Body Found By Crews Searching For Naya Rivera At Lake Piru

The "Glee" actress went missing last Wednesday. Lesley Marin and Suzanne Marques report.

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Joi Mc
Joi Mc:
I was hoping this woman wasn't dead. Rip. My condolences go out to her baby and her family.
September Sapphire
September Sapphire:
I'm so glad she was found but finding a dead body in the water has to be scary as hell for the one who comes across it, (even though that's what they're searching for).
I’m glad she was found, her family can finally have closure. Poor woman, Rest In Peace.
Her singing “I love that rag doll” as they’re carrying what supposedly is her dead body to the truck...weird
R Malak
R Malak:
The questions being asked are horrible "whats the mood with the family" like what do you think?
Christian’s ASMR
Christian’s ASMR:
Praise the divers for searching for Naya. Praying for her family.
"I love that ragdoll"... I mean, seriously? This is how you report the death on the news now? Thanks person editing this clip, for keeping it professional and respectful 🙄
Amanda Charlebois
Amanda Charlebois:
I don’t understand why she would go out there, alone, with her young son. He so easily could’ve gone in after her and ended up dead, too.
Nahom Berhe
Nahom Berhe:
It is most likely her... May she rest in peace. My prayers go out to little Josey and the rest of the Rivera family. This one hurts so much. 😔
Sophia Murugi
Sophia Murugi:
May her family find peace. May her son forget the moment the mom didnt come back but remember all other great moments they had together
2:57 give me the creeps. You hear her singing “I love that ragdoll” for a splitsecond While moving a body to the truck ... May she be safe. God bless her heart and soul🤍

They went for a swim. Mom got stuck in the reeds. Never came up. Kid was left waiting in boat all day... Sad stuff.
Anthonee A
Anthonee A:
2:58 really was that sound clip needed?
shadow raven
shadow raven:
i'm in tears...a small part in me hoped she was still alive

rip naya ♡
Ken Joél
Ken Joél:
I'm glad they found her. At least her family and friends can have a closure. Live is short guys, stay close to your loved ones. As Naya said 'tomorow is not guaranteed. 😔
Ignorant Potato
Ignorant Potato:
If this was a regular person they would've not put this much effort to find her.
John Castillo
John Castillo:
“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
Matthew 5:4 ✝️ (ESV)
Wow. She definitely was watching over her son, the waves and her love..rocked him to sleep one last time. God bless you Queen, rest well! ❤👑🙏🏾
Krista K
Krista K:
This just goes to show you how precious one human life is ❤️
jbr bgi
jbr bgi:
Please stop the conspiracy theories on her death and let her soul Rest In Peace. It was a horrible accident, it wasn't the first death at this place. Hopefully they close this place up for good now or at least put more strict regulations and surveillance.
Lancelot Dufrane
Lancelot Dufrane:
Something is very suspicious, in this case. I have Never, ever, heard of a mother, out alone on a boat, no vest, with small child.
Amethyst Angel
Amethyst Angel:
I hate when they ask what the mood of the family is like. They lost their loved one. How do you think they feel?. Stupid question. Rest In Peace beautiful lady.💔😢🙏🏻
Evey Ryder
Evey Ryder:
As soon as they find her body. They put they clip of her singing “love that rag doll” the more info you look up. She was trying to get away.... if you’re not gonna hide in your home. You’d try to be where no one can touch you. Where you can see from all around if someone was going to hurt you. A lake perhaps? Secluded enough. Wayfair.
Most likely it’s her she was the only one missing and who never got out of the reservoir depth alive and well.
At 2:57 of the video, you can hear her ghostly voice come through during the interview. She seems to be singing or saying something.😱
the body was damage so bad that they can’t Recognize it’s her so they have to the the DNA test .... body that died in the water and left for days just imagine
For Snyder
For Snyder:
Damn it took that long to find her body thats sad. None of this still makes sense to me tho. Maybe I missed something
Rene Wilson
Rene Wilson:
There are so many clips of her singing really the one about "rag doll", Producers SUCK!!
Max Blackso
Max Blackso:
I got chills when I saw a body has been found, I'm crying like a baby, been crying since I heard she went missing.
Ms Robin 2u
Ms Robin 2u:
My thoughts and prayers are with Naya’s beautiful family and the rescue team😓 🙏🏾 2 Corinthians 1:2-4.
anak sunamoon
anak sunamoon:
Special thanks to the diving crew for being so vigilant in finding her body so her family can have some closure. So sad but thankful she was found. RIP Naya
Beast verse
Beast verse:
While some idiots are talking bout “defund the police”
Vanessa Dettmer
Vanessa Dettmer:
Am I the only one thinking this is sus?
She wasn't wearing a vest and she was alone in that lake with her young son. Very strange story.
Her and Kelly Preston. I’m shocked. Two young and beautiful women. RIP.
Janeva Boynton
Janeva Boynton:
This makes me so sad 😞 she was an icon and one of my favorite actresses😭😞 May You Rest In Paradise Naya Rivera 1987-2020 You are missed😔😔
Aarushi Jain
Aarushi Jain:
I’m glad they found her. Her friends and family can have some closure. Rest In Peace Naya Rivera. 🥺
I am so sad over the whole thing
I feel so bad for her son; I hope he grow up safe and sound
Aarushi Jain
Aarushi Jain:
This is the same day her cast mate Cory was found dead... this is weird
Doggo_87 __
Doggo_87 __:
"What was the mood like?"
Jolly as Lucky Charms I guess..
Jay Wolf9
Jay Wolf9:
2:57 "Rag a doll?" Bruh thats weird shit meanwhile Naya's body is carrying around.
hannah newson
hannah newson:
i’m so heartbroken. this is so sad.
When they ask about the notifying the family “what was the mood like?” Tf you think?
Tainted Love
Tainted Love:
It must be so traumatic to do that job. Imagine diving in the bottom of the lake till you find a body and bring it to the shore.
Shaleen Schroeder
Shaleen Schroeder:
Why would she go swimming with her son if the waters are so dangerous! Something is off here🤔
The “glee curse” comment is DISRESPECTFUL and unnecessary especially to naya and Cory who also passed
Eline Hegrand
Eline Hegrand:
Im so so sad, i finally watched glee this year and i fell in love with her and the whole cast, its heartbreaking 😔 We'll miss you, Naya.
Mya Reilly
Mya Reilly:
this was the same day cory monteith died 😭 may he and naya rest in peace (and also mark)
Whitney Diane
Whitney Diane:
Why did the anchor feel the need to ask what was the mood and response of the family when they heard the news. It doesnt take rocket science to know how the family feels. How insensitive.
Lil Glizzey
Lil Glizzey:
dawg she put her caption as “Just The Two Of Us” and it’s a song by Eminem about a mom drowning in a lake and she drowned in a lake 🤔
K S.
K S.:
Just heartbreaking 🙏🏻💔
Always have the sec in my mind where she’s drowning & knew her son is alone on that boot
Macey LeAnn
Macey LeAnn:
She was an amazing and talented woman. I can’t believe she’s gone. We love you so much and you will forever be remembered 💖
khetha zulu
khetha zulu:
Just when I thought 2020 couldn't get worse. 💔💔
And we are just starting the second half of it
HeresFrank Betches
HeresFrank Betches:
I was renewing information almost every hour
This is so sad
Jared Maples
Jared Maples:
what was she thinking going out there alone 💔 keep your loved ones close
Yannick Byamungu
Yannick Byamungu:
Damn I was still holding out hope that she would be found alive!!!May God comfort her family, especially her son!
Why do i feel like they only said this to calm everyone down
Jonathan Guzman
Jonathan Guzman:
Exactly 7 years since the passing of Cory Monteith.
lynnette parkz
lynnette parkz:
This is absolutely heartbreaking 🙏🏿 praying for the family and friends during this tragic and difficult time 😢🙏🏿💪🏽
Cecil The sloth
Cecil The sloth:
I hate to think what the divers saw 😭
I know it’s their job and they’re probably used to it but it still must stay with them
And oh my god watching her being carried out made it so much worse 😭😭😭
knowledge 4All
knowledge 4All:
But she died at age 33 🤔something about that number popping up in tragedies 😡
Flawless Sufferer
Flawless Sufferer:
God its so hard to even imagine. Prayers for her family 🙏
Muslima Abdullah
Muslima Abdullah:
so sad..:( we don’t know when we going to die... and how we gonna die... life is so short.. :(
Mae M
Mae M:
💜✝️📖👉" Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints ! "
PSALM 116:15 👈🏾📖✝️💜
Victor Santiago
Victor Santiago:
It's odd that 3 members from the Glee cast have passed away over the years. Sad. Sad. Sad.
Your Father
Your Father:
Every celebrity death i seen was strange, one day you put messages about death, the other day you die, it feels fake some deaths
ana khristen
ana khristen:
If I die young hits so differently right now
2020 has been a rough year..,rip
Will Zimmermann
Will Zimmermann:
And with all that equipment it's amazing they couldn't find anything untill she started floating
Jadeite Tellurian
Jadeite Tellurian:
her poor family and baby boy especially, i will pray for all who love her and pray that they get the answers they deserve.
her death is suspicious to me, i hope they do an autopsy to confirm what actually happened..
wearing your life jacket will save your life..why she didn't wear hers is strange, since a lot of people have lost there life's in that lake..signs should be posted and warnings should be put on all boats to wear your life jackets even while swimming
Little One
Little One:
I find it strange she was going on a huge lake with her small child by herself 🤔
Martha Edwards
Martha Edwards:
In her interview she says that her abortion was like having a scar...I believe she was depressed about the abortion. Just the two of us - not the three of us
Amalia Milani Casilli
Amalia Milani Casilli:
I send my love to her family ❤️
Especially Jose.
I'm so sorry 😭
Maru Nation
Maru Nation:
2:56 i love that rag doll???!!! What the-?????
Edith Chacon
Edith Chacon:
yall seen that coyote at the beginning :D
Red 813
Red 813:
My heart sincerely goes out to the family and her Son bc I can't imagine 🙏
Timewillhealpainxox Kisses
Timewillhealpainxox Kisses:
I hope she is at peace with the Almighty King in his Kingdom 💜💜
loubna loubna
loubna loubna:
The story is verry weird i hope they found out how she died of course drowning but ... what caused it whe never know what really happend
Timewillhealpainxox Kisses
Timewillhealpainxox Kisses:
This whole year has been bad this is sad. I remember her from Family matters.
Liv 637
Liv 637:
Let's just hope and pray it's her and pray for her family at this hard time❤
D'Angela Marx
D'Angela Marx:
I knew they were going to find her once I saw her Mother out there speaking to the water.
Siara Harvey
Siara Harvey:
I feel really sad for her son because he will remember this forever😢😢😢
Sad. I always knew her as Gwendolyn in love with Richie
Boss Queen
Boss Queen:
*Hope it's her, so her CHILD can have closure.* Forget about us. Her family needs this.💯💞
Star Light
Star Light:
I pray for divine healing for this family. May her soul rest in peace. 💔
Alita de Pollo
Alita de Pollo:
What a coincidence that she's been found the same day Cory passed away.... ☹️😭
Rue Jun
Rue Jun:
I still had hope i cant believe this is so scary and heart breaking my condolences.
MY HEART 💔 😭 ...
M P:
Poor baby. And I’m heart breaks for Naya, her last moments I can imagine as a mother knowing her baby was in that boat all alone, scared to death what would happen to him. My god may she Rest In Peace and her baby not remembering that terrible day, just the good moments with his mom.
Cari Na
Cari Na:
Lol I don’t even know who she was. 😂🤔
That Garbage Can
That Garbage Can:
I really hope it’s not her but I know it most likely is. My heart is broken.
foodie crumbs
foodie crumbs:
Her poor son 😞😓😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 I cant imagine how he feeling hes lost his momma forever my heart goes out to the little guy I hiow relatives can take good care of him
Dang mannnn 😞💔 I was praying that she would be found & alive .. dang praying for her family 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Michelle Easton
Michelle Easton:
I'm sorry but did anyone else hear that woman sing only for few seconds while they were taking body to car.
Melissa Pina
Melissa Pina:
This is heartbreaking!!! Praying for the family and everyone that helped with the search.
Aseel Maher
Aseel Maher:
My heart has dropped reading this,i wish her son remembered his mom ,my pryer for her she is in better place
Katie Lister
Katie Lister:
This is unbelievably tragic. Rest in peace sweetheart. 💜
R.i.P Beautiful 😢❤️❤️ this year has been complete and utter shit !!!