Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors Full GAME 5 Highlights | September 7 | NBA Playoffs

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Celtics vs Raptors Game 5

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MLG Highlights:
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Алексей Турченик
Алексей Турченик:
Usually i don't watch porn in the morning
Muhammad Faiz
Muhammad Faiz:
theis is so underrated man
Dario Courtney
Dario Courtney:
Just like OKC getting Chris Paul. They really did well getting rid of Irving for Walker!! 🙏🙏
Not quite my tempo
Not quite my tempo:
Man, the last time raptors got so creamed it was an extinction level event
This was a good example of what the Celtics are able to accomplish! Even only shooting 32.4% for 3s, their defense was amazing 👏
Yonatan Ayichew
Yonatan Ayichew:
Jaylen brown dunk was so good even i felt it
Mbek Empus
Mbek Empus:
Celtics may have lost Horford but they got an upgrade who's way cheaper than him in Theis
João Vitor Santos Batista
João Vitor Santos Batista:
Daniel Theis is STRONG German, good pivot
Gasol regressed alot. It's time for him for the bench roles
Kyle lowry needs to stop flopping. Its getting annoying
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt:
i bet "Raptors Nation" and "Demarvelous Dechosen" are hiding like clowns. they disappear after every loss. toronto fans were yelling "raps in 5" like uneducated high school dropouts who work fast food drive-throughs.
Honestly, the asteroid wasn't even this harsh when it wiped out the raptors.
When Siakam was watching too much WWE that he unconsciously triggers the sweet chin music 😂🕴🏻
Justine Francisco
Justine Francisco:
Celtics defense is on fire. Hope they can continue it in game 6.
Showdown Master
Showdown Master:
It’s time for these fossils to go home
Ayanda Zulu
Ayanda Zulu:
Boston is just more talented literally in every position
Mbek Empus
Mbek Empus:
Celtics will eliminate the raptors in game 6.
Alphonso Aquarius
Alphonso Aquarius:
The key to us progressing - Daniel Thesis and Jaylen Brown when they have an exceptional game offensively and defensively the rest follow through.
Ethan Prunier
Ethan Prunier:
1:46 JB throwing it down
Rudy Pinheiro
Rudy Pinheiro:
Siakan did the "HI - YA" Shaqtin a fool move on Theis. LMAO
Francisco Rezzett
Francisco Rezzett:
I want to see Luka and Tatum playing in the same team.
Michael Ethier
Michael Ethier:
At 75-47pts the Raptors should've walked off the court in protest like Kenny Smith did. What a spanking!
About DeTox
About DeTox:
Everyone becoming a Theis fan this series
Dor Ben David
Dor Ben David:
Keep starting Marc "washed up" Gasol and that's what you get
Andrei Dinu
Andrei Dinu:
This is why I love the Celtics: everyone saw they were too stubborn on the 3 last game. They watched film, made adjustments and this game they went to the paint like crazy, which opened up space for their shooters later on.
Rodrigo Madureira
Rodrigo Madureira:
6:30 that’s why I never liked Kyle Lowry, The Celtics are great with Theis, Kemba, Brown, Tatum love them all.
Jaylen brown has been shutting down everyone he guards.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
I'm a Raptors Fan, but Boston is a good team too, I'm good with whoever wins- that being said, DAMN- Celtics must of read and seen comments and analysts saying "They should have won game 3, Raptors are running away with this" because Boston came out and Shut. It. DOWN. at this point no shame if Raptors go out in 6, because Boston here, and game 1, have crazy energy, drive, and skill -- I enjoy the Clippers and Lakers too, but they're both just kinda puttering around= Celtics and Heat both want it this year, I'm thinking the winner of the ECF takes the Title
this video starts off with "so evenly matched".......well not today....
Where is all the raptors fans that said 'raptors in 6' lol your team got blew out🤣🤣🤣
Unlinked Carbon
Unlinked Carbon:
Theis and the Celtics were on a blocking party. Locked in Defense wins championships. And they fire on the offensive end.
A Clockwork Black
A Clockwork Black:
4:03 plays like that have you thinking, "Damn the celtics are good."
ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ
ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ:
1:37 New paradigm of 'In your face' lol 🤣
Celtics took the game and ran with it! 🍀They are just better in many ways. Great run Raptors, but this is it
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR:
*Clearly, regardless of whoever wins they will surely have a tough time with Miami Heat*
A Friend
A Friend:
These celtics got their number man.
Bryan Kalumba
Bryan Kalumba:
Put some respect on Jaylen Brown guys!! he played hard each soon as he caught that body they couldn't stop him!!
Kyle Shallow
Kyle Shallow:
Wtf the game just finished broo💀😭
Toms Ģelzis
Toms Ģelzis:
This was the real Bostons Block Party 🤫💪
Kimberly Becoat
Kimberly Becoat:
One more C's!
This is what should have happened in game 3
paul roberts
paul roberts:
1:39 We need Joe Rogan commentating out here
Yu-Han Chang
Yu-Han Chang:
would love to see Heat against Celtics in eastern final
Ryan Reginaldo Sarco
Ryan Reginaldo Sarco:
game 7 for sure, this is all business
Parak Crizaldo
Parak Crizaldo:
Nice intro!!
kuya benit0
kuya benit0:
It's time to make Pau Gasul as secondary center.His defense is weak in play off
PriinceBrvce - Amad Traore is a prodigy
PriinceBrvce - Amad Traore is a prodigy:
I’m not getting excited because this was just like the series against the Cavs 2 years ago. We had a 3-2 lead, then end up losing the series. This is far from over
John Q
John Q:
Hmz Zrg
Hmz Zrg:
Momentum huh
Dicky Gowtama
Dicky Gowtama:
Tight Defense is a key in this game great job by celtics
Ta Ta
Ta Ta:
Last one I wanna see celtics vs lakers in finals again
James Corgan
James Corgan:
what shoes does the kemba walker wear?
Rama Maulana
Rama Maulana:
"RaPT0r iN 6"
Dedi Saputra
Dedi Saputra:
Mann..Theis so underrated
marc saliba
marc saliba:
Omg what just happened with our defense
Prathmesh Kulkarni
Prathmesh Kulkarni:
This game showed how important turning defence into offense is
Tsepi James
Tsepi James:
That was sad to watch man
Ian Futalan
Ian Futalan:
Man. 2020 Playoffs is intense. 🔥 🔥 🔥
Lol perfect back kick
Sweet chin music from Siakam
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce:
Feels bad seeing the Bucks and the Raptors getting wiped, Celtics and Heat on ECF I'm calling it if it is serious
Karol Osuchowski
Karol Osuchowski:
This defense is why my Raps only passed 50 pts towards the end of the 3rd quarter. I have to respect that.
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation:
These refs ain't shit how Raptors didnt get into the bonus until the last 5 minutes of the game smfh and for the love of God Nick Nurse stop playing Gasol this series, he's not needed give Rondae, Thomas and Boucher more minutes I wouldn't mind seeing Watson neither.
Michael Ethier
Michael Ethier:
After that blowout the refs can't possibly help the Craptors anymore in this series. Just let them play so Boston can get some rest until next round. Celtics are so much better, refs keep extending the series.
Beautiful game
Daniel Porchas
Daniel Porchas:
Great victory for Boston Celtics !!! They applied good defense and team chemistry. By statistics the team that wins the 5th game when the series is tied 2-2 wins the series with 82% Go Celtics go !!! 🍀
basketball.lit. edits
basketball.lit. edits:
Green Football
Green Football:
Kxy 11
Kxy 11:
Raptors look tired and tensed.
Eustass ウルキオラ
Eustass ウルキオラ:
Daniel Theis 🔥
Caesar sumampouw
Caesar sumampouw:
Raptors in 7 We TRUST
çapsız abidin
çapsız abidin:
1:40 karete
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez:
The audio on the commentators is lit.
Milos Jovanovic
Milos Jovanovic:
*After the Jaylen Brown dunk. . it was pretty much over from there*
Basically celtics, rockets and miami playing small ball but only lakers noticed and made adjustments
Dumbass Assass
Dumbass Assass:
Just came to see that kick to the face tbr
Ta Ta
Ta Ta:
Y'all know who gonna win cause for number 1 the sixers haven't changed anything about there team so sweep
Hillary Nicolas
Hillary Nicolas:
Siakam ??? Whats happening
The raptors were just nonexistent this game, damn. bounce back in game 6?
Aurelien Machu
Aurelien Machu:
Yes c'est bon ça 😉 #goceltics
someone tell me how many buzzers have kemba gotten in this playoff run?? lmao
Greg House
Greg House:
This match showed that toronto needs kawhai, someone who would now what to do with the ball and dont get blocked at the rim so many times. But Boston is just better then them in every single way GO BOSTON💯
Celtics VS Heats. Battle of 1Star+Multi super rookie teams
Daniel Theis is a product of individual hard work, smart plays/positioning, and great coaching.
Bongo Fury
Bongo Fury:
I thought the bouncy ball players were going to boycott over a convicted felon being put down?
I wish they would make up their minds about how upset they are.......
Bonsu The Tiger
Bonsu The Tiger:
Original Explorer
Original Explorer:
Game 7
Replace Marc Gasol with RHJ in the rotation
SA 826
SA 826:
Where those ungrateful raptors fans now?

Be happy Kawhi blessed u Canadians with an American championship. Raps without Kawhi are obviously good but not fucken amazing
PG trojka
PG trojka:
You still can do it without Kawhi, eh? I always knew the answer was... NOPE! But very good season for the Raptors, no doubt. I didn't even expect them to be this good without Kawhi.
Erick Saguid
Erick Saguid:
I think raptors will go down for this
Canadians Arestupid
Canadians Arestupid:
Booòo canada....
anyone else annoyed with Stan Van Gundy?
Nkwenkwezi Rulumeni
Nkwenkwezi Rulumeni:
No defense, just vibes from the Raptors. Honestly heartbroken.