh:
Hello sir, after clicking take assessment website is asking for "to open it from original location. Return to location and launch the test from there" but I am doing from the same location itself.
Please help me
Akash davare
Akash davare:
Your god bless you 💗
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan:
sir I am from Uttrakhand Dehradun in this region no jobs is available
So can I apply for other states like jaipur.?
Sushma Yadav
Sushma Yadav:
Sir, thank you for providing such a valuable content. This is helping lot of people.
currently i am working full time for MNC company, please suggest can i work for amazon as a affiliater n freelancer VCS both at a same time while continuing my current job... Awaiting for your response eagerly..!!
Love you sir ji !!!
Rizwan Shareef
Rizwan Shareef:
Sir ! Delivery ke liye Petrol manage koun karenga.?
Kalloya Suman
Kalloya Suman:
Nice information sir 🙏
Nivedita Majumder
Nivedita Majumder:
Thank u sir west Bengal.
Jithendra RK Virat
Jithendra RK Virat:
Is there any salary for in training
lala jadhav
lala jadhav:
Thank sir, for the good information
vannela arun kumar
vannela arun kumar:
Very great sir
Bonzo Songs
Bonzo Songs:
Sir jaise ye vcs Lucknow...apne delhi se farm fill kiya ..h to hum b lucknow selct kr k delhi se ye job kar sakte h ...bcz vcs delhi nhi aaa rha h...
Gamanand Thakur
Gamanand Thakur:
Great job sir 🙏🙏🏼🙏
india Muslim
india Muslim:
Very good jobs
Anomalous Behavior
Anomalous Behavior:
Omg Jeff bezzos.. 😱
GURU M: are really awesome deserve for everything in this are the real Guru...God bless you with everything.
I am working in world top class IT company but never think in this direction to guide and motivate people but from when I have seen your video... inspiring people to do all these...and in this journey we can also try to become entrepreneurs...
only work
only work:
Thank you sir for this tip
Ajay Barve
Ajay Barve:
Sir I would like to know how to join as background verification executive in a company please share the details.
Dolly Pathania
Dolly Pathania:
Thanks 😊
Faraj Bora
Faraj Bora:
I m already a amazon flex delivery executive from the last 1 month, my income is 720 rs within 6 hrs daily
Sir very very thanks 😊😀
subhashree mallick
subhashree mallick:
Very useful
Amar Pradhan
Amar Pradhan:
Sir, I face the following issue..Kindly suggest me the solution. It shows enter preferred phone nowhere as I already fillup all the details.
m zubair
m zubair:
Sir aslaam o alikum i am pakistani
My name is M.Zubair
Sir mein ap ke lecture to sunta hon likin mujhe youtube ya kisi aur pe kam kar sako sir samjh ni ati mein kaise paise kamon
Vaibhav Suryavanshi
Vaibhav Suryavanshi:
Sir aapke description ke disclaimer kuch or hi likha he... kuch samjme nahi aaya
Ramesh dawar
Ramesh dawar:
Thnx sir
Hardik Gamit
Hardik Gamit:
I just passed 10th can I applie for it ?
sufia shabana
sufia shabana:
For US Applicants only: We are implementing 2-factor authentication. New and existing applicants will be required to verify their mobile phone. i cant register
DANish DA:
Thnku sir ji ❤️
Kridha Sharma123_
Kridha Sharma123_:
Nice sir❤️👍
सर जी आपका बताने का तरीका अच्छा लगा ऐसे अनेक वीडियो में यू ट्यूब पर देख चुका हूं लेकिन हर चेनल एक कमी रख रहा है कि वो ये नहीं बताते हे की काम लेने वाला जिससे काम ले रहा है उससे काम संबंधी बात कैसे करेगा और उसे क्या काम करना है, कितने दिन में करना है, यदि उतने दिनों में किसी कारण वश नहीं कर पाया तो सामने वाला(काम देने वाला क्या कार्यवाही ) कर सकता है, काम लेने के पहले काम कैसे देख सकते हैं।
हो सके तो आप इस कमी को अपने वीडियो में दूर कर सकते हैं और इस वीडियो का हेडिंग भी यही हो की " काम लेना और कर के देना सीखें"
Yogesh Patil
Yogesh Patil:
सर महाराष्ट्र मै vcs नहीं है क्या??
Mubashir Shaikh
Mubashir Shaikh:
I have completed all applications but I dint got assement test. I don't know whether I skipped the assessment test. If I did how can I give the assessment test again. Please help me.
Motivational Song
Motivational Song:
Sir, when i am registering it is showing invalid date of birth?why
Manoj dey 2M
Manoj dey 2M:
Neduri Chandramohan
Neduri Chandramohan:
Sir, I'm from Hyderabad. My qualification is 10+2 please help me...tell me wich is helpful to me ..
Pradip Roy
Pradip Roy:
nice and good video sir, but sir yea vcs wala job kya avi stop hai covid 19 kke lye kiuki yea to nehi khul raha hai.. up plz current information bata sakte hai sir?
Rojin M Varughese
Rojin M Varughese:
Sir how can I apply in VCS from Kerala
Thanks sir
Shumail Ahmed
Shumail Ahmed:
Sir I am from Karnataka
But there was no VCS in Karnataka so please help me
kailash singre
kailash singre:
Thanks sirji
Pranav Kadam
Pranav Kadam:
sir there is no option to continue without document
Gaurav lal
Gaurav lal:
Great typing speed sir🙏
technical You Tube
technical You Tube:
Mast videos super
yogendra's entertainment channel
yogendra's entertainment channel:
thanks sir
Thanks for the information
M. ansari
M. ansari:
🙏 thanks
vishakha dharwal
vishakha dharwal:
Hello Sir!
I was trying to enroll myself but the last option after "How did you hear about this job?" is not working for me. Please help
Queens channel
Queens channel:
thank you sir
Sagar Arote
Sagar Arote:
Is there any content or catalog related part time work available on Amazon?
asjid ali
asjid ali:
Danke für 🌹
Creation Zindagi
Creation Zindagi:
Sir diploma pass out hu mujhe job chahiye and me fresher hu yadi esse related koi jo ho to koi video bnao
karkoe and beats my style
karkoe and beats my style:
Sir 1st vala Jo tarika tha usme hme work kese milega aapne to bs detail bhrke 2nd vala method btana start KR diya
Dinesh Kadam
Dinesh Kadam:
Sir aap khup achi information dete ho
kulvir khakh
kulvir khakh:
Sir hamme product khaa see mille gee or paise khaa jmaa krvane hogge??? Plz rply me.🙏🙏🙏
Abhay Riya
Abhay Riya:
They're not replying to application
Laughing Bai
Laughing Bai:
Sir , I want part time job as student
2k Sub with No video challenge
2k Sub with No video challenge:
Literally 1% would see this comment,God bless you,stay healthy,stay safe and have a good day
Noel Mk
Noel Mk:
Sir, thank you but the web site for applying job is not opening.
shafqat khan swati
shafqat khan swati:
Aslamulikum sir!
Pakistan sa b hum job wala account bna kr earning kr skty hn . Amazon k koi office ni ha Pakistan ma mujy is bary ma details sa btain ma na affiliate account bnia hua ha .
sounds goodddddddd
Dipti Makasare
Dipti Makasare:
Nice information... sir please make a video on How to get Amazon franchise?
sunil kumar
sunil kumar:
Sir itni bariki se btne k lye thxxx sir 🙏
Mubbu Qureshi
Mubbu Qureshi:
Lekin sir isse job mil jayegi na conform
Srabasti Rana
Srabasti Rana:
After contact information, I can not show next step. How i complete this form - From kolkata, West bengal
dj Dot crack music
dj Dot crack music:
Invalid email address Bata raha ha please help me 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aditi's creation
Aditi's creation:
Sir, I applied. Assessment was great. You guided extremely good. Now waiting for result.
Amit Roy
Amit Roy:
You are 100% genuine n absolutely devine. It's literally an honour to be with you. God bless you SIR.

Mahidhar M
Mahidhar M:
Hi sir good afternoon. I regularly watch your you tube videos. I like the way you explain each details of the sites.Thanks for your informative videos. Your videos will be very helpful for lot of people who want to earn money through internet. In this video i have on doubt is there any age limit for VA position?
Sandeep Sen
Sandeep Sen:
Dear sir in your Amazon job video u not share how money will come in my account.?
Sandeep Sen
Sandeep Sen:
Dear sir in your Amazon job video u not share how money will come in my account.?
cricstars live
cricstars live:
Is a person of class 10+ is able to apply or only minimum 12+
Syed Faiyaz
Syed Faiyaz:
I am from Hyderabad great information thanks sir😍
Chetan Sharma
Chetan Sharma:
Thanks uncle ji ❤️ God bless you always
Akash Kadole
Akash Kadole: