BREAKING! EMILIA CLARKE JOINS THE MCU Details Revealed for the Marvel Disney Plus tv series the Game of Thrones and Star Wars actor is joining...
A brand new major toy company leak confirmed Avengers Level Cross over for Marvels Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness... including characters from Marvel Phase 4 to be introduced in the future Disney Plus series including Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Hawkeye, Black widow, Shang-Chi and Spider-Man 3 No Way Home...
The entire MARVEL PHASE 5 SLATE all trailers footage and new series announcements for disney plus, all footage shown at the Disney Investors Day meeting. Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege reveals all new titles and talks about the upcoming marvel phase 4 and marvel phase 5 movies and disney + shows....

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100+ comentarios:

Marv Dex
Marv Dex:
"I dont want Star Wars actors becoming Marvel actors" - Samuel L. Jackson: am i a joke to you?
Noah Adams
Noah Adams:
I kinda hope she’s not just some skrull. Shes such a good actress I was hoping she’d play a major mutant like Emma frost
Fayzan Kowshik
Fayzan Kowshik:
She has such a child-like enthusiasm for her craft.
It’s really awesome.
Eitan Baranes
Eitan Baranes:
She posted it on her story so it's officially confirmed.
Reinaldo Ortiz
Reinaldo Ortiz:
It great that she’s joining the MCU, not thinking she was going to be brought back in a Star Wars movie
Agent Smith
Agent Smith:
Everyone's stardom took a major hit from The Final Season of Game of Thrones
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith:
I love her. Because the Solo movie didn’t do well I am glad they found a way to use her somewhere else.
Good Treasure Entertainment
Good Treasure Entertainment:
While Emilia was staring in GoT she would be out with other actors from the show and people wouldn’t recognize her. She told the story of how she was asked the hold the camera and take a pic of one of her fellow cast members and a fan. They had no idea who she was without the blonde wig. She’ll be fine.
I think that if an actor is good enough it doesn’t matter what other characters they play.
Fabio Coccia
Fabio Coccia:
I’m excited she’s an awesome actor can’t wait to see her in a new roll
Rachel Gilmore-Jones
Rachel Gilmore-Jones:
She's like Jason.. They can play in anything and rock the role.. No type cast about her
Chuck Bennett
Chuck Bennett:
She can play any part and I will watch.
Oneil Henry
Oneil Henry:
She should be cast in a role that will be continous. Really good actress.
Corey Sjoden
Corey Sjoden:
Hopefully it’s a recurring character and not just a one shot. Loved her in GoT
If she plays Abigail Brand they sword Director she better be a mutant alien hybrid and green hair and shades like she is in the comics or I’m gonna be pissed
Kermit Craft
Kermit Craft:
Michael: We don't want to see marvel actors in star wars.
Meanwhile: Rosario Dawson already being in marvel and star wars.
chimaican chimaican
chimaican chimaican:
Once you're in the House of Mouse, cross over to the different studios is inevitable. I can think of so many actors that we'll likely be seeing in the future projects, including the child actors.
Can’t wait for her role 😍
Gary Wastle
Gary Wastle:
She’s cool, barely recognizable from one role to the next, really good actress.
Goldedslyjay 2004
Goldedslyjay 2004:
i’m excited to see what role she plays in secret invasion. all i know is that she’ll do a good job in her role. (hopefully)
OMG YES!! She beautiful actress. I hope she’s not a side character. Like I really want her to be a main character
I have no idea what role she could play, I just want XMen casting.
Innocent Simelane
Innocent Simelane:
Such talent I hope its a long contract hero...
Oh damn! No chance of recasting Mera now lol

EDIT: Sam Jackson is both Windu AND Fury! Who gives a hoot!
Eric Hanscom
Eric Hanscom:
The Secret Invasion story needs a strong Spider-woman. Clarke might be able to pull that off.
Dhruv Sibal
Dhruv Sibal:
She’s an amazing actress can’t wait to see her in the MCU
I hope she stays if she has a role. She is an amazing actress and she plays her characters really well.
Michael Sansivero
Michael Sansivero:
I would guess that she’s playing a Skrull...possibly even one in charge. I could see them casting her in a royal role, figuring her precious portrayal.
Maybe she'll be playing Talos and Soren's daughter grown up 🤔
Fr tho. Now it means whenever I get to see her on the screen, I will be seeing the Queen of Dragons
Court Jester
Court Jester:
At this point who hasn’t been in Marvel. Let said I’m glad she’s making an appearance and hopefully staying for a while
Rozanne Chénier
Rozanne Chénier:
What ever role she plays, she'll be awesome
Carolyn Hamilton
Carolyn Hamilton:
I'm sure she's going to be wonderful regardless of the role she has...
Jonathan Vega
Jonathan Vega:
With this and Eternals there’s so many game of thrones characters in the MCU
I just want to see these movies come out in my life time lol
Famuyide Oluwasegun
Famuyide Oluwasegun:
Wow I just can't wait to see her in marvel studios..
Michael P
Michael P:
Can’t wait to see which role she plays 👍
Triphammer Slammer
Triphammer Slammer:
Tchalla was pivotal in the comics version of secret invasion 😢
Nova Enterprises
Nova Enterprises:
I've never heard of her, but I'm sure she'll be great!
Love her! Can't wait to see what role will she end up playing.
Ooh looking forward to see what kind of character she'll portray! :D She can be such a goof in Behind-The-Scenes, hope she'll bring some of that to the role!
Ryan Ragsdale
Ryan Ragsdale:
Its so cool how you always have the same background music in your videos. I always look forward to it whenever your video pops up 🔥
Adam Mahmat
Adam Mahmat:
What a cast of great actors this is bringing together. So excited!
Heath Hoover
Heath Hoover:
Love the Queen of Dragons starring in a Marvel movie or series!
Charlie Williams
Charlie Williams:
If they're a good enough actor, it doesn't matter what they've done before they'll still inhabit their role in the MCU.
Marvel has a tendency of casting some of the most beautiful women in the world in full makeup/cgi roles so, she's probably going to be a Skrull XD
nik thurnbeck
nik thurnbeck:
I wouldn’t worry about any role from Solo becoming iconic.
John Camacho
John Camacho:
"I don't want to see Daisy Ridley as Spider-Woman".....hahaha I spat out my food and laughed my head off at that
Christine Troyan
Christine Troyan:
Love her! Can't wait to see what she plays.
Jeni MQuimson
Jeni MQuimson:
Can't wait to see her in MCU!
MCU Forever
MCU Forever:
I have been waiting for this video for years.
i don't mind crossovers actors that much if they are able to really BE a different character.
Jonas Concepcion
Jonas Concepcion:
I would like Emlia to be the new Moira MacTaggert, I think she's got that vibe about her
Olaide Sulaiman
Olaide Sulaiman:
Looking forward to seeing her in superhero mode
Julia Sanders
Julia Sanders:
Jackson was in Star Wars as well. I think it depends on the actor and the person they play if it is an Alain and not a human that will help us to now see the same character in the different shows.
Ink Dweller
Ink Dweller:
If Kit Harington is coming in from Jon Snow to The Black Knight then would Emilia Clarke who was Queen in GoT come in as the Queen skrull Veranke then that would be a surprise 🤣
Andrew Scina
Andrew Scina:
This is unexpected, but welcome. They've been good at Marvel with casting so far, very excited to see how to X-Men integrate.
Austin Sawyer
Austin Sawyer:
I’m okay with this she’s so phenomenal I want her in my favorite franchise
Most of the best Star Wars characters were played by previously unknown actors. There are so many stories to be told, and so many great actors that we just don't even know yet.
Jan T
Jan T:
I have sooooooo been waiting for this. Yasssssssss!
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
I’m down for this she’s an extremely talented actress and I haven’t seen the vid yet but whoever she plays I’m sure she will play well
Hugh Ennis
Hugh Ennis:
I immediately saw her in Skrull makeup when I read this, I am okay with it, very appealing actress.
Louise Jennings
Louise Jennings:
Those actors would probably be a bit grumpy about being told they’re not allowed to cross IPs because their role is too iconic. That sort of thinking is what leads to really good actors and actresses not wanting to sign on to roles that carry on for multiple movies: they don’t want to end up pigeonholed into only being able to play that one role forever.
Ethan Gurule
Ethan Gurule:
I don’t personally mind them crossing over actors and actresses from one franchise to another. I figure if an actor wants to veer into another series then why not, especially if the role fits them well. But I definitely get where you’re coming from 🙂
I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, but I know from what I’ve heard that she is the best part of the show. I’m excited to see her in the Marvel universe!
Everything Always
Everything Always:
normalize changing your mind when presented with good arguments or new information: a lot of you pointed out great actors like Harrison Ford were able to be both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. It CAN work, I just hope they keep it to a minimum, or with enough time between projects... love you guys, peace. -MR
Paul Young
Paul Young:
I need her to become iconic in any role at this point!
I hope she gets a solid role and sticks around while! She is a good actress
Osceola Walters
Osceola Walters:
I really hope they continue to do justice to Marvel stories, into Secret Wars and beyond.
Nishant Dawadi
Nishant Dawadi:
i just love her!!
Jason Bradshaw
Jason Bradshaw:
Very curious to see what character Emilia Clarke ends up playing in secret invasion.
Addison Pringle
Addison Pringle:
Honestly when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was literally just gonna be Danyress 😂🤣
Jill DeGraffenried
Jill DeGraffenried:
So excited to see her character. Thanks for the info.
Jacqueline Anchondo
Jacqueline Anchondo:
I think if well known actors can play the role then that’s great. I would like to see fresh faces in roles where Disney can get them.
Ruskie The Ogre
Ruskie The Ogre:
A scrull queen with a Denaris cameo would be hilarious
They should cast her as Deathbird so she can just go crazy dragon lady in space lol
Kitty pride, and she is bringing a dragon. With her to play Lockheed!
Keef Morgan
Keef Morgan:
I’m very excited about her joining the MCU!
michael stamm
michael stamm:
Disney does have a very long history of reusing actors over and over. Still, in Kevin we trust.
Guntas Singh
Guntas Singh:
you bust out videos so quickly lol.
Chris Covey
Chris Covey:
I had forgotten that she was in Solo. I think she's going to be a great addition to the MCU.
noaman bajiwala
noaman bajiwala:
I'm not really a game of thrones fan but I still can't wait to see who she plays
my celeb crush!!
Chris Swindle
Chris Swindle:
She's a fantastic actress! And makes a great addition to any Marvel projects.
Sonko cyrille
Sonko cyrille:
It's literally the job of an actor to adapt to his character
Aadit Agrawal
Aadit Agrawal:
I love how much content you make!
rian reyes
rian reyes:
It was announced that Olivia Colman and emilia will be part... man! This would be great!
Jonathan Clay Jr
Jonathan Clay Jr:
I know nothing about her but sounds cool!
Soufiane Hajali
Soufiane Hajali:
My brain is still traumatized from seeing Aquaman blow her back out in Game of Thrones
Laura Eggers
Laura Eggers:
So excited about this!
I've been looking forward to this series since we first heard about it, this just amps up the anticipation!
William Morgan Media
William Morgan Media:
I am excited about this..I am sure she will do a awesome job!!
Nick Eastman
Nick Eastman:
I am so excited to see what character she will play!!
I saw the notification and Emilia Clarke and never clicked so fast!
Lynn Wray
Lynn Wray:
Totally stoked for this!
Tommy Burgess
Tommy Burgess:
Wow...I remember getting to 200k like it was yesterday lol...good work buddy
Christian De La Cruz
Christian De La Cruz:
Spider-Woman could be an option, or maybe Abigail Brand or Victoria Hand (even though Saffron Burrows did a good job playing Hand on AoS).
Daniël Bot
Daniël Bot:
Well I mean in the chang chi trailer we saw dragons so I think I know what role it’s gonna be ;)
Jordan Baldwin
Jordan Baldwin:
Great, we’ll be watching the show and there’ll be Starbucks cups in every other scene 😂
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez:
She’s most likely coming on as Abigail Branch and Olivia Coleman would be the Skrull Queen