Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers Full GAME 4 Highlights | August 23 | NBA Playoffs


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marjan mitkovski
marjan mitkovski:
We can all say now it's official.
Celtic's RESET the process.
DarKing DK
DarKing DK:
Al Horford: i want to go to championship team
Also Al Horford gets sweeped by his former team lel
V Ken
V Ken:
Kemba walker should’ve been playing on contenders for years
Kemba Walker proving himself in this year playoffs
Marvyn Powis-Smith
Marvyn Powis-Smith:
I can just imagine Stephen A. Smith raging tomorrow on First Take; can’t wait😂
Phillip Fry
Phillip Fry:
Ironically the only team in the East that didnt sweep or get swept was Bucks and Magic, the team people thought would get swept before playoffs started.
Luka GOATcic
Luka GOATcic:
Don't blame Embiid. He had great numbers. Hoford and Tobi needed to step up
Ikari The Pirate
Ikari The Pirate:
Damn they actually got swept
And that my friends was the end of the "process"...
Jay Tsunami
Jay Tsunami:
“Philly is better without Ben Simmons”
Better at getting swept in the first round..
Just waiting for the Embiid trade.. the process failed!!
chris wong
chris wong:
Magic, Nets play more competitive than these clowns.
SHOPKEEPER : “Clean up on aisle one, there seems to be 76ers all over the floor”

THE CELTICS : “ We got dis”🧹🧹🧹🧹
"I aM tHe MoSt UnStopPabLe PlaYeR iN tHe LeaGue"
Showdown Master
Showdown Master:
Jayson Tatum is the next T-Mac🤷🏾‍♂️
Priince Brvce_LUHG
Priince Brvce_LUHG:
Great job Celtics. We move on. 👏🏾
Larva S
Larva S:
Everything went to shit after that Šarić, Covington trade, that team was so likable and had so much potential if only the GM and the coach wanted to work slowly for the championship, but instead they wanted to blow it all up and try and win right now. Now you lost all assets and you have scrubs signed to insane contracts. Tobias Harris is one of the most payed athletes in sports history... let that sink in.
Raymond Luhur
Raymond Luhur:
jimmy butler to josh richardson was really such a big downgrade
Kemba Walker has been absolutely wasted until now.
Embiid, Simmons, fultz, carter Williams’s, Noel, Okafor. Top draft picks year after year and nothing to show for it.
tlyung Tan
tlyung Tan:
Jimmy Butler : " I've told you so..."
Bob Marly
Bob Marly:
As a celtics fan I felt bad for Tobias I hope he is doing well that was a nasty injury, even though he played after I hope that doesn't affect him in the future.
The Legend
The Legend:
Trust the process? I never did lol
Joel Morales
Joel Morales:
Man, Embid played his heart out, still not enough tho, what a shame.
Christopher R
Christopher R:
The process just got processed
Guess we’re gonna have to trust a proces for few more years😂😂
And that's the end of MIKE THEIS vs JASON RICHARDSON for this season, it's been a blast 😂
Dark Nate
Dark Nate:
Nba players like rich lab experiments right now.. Imagine doing all that quarantine and geting swept 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gunner Gunner
Gunner Gunner:
I want to hear Kevin Hart saying something about Philynow 🤣
Samantha Llewellyn
Samantha Llewellyn:
GO CELTICS!!! THE PROCESS 2019-2020 EDITION HAS ENDED!!! HOPE YOU STEP UP FOR YOUR NEXT TASK, THE RAPTORS!!! Kemba, Jayson and Jaylen, you're just amazing!!!!!
9:46 lmao #27 turned into a ghost! 👻
Samantha Llewellyn
Samantha Llewellyn:
76ers, 76ers, where do you go from here?! The team played so convincingly and well on opening night just got swept first round by the team they beat that night...
Well,the Process is dead. THE best result of the Process is 2nd round of the Playoffs in the last 6-7 years. I mean,whaaat?!🤣🤣🤣🤣
They messed up really BAD! It's time to clean up the mess.
Phillip Fry
Phillip Fry:
YungMetro doesnt trust the process.
Hyde Seaik
Hyde Seaik:
The Celtics have to improve for the next match and series against the Raptors. The Celtics have to win.
The Process is now officially cancelled 😂
Charlez Thompson
Charlez Thompson:
Great vid, keep up that work now that playoffs is getting way more interesting.
Antony Apudo
Antony Apudo:
Awesome quality👍
Nicolas Rodrigues dos Santos
Nicolas Rodrigues dos Santos:
1:28 - Kemba seems to glitch to his left when he steps back. So smooth!
Joe Whittle
Joe Whittle:
We all just witnessed a brutal, ugly killing- of a whole franchise. Stunning failure
Gino Israel
Gino Israel:
being a raps fan. the celtics scare me, we only won against them once during the regular season. most of their wins with us were by big scores too.

the raptors have their work cut out for them. celtics look good. im gonna need medications for my anxiety for that series lmao.
First order of business fire Brett Brown and also Elton Brand. Fire'em both!! Lol. Then, find a way to trade Al Horford for almost anything!! Lol.
idani mj5
idani mj5:
*The process* xddd
K K:
Bye Bye Brett Brown
Saint Rei
Saint Rei:
sweep! 😂
Rinbo DC
Rinbo DC:
I saw a glitch 3:03 look closely at boston number 27 going invisible
Uy, Lloyd Zyan Ramos
Uy, Lloyd Zyan Ramos:
Horford's "What am I doing here" moment
i see fools beggin for likes and subs
i see fools beggin for likes and subs:
Havent watch this live. Just wanna know, did embiid cry all over again?
"The process"
Jeremiah K
Jeremiah K:
It’s time for you to leave your team Joel embid 🚫🧢🤣
Ados Korkados
Ados Korkados:
Processed, packaged and sent on its way.
Showdown Master
Showdown Master:
Can’t even lie, Joel Embiid carried 🤷🏾‍♂️ gotta get him outta Philadelphia because the “Process” is just a continuous process to failure
Patrick Romero
Patrick Romero:
0:19 Jaylen Brown blew a kiss on Sixers bench after hitting a three. And a player shoved it off, lol
no more matisse thybulle vlogs bye bye sixers see y’all next season :(
Denny Juice
Denny Juice:
"TrUSt tHe PROceSS"
Welp... The process is over time to blow this UP!!! Welcome to Houston Embid.
work done now go to rest and ready for the next !! Lets go celtics
Goom santi
Goom santi:
3:58 smart trying the theis seal is a bit awkward
Jason Tatum is playing like a super star.
Paul Palado
Paul Palado:
trust the elimination process
Sheldon Myles
Sheldon Myles:
Embid GONE the process has failed him
Well, trust the process😂😂😂😂
76ers defense strategy is weird. They always retreat in pick and roll, and give celtics, one of the best shooting team in NBA, the space to shoot the mid-range and three. It is stupid to put two slow big man to fight against celtics.
124 567
124 567:
U know at this point i kinda want to see a celtics vs lakers finals just once
Bernd X
Bernd X:
Fire Bret Brown, its just that simple. Imagine you got such a physical weapon like embiid in the post, and your not able to Design a System which is Suited for success. Process failed
ToJo Buckets
ToJo Buckets:
so where does Ben end up? thoughts, comments, suggestions ?
Barrack Afrobama
Barrack Afrobama:
Embiid's prime being put to waste in sixers
Moor Moorish
Moor Moorish:
Embiid got swept
Μιχαλης Αργυριου
Μιχαλης Αργυριου:
Can't wait for game 5

Mohammad Angkaya
Mohammad Angkaya:
Tom Guénard
Tom Guénard:
Celtics are so hotttttt🔥🔥🟢
Wahyu Tri Ananda
Wahyu Tri Ananda:
I cant wait to see joel cry again where he is?😂😂
Nam Chau
Nam Chau:
When did Jalen Brown start to play like Kobe ?? That’s some smooth basketball right theree
Angel Rai
Angel Rai:
rip bubble vlogs
Celtic : easiest sweep
Danny Bautista
Danny Bautista:
Congratulations! Boston Celtics 4-0 against Philadelphia 76ers.
Fer Zzz
Fer Zzz:
Get my Man Embiid out of there
The Classic Manila-style
The Classic Manila-style:
Concerning for the Cs even if they swept the series the last 2 games were close. They still take too many outside shots. They gonna have a tough time against toronto playing like this.
Dicky Gowtama
Dicky Gowtama:
i thought this series would be interesting but actually sixers get sweep easily
Tan Kian Hui
Tan Kian Hui:
Playoff Kemba 💥💥💥
Someone called this sweep "exciting". Bruh. Light work
Rivalmuhammad Rifki
Rivalmuhammad Rifki:
Embiid is the mvp🤪
RainBow How
RainBow How:
GG 4:0
Nana N
Nana N:
Swept. Sheeesh
Marc van Osch
Marc van Osch:
The process done goofed up.
K. Suw
K. Suw:
Brett Brown gone for sure and I hope SAS an Skip go off on Embiid tomorrow lol
Little Big Winter
Little Big Winter:
Trade the process!!
Lakers foReva
Lakers foReva:
“ thrash the process”......
Andrei Dinu
Andrei Dinu:
I just hope my Cs can win the Raptors series without Hayward, or hold the Fort long enough till he comes back.
Ryan Star
Ryan Star:
Shake Milton looks like Charlemagne lmao
Yeah baby. Sweep
Dedi Saputra
Dedi Saputra:
I feel bad for embiid 😭..he put everything to his team but no one lift ed up to help him. Better for him go to warriors. Curry and klay would help him get a ring
roberto andres
roberto andres:
that coach is gone soon.
Travis TWP
Travis TWP:
What process?
Shermane Callahan
Shermane Callahan:
76ers forgot how to play defense...
Weng Lee
Weng Lee:
9:15 Al: "Should've stay in Boston,damn"
Damien Lablanche
Damien Lablanche:
Wanamaker made it to 2nd round tho
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee:
Al Hoford , lol
Jack Liu
Jack Liu:
Brett Brown prolly getting fired tomorrow