BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 13 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained

BETTER CALL SAUL Season 6 Episode 13 Breakdown, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs & Ending Explained. We review, recap and explain the final episode of Better Call Saul and discuss all the easter eggs and callbacks in it.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul and unfortunately saul goodman things must come to an end as not only is Better Call Saul now over but the crap puns on the show are too. Throughout this video we're gonna be breaking it all down, going through what happens and also the easter eggs in it.

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Now last week saw Marion discovering the truth about Gene through finding Saul's old commercials. Even though she ended up calling the police she still probably liked and subscribed and this led to Jimmy going on the run once more. The preview had us focusing on his ditched car from earlier in the series and over the top of this we could hear him desperately trying to get himself a new identity.


Now they sort of spliced two scenes together for that with the hoover call almost being a sort of What If that we never actually see out. However the car is there which is very important to how we open things up.

Though Gene gets caught a lot faster than we thought, this idea of identity is very important to bear in mind as we finally see Jimmy rest on one and for once he does the right thing.

The colour also gave a clue to what time period we'd be in and this is actually where we begin everything.

Now we open with a flashback to Season Bagman and catch Mike and Jimmy in the desert. This was one of the standout episodes in the series and this entry very much feels like a time machine trip with us getting several cameos such as Mike, Marie, Walt, Bill Oakley, Chuck and a couple of big characters.

Time machines are a major talking point of the entry and we see Jimmy talking about them with Mike and Walt before he picks up the book by HG Wells when he's with Chuck. This opening is a great way to start us off and after finding a water tank both Jimmy and Mike discuss regrets, the future and it's basically just an introspective look at the characters. I love how Jimmys water has a suspiciously yellow liquid in it and it shows how desperate that he is. These time machine conversations that appear throughout all take place at pivotal points in his life and they're very much intersections in which we see how his regrets change.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
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Roman Marshall
Roman Marshall:
The quote from Chuck was another teary moment for me…

“If you don’t like where you’re heading, there is no shame in going back and changing your path”
Series like this are hard to come by nowadays.. Rich in dialogue, rich in suspense with such an amazing casts. Perfect cinematography. Thanks Mr Giligan and Mr Gould.
Breaking Bad Character Endings:
Walter: *The Bad Ending*
Jesse: *The Good Ending*
Saul: *The Bittersweet Ending*
Cesar Farfan
Cesar Farfan:
He didn’t choose to die alone as the others did. He actually travelled in time in a sense: he realized he’d be alone if he got away. So he changed his future, now he’ll die anyways, but he has Kim.
Saul Goodman is one of the most engaging protagonists I've ever seen. Bob plays him perfectly. Can't wait to see what he does next!
The exit sign in the court was a call back to the episode where Chuck is in court and asks for all the lights to be turned off. The close up on the exit sign in that episode is similar to the one in the finale
Louis Tinsley
Louis Tinsley:
The scene between Chuck and Jimmy was heartbreaking. Jimmy was trying his hardest to help his brother out and Chuck does nothing but antagonize him and belittle him. "I hope you didn't steal that from a motel ice machine."

The big difference between Walt and Saul is that Walt had so many chances to turn back and be good, but kept choosing to break bad. Where as Saul genuinely tried his hardest to be good (at least in the first few seasons) but was just really good at being bad. And the scene with him and Chuck at the end told me that if he had a little more love and support from his brother who he looked up to SO much (he literally wanted to be a lawyer because of Chuck), he might have turned out to be a decent guy.

Now I agree, all of Saul/Jimmy's actions are his alone and he should pay for them, but that little bit of love and support could have made such a difference.
I LOVE the foreshadowing shot of Kim in the courtroom that looks like crosshairs just missing her
Connor Sharp
Connor Sharp:
He chose 86 years as Jimmy rather than 7 years as Saul
Paul St. Marie
Paul St. Marie:
“You expect a jury to believe that?”
“One…all I need is one”

Such a wild insight into how difficult it is to actually find someone guilty
Guillermo Ramirez
Guillermo Ramirez:
Remember when Chuck told us..."He'll never change"...well guess what, he did.
Sonic Belmont
Sonic Belmont:
I'm a little disappointed you didn't talk about what Chuck reading The Time Machine could mean. He tells Jimmy he could choose any other path, and Jimmy replies "When have you ever changed paths?" before leaving, and THAT'S when Chuck walks away with The Time Machine.

I think that's meant to tell us Chuck, despite being one of the characters with the most dedication and integrity, he lives with just as much regret. I think it shows us that Chuck was just as much of a slave to himself as Jimmy was to Saul. And that's why we see the parallel with the book in ep. 1 at Saul's place.
Danny Desperado
Danny Desperado:
Just thinking about the amount of people in my life who love breaking bad but haven’t watched a single episode of BCS gives me clinical depression
Omar Majeed
Omar Majeed:
Jimmy wore the Saul outfit in court to make himself look as unlikable as possible to the judge. He made up his mind to come clean on the plane.
when Gene was running down the ditch to hide under the bridge, I almost expected him to slip on the ice and get caught that way. But after Jeffy slipping on the department store floor, maybe another slip & fall plot twist would be overkill. Still, getting caught as slippin' Jimmy would be poetic.
One of the finest shows ever made, from start to finish. Eclipses "Breaking Bad" in the complexity of storytelling, pushing the visual grandeur and the character development to towering heights. Can't wait to watch the entire saga again.
Jerry Bhatia
Jerry Bhatia:
I feel bad for Saul after watching the ending. He could have gotten away but he still choose to do the right thing.
DeAlpha 369
DeAlpha 369:
It all come full circle feels like I’m watching a Breaking Bad episode with Kim and Howard in it. The finale seems like not only the closing story for Saul but the whole Breaking Bad.
3 more things (so far) i noticed from this brilliant finale:
-Saul has been sort of taking advantage of seniors pretending to help them the entire series, and that's eventually his undoing (an elder calling the cops on him)
-The opening was pretty similar to the opening of El Camino, with Jesse talking to Mike about the future / past / money / getting away
-The shot in the courtroom with the Exit sign parallels the scene with Chuck in the courtroom with the exit sign on the opposite side of the frame, and he was talking about him.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith:
This episode was beautifully bitter sweet. He may have made amends, and became jimmy again in his mind. Sadly, the saul persona will always be who everyone sees. But now, he's in a better place than he was at the beginning of the series, finally being surrounded by the people he always helped and who genuinely respected him. In a way, saul won
Massimo Camillo
Massimo Camillo:
Love how he wasn’t wearing Marco’s ring during his confession, finally able to reflect on everything
Ava Adams
Ava Adams:
The exit sign in the court was calling back to the episode where Chuck is in court and asks for all the lights to be turned off. In the scene Saul asks Chuck about the exit signs and we see a close up that is almost identical to the one in 6x13
Max Mayfield
Max Mayfield:
I honestly think this show is a master class training course for any writers out there. There's no other content in the world that represents the prequel, sequel and present timeline at the same time. It was an absolute masterpiece. Vince Gilligan and Pete Gould are my fav writers now.
Joe Quinn
Joe Quinn:
Incredible finale. Great final scenes for Jimmy and Kim, but also Mike and Walter White! Looks like Cranston actually shaved his head again for the scene, too! Not the El Camino bald cap
Lesley Laon Goodson
Lesley Laon Goodson:
My favorite series ever. Ultimately both characters found redemption. The final scenes ... J and K sharing a smoke ... to sharing unsaid moments ... a wall of fences between them. Jimmy becomes a white knight for Kim. I tear up just thinking about it. An epic love story with a myriad of deminsions.
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler:
My only disappointed is that we didn't get to see Cliff one last time. I feel like he'd want a talk with Kim after hearing the truth about Howard since he was completely fooled by her scam. He also must feel guilty for not trusting Howard.
Isis Rose
Isis Rose:
Even the little detail of giving us the backstory on Saul’s knee pain (remember when he’s taken by Walt & Jesse & he says he has bad knees lol) just absolutely mind-boggling the work they put into these shows!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Kevin Regan
Kevin Regan:
I think it's beautiful that Jimmy lives on with Kim, while "Saul" is in jail for the rest of his life. We see on the bus that "Saul" is celebrated by his fellow inmates, that celebrity along with his Cinnabon knowledge will likely see him live out his days rather peacefully. Just a fantastically meager ending to an amazing journey.

Thanks for these terrific breakdowns!
Harshit gupta
Harshit gupta:
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
Cillu Magellan
Cillu Magellan:
BCS makes Saul in Breaking Bad seem like a one-dimensional act. The writers and Bob himself brought in such depth to the character!
The Horrorist
The Horrorist:
My life feels kinda empty now that saul is gone😔One of the best shows ever
Sawyer Brandt
Sawyer Brandt:
I definitely think BCS is one of the greatest shows ever written. Vince and Peter are extremely talented showrunners and writers and they perfectly encapsulated Jimmy/Saul’s character arc. Thanks for reviewing the show and helping me show the parallels to Breaking Bad!
Geoffrey Woodrum
Geoffrey Woodrum:
So I can’t help but think that him taking a sentence of 86 years instead of the negotiated sentence of 7 years was a way of saying he is getting “86’ed” as in returned or sent back or cancelled… the show, his life as he knew it, but also his lying and running from the truth…

From lucky #7 to being quite literally “86ed”… I can’t help but think that this has to be intentional
mike hillier
mike hillier:
I loved this series. I liked how the time machine book showed the truth were Jimmy would really want to go back and change. To change his relationship with his brother.
A duder Reviews
A duder Reviews:
So sad its over but he redeemed himself in the end & became Jimmy again. I'm going to have to watch the show from the start again at some point. Good to see Chuck make an appearance too. This show needs all the awards!
Doug Nulton
Doug Nulton:
This was a GREAT finale, it drastically exceeded my expectations. Goodbye, to an amazing show 🤙🏼
Kanwar Wander
Kanwar Wander:
Jimmy's life was the saddest that could have ever been from his own brother hating and betraying him, Kim never told him about Lalo and it was her idea to bring Howard down, Chuck never told him about their mother's last words and blamed jimmy alone for their father's death, before Chuck died he butchered Jimmy's feelings even though Jimmy didn't practiced law for a year and was apologizing to Chuck, Chuck was the one who made Howard look like a bad guy but instead Chuck was bringing Jimmy down while holding Howard responsible and in the end all of this increased Jimmy's hate for Howard, Jimmy was literally scared to death of Walt's desert event, if Kim told jimmy about Lalo then jimmy and Kim might have escaped and Howard would have still been alive, I think that what Jimmy got in the end was extremely sad and undeserving.
Lisa williams
Lisa williams:
Great review! I was waiting for Kim to return the finger guns, but her not doing so to me meant she’s moving on to her future as he wanted. Both BB and Saul were excellent and I’m looking forward to more great writing on Bob and Giancarlo’s 2023 shows.
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson:
What I liked about the Breaking Bad ending was how genuinely satisfying it was. You knew when you were watching it, it was the perfect ending. The Better Call Saul ending, as fitting as it might be, is one that you have to live with for a while. It's true greatness is something only time will tell.
T S:
A well deserved and earned ending.
Robbie Gee
Robbie Gee:
11:47 love the static sounds as he talks about Chuck and calls him "brilliant" (like Howard used to call him)
Tom Brand
Tom Brand:
Fantastic series from start to finish. Such a great ending to the show.

I like to think Jimmy and Kim work a way to get him out in 7 years and they live happily ever after, but that’s hard to see happening given his sentence.
Benevolent Concepts - Imagine Goodness
Benevolent Concepts - Imagine Goodness:
Really enjoyed this show from start to finish. This last season was soooo good!
They did a wonderful job with the finale, and , IMHO, made both seasons infinitely re-watchable.
Amazing breakdown! I'm sad that it's over but happy I was able to watch this masterpiece.
jared chenklov
jared chenklov:
Season 6 is literally a masterpiece. Honestly the best season of television I’ve ever seen. From the building of tension and paranoia of Lalo’s return, to the explosive finale to the main storyline, all the way to the black and white epilogue that leads to an absolutely perfect ending to this franchise.
I loved that oakley became his lawyer. i didn't know I wanted it but it felt awesome, and it wasn't out of no where either it made sense and was set up earlier.
Walt looking at the watch Jesse gave him when asked about regret show that his biggest wasn’t Gray Matter but his relationship with Jesse. He was just hiding it, similar to Saul’s being his relationship with Chuck.
Steven S
Steven S:
I loved how the lawyers looked confident at first, but then Saul breaks their confidence and they look so defeated. Also, did anyone think that Saul wanted to get caught?
Three great, different and unique charchters had 3 very different endings and that's what i love about this universe built by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. Absolutely loved each and every moment that happened throughout 2 shows and a movie. I really can't put in to words how much i loved the world building and the storytelling that was done throughout. Can't believe it's over, but I guess it it time to move on.
theICON Kjf
theICON Kjf:
Absolutely amazing series, sad to see it all finally end.
Nicole Heaston
Nicole Heaston:
I loved this finale! What was also cool was the buzzing of the exit sign. It brought back his brother's aversion to electricity
Allan Fifield
Allan Fifield:
My expectations were sky-high so many that was a problem for me. Too many flashbacks. 7 out of 10 for this episode, All six seasons: 9.25 out of 10.0 (some throwaway episodes and very slow at times.) Kim was the Heart of the Show. It was a Great Ride!
3 dumpster scenes.
Cardboard cutout, evading arrest.
But his first venture was trying to actually be a good lawyer and fight for justice, even though the misguided gesture was unnecessary, as the shredded documents were in the recycling bin.
The story of his life.
Lord Venjix
Lord Venjix:
Better Call Saul has the most epic cinematography I have ever seen after breaking bad. The casts portrayed their characters with genuine, realistic and natural acting. The storyline/script is exceptionally engaging and intriguing, character development was so smooth and impeccable.
Neil Thompson
Neil Thompson:
actually grateful to be alive for the experience of seeing this show and its forebears when they were first broadcast, i doubt much will be ever able to top them from a storytelling and television direction perspective. just amazing. bravo.
I thought the ending was perfect. Jimmy didn’t get away, but he found his peace which is what he’d been searching for all along. Had he gone back on the run, well we’ve already seen how that worked out; he was miserable. It’s crazy though, it’s a work of fiction yet I woke up sad today thinking about Jimmy being in prison 😂

I liked the Marie cameo, however, she still has a superiority complex and the fact of the matter is; Hank wasn’t that good of a person. He was willing to trade Jesse’s life in order to catch Walt. Not something a kind, caring man of the law would do imo. Shame his death didn’t set her straight because the whole holier than thou thing makes me not like her. At all. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Clinton Evans
Clinton Evans:
Absolutely loved this show, binge watched it over a couple of weeks to catch up. Gat as far as the end of season 3 of Breaking Bad before giving up….this show is far superior. Brilliant in every detail. Thanks for the reviews Paul, without them I wouldn’t have started watching.
Thanks Paul for analysis of a superb series finale with Kim appropriately in the final scene. Cameo by Marie was a true surprise and great to see Walt and Chuck again. He gave up his freedom for love. Corny and but Honorable nonetheless.
Tarun Prema
Tarun Prema:
I binged the 4 seasons to get to the finale today and it was worth it!! It was such a great series that lived up to Breaking Bad!! And always Better Call Paul 👍🏽
Lion’s Heart
Lion’s Heart:
That moment when Walt looked at the watch when talking about regrets reminded me about that time in Fly when Walt apologized to Jesse for Jane
Chris Baker
Chris Baker:
I love Gilligan's use of color. The cherry on the end of the cigarette Saul and Kim share in the finale is *chef's kiss* see-knee-mah.
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas:
Pretty good finale to a pretty good show. It had a great cast and great performances, but the writing was uneven. There were brilliant moments, but also loads of wheel-spinning filler to pad out the runtime…also some cheesiness and symbolism with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. A nice companion piece for BB fans, but nowhere near as good as BB. I believe recency bias is big reason why some think this show is somehow better than BB. BCS is tough to re-watch with its overly slow pacing. You’ll need to really love montages, overlong setups, and unnecessarily non-linear storytelling
Issac Villela
Issac Villela:
This finale was perfect! I hate to see the show go but can't imagine a better way for it to end. Both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are top tier shows!
marcus Braddock
marcus Braddock:
I had a personal easter egg in this one when I realized that my wife, Sara Braddock was on the prosecution bench. they spelled it Sarah but certainly made me go back a couple of times!
Ajay Mohan
Ajay Mohan:
The finale was like a final stop for an almost decade long story. Hats off to Vince Gilligan and Team. Such a beautiful story and a lot of memorable characters. I always feared that it couldn't match BB but BCS is in its own league. I hope they don't squeeze more out of this universe as the story has a great motive and an conclusion. Wish more power was given to the vision of the director and storytellers and studios fund them to bring these dreams alive on screen.
GOBIAS Industries
GOBIAS Industries:
Amazing finale, but I really thought they'd have the color SLOWLY fade into the scene where he was confessing in court, showing that finally coming clean gave him his life back 👌🏽

But it was still brilliant with the cigarette cherry they shared being the glimpse of hope for their future 👏👏👏
Michael Willey
Michael Willey:
Great breakdown of the finale to an absolutely fantastic series 👍🏼
Fantastic show with fantastic ending. That they maintained the quality from Breaking Bad is pretty amazing, considering the exceptional bar set. How often do we see sequels/prequels/spinoffs of lesser stuff never work out?
Jaeson Kyle Dalupang
Jaeson Kyle Dalupang:
Great show man. Great character development and good thing that Saul still got a lot of respects from other inmates.
One of my favorite shows of all time, loved the finale and I’m gonna miss the show
Brian Davis
Brian Davis:
What is there to explain? If you watch the show from beginning to end you know what the ending means, and there is no hidden meaning to it. Jimmy redeemed himself by being honest, and Kim saw that. The ending was perfect in my opinion, and it shows that there is and was still feelings between them even though he probably will never get out of jail until he dies.
Daniel Moynihan
Daniel Moynihan:
To many great moments to list them all , but what an amazing finale. Not only did they make two of the greatest shows of all time but also two of the best finale's of all time. Jimmy doing the finger guns to Kim at the very end was the cherry on top. Heartbreaking!
Paola Almazan
Paola Almazan:
I feel like the entire Walter White-Saul conversation reminded Jimmy of how Chuck treated him ("Stay on your lane" and "So you've always being like this") which is why it was hitting so close to home...
Darth Tader
Darth Tader:
I like how Walt Jessie and Saul all got a somewhat good ending. Jessie ended up being the one person who got away at the end, even tho Walt dies he saved Jessie and left his money for his family, and even tho Saul went to jail he got Kim out of trouble.
Silver Trout Songs
Silver Trout Songs:
perfection from start to finish. literally the only thing I may have changed in the finale was for jimmy to even mention Gus name once in his testimony, even an off hand comment, because Gus was such huge character in the whole saga but thats a nitpick at best. 20/10
Rebekah Crossman
Rebekah Crossman:
And if all that masterful development of characters isn’t already enough there’s also the brilliant and gorgeous camera work. I saw the series twice - first time on my phone before going to sleep - the second time on HD large screen and it astounded me to see the genius compositions, camera angles and lighting - it was all truly eye candy to see at the same time as thrilling to contemplate the story line.
Nana Susegad
Nana Susegad:
The top shot over Jim and Kim clearly seggregated at the prison front entrance gave me goosebumps. It shows good being set free and bad contained finally.
Santa Vigraha Dasa
Santa Vigraha Dasa:
Good story telling. Great characters. I love how they went forward to after breaking bad to being proper closure to the characters.

Most other prequels would have ended when he became Saul.

It was also great to look at a show where you’re not “preached” to.
This is one of the series that's going to always age like a fine wine
I’m sad it’s over but at the same time what a hell of a ride. This series is one of the best shows ever.
Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez:
Some things I noticed:

Gene hid in a dumpster, just like Nacho hid in that old tank. but Nacho stayed quiet and hid underneath something.

Chuck was actually smiling a little at Jimmy and offered him good advice.
100 subs for no reason
100 subs for no reason:
The finale was amazing. As the title says, Saul is gone and Jimmy comes back and does the right thing.
Thy Art Is Conor
Thy Art Is Conor:
A great finale and I’m glad it was nothing like Felina. I’ll miss you Saul :(
Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean:
The whole dumpster thing was brilliant....great episode! ... It makes sense they would throw the book at him. He's the only one alive from the whole Heisenberg drug ring. Including details of Gus and all of that stuff. He's the only one fully connected to a few different time periods and the only one to charge... I feel like like they failed with making Jesse that person so they focused on Saul.
It was definitely a full circle episode!

I wonder if we'll see anymore of this universe in the future....
Nori Nadzri-Jenkins
Nori Nadzri-Jenkins:
The finale was great, poignant end to Better Call Saul. Loved it!
Andy DeSandre
Andy DeSandre:
Day one BCS fan here , the finale was so bittersweet. Loved your breakdown ! Thanks heavy spoilers !!!
Ride On Time 1⃣
Ride On Time 1⃣:
Mike is my favorite character on both series as he has the most wisdom and lalo is my favorite antagonist because of his determination (waiting in the manhole or staking out the laundromat at the middle of the desert).
Luis Guillermo Pose Gomez
Luis Guillermo Pose Gomez:
Amazing ending and very well integrated with BB.
Thank you for these reviews! Enjoyed and appreciated them
Alexis Yukio Yamato
Alexis Yukio Yamato:
Michael McKean is amazing making Chuck, you can see he have a lot of feelings in the same time... God what a pain was make this chacter
Montgomery Wenis
Montgomery Wenis:
Gene has been shown framed behind bars since at least season 3. Pretty neat foreshadowing.
Oliver Leahy
Oliver Leahy:
Definitely the best series I've ever watched, I was worried the ending would be disappointing but they smashed it
That scene with Walt reminded me of how much of a controlling, petty asshole he is for no reason. Like shit I can't believe I sympathized with him in BB for so long
Mark Novak
Mark Novak:
I think when it was pointed out in the one scene before his flight to Omaha he had not changed since 22 it was a nice contrast in the court where he did change and took responsibility for all he did and more.
Kirk Meyer
Kirk Meyer:
The Saul sign going in the dumpster in the begining and him actually ending up in one is high up on the list of the many brilliant moments the writers created. That's foreshadowing. I also wonder if the scene where he pours the diamonds on the table was an homage to Marathon Man.
Silver Trout Songs
Silver Trout Songs:
all that really matters in life is, food shelter, the love respect and ability to see the ones who love you. Jimmy has all he needs
There is character development and there is Jimmy ... what a great show this was
Sweet Balls
Sweet Balls:
I almost cried when I realize Saul are going to sacrifice his 7 year sentence and admit he did what he did to Chuck and Howard inorder to save Kim, resulting him on taking 86 year prison sentence.
adrian riyadi
adrian riyadi:
Thank you Paul for being with us and discussing my favorite show this year 🙏