Binotto Reveals Why Ferrari Didn't Re-Sign Vettel

0:00 - Binotto Speaks Out on “Surprised” Vettel
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Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel recently revealed that he had received no offer from his team to renew his contract and that this decision came as a surprise to him. This was in contrast to team principal Binotto’s original claims that there had been discussions and they couldn’t come to a mutual agreement. Now, Binotto has spoken out about the situation

I'm your host Dillon Shelley and first up on Formula World:

Binotto Speaks Out on “Surprised” Vettel

Binotto began by explaining Ferrari’s thought-process since the winter break

"Certainly we have always said to him during the wintertime privately and publicly that he would have been our first choice, which I confirm. What happened since then? I think the virus and pandemic situation, which changed the entire world, not only our motorsport, our F1. The budget cap has been changed by quite a lot and is a lot more strict, the regulations have been postponed from '21 to '22”

He then elaborated on How Ferrari reached a decision

“So during the shutdown as Ferrari, we had to eventually reconsider our position. We took a decision, so certainly that was our decision, that is our responsibility, and we communicated to him”

Binotto then responded to Vettel’s comments that he was surprised by Ferrari’s decision

“I heard that he was surprised – I remember that he was surprised, yes certainly, I understand it, it's pretty normal to be surprised”

Vettel has been linked with teams like Renault but Vettel reiterated that he does not want to stay in F1 just to make money

"I'm not the man to stay active in Formula 1 just to race. I won't stick around just to keep making money. I'm just still very motivated, as long as the signs remain good"

He then revealed that a contract at Mercedes could indeed be an option he would consider

“They have the best car and the team guarantees everyone who enters the race a chance to win the title. Of course, it is important for me to have a competitive car. So for me, Mercedes is definitely an option”

Fast Feed

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has revealed that the F1 drivers “have to enter certain places in a certain way. And then a different route out again”

He also revealed that “The mechanics are happy” they “can race again. Although there are a lot of mechanics who enjoyed being with their family for a long time”

“As of this season” he also wants “to fight for the title, so a fourth or fifth place won't be enough”

Honda F1 boss Toyoharu Tanabe feels that “it is slightly inconvenient that” their “members from” Red Bull and Alpha Tauri “cannot have any contact. But it’s a minor issue”

Ferrari’s team principal Mattia Binotto has revealed that the reason they don't want to reveal the details of the FIA investigation “is because“ they would have “to explain” their “Intellectual Property”

Additionally, he doesn’t “think that anyone in the paddock is happy to reveal secret information about its design and project”

Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner, however, has revealed that “It does sit uncomfortably that there is an agreement that has been entered into about the legality and conformity of a car”

Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff chimed in by saying that he agrees “with what Christian said. In this day and age transparency is extremely important and good governance is extremely important”

Will Mercedes consider Vettel as an option for next season?

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0:00 - Binotto Speaks Out on “Surprised” Vettel
1:45 - Fast Feed
I’m still wondering how a team that has the biggest budget makes a midfield running car.
Elliot Keil
Elliot Keil:
Just want to personally let you know how much you made these 200+ days easier
kiran babu
kiran babu:
When Seb said he won't race for a midfield team, he meant Ferrari.
At least he won't have to race for a midfield team anymore.
lmao, betrayed by the Italians, once more.
Seb dont like driving for a midfield team. So yeah Ferrari now looks like a mifield team
Hussein Ahmed
Hussein Ahmed:
After this I am happy that Vettel is no longer with them, just a waste of time.
Swapnil Raut
Swapnil Raut:
Ferrari is the most shady team in F1.. Just wait and see how they kill Charles's and Carlos's fun side and make them miserable.
I'm starting to really....really hate Binotto right now.
Binotto said exactly NOTHING!
NeonColored aka Manuel
NeonColored aka Manuel:
Mark my words when I say 2020 will be Binotto's last season as team principal of Ferrari.
Fast Beat
Fast Beat:
Binotto is by far the worst thing that happened to Ferrari this last decade... Absolute non-sense
But they still didnt tell us why they wont renew seb contract
Harshit Mathur
Harshit Mathur:
I think that Binotto is an absolute genius- he foresaw the awful performance of Ferrari in 2020 and decided that it was time for Vettel to move on from his shitty team.
Alex Ainsworth
Alex Ainsworth:
If Vettel finds a Mercedes seat he will really make Ferrari look stupid 😅
Music Islife
Music Islife:
Looks like Vettel dodged a bullet!
Matthew Tan
Matthew Tan:
I think Binotto should not be the one to have a contract extended!
The Limon
The Limon:
Kimi for team principal 2021!
Treating Vettel this way?....Karma came quicker than the SF1000....
This is why Ferrari isn’t love, can’t trust them and there are sneaky af. They even got rid of schumacher as soon as they can.
Steve Lim
Steve Lim:
Seems like vettel is not the only person leaving Ferrari if Ferrari performance still continue to be like this.
Alfredo M. Rêgo Neto
Alfredo M. Rêgo Neto:
Vettel is over. Mercedes should continue with Bottas, who proved to be very competent.
So this is the Ferrari way to admit: "Yes, we did lie about having offered Vettel anything!"
Ferrari strategists at it again.
nipuna athukorala
nipuna athukorala:
Vettel Was right About the negotiations
ferrari is the most underperforming engine
biggest loser of silly season Carlos Sainz
Patrick Tho
Patrick Tho:
Ferrari got 9 tenth slower than the year before (fastest lap in Q3), like every Ferrari powered car (Alpha Romeo 1 s and Haas 0.6 s)
I like Binotto. But he is clearly a liar. He has completely contradicted himself, regardless of his reasons. As DC said, the fact that they can't even issue the same press release about the decision speaks volumes for the how the team operates internally.
Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez:
I remember when Sainz confirmed he would sign for Ferrari I was like 'hope Ferrari don't turn to shit when he joins'
It looks like they are going to...
david pesha
david pesha:
I think Binotto is just full of lies.Ferrari dropped Vettel just because they wanted to prioritise Leclerc.
Vettel is often confused. In fact, he frequently is pointing the wrong way on track.
Mr G
Mr G:
It's sad to see how Ferrari have treated one of history's greatest drivers, a freaking 4 time world champion.

I've never really been the type of fan who has a favorite team. But I have always been a fan of Vettel and as such have been more partial to the team that he drives for. But now as I think about Ferrari I realise that their MO has always been "If you aren't winning, you are out", in the hybrid era alone they've now had 3 team principles and 4 drivers (after vettel leaves). In contrast, if you compare the culture at Mercedes, the team has been the same for many years (even before hybridization) -- Same team principle, same engineers, mechanics, strategists and most importantly driver changes haven't been too many. Lewis joined after Michael left and since then only 1 driver change, which means 7 years now Lewis has been driving the car, understanding it's development, dynamics and nuances. Valterri has also had now 5 years. This sort of approach makes it an environment conducive to team growth, which is why I now realise that they have won titles and made it look so easy. Redbull, Ferrari, Mclaren, Williams and many other teams have had very turbulent team environments which is what I believe has kept everyone behind the silver arrows. If any team wants to pose a real challenge to Mercedes, they will first have to become a team united under 1 clear vision with each and every member being allowed the space to fully contribute to the vision in whatever capacity best suits them.

I know this is a bit long, but I'm closing now with the notion that Leclerc will soon be under the same pressure that Vettel has been under, to win a title and if he doesn't do it within 2 or 3 years he too will be unceremoniously kicked out of the team.
Atharva Patil
Atharva Patil:
The sf1000 is so slow that Lewis lapping it in some race will be the final nail in the coffin for Ferrari. It's like the red Williams now.
Let's see when Mattia gets a sudden phone call.
Advance Galaxy
Advance Galaxy:
He stopped defending ferrari since yesterday interview.... Yes
sebastián Lucero
sebastián Lucero:
Mercedes: Hi there, we have DAS *and everybody now knows how it works*
Ferrari: We don't want to reveal our "secrets" and that's why we don't reveal the technical issue about our engine *and suddenly Ferrari, Hass and Alfa Romeo are faliling*
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor:
Im so glad im a mclaren guy, they have basicaly swapped places at the moment
2024 Ferrari: Leclerc is our number 1 driver

2024 Also Ferrari: We had to let Leclerc go.. You know unforseen changes in climate, conditions and pressures.
So hold up, Binotto claimed initially that him and Vettel couldn't agree on terms. Vettel then counters that point by saying that there was no discussion about a contract renewal and that he basically got fired over the phone. In response Binotto then confirms what Vettel said which means he lied. Now that is piss poor leadership. #BinottoOut
Luke Daniel Galon
Luke Daniel Galon:
wouldn't surpise me they will be midfield in 2021 or in the race.
Its very clear vettle and Ferrari relationship is rough. When vettle talks about the car, he's basically saying the car is shit.
He’ll be fired after this year. Hasn’t been good enough. And now they’re back in the midfield. Ferrari need someone who can take the team to a championship level,
Sai Madhava Rao
Sai Madhava Rao:
Final call on who to sign is with Ferrari but it's becoming clear Ferrari have been lying for good while now, Sainz confirmed that he was been in touch with Ferrari since Winter break.
Dante Fajardo
Dante Fajardo:
Why? Does Ferrari expect to win a Title? They ain't even half a second within Mercedes pace.
Jack Berczi
Jack Berczi:
There is no way in way in hell Seb gets a Mercedes offer
Vettel's mind probably went "Formula 4 engine, Formula 4........."
Happy for Vettel now he needs to stop defending Ferrari now. No team spirit at Ferrari and its not Seb or Charles vault. Worried about Lecler's journey in Ferrari. I can see Ric smiling that he choose Mc XD
Master Dan
Master Dan:
I was playing Portal 2 but I got this notification so I've put that on pause
Samuel Graham
Samuel Graham:
Melancholic Duck
Melancholic Duck:
Basically Ferrari betrayed Vettel with a decision that it reached internally without consulting their star driver whom they made public and private promise to keep
Binotto (internally): Blame drivers and get rid of drivers to cut costs, keep my wage rate and bonus.

Binotto (to cameras): The pandemic, financial pressures out of our control was the reason we had to let Sebastian Vettel go.
Well that's a lot of Italian Word Salad.
Max: "fourth or fifth place wont be enough"
The Rainman
The Rainman:
I think Binotto's days with Ferrari are over...
"mutual decision"
-mr. Binotto
Binotto needs to be fired. Sigh i miss the Ross Brawn days
Binotto didn't reveal the reason; only gave some hints and that they took the decision.
WeAsOne NL
WeAsOne NL:
vettel at mercedes would be epic!
N0v3l C
N0v3l C:
Ferrari: You can’t prove we cheated because you’re not allowed to check to see if we broke the rules, intellectual property, sorry bro.
I would rather race for Renault then Ferrari in 2020😂
Mawile #303
Mawile #303:
These memes at the end of the video kill me lmao
Steven Urry
Steven Urry:
Ferrari signed Carlos Sainz in December 2019, so this is BS.
Binotto just likes Vettel so much, he wanted to save his legacy and spare him the embarrassment of driving for a midfield team.
Federico Luzzi
Federico Luzzi:
Binotto has to go, plain and simple
Crow Killer
Crow Killer:
I would say binotto is lying. If you sign leclerc to a 4 yr deal. Then he is clearly their number 1 choice and not vettel
The richest midfield team in the history of F1.
Pascal B
Pascal B:
Binotto is just lying, Sainz said that Ferrari contacted him already around the turn of the year.... so the pandemic is definitely not the case for the driver change
Saman Khaledian
Saman Khaledian:
definitely this is the last season for Binotto too. he screwed up in every single aspect of a team leadership. It is kind of funny and meaningful that both Seb and Binotto will separate Ferrari at the end of the year. :)))
L I M I T:
Can't wait for the disstracks to start
Billy Boy
Billy Boy:
Yep, Ferrari is in the weasel zone as it relates to Seb. I just hope Seb can find something next season.
tashrique karriem
tashrique karriem:
When you only like something if you winning, that’s Vettel
Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley:
Isn't the drivers salary excluded from the budget cap? If so, Binotto's rationale is pure BS.
Binotto TLDR: Yes, we lied.
Αντουαν 264
Αντουαν 264:
Binotto: The worst thing in ferrari
Ferrari: The midfield team.So sad!!! Good luck carlos
Aussie Jules House of dogs
Aussie Jules House of dogs:
I’m a lifelong Ferrari fan, but damn, Seb had to see that coming.
Pedro Catalão
Pedro Catalão:
sebastian spun and leclerc p2
I hope Merc and redbull continue to put pressure on F1 to reveal the Ferrari agreement. It's unacceptable for competition and a slap in the face of the fans
Sam Rivers
Sam Rivers:
Better and Hamilton would be an insane matchup would love to see it
Sam James
Sam James:
If Albon doesn’t close the gap to max I think it would be a smart move for redbull to pick him up
Kimi - X
Alonso - X
Seb - X
Leclerc - (yet to be screwed)
Sainz - (yet to be screwed)
Hein Mcleod
Hein Mcleod:
Unknown Grave
Unknown Grave:
Thks again Dillon, good news
Dev Vadchhedia
Dev Vadchhedia:
Verstappen: P4 or P5 not enough
Reliability: Take your P20 then
Mattia Binotto should open a cafeteria and you're done
Calum Robb
Calum Robb:
I think a sabbatical is on the cards for seb
Pietro D
Pietro D:
He still didn’t reveal why? Just mentioned COVID and budget caps, neither affect this decision.
Percy Gnaniah
Percy Gnaniah:
Lewis is also out of contract for next year, when Lewis leaves Mercedes, then the German team can have there own German driver. Lewis can have a taste of the MIDFIELD FERRARI!!
master Luke skywalker
master Luke skywalker:
Jay Spice
Jay Spice:
"fourth or fifth place not enough". How about out of the race?
deks räikkönen
deks räikkönen:
Gold at the end👌
metro girl
metro girl:
Haha, good luck with that 2:01
Jasper Or
Jasper Or:
Binotto sure have been stirring up some sh*t throughout his career so far, I seem to understand why he isn’t liked among the Tifosi aside from him hindering the teams on track performances
the ugly naked guy from friends
the ugly naked guy from friends:
Dillon ♥️♥️♥️ the best
Zoid71 Pickle2007
Zoid71 Pickle2007:
It makes me laugh, that
Ferrari have had secret talks
With the FIA. Its not winning
Them any races. Merc, on the
Other hand, are being transapernt,
They keep winning. Cloak and dagger
Won't make ferrari's cars any faster.
Like anyone should believe a single word Binotto says; he got his job sliming up his boss. If that prick says the sky is blue you better look out of the window to check.
Son what
Son what:
Typical Ferrari, remember Schumi 2006?
Elias Kaser
Elias Kaser:
Lol, imagine being one of these race car drivers who spend their whole careers trying to get to the supposed "level" of racing for Ferrari. This is the same company that let go of Niki Lauda while he was ON THE WAY to the hospital after his horrific accident. Also, They've been playing "second-best" games with their drivers for forever. Just look at the likes of Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello. Sebastian Vettel is a world-class driver, and would do better if they actually supported him and quit the Jedi (Sith) mind tricks.

Speaking of Lauda, Vettel would do well for Mercedes; they have a history of working with their own; just look at Rosberg 🤔.
Nivas Ramachandiran
Nivas Ramachandiran:
Blaming reduced budget is a rubbish statement by Binotto. Had they explained the budget concern and hence a reduced price to vettel which he refused to accept that would have made better sense. Moreover, Carlos already said the talks with Ferrari started long back. Clearly, Binotto didn't want Vettel anymore.
1.) Ferrari beating around the bush instead of just saying "Look, you havent accomplished what we wanted, you make too many mistake, we are looking else were."

2.) Vettle is sounding a little too proud of himself by saying he will just "consider" the option if Merc gave him an offer.

3.) We can all talk trash about ferrari being a midfield car this year, but let's not forget who signed for that car next year and beat Vettel.

4.) Farrari not wanting to give vital details about the agreement due to their work but are 1.2 seconds slower this year. Make sense to me.
Raden Fadly
Raden Fadly:
Do you guys know why there is no mission winnow on ferrari ?