Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors Full GAME 6 Highlights | September 9 | NBA Playoffs

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Celtics vs Raptors Game 6

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
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El Dio
El Dio:
After years of Kyle Lowry slander, I must admit I was wrong. He is clutch
Frenzyl Marks
Frenzyl Marks:
I think Mike Breen just set a record for most "BANG!" calls in a game
James G
James G:
five guys on the floor in OT were selected 23rd (Anunoby), 24th (Lowry), 27th (Siakam), 46th (Powell) and undrafted (VanVleet)
Dan Laurence30
Dan Laurence30:
Gasol's Championship Haircut is Back 😂
Zed A
Zed A:
my heart was pounding like a mofo during last few mins of 4th and entire OT
THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING GAME EVER. The Raptors are definition of team spirit

Raps in 7 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Bangoura Foulematou
Bangoura Foulematou:
Damn, This is prabably the best game of the second round.
Entertaining from the begining to the end. Can't wait for game 7
VanVleet and Lowry is like Samwise and Frodo from LOTR, they're duo in a mission 🔥⭕
Q: What does an New York Knicks fan do when his team has won the NBA Finals? 

A: He turns off the PlayStation 3.
Lowry and the Raps really BUILT different!!! Game 7 going to be super stressful for both fans alike..but aye man I think I gotta choose the defending champs for this one. #ForTheChip #Kemba5Points
every single time someone says the series is over we lose. after game 2 celtics were up 2-0 and stephen a smith said it was over. and then celtics win game 5 and again he says it’s over and now we are game 7 🤦🏽‍♂️
atak deng
atak deng:
Kyle Lowry the greatest raptor of all time, if he wins this series no doubt 1st ballot hall of famer!
Sucky Sucky Fucky Fucky
Sucky Sucky Fucky Fucky:
Kyle lowry was playing like his life was on the line
This was the best game of the playoffs no cap
Aina Nirina
Aina Nirina:
Seriously? Where is Lowry’s dagger with 10 left?!
Scott Keane
Scott Keane:
What I really hate about this team is how they are continually dismissed by commentators. This is a team that has a lot of heart and is fighting for its life amongst the big boys. Americans need to Respect the North.
Celtics will always remember those 0.5 seconds when they lose this series
Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer
Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer:
Bruh spicy P signed that big contract just to disappear in the playoffs
Danang Dwiatma
Danang Dwiatma:
KEMBA played 50+ minutes only to score 5 pts. Cant do that when you're a liabilty on defense. It's gonna be an epic game 7 tho
Antuco Black
Antuco Black:
This is the Lowry I know from NBA 2K!
Marlon anan
Marlon anan:
Guys like Stephen Smith have no credibility ! Why do they even hire that loud mouth buffon?
Steely Phil
Steely Phil:
Either The Mitchell vs Murray duel or this was the best game of the Playoffs so far..
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR:
*Miami Heat rubbing their hands like Birdman playboi*
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson:
Toronto wins Game 7, Boston is morally dead today!
German Rudecindo
German Rudecindo:
spend like 3 minutes straight refeshing the page lmao
Zeid Shukri
Zeid Shukri:
nick nurse is insane
Never count out the Raptors, team full of grit and determination. Kyle Lowry is the best Raptor of all time, no debate. Heart of a champion🇨🇦🏀
This game was so intense WOW
Russ West0
Russ West0:
Never Underestimate the heart of a Champion 💯
Take This L
Take This L:
from almost an 0-3 hole to forcing a Game7, the Raptors just keeps on proving the casuals wrong that Kawhi carried them to a chip last season...💪💪
Showdown Master
Showdown Master:
Kyle Lowry is the most underrated PG in the league. Change my mind rn 😤
I see what y’all doing refs , trynna get that LAC vs Raps final so it can be “Kawhi vs his old team”
Hamz Mz
Hamz Mz:
Powell stepped up 2nd ot 👀
tariq hussain
tariq hussain:
Daily reminder that siakam was an all star starter this year. Lowry,powell, and fvv carried his ass today
Dream Soda
Dream Soda:
Raptors with the never say die attitude. RESPECT!
Carly Edwards
Carly Edwards:
This game gave everyone heart attacks
Mohammad Cali
Mohammad Cali:
Last year's playoffs and NBA Finals definitely changed Kyle Lowry. He saw how Kawhi Leonard was locked-in and performed during last year's playoffs and Finals.
Dan L
Dan L:
heart of a champion!
Brandon King
Brandon King:
Funny thing is both teams keep losing at their home court lol
beat itnoww
beat itnoww:
Lowry u killing me man loved those 3s go Raptors to the finals again
Kevin Alter
Kevin Alter:
Celtics still doesn't have that mentality yet
Yo Fam
Yo Fam:
Let’s wait until Game 7 💯we gon seee who’s built for this
Ally Gii
Ally Gii:
My man Lowry playing like a true champion! 💯.
Desmond Styles
Desmond Styles:
Og is blooming. Hand the torch to him. He has heart.
Two socks
Two socks:
Smart shoulda passed it to Kemba on the very last play instead of throwing a wild prayer. There was still time, but it's tough to make these last second decisions without panicking.
Ulrich Nansi
Ulrich Nansi:
Siakam in the bench. Powell in the 5. I don't know why Spicy P play like that.
Terence Cheung
Terence Cheung:
213rfghu nm
213rfghu nm:
Stevens should keep Smart on Lowry he’s the only one that can clamp him up
Caleb Anaru
Caleb Anaru:
most stressful game i have watched in a long time. my heart cant take it D:
vanessa gomez
vanessa gomez:
David Jackson
David Jackson:
Would be crazy if Raptors get back to The Finals.. Would be even crazier if they repeat!!
Kyle Lowry is the most underrated player in the league. He's a top 5 point guard
Kemba Walker 5pts 18%Fg ( never saw that percentage before apart from 0%)

troy matthew pardillo
troy matthew pardillo:
do y'all think Fred deserves to be an all star?

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Pacman The Veteran
Pacman The Veteran:
When Stephen A said it’s over, don’t ever estimate the heart ❤️ of a champions
2:23 Did anyone hear Mike Breen say Serge Ibiaker? (more like serge iblocker, am i right?!??! xdxdxxd)
Kemba played like a** this game but he clearly got fouled and refs ignored it
Andy Zhou
Andy Zhou:
Holy crap, my heart was in my mouth watching those highlights from 7:50 onwards. Shoutout from the UK :)
Dwight Villanueva
Dwight Villanueva:
We gonna win this ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
If not I'm still staying.
*Raptors in 7.*
Pat Tanackered
Pat Tanackered:
Great fight from my Raptors but credit to the Celtics who've proved a lot of experts wrong on the quality that they have. Spicy P needs to step up next game
Conor Reddington
Conor Reddington:
I feel like JT loses the ball in every clutch moment. I love him but I just prefer kemba in those situations
Dodo Soedjana
Dodo Soedjana:
Sick game bruuuuhhhhh. The winner of this series gonna beat the heat on the next play
Sports Hoops
Sports Hoops:
9:25 kemba is open lietrally smh, marcus smart overt confident
Chinga Eland
Chinga Eland:
Bang coMmentator must have lOved life’s a trip Bang 😂
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
The road team has won every game this series. Raptor fans need to step it up in Game 7 and make their voices heard. Make the atmosphere as hostile as possible.
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen:
Lowry was so good at defense, even at key moments. In general, when the game jumped to OT, i think it's all about mentality
Ayanon Bae
Ayanon Bae:
Watching this live took couple years of my life.. 😩😩
Azariah Irungu
Azariah Irungu:
Now that was a game of professional basketball .🤝🏽
G - Ang
G - Ang:
Whoever you do support, you have to respect Raps. No superstar, no Green still 2nd seed and a very good chance for East finals.
Not gonna lie...i've been sleeping on Kyle Lowry for years. That dude can play!!!
5:58 when the teacher asks you to read in class
Hakeem Olaijiwan
Hakeem Olaijiwan:
If the Celtics lose this after being 3-1 up and their entire fanbase acting like they gon beat the heat already im going to lmao😂😂 clowns
Omid Reisi
Omid Reisi:
I swear to god the game just feels different with Mike Breen on hand, a legend👏👏
Carly Edwards
Carly Edwards:
This was game was close to the dime, went into 2 overtime’s.
James Shkreli van Hoogstraten
James Shkreli van Hoogstraten:
Bro this video could’ve easily been 15 minutes. Why only 9:44?
H e a v e n
H e a v e n:
bro this game is 🔥
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo:
Lowry gets tickled by a feather: flagrant foul

Kemba gets whacked in the face going for the win: no call
k k
k k:
I want Celtics to go ahead they're packed this year.
Amirul Khairi
Amirul Khairi:
what a great game, high quality basketball from both teams.
9:05 Tatum flopping looking like Marcus Smart
YOOOO Smarts dive at the end is hilarious hahaha
EpEp MeNeSeS
EpEp MeNeSeS:
I've heard so many BANG, PUTS IT IN in this game...
Marvellous Media
Marvellous Media:
what a gameeeeeee !! Kyle Lowery playing his heart outt
David Roby
David Roby:
If you slow it down and look closely, Marcus Smart Flops at the end.😂
Alexis Alvarado
Alexis Alvarado:
2:04 we ain’t gonna call a travel😂?
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez:
Lowry makes a good game
Raptors fans: GOAT😂
I gotta give it up for the Raptors, I thought they were going home today
Selvin Fernandez
Selvin Fernandez:
As a neutral fan watching this game, it still shaved off at least 5 years of my life. Holy shit that was an insane game.
marcus smart flopping till the end
rockstar papi
rockstar papi:
this refs ruin the game
how was kemba not fouled
Omg I can't that serie makes me going crazy ! I'm for the Raptors but Celtics had played a more beautiful basket than our Dinos in that serie, so I wouldn't be disappointed if they win.
Isaac Vs Gaming
Isaac Vs Gaming:
5:57 Mans tried to save the ball and gets destroyed!!!
Kyle Lowry drops 33 pts, 6 ast, 8 reb, 2 stl to force fane 7
I said it once I'll say it again. Kemba is a great player but doesn't fit this team.

One of the CRAZIEST games of the year!
Scott -O
Scott -O:
Kakarot_79 Leathal
Kakarot_79 Leathal:
Damn I really hope it’s raptors in 7‼️
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot:
What if I told you, these dinosaurs refused to go extinct? ESPN 30 for 30 presents...Heart of a Champion. Friday night at 7:30 EST.
Kill Em Cinco
Kill Em Cinco:
MLG the game literally just ended. You my GOAT this quarantine 💪