Bobby Green angered by Navid Afkari execution | UFC on ESPN+ 35 post-fight interview

Bobby Green hosted a post-fight press conference after his decision win over Alan Patrick at UFC on ESPN+ 35 on Saturday in Las Vegas.

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100+ comentarios:

shay L
shay L:
Navid Afkari didn’t stab someone, they forced him to do a false confession so they could have a reason for executing him since he was part of a peaceful protest against the terrorist regime in Iran!
Navid Afkari was "made an example of" because he protested the Iran Government, and since he was a well-known wrestler, they tortured him to confess to something he did not do ....he never stabbed a security guard there is no proof, a mob of 10,000 people were rushing the guards......long story short, this poor guy was made an example of for protesting the government
Saige 1223
Saige 1223:
Gotta respect this guys attitude
Minh Nguyenm
Minh Nguyenm:
I love Bobby Green. He is real. Straight talk. Just being himself is great. Love God, No drinking, love people. All good. I’m a fan.
Amerigo Vespucci
Amerigo Vespucci:
They killed him to send the message to people again that protesting against regime's tyranny will cost you your life
blah bizzle
blah bizzle:
I've never known about Bobby Green until 3 minutes ago...
His respect for another humans life even during a big moment in his life speaks volumes.
My beautiful woman is from Iran and she fled that country to have what we all take for granted... Freedom..
Massive respect for Bobby Green for his deep heart
It may be unpopular to truly understand but some people are born in a country where they have ZERO ability to change their government and when some stand up they are killed...
Bobby Green is a lesson in true humanity!
Edit: Oh and massive love to our brothers and sisters in Iran, all my prayers are always with all of you.
Jeremy LeBlanc
Jeremy LeBlanc:
Im so happy Bobby Green is getting his career popping again
Sara Kiany
Sara Kiany:
The Iranian government has brutally killed a lot of innocent ordinary people who came to street and asked for their initial rights, bread, their salary, and a simple life. Navid was speaking up for the poor protesting people, and one of the government killers attacked him to kill him, he defended himself. he was a wrestler. There is no evidence to show that Hell-attacker was killed by Navid. They labeled Navid and his two brothers as government-agent killers. They always do. They always label protesters with a false accusation of capital crimes, and they torture them, and they take them in front of camera/ TV and force them to confusing to a crime that they have NOT committed. Then they execute or hang them. That is how the oppressive dictator governments been to survive and continue their demon power.
Josh Aleru
Josh Aleru:
He moves like DMX
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores:
Bobby Green has the skillset and the personality that gets fans behind him.
Awesome work I think him vs Iaquinta makes sense and would be a banger
Neal Addams
Neal Addams:
Well. It’s Iran. Stuff don’t go well if you talk heretic about clergy there. Pretty tough. What can we do? I’m a fan of bobby... speak through truth. Sad about Navid. Loss for Iran. Athletes like that aren’t born everyday.
RPG 7:
I feel so sorry for navid too ,he was world Champion and thank you bobby for support that kid👍🙏
From Love from IRAN ❤️
Down with islamic regime
Bobby green is a legend!!!Man of honor sticking up for Navid
USSF Enterprise
USSF Enterprise:
Iran No Peace No Justice
Justice For Navid Afkari
Anti Ayatollah Khomeini
Anti President Hassan Rouhani
Anti Ali Khamenei
Much love and respect to this fighter 🇮🇷
NotSo 97
NotSo 97:
Bobby is tough as fk but also has a great heart for others and never scared to be himself. Respect
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez:
Iran away from terrost regime
Kasra M
Kasra M:
I see a huge personality and culture in this man just like the great Persians let's spread the love during these tough times .
Fatemeh Mokhtari
Fatemeh Mokhtari:
Navid is alive .... he'll b 4ever!
J Svalina
J Svalina:
I'm getting some Tony Ferguson, Diego Sanchez vibes......
Taraneh Saeedi
Taraneh Saeedi:
God bless you Bobby! You showed me that humanity is still alive! Navid afakari was innocent. fought bravely for his dream which was just making his mother happy and fought for his countrywomen and men to bring peace and freedom to them. We shouldnt let wrong news on media ruins this amazing humanity which is an absolute symbol of bravery and fearlessness. May Love and courage flourish your life.
David Thomas
David Thomas:
Haven't followed green but I love this interview...this guy is the real a fan now
Thank you calms me a bit when I see how you are thinking about R.I.P Navid
Dry Rot Aus
Dry Rot Aus:
6:30 Bobby Green calls The Schmo "Joe"
Bobby Farhang
Bobby Farhang:
Oh man! you made yourself a real hero! Keep your head up and believe me there are many Iranian who are proud of your words. You are the kind of heroes we need in this world.
Navid Afkari: They are looking for a neck for their ropes
According to a letter that Navid Afkari was able to publish, a plastic bag was pulled over his head until he almost suffocated. In this way, as well as with psychological torture methods, he was made to confess to a murder which he claims he did not commit. His "confession" was broadcast on September 5, 2020 on Iranian state television, which is also known from other cases of forced "confessions" for its close cooperation with Iranian investigative bodies. He was executed by hanging by the Islamic Republic of Iran on the morning of September 12, 2020, at the age of 27, in Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz.
RPG 7:
Rip navid💕💔☝✌
J Svalina
J Svalina:
Bobby Green " have you ever fought before?" Lol lol
Josh Smith
Josh Smith:
bobby green is moving. awesome guy forever a fan
Kim DominguezMiller
Kim DominguezMiller:
Bobby Green is the DMX of MMA!!!
We must protect this man
Mac Piller
Mac Piller:
Huge Bobby Green fan now. Great fight too.
Luke R
Luke R:
This guy is Awesome.
Without sound he looks like he is freestyling
Nik ایران
Nik ایران:
Thanks mr Green. I am from Iran
Who else knew him and never was really a fan until this point
Kenneth Weeden-Sand
Kenneth Weeden-Sand:
Im liking that "flavor" you're bringing to the MMA. God Bless
Find The Light
Find The Light:
Just shows you bad the Iranian regime really is to murder their own people and torture them. I have nothing but love for the Iranian people but their government...
Afsaneh Fathi
Afsaneh Fathi:
Lots of respect!✊
jordan hess
jordan hess:
Love his attitude
Ezaser Thirteen
Ezaser Thirteen:
I like this dude... So pure,so real... Good Kinda "kind" badass gangster... I won't mind him going all the way..ill love it . This guy is legit..
Thanks for the video, MMA JUNKIE
Bobby W
Bobby W:
He is honestly my favorite fighter
jake hopgood
jake hopgood:
Unfortunate and sad situation for the Afkari family and Iran, irregardless of whatever may be the real facts. Just perhaps keep in mind that there is an unquestionable monopolization not only of our media, but also the perpetual threading of narratives that allow the U.S. to meddle in other countries' affairs. Through that propaganda comes mind control. The power of which leaves us all collectively grinding our brown-eyes into fake leather recliners being regaled by pop stars and soda pop. Bush junior once ordered us to " ...never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11." Exactly which ones are outrageous? Could it be our suspension of beliefs in the same Laws of physics and science that were necessary to erect those towers; yet in their destruction we are now to disavow those exact rules of thought and surrender our petrified third-eye unto a certain law of the land? I'm just asking for a friend. PS How about them Lakers!
alex patot
alex patot:
there are 1000s men and women like Navid who had been killed are in Iran at this moment being Raped. tortured and killed
Moke Life
Moke Life:
Love me some King Green 🙌🏽
Turk Movement
Turk Movement:
Bobby has a powerful mindset judging off this interview
Wilhelm Hesse
Wilhelm Hesse:
The best they couldve done to try and save him wouldve been to publicize the incarceration and death sentence before he was executed, ask the Pope, ask Putin, ask Duerte to help ask anyone who isnt an enemy of Iran especially after what happened with the hit on their general. Asking an enemy to intervene only motivated them to actually go and do it.
Most down to earth, relatable fighter. A good man.
yaser azizi
yaser azizi:
thank you all for supporting us
Harly Days
Harly Days:
I’m feeling x vibes off him
Maria Maghsoudloo
Maria Maghsoudloo:
Thanks for being our voice! God bless you❤️
blaze 2019
blaze 2019:
Very selfless bringing this up. On a seprate note cant wait to hear tryone woodley and Marty usmand bring up how unfair the USA is 🤔
Dan O
Dan O:
Bobby Green out here reminding me of DMX
Mazda Artaxerxes
Mazda Artaxerxes:
Thanks bro for your support about our love and hop Navid ♥️🤝
Just take what our government says about this stuff with a grain of salt. They have lied and lied over and over again to the American public in order to gain support for endless wars.
original sin
original sin:
I like Green and so down to earth.
Jimmy France
Jimmy France:
Bobby Green: Beast Mode...
Adam Suttles
Adam Suttles:
Sup with him shaking or just shaking his leg that much ? I do it too but he does it a lot! Nervous energy ?
Lucas Hood
Lucas Hood:
I love this guy
Babcock DaSolution
Babcock DaSolution:
So glad Bobby is on a roll
alex patot
alex patot:
Navid is not the first person who has been murdered . since this brutal regime was put in power 42 years latterly 100s thousand of being held and torture. raped , their family being prosecuted. .....killed by this regime who has lots of lobbies and money over broad to show its the other way around.
the only person is truly standing against Iran's brutal regime is president Donald Trump
manuel alvarez
manuel alvarez:
I mean I feel terrible too but did anyone really expect a different outcome, Iran operates the way they do and there are no deviations. The second it was made official he would be executed it was over for that poor man unfortunately, a problem that has plagued the middle east for far too long.
Bradley Thomsen
Bradley Thomsen:
Bobby taking us back to the old school days but with a new flavor. Fighting every other month it seems. And looking good.
Bry Martell
Bry Martell:
Bobby is 💯 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
mohammad hajiarab
mohammad hajiarab:
now go and vote for Biden "The Democratic candidate who loves Mullahs"
bored Mockingbird
bored Mockingbird:
Thank you. You are truly a champion 💖🌹🌹🌹
Capital King
Capital King:
You the man Bobby!
Naser None
Naser None:
He was not executed! The savage regime killed him under severe and brutal torture. When he was buried, they found that his face was completely destroyed and that part of his body was where he had been flogged.
Only five members of his family were allowed to attend the funeral, and the rest of those present at the funeral were plainclothes agents of the Islamic Republic. Isn't this a crime? Who do not even allow his family members, friends, relatives to attend the funeral ?! What name can be given to this inhuman behavior?
christian m
christian m:
Idky but I get hella hella xxxtentacion vibes like they almost cut from the same cloth type shit I feel like they would of been close friends if they weren’t already
Angelo Caz
Angelo Caz:
Bobby Green is good man in my book
Bobby greeeeeen!!!
Koko9090 Kaka
Koko9090 Kaka:
True real man💪💪💪💪💪
Wade Kendall
Wade Kendall:
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
koon nane
koon nane:
love you bro
He remind me of XXXTentacion for some reason
kinda sounds like Ron Artest or Dennis Rodman
Icook food
Icook food:
He has a DMX vibe
Sultan Meyers
Sultan Meyers:
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Nima Pahlevan
Nima Pahlevan:
Bobby you are truly spirit of a true athletes when an innocent athlete such as NAVID is executed for no reason.
Kasra M
Kasra M:
Love it
Victor Celis E.
Victor Celis E.:
Love you bobby
Jamil Emin
Jamil Emin:
I'm persian and I live in iran I want to thanks very much to American people for respect to freedom in iran ♥♥♥♥
I have never wanted another fighter to get the belt other than Poirer.
Please google ' 1953 Iranian Coup D'etat '
Dina Ahdoot
Dina Ahdoot:
Hi Bobi.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Behnam Akbary
Behnam Akbary:
Every time someone says islam is the religion of peace . say the name #navidafkari
Manny Ticas
Manny Ticas:
Cte y’all.
I think what Bobby experienced was the violence and brutality of what happened to Navid, and he was processing that- which is why he could not or did not want to engage another human violently. Because processing the violence Navid experienced, it's infuriating, and sad, and so alarming- and really makes you value life and humans

I think that's what Bobby was going through, was processing the inherent value of human life, and seeing someone be destroyed and killed. I wouldn't want to be punching anybody's faces after processing that either (except for the faces of those who caused Navid to die)
Benjamin Musasizi
Benjamin Musasizi:
How can u not love bobby green
abtin kiani
abtin kiani:
Yo Mama
Yo Mama:
Strangely most of the people who are outraged about Navid’s execution vote for the Democrats who support Iran so much. The same ones who were mad at Trump for killing one of Iran’s Generals who was responsible for killing so many innocent people👌🏼
alex patot
alex patot:
Navid was killed under torture and they had no choice to announced his dead by saying he was hanged they only showed half of his face to his family and not rest of the body and from what they saw his nose was all smashed up and rest of the body warped and forced to been burred in the middle of the night with the present of special forces........
John M
John M:
Sigurat M
Sigurat M:
According to all reports, he was not hanged but was tortured to death. His body was covered with scars and wounds. The champ was inflexible and steadfast to the last, so that they did not manage to execute him. We will not forget you and hold your murderers accountable. Rest in peace