🔴 BREAKING: Is Giannis Antetokounmpo OVERRATED As Bucks Fall Down 3-0 To The SURGING Miami Heat?

Milwaukee Bucks Down 3-0 to the Miam Heat | Heat vs Bucks | Bucks vs Heat| Giannis Antetokounmpo vs Jimmy Butler | Overrated | MVP | DPOY| Live | Show | Full Show Live stream | NBA PLAYOFFS 2020

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79 comentarios:

Just Vibin'
Just Vibin':
Dope stream RB. W for saying that Giannis still deserved MVP. It's a regular season award after all
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu:
No matter what the outcome is for the bucks. Giannis needs to work on his post game shooting a jump hook with either hand. Then work on his midrange game by practicing one and two dribble pull-ups going right and left with work on a quicker and higher release on the shot.
He's still young. He needs to learn how to handle the big pressure then he'll be unstoppable.

Butler is more experienced and is peaking at just the right moment. Normally he isn't that prolific a scorer. Butler does seem to have the better team of balanced scorers around him. Young and quick talent who work around Butler's veteran leadership.
S&M kegaming
S&M kegaming:
I love these call in shows alot of these sports analyst be dodging the smoke
Solomon Jewelz
Solomon Jewelz:
This is all on coaching Giannis strength would be in the.post both hakeem and kareem offered to work with him but the coach bud interfered according to the milwaukee papers
SF 49
SF 49:
Lebron tried to get spoelstra fired
Logan Jeffers
Logan Jeffers:
Bro. Haven't heard from this page in like a whole year. I used to get notifications for every vid and I haven't gotten one in months. I'm going start checking daily, was my inside source on all things nba
The NBA creates false narratives for these NBA players clearly.
Chris Gordon
Chris Gordon:
RB their going to have to hire you soon or someone going to offer you a huge contract ,I say just control your narrative all the way through 💯💯💯💯
Joey theGent
Joey theGent:
If Giannis had even alittle Flow like Magic man would we be having a different convo
Dee Boyd
Dee Boyd:
Shout out RB for having dope 🏀 convos!
ThePeoples Champ
ThePeoples Champ:
Giannis on the Suns with D booker 🔥🔥🔥
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones:
If you don’t have a half court game your def overrated in regards to winning MVPs buys he is still a dominant players but his lack of half court offense is a MAJOR problem can we all admit harden was correct about him
Roddy Bricks
Roddy Bricks:
A Knick fan giving the Heat and its coaching staff props?? Kudos💯
Raheem Jackson
Raheem Jackson:
Shannon Link
Shannon Link:
Hey Rob, still watching after all these years. Great, consistent content, very inspirational. I’ve stated I’m a Bucks fan, but it’s two problems I have with them and I want Giannis to walk. First, Brogdon was Rookie if the year and had made an impact with winning, since he was a rookie. Someone dropped the ball thinking this 40 50 90 player wasn’t needed or worth the few extra million. Second, Giannis needs to be encouraged to work with other stars. Why wouldn’t you pick the mind of a Lebron, Kd, Davis,etc? You can’t make a player do anything, but this should have been a serious challenge to him. You can keep your drive, but can you work with other players to learn different moves? What about reaching out to a Dirk or something? Idk I’m heart broken at this point.
Thank You For Finally Showing Miami Heat Love
Swank Mastermind
Swank Mastermind:
The first guy said the Heat are a young team. Thats partially true but only 3 of the young players actually play meaningful minutes
Lucious Thomas
Lucious Thomas:
If you have flaws in your game the playoffs will expose them!
Marvin Malabanan
Marvin Malabanan:
First of all, there is a coaching problem. Coaching does not start when the game starts...it started even before the season started. The coaches (all coaches, assistant coaches and training coaches), should have developed Giannis game from last season. There's not much development on Giannis. That's where Miami Heat is different, they believe in player development. You don't just come to Miami and play your game...they will help you to be the best player you can be. But unless the player is willing to change and develop for the team and for himself, then there is nothing much you can do. That's why Miami Heat is not for everybody. It's too late for the Bucks to make adjustments at this point in time. The Miami Heat came prepared for the season and the Bubble.
You have great insights. Cheers! 👍
Jon Jones
Jon Jones:
Real Talk!! Facts homie!!
Dee Boyd
Dee Boyd:
Seriously I have told my players if you can't make f.t. you can't play!
Giannis, Needs to get out of Milwaukee. 1
Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee:
BJ: How many yrs has Giannis been in the league
Jordy Hatcher
Jordy Hatcher:
I'm concerned about his jumper. His set shots from 3 look awful. He must fix the mechanics of his shot. His form makes him look constipated. If he doesnt fix the mechanics then there will be no drastic improvement.
K B:
He needs to change his mechanics completely.
Giannis and Ben need to work on the jumper.
Alexandros Simitzis
Alexandros Simitzis:
I don't believe that he's overrated. In my opinion, he's the best in the world when it comes to taking it to the basket, because of his athleticism, he has good handles for a guy his size, he has the spin move, the euro-step, and can finish with either hand. He's also a good passer. And he can defend all 5 positions and rebound. Obviously, he needs to improve his j and his free-throw shooting percentage. And I would like him to see him develop more his game with his back to the basket. Much love and respect from Athens, Greece!
Joey theGent
Joey theGent:
No comments yet?
Legends of Sleepy Hollow
Legends of Sleepy Hollow:
He needs a bball mentor.
Cash_money_hy430 Hype
Cash_money_hy430 Hype:
He needs playmakers and kris Middleton to stop playing like a bum and play like an all-star
Dee Boyd
Dee Boyd:
Not overrated but still needs to develop his overall skillz! No crossover, no midrange! Has to defer to get the ball in his spots to be productive for the team. Better guard play would do him good! Playing way below his talent level hurt or not! Needs to elevate quickly! MVP'S have to inspire everyone on their team!
elbe Mahadi
elbe Mahadi:
Yo you look like Tracy mcgrady ngl
jeramie ward
jeramie ward:
Rb i was in here last year and told these guys that Jimmy Butler was the real deal. Jimmy was on philly and was amongst the top 3 best 4th quarter players in the league. I said he was elite and could carry a team over the hump. He will lead his team to conference finals game 7. But will fall short to celtics.
John Scott
John Scott:
As long as Miami doesn’t make a trade and waits for free agency they are scary.
elbe Mahadi
elbe Mahadi:
How come it doesn't show your sub count?
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight:
Hey RB fantastic content as usual and the best online community this is our version of THE SHOP, But I would have to agree with the reports on this one. Giannis puts up inflated numbers in the regular season, but shrinks in the playoffs and as a #1 star and option on a championship team.

This shows how incomplete his game is, while is back to back mvps he's just not a #1. I put him in the category of AD, Paul George
Regular season exposes bad teams, post season exposes incomplete teams. He needs some dam help, but people are overestimating him he is not a complete player yet. Even a complete player needs a strong #2 a very strong #2.
Annalicia Chemin
Annalicia Chemin:
And KD is a better player than Lebron. KD is the Goat in his era. Shove it
Yo Guys, I think the problem here is on Coach Bud. I never seen him do some adjustments from Game 1. He's a great coach in Regular season but in playoffs he's choking. Just like the 2015 Hawks team. He's like running the same styles all the time. This is a 7 game series. Should have made adjustments every game. And in crucial moments, he can't even draw good plays. Look at all the game winning shots made by Middleton and other Buck players, they're tough shots. This was just my opinion Guys. Sorry. But I think the problem in this Bucks team is in their coach.
Rafael Mateo Lee
Rafael Mateo Lee:
If LeBron would have stayed with the Heat he would have 5 rings by now
elvin Parker
elvin Parker:
Overmatched.. Not overrated..
Annalicia Chemin
Annalicia Chemin:
And STOP IT with this “he has to get the job done” narrative because as a basketball player, when considering and differentiating between the greatest of all time players and just Great players is THE SAME THING ; if you want to be considered the GOAT; YOU HAVE TO GET THE JOB DONE AND Win CHAMPIONSHIPS ! Get the Jewellery Lebron, let your game speak for itself. He’s underachieved with 3 in 9, 17 years in the game but he got the Job done ? Smfh RB you need to address this because it’s making sports and completion unbearable !
S .McNeal
S .McNeal:
Giannis is young and still developing. Kobe was mentoring him into MVP status. Kobe's death hurt him more. Butler has more experience than Giannis in tough playoff games. Giannis needs to go to Hakeem Olajawon to learn a post up game and midrange game.
Grand Priest
Grand Priest:
A team doing bad doesn’t always mean the star player is bad .
Raheem Jackson
Raheem Jackson:
Middleton been playing better.
Gee M
Gee M:
Every team LeBron goes to ever sent the Heat the coach gets fired and a bunch of treads are made .. to me he’s the Galactus of the nba takes all the Equity out of the team and leaves
Gee M
Gee M:
Butler is a stand up guy .. no smoking mirrors type of guy ... play hard or not play.. that’s how the city vibes .. KD is my favorite player ever since D.Wade retired
been saying this to my friends.... Giannis should go to Portland. He is what they need and they need him. Also, Dame deserve to win.
Montrell Brooks
Montrell Brooks:
He must some series but is happens or I'm just going to call LeBron overrated.
Dee Boyd
Dee Boyd:
Durant has a jump shot a now has a ring!
G M.
G M.:
Giannis is overrated by far I said this since day 1 but he is dominant but butler is like the quiet assassin until game time 😈
ngede nkiondalle
ngede nkiondalle:
Well I think he needs to upgrade his offensive arsenal. He has the same issues lebron hat in his first 2 mvp seasons. So I don't think he is overrated. He needs shooting. AtLeast shooting not just dunking.
Byrdman 1990
Byrdman 1990:
I said Miami would win 4-1 maybe 4-2, its all good though my Celtics gonna scrub em in the ECF. We gotta get by a tough ass Raptors team first though.
Annalicia Chemin
Annalicia Chemin:
I’m getting sick and tired of this reductive MVP narrative. Giannis earned the MVP in the regular season. Simple ! RB you need to hold a live stream about narrative bias, perpetually changing narratives and picking and choosing vs being objective and understanding how to contextualize these Narratives. Talk to them RB !
Contel Bradford
Contel Bradford:
Man, a lot of cats don't understand the meaning of "overrated". You can be good or even great, yet still overrated when you continually fall short of expectations and come up small in big moments.
Yes. I've been saying this for a long time. Guys...the euro stepping.....4 steps they allow now plus no touch rules make this game a foolish joke. Why do you think so many struggle that can't shoot. Running to the basket flopping ....taking 4 steps....side stepping people like you are on a surf board...come on. Enough already. Imagine Jordan hakeem or Kareem with 4 steps...euro crab dribbles and no touch? Harden and giannis are good players but not in the same breath as others. Shaq is high saying Gianni is more dominant than he was
*James Harden kind of did get robbed for MVP.Most Valueabe Player is basically a 3 way Tie in my opinion,You got Donic,that deserved it too.But I agree with James Harden,he just a 7 foot dunker that did elevated some of his post moves and (Eurostep).He's like a modern day Shaq with a better Jump shot.*
I'm not a fan of Giannis' game. I respect his talent and size but Giannis' jumper is BOOTY and he has zero low-post (back to the basket) moves. I believe Giannis has potential to be one of the greatest, but HE'S NOT THERE YET!!! I don't really care for Giannis and yes, he is overrated.
Faustino Lagunas
Faustino Lagunas:
Giannis is not overrated it's just that Milwaukee Bucks don't have the know how to win a championship
Meki Savaliga
Meki Savaliga:
Giannis is Giannis he improved a lot but he ain't LeBron or others thats been in the playoffs so many times I don't think he can handle the pressure of the playoffs. Overrated I think its unfair to say that but the Heat and the Coaching staff had a great plan going into this series and credit to them. If the bucks go down this series lesson learned and move on with all respects much love
Vincent Cole
Vincent Cole:
Everyone around Giannis is TRASH. He should be seen as that much greater. Still if they look to win changes must be made in personnel and philosophy.
isaac debeila
isaac debeila:
people forget that Leadership on and off he court is what leads to titles. more so leadership on the court via players.
Warriors had Steph who knew how to lead the team, had Iggy for help to allow him to ride on his years of experience and finally Kerr to guide Curry to being a better player and maximising his contributions to the team on court.
Lerbon had D.Wade to show him the way and had a roster of good to great coaches and better player manager as the years went on, its not all due to Lebron that he has made it too 9 NBA finals.
Kawhi had Pop and Tim Duncan to show him the way to winning titles.
Kobe model'd himself by MJ and had Mj's coach too so that's that...
thats nearly 20 years of dynastic team that have had repeated success over teams that just have a wonder season or something...
Lakers don't have much of a coach really...
Bucks are the same and have no leader..
Torrant have a team leader in Lowry and have one of the bext coaches in the league...
Clippers have Doc and Kawhi to lead them
Heats have the coach and Jimmy Buckets on a team thats built like him...
Celtics have a coach but lack a who knows what it takes to win a title and i haven't seen guy who can help Tatum to over come his inexperience.
TJ Gibson
TJ Gibson:
Giannis’ problem is his shooting mechanics. When his free throw shooting improves, his jumpshot will improve also. He has a technique problem. The reason why he isn’t as good a shooter as he was his rookie season, is because he bulked up. His body is physically different and that changed his mechanics. Ben Simmons’ problem isn’t that he can’t shoot. He has decent form but lacks the confidence to take the shot. Simmons not having a jumpshot is different than Giannis
Lynette Taylor
Lynette Taylor:
Definitely not over rated, he just needs some help. One person is not a team.
If Giannis was 3 inches shorter, he wouldn't even be in the NBA. If he doesn't have the physical edge over defenders, he struggles to score and create.
isaac debeila
isaac debeila:
and for some reason people forget the crap Steph Curry went through for losing against the Cavs in 2016 and even forget he was playing off a season ending injury and was brough early to beat Blazers
Minister Michael Darrell Emanuel
Minister Michael Darrell Emanuel:
I can name 5 players BETTER than Gianni's right now and that's fact's!!!
Solid Snake
Solid Snake:
Of course he is over rated.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
Easily the most overrated player in modern history.
Choices like Giannis for MVP makes award a joke.
Jonathan Parks
Jonathan Parks:
I think Miami is better than what people thought Giannis maybe in the wrong system and he also have to develop more but no he's not underrated to me he takes over and control a lot of games he just has to get better in the playoffs when it count or he will be a underachiever
Goldie MdM
Goldie MdM:
He’s definitely overrated Lebron should have definitely won mvp this year but the media favored the younger guy. The Regular season doesn’t mean jack and people shouldn’t judge who the best player in the league is until the season is over
Giannis isn't overrated he just needs a jump shot to space the floor out more. As far as the Heat, if it wasn't for injuries this season before the shutdown they would've finished with at least the second best record in the east. They're deep with shooters and play tough defense. Fans gotta stop sleeping on Spoelstra like he isn't a good coach. This is gonna sound crazy but I think the best Finals matchup we could get is Clippers vs Heat. That's just me and I'm a Knicks fan so take that with a grain of salt
His coach sucks. Put Giannis on the Raptors and Nick Nurse will run the NBA for a half decade.
Gianni's is hot garbage 🗑️. only established team should get him and use him as a 3rd option
Patrick Henriquez
Patrick Henriquez:
Giannis is by no means overrated...his supporting cast and his coach are the issue...had he had a running mate like a Butler it would be another story...Now Miami is the only team in the league that plays as a team...they jelled as a team and their team cohesion is fantastic.their team-play their team defense and team play in general without Butler forcing the issue...
Greek isn’t overrated bruh. 🤦🏿‍♂️
If he is then so is Westbrook.