Breaking down how Marc Gasol improves the Lakers | The Max Kellerman Show

Max Kellerman reacts to Los Angeles finalizing a 2-year deal with Marc Gasol and shares how Gasol will impact the Lakers in comparison to JaVale McGee.
#NBA #Max

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100+ comentarios:

Zane Rosen
Zane Rosen:
Is it just me or is it super weird not hearing Stephen A Smith scream at Max Kellerman
Gabriel Dorta Hernández
Gabriel Dorta Hernández:
Max: The Clippers are coming...
Me: *activates Stephen A. Smith impression*
Mikhail Britanico
Mikhail Britanico:
I'm kinda bothered with how he's pronouncing Javale's name.
Sulaiman LFC
Sulaiman LFC:
jaVAL mcgee
Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner:
I’m confident Trez will be a much improved defender when you have AD backing you up as opposed to Zubac
JiTir Flatscreen
JiTir Flatscreen:
Im gonna miss javale💜💛
Giordany Lormeus
Giordany Lormeus:
"The clippers are coming" says the boy who cried wolf🤣😂🤦🏿‍♂️
Reno Moshavi
Reno Moshavi:
Max be butchering people's names...
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew:
The clippers are trash lol they nowhere near the lakers level lol.
El Diablo
El Diablo:
Max” I’m a lakers fan agian” kellerman
Cash Evans
Cash Evans:
I totally agree with Max Trez was overused with Clippers
To each his own
To each his own:
Title should say Breaking down how lebron is the GM
Pro Killer
Pro Killer:
Marc Gasol is on the path of his Big bro and Iam damm sure Like his brother he will make the whole Laker nation proud👍 # Team La
Julian Gabriel Tinapay
Julian Gabriel Tinapay:
Woj projectile sounds a bit... Nevermind
Joao Lucas Villela
Joao Lucas Villela:
i love how this man always acepts his errors
Aya Bhojwani
Aya Bhojwani:
Thank you Javale 💜💛
Landlord Film
Landlord Film:
Blessings to whoever is reading this!
Let's face it - Gasol's only purpose is to be ready when they'll be facing Jokic. And for that he was the best option out there.
Clippers aint coming nowhere😂😂 they not even close to the lakers
kellie pastellie
kellie pastellie:
👏Very refreshing not having to see or hear SAS. Thank You ESPN!! ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving 🙌
Dick Thunder
Dick Thunder:
My favorite part was when he finally pronounced Schröder's name right for once and immediately corrected himself and said it wrong again.
Becky Garcia
Becky Garcia:
I like Kellerman so much more when he isn't on First Take. Him and Stephen A just don't mesh well.
Max what you talking about McGee plays like a wild man with no control that’s why he didn’t play in the playoffs
Harrison Hunter
Harrison Hunter:
I didn't know JaVale's name was JaVall.
Tbh Max is doing a great job. It’s refreshing to hear somebody talk sports without screaming or trying to be funny.
Miguel Barrientos
Miguel Barrientos:
The amount of mispronouncing names here
Max's voice is really nice for podcasting. Doesn't yell, doesn't spit at the mic, doesn't breathe heavy.
Jie Ping Schee
Jie Ping Schee:
I'm just thankful that Lakers managed to get rid of Danny Green.
Rob G's Gaming
Rob G's Gaming:
Glad to see Bron have a competent GM.
I like the show Max! Keep it up!
Akwenda N
Akwenda N:
Dude, you were banking on Kawhi and the Clippers.
Er'body remembers
Jn Mc
Jn Mc:
If I was that mic I’d be like ”back off man”
Drdilan Hasan
Drdilan Hasan:
regina katherine
regina katherine:
I'm kinda bothered with how he's pronouncing Javale's name.
The Opinions Podcast
The Opinions Podcast:
Can’t be the only one that found the ‘woj projectile’ line funny😂
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel
XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel:
Let’s Go Lakers For The Back To Back Champions 🏆
Ramon Marrufo
Ramon Marrufo:
Is that how JavAL is pronounced.
Jayden Moon
Jayden Moon:
Is Max trolling with JaVale's name lol
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis:
by hopping on the bandwagon
Sean Akari
Sean Akari:
Love going down the rabbit hole
Tommy Graves
Tommy Graves:
Repeat... end of conversation
Rosie Wyatt
Rosie Wyatt:
Im gonna miss javale💜💛
Alex Amerling
Alex Amerling:
Our bench is 🔥. Go Lakers!
Guillermo Vazquez
Guillermo Vazquez:
Gasol gonna kill teams on the high post
Isn’t he on First Take with Stephan A??
Imma miss Javale's sideline cheerleading LOL
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du:
254th comment
Kelly Petty Jr.
Kelly Petty Jr.:
Steroids improve Lebron
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
Marc gasol good.
That's y
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent:
NBA be about as unscripted as the elections bruh
Dj Jones
Dj Jones:
Is it possible for this man not to give a half-assed compliment ? 🤣
What Max doesn't mention is Gasol's passing skills. I think that's the biggest thing he'll add to this team, along with being an anchor on defense. I'm worried about his speed, though.
Woj projectile 😂😂
Michael Hession
Michael Hession:
Yes we get it but AD has yet to make his decision for next year though.
KB Hall
KB Hall:
Watching opening night... seems Gasol only slows us down. I really wish the Lakers had kept Howard or McGee
bruh why does he keep saying javaaal McGee
T Jay
T Jay:
Wow talking about gasol so much all of a sudden? Geeeeeeee wonder why!!!
Asmit Singh
Asmit Singh:
Sebas Titan
Sebas Titan:
Marc didn’t hit a three in the playoffs until game 6 of the Celtics series. He’s a shell of what he was
Quamil Foster
Quamil Foster:
I thought Gasol retired.
Carl Ladd
Carl Ladd:
Gasol does not help the lakers 😂
Gabriel Padrigo
Gabriel Padrigo:
forgot about wesley matthews
Philippines Unfiltered
Philippines Unfiltered:
Great move
Imani Raimey
Imani Raimey:
Take it from a GSW fan losing javale hurts. A true rim protector 😎💪
Reese Draper
Reese Draper:
Wesley mathews
Lebron gonna get trezz and dennis that big contract in future...
Steve Horn
Steve Horn:
How is Marc Gasol on a minimum contract just a solid move?? That is a brilliant move!!
Angela Dawson
Angela Dawson:
I totally agree with Max Trez was overused with Clippers
Justin Whalen
Justin Whalen:
I totally agree with Max Trez was overused with Clippers
sam fgvn
sam fgvn:
I totally agree with Max Trez was overused with Clippers
How can this guy call himself an "analyst" when he can't even pronounce players names?
steven whiters
steven whiters:
Lol it’s crazy how people so in love with signing but was downing the Dwight Howard before last season
Dennis Shrader is a solid player....i really like him play even it ATL...also like that patch on his head
Bretti Cobra
Bretti Cobra:
Lavelle was getting too many rings for lebron
Like Gods
Like Gods:
Go buy stocks
dis credited 1
dis credited 1:
2nd Gasol to have Chip with the Lakers 🏆💪👏
Mario Sisinni
Mario Sisinni:
Max is so much easier to listen to when he's not trying to compete with Stephen A.
J Mar
J Mar:
Nuggets got worse. Whos gonna guard Lebron on that team? 🤣🤣🤣 Jemichael Green 😭😭😭
Hurelulga Enkhtur
Hurelulga Enkhtur:
Why judt stay with mccgge and take gasol both 😭😭😭
salman nasir
salman nasir:
Blazers have made some nice moves. Dont sleep on them!
All this talk and A.D still hasn't signed back with the Lakers.
Chris Miller
Chris Miller:
any players in Vogel's system will improve the defense. No excuses
Lakers won the championship! Correction other teams need to get ready for the Lakers because they are stacked now!
Gerard Shorts
Gerard Shorts:
The flippers are coming where to get knocked out 2 round again!!!!!!!!!😆 🤣 😂 😹
Jordan Carr
Jordan Carr:
I’m a massive Stephen A Smith fan but I have to admit I like hearing Max formulate thoughts without Stephen A waiting there to pounce on him 😂
Fred Pitts
Fred Pitts:
Marc Gasol is on the path of his Big bro and Iam damm sure Like his brother he will make the whole Laker nation proud👍 # Team La
Gelati Boyzz
Gelati Boyzz:
Y’all don’t even gotta tell us man 😭😂😂
C Park
C Park:
Gasol can stretch the floor? Really? Because the Celtics were leaving him open and daring him to shoot. Brad Stevens drew the blueprint of how to take Gasol completely out of the game. Any well studied opposing coach will do the same.

Max doesn’t watch the Raptors and it’s obvious every time he speaks about them or their current/former players.
Tyler k
Tyler k:
So is Stephen a Smith just not gonna talk about the Lakers now🤣
K T:
If they kept Dwight they would look invincible, still pretty good tho
Who care anymore
Nick Jim
Nick Jim:
Still feel like they need one more rim protector/rim runner to replace the combined presence of Dwight and Javale. Gasol is smart and physical, but he lacks the vertical element of those 2 guys. I feel like they could've tried to sign Whiteside, he only got 2.3 mil anyway. He's kind of an erratic player but when put next to Bron and used in doses I think he could still be very useful.
I hope Gasol drops a couple of pounds and gets in real good shape. Then the Lakers have a GREAT playoff asset on both ends.
Angela Dawson
Angela Dawson:
Max be butchering people's names...
D Estrada
D Estrada:
Woj firecracker
Jamie Hanson
Jamie Hanson:
Max be butchering people's names...
All I'm gonna say is that marc gasol had one of the worsr semifinals performance I've ever seen vs the celtics the dude couldn't buy a bucket.