Boeing plane has gone missing in Indonesia

The ministry of transportation office in Jakarta says that a Sriwijaya Airlines plane lost contact and debris has reportedly been found in the water.

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Hakim Abdul
Hakim Abdul:
The incident is reminiscent of a missing Malaysian airliner.
Science experiments!
Science experiments!:
I can't imagine how scared they would've been. Rest in peace 🙏
koko nana
koko nana:
No not again! Thoughts and prayers to those involved.
Zondra Terry
Zondra Terry:
From now on I will be asking the model of plane before booking.
Eduardo Ap
Eduardo Ap:
Until the day executives start being charged with mass murder for lying on the conditions of planes, lots of accidents will be prevented.
Muffs 55mercury
Muffs 55mercury:
All I could say was "oh no, not again". That nation has had many crashes in the last 20 years.
chilly freeman
chilly freeman:
God bless Indonesia 🇮🇩 god bless the victims and families.
Shadow 133
Shadow 133:
If for some reason I have to visit Indonesia, I'm taking a boat 🚣‍♀️.
blue sky 1961
blue sky 1961:
Damn can you imagine what Boeings insurance rates are now with all the lawsuits they paid out with all these crashes?
Charlotte Nasise
Charlotte Nasise:
Prayers for the for the Families who had loved ones on board.
I can't imagine what these families are going through.. Though it may take time, I hope they can heal and find peace..
It's almost like we were overdue a plane crash.
Nunna Beeznes
Nunna Beeznes:
So the justice department gives them a fine and they pick up a government contract for ³times the amount of the fine. Business as usual
Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones:
The Bermuda triangle of Indonesia. Why do planes crash or disappear over certain waters?
Imma put this before any Americans putting pitchforks, etc
So basically the 737 that crashed is an old model which is 500 series, there was a storm that caused a delay for the departure in Soekarno Hatta. Sriwijaya Air has no crash for the last 10 years and the airline was quite young being founded in 2003. based on flightradar24 the plane took quite a sharp nosedive into the sea, There's two signal coming from the emergency signal for the black boxes. picked up by the local authorities. Apparently, they claimed to have found the black box so hopefully, the investigation will be much faster from this on.

You can use the flightradar24 app and input flight SJ182 and track its steps.
Edit: I'm an Indonesian that lives in North Jakarta.
Pepe Brando
Pepe Brando:
at a certain point, we need to stop looking at boeing and start looking at this airport
robert ward
robert ward:
yep, how's that "industry regulating itself" crap working for everyone....
hello guys! my name is azzy, im from Indonesia, I was actually on the way from bali to jakarta, whilst I was in the airport, i herd people screaming "Sriwijaya 182" over and over again, when i arrived to jakarta, my faced drop seeing the line and the families begging for answers, please send some prayers for the ones in the plane!!
Joy Alvaro
Joy Alvaro:
My partner was working in Indonesia last year and he travelled frequently around that country. His company will only let him fly with Garuda or other reputable airlines, definitely no budget Asian airlines
Paul Combs - BoMuse
Paul Combs - BoMuse:
While it is something of a relief to know it wasn’t a 737Max, it is hardly “good news.”
Delite Wetiko
Delite Wetiko:
“Pinocchio! There’s something phony about all this. I’ve got to get him outta here.”
Let's please suspend judgement until the facts come out.
Bill The Cat
Bill The Cat:
There is one weird statement in this one. "the good new is".. I'd like them to find one person going down on that plane thinking there was any good news they could come up with before it crashed.
Hey, were going down, tell the passengers how lucky they are to not be in the 737max, that will cheer them up..
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson:
Before passing judgement on Boeing, let's see what happened! One of key questions is MAINTENANCE of the aircraft.....
FTW Tech
FTW Tech:
Damn. This story will blow up in a few more hours.
Angel Visions
Angel Visions:
May their souls rest in eternal peace. My condolences to all the families 🙏
Gotta Have Faith
Gotta Have Faith:
So sad. Prayers that God comforts the families of all involved.
mercy nyongesa
mercy nyongesa:
Prayers to Indonesia and the families involved.
Deirdre' Jackson
Deirdre' Jackson:
The fines mean nothing when you DEAD
Planes don’t just fall from the sky. Something really bad happened. Rip 🥺
Steffi Haich
Steffi Haich:
Watching from Australia . 🇦🇺🇦🇺Praying for any survivors still in the water and praying for the families . 🙏🙏. ... so pleased Australia airline QANTAS has just been rated number # 1 airline in the world for best and safest ... ONLY WILL TRAVEL QANTAS ..
Damn again WTF?! This is unreal what is it about flying those planes in that direction
henry chandler
henry chandler:
Remember when the last one went missing, then a couple weeks later coincidentally the same exact type of plane was shot down in possible false flag
•Yeji Chanz•
•Yeji Chanz•:
No matter how high I fly, I will not reach heaven if I pray the Five Times
-Capt. Afwan
kazuki nakamura
kazuki nakamura:
“Good news is it’s not a 737 Max”. Why even say that?
Terri Seaton
Terri Seaton:
The good news abt the plane. What abt the loss of life? Any good news someone might be found alive? Or sympathies for loved ones going through this? Plane seems immaterial.
Kauai Hawaii
Kauai Hawaii:
All that duct tape finally came off. Sad. Money over safety.
lost bandit24
lost bandit24:
🤣🤣 that's what happens when all you do is fines where's the prison time.
I'm not gonna fly on a boeing again
Kat Televised
Kat Televised:
So ironic, I just got off a plane and was looking at the wings thinking, this plane seems kinda aged
Scorpor Supremacy
Scorpor Supremacy:
This is just heartbreaking 🙏🏽😔
Hmm the same plane as the missing Malaysian
claude bighungr big mac
claude bighungr big mac:
i cant imagine how much terror the crew and passengers were experiencing
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim:
she pronounced sriwijaya the right way, im impressed. and btw all the prayers to the crew and passengers
Jimmy Jam
Jimmy Jam:
Here we go again 🤦
ron ron
ron ron:
just go to the end of that green line and look you fools
Who cares
Who cares:
They need to hold these companies accountable ....
Thomas Morris
Thomas Morris:
I just heard on the radio some of the debris has been found
Dear Father
Dear Father:
Well, in the U.S., we have a 911 everyday right now, and we’re getting used to it already...
Rest In Peace Beautiful Spirits💜
Love And Healing Light To Your Loved Ones💜
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro:
Hey, I’ve seen this somewhere!
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer:
MeMo: Do not fly to or out of Indonesia!! 🤯💯
Mehdi pwn
Mehdi pwn:
RIP for those who lost their lives.
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold:
Rest in peace flight crew and passengers.
Elijah Lafayette
Elijah Lafayette:
Boeing is starting to make Spirit Airlines look really good these days..
William PPL
William PPL:
Can we remove Boeing once and for all? I travel quite often and this scare me.
I was just watching documentaries on the two missing malayasia airline flights 😨
Janice Lee Ripley
Janice Lee Ripley:
Love and support goes out to the families and loved ones. My heart is with you Indonesia.
ruben d
ruben d:
Damn, When he said the Good News. That's messed up. Definitely getting side cash from Boeing.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith:
Haven’t gone missing, it was found
big pun
big pun:
i don’t know why.. but it seems there’s a bermurda triangle in the sea of indonesia. same thing happened in 2018 and 2019. a boeing couldn’t find anymore..
Stephanie Hyde
Stephanie Hyde:
It was a 26 year old decrepit Boeing! R.I.P to all those poor souls 🙏🏾
Jann Coons
Jann Coons:
This is what happens when you lower your standards just to line your pockets. Corruption in every corporation in the USA. They just can't give up their god - the almighty dollar!
Sad to hear this news, my condolences for the family. I'm from indonesia and this is one of the airplane to my island also.
I flew twice with Sriwijaya Airplane. The pilot of this missing Sriwijaya airplane is an ex- Indonesia air force pilot. Turut berduka cita yang sedalam dalam nya bagi keluarga para korban. Semoga tetap kuat dan tabah dalam kedukaan ini,Amen.
Outta NYC
Outta NYC:
"Made in The USA"
Karol Peraza
Karol Peraza:
Omg God’s blesses them and the family my prayers are with you 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Charlotte Amber
Charlotte Amber:
To all of the passenger who is on that plane, please pray for them. 🙏 And may they soul be rest in peace.. 😢
Greg Baksh
Greg Baksh:
Wait so they’re still trying to avenge solemani
They'll find it 3 seconds before impact. Great job Indonesia..
Again!!!!! What is going on people??
nigga carlos
nigga carlos:
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Evon Soulos
Evon Soulos:
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Mahedi Hasan:
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I Own YOU!
I Own YOU!:
Man says the "good news is that its not a Max".
Dinov Ginting
Dinov Ginting:
i'm from Indonesia, thx guys for all your prays 🙏🙏🙏
Something happens in Indonesia can ask a correspondent from London hahahaha wtf
v alexander
v alexander:
Awww my goodness. Praying.
What Bananas?
What Bananas?:
Even with the $hit service of Spirit airlines, at least they get you to your intended destination.
as indonesian im sad to hear this 01:58 :((
All Day Alchemy - Jen M.
All Day Alchemy - Jen M.:
Just in case the internet goes out for 3 days all well have to do is meditate. It will be really wonderful actually....
Eternal Awake
Eternal Awake:
Wallstreet: Sell boeing stock NOW.
Say What?
Say What?:
Pieces found, let's have an update
Praying for all involved. I do think that the headline is a little misleading. The plane is not missing as indicated, sounds like the plane crashed and the reason is unknown.
Samsung Baru
Samsung Baru:
I honestly feel upset when you said " good news" why did you say it ? its absolutely IGNORANT of you to say good news in this situation where people have gone missing and may be dead. These people have families waiting for any kind of information PRAYING that their loved ones are safe and YOU saying that its "good news" is honestly mind boggling to me as a citizen of the country where the incident took place ( and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one upset with your choice of words reagarding this unfortunate circumstances ) and to my fellow Indonesia's please stay strong and pray for the people that was inside the airplane and hope for the best 🙏
Trevon Kelly
Trevon Kelly:
It's the 9th. Sacrafice!
Samuel Toomer
Samuel Toomer:
Unbelievable, they are allowed to put planes in the air! Their engineers must be so proud! They are murderers!
james samuels
james samuels:
pilots went to walmart flying school
jordon barry
jordon barry:
This keeps happening to these planes
Pilot are said to be an ex-Indonesian-airforce and currently 62 People are missing from this. 🙏
Dea Gustya
Dea Gustya:
It’s been 3 days now😭
World Anthems
World Anthems:
looks like the number of the beast "666" should be replaced with "737"...
Rc Rifai
Rc Rifai:
there's one baby on that plane 😭😭
Pray for the victims and their families.
Yong S
Yong S:
Now people really need to look which air plane they take before reservation..
Ryan B
Ryan B:
Man you know it was that software glitch again
Frederick Watkins
Frederick Watkins:
Santiago Robles
Santiago Robles:
737 are flying coffins...
Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia:
I’ll just enjoy my next vacation through google images 🌴🐬🍉🍹☀️
Adam D.
Adam D.:
2:27 - The good news ?!?
Lory Lou
Lory Lou:
What a crock of crap! Oh, oh,. Look over here! I'm praying for those families