[BREAKING] Korean Actress Oh In Hye Tragically Passes Away

may her soul rest in peace

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Jazmine media
Jazmine media:
If you or anyone you know needs help please don’t hesitate to reach out. This Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Call 1-800-273-8255 for help. Here is a list with international suicide hotlines: http://www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html
Binta Abdulrauf
Binta Abdulrauf:
I hate everything about this year. Sleep well, sending prayers to her family. Please reach out to someone, if you’re struggling.
꧁Dynamite ꧂
꧁Dynamite ꧂:
I didn’t know her, but her soul may Rest In Peace.🙏🏼🕊
Its the the whole Korean mentality that needs to change! Or this suicides will never stop
Sheena Bonny
Sheena Bonny:
Lot of Korean actors have died due to the pressure from agencies.....RIP
shane gal
shane gal:
rip. prayer can help if u're struggling, if no one u can reach out . God is our friend
This is so desperately sad! Such a beautiful, intelligent and brave woman. Such huge pressures people have and it’s so important to reach out and help those who are vulnerable! 🌹
Chris Durivage
Chris Durivage:
With every suicide I read about in Korea I think to myself "I hope this is the last one I have to read about". That they take the penalty for harassing ANYONE not just celebrities so harsh that it stops these assholes in their tracks. But here I am reading about another one. RIP. 😢
Imelda Pandy
Imelda Pandy:
She’s so young & pretty to hear this kind of news . What’s the shows she was on it , I recognized her face , sorry for the lost this talented actress . 🙏🌷💕🌹
jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia
jessica ArmyBlinkStayHiddenkardMOAInsomnia:
I don't know who she was but may she Rest in peace 🙏❤
The unbelievable pressure from the company they have contracts with is horrendous! It’s not just demand from public... some crazy hateful fans can damage a persons psyche. Criticizing celebrities on social media can be devastating and fatal. For as many fans that love these famous young adults, there will always be haters too.
A lot of them aren’t mature yet, enough to handle the work agenda AND deal with fame.
The managers and producers of these people need to take more responsibility, and give them more time off from their ridiculously busy schedules and if they need emotional and psychological help, seek it for them!
Sara Joseph
Sara Joseph:
So sad to hear stories like this. So young and had her whole life ahead of her. Rest In Peace.
May she rest in peace 😥❤
TAZ Wise
TAZ Wise:
Her family have my condolences.. may she rest in peace.
Ron Rex
Ron Rex:
Condolence to the family and friends may rest in peace
Nancy Fonseca
Nancy Fonseca:
Our heartfelt condolence to her family & friends. May God give them the strength in this time of grief. May her soul RIP💐🙏🏻
Leticia Mapili
Leticia Mapili:
It's happening in Korea because of the pressure the artists have from their fans. Imagine even their personal/lovelife must be approved by their agency and their over powering fans. Remember they are not robots.
Aggie Lastborn
Aggie Lastborn:
I wish her family peace and comfort during these difficult times, God gives ,God takes away ....death has no escape 💔RIP with angels beau soul🤚
Embrace Jesus and suicidal thoughts will disappear.
Azraa Syed
Azraa Syed:
i do watch kdramas and heard of her in youtube videos she was a good actress so sad she left to early what ever made her do this i hope she is doing better up there .rest in peace, to sullie,oh in hye, goo hara jonghyun, yohan, WE LOVE YOU!!!
Lenna Nemo
Lenna Nemo:
O my God. So many good people would rather take their own life than live in this monstrosity cald World. My her beautiful soul rest in peace with angels 🙏🙏🙏 My sincere condolences to her family and friends 🙏
anneshirley duncan
anneshirley duncan:
My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends, and fans. I know that artists from around the world get so depressed, and stress out, and commit suicide too. 😭😭 I've only been a fan of the Korean industry for over 4 years now. But I feel like to much pressure is being put on the Korean industry's artists. A lot of them are so young when they start. They have to be perfect ALL of the time. And someone starting a rumor about them can tarnish their careers even when it's found out that the rumors weren't true. But it's to late then. I would like to see this change! As someone that suffers from depression people need to know that it's OKAY to ask for help. You don't have to suffer alone. And if someone makes you feel bad for asking for help... they don't deserve to have an amazing person in their life like you.
Evil Casper
Evil Casper:
It is a shame that beautiful women this young give up on life if only she would have met that one person who would have made her change her decision to give up, sometimes thats all it takes to change the course of someone's destiny.
Whether it be some words someone said or just a helping hand or a smile from the right person, what we do to other people matters so much in this life.
Because behind everyone's smile could be an enormous amount of pain and maybe they are reaching out and we sometimes don't notice because we are to busy with our own stuff to care.
Joyce Smith
Joyce Smith:
What is going on in Korea? Young, talented people think this is what you do if things don’t go right in your life.
Lucky Winner
Lucky Winner:
May you Rest in Peace. My condolences to her family and loved ones!
Malu Ell
Malu Ell:
Condolence to her bereaved family. May she rest in peace.🙏
Ritah Kays
Ritah Kays:
Wat a lose,my condolences to da family, relatives, friends n funs....
Ms Victoria
Ms Victoria:
Just saw it on Tiktok omg so sad. May she rest in peace 🕊️ idk why they do this. 😥
Nely Recano
Nely Recano:
So tragic n sad. She is young n beautiful! may her soul rest in peace
Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore:
Such a beautiful young woman. My thoughts are with her friends and family. 😥
Sheela Pillai
Sheela Pillai:
This is very sad. If she had just started a YouTube channel you'd assume she had future plans, so her family and friends may not have been expecting this. This is a good reminder to not underestimate how much someone is struggling. It would be great if SK could try to drop the stigma of going to a therapist
Nora Ulnagan Martin
Nora Ulnagan Martin:
Condolences to the bereaved loved ones.
Donna Kirton
Donna Kirton:
So sad. My condolences to her family and fans that loved her R.I.P 🙏🙏🌍
sri skandan
sri skandan:
Beautiful lady my heart felt condolences
maria baez gueits
maria baez gueits:
My deepest condolences to the family Rip
Babe H
Babe H:
So sad 😭 much love 💕 and prayers 🙏🏽 for her and family 💕🙏🏽
Only South Korea
Only South Korea:
May her soul rest in peace.Ameen💝
juliandra brothers
juliandra brothers:
Rest In Peace condolence too her Family 🙏😇 Fly High with the Angels 👼
patricia lim
patricia lim:
A lot of suicide among young celebrities especially actresses.
Shauna Watlington
Shauna Watlington:
Another 1 too young! Sad! What is this world coming to? My thoughts & prayers are w/her family @ this time! Deepest condolences!💔🙏🏽
Vigermina Berrios
Vigermina Berrios:
That's so sad so young.
Children Fun House
Children Fun House:
RIP - if you r in distress pls reach out for help 🙏amen
moni k
moni k:
Rest in peace, my condolences go to her family and friends
jaja Oy
jaja Oy:
I don't know her. I reach out to her family. We're praying for you. Be strong. Am sad to hear young Koreans decide to take there own life. I couldn't imagine the pain they carry each day that they decide to end their life. Shout out Korean artist please talk it out with friends, family or your chosen fans your pains and difficulties. There are no barriers in sharing our pains and difficulties. Please......please open up to your comfortable chosen people.
Alice M
Alice M:
rest in peace in hye ❤️ i hope she can find happiness wherever she is now
Ольга Матузко
Ольга Матузко:
But.., this is already deja vu 2019 (according to the number of deaths of celebrities in South Korea), and even before October-December, we remember what happened last year in these months and we don`t want to repeat the same.
Londinium Cross
Londinium Cross:
No wonder with that beauty and youth cult in Korean film industry. They all have their faces and whole bodies made and when they hit 30, they're considered too old. They then have no family and are too old for marriage and children. In their minds. Fans are way too possessive of them. They need a collective change in their attitude or these tragics won't stop.
They worked hard to achieve their goal..
Its really hard to hear news like this...
"Unnie please be happy and safe there
Take care may your soul REST IN PEACE 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️"
Virginia Eagles
Virginia Eagles:
So so sad rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏🕯💐😢
Minne Lee
Minne Lee:
May she R.i.p and may God bless her family so very young
love k pop
love k pop:
May she rest in peace 🙏😢
Mila Dureza
Mila Dureza:
Rest In Peace.🙏💐
May her beautiful soul rest in peace ❤
CuTAE Anae.
CuTAE Anae.:
Very sad news... I would always watch and enjoy her youtube videos throughout the Quarantine. Her personality was so cute and friendly.... I still can’t believe it :/
Mecha Kumkho
Mecha Kumkho:
Rip 😭😭
Jomels Menorias
Jomels Menorias:
This is a serious wake up call to South Korea right now. Please check always on you friends😐
Debbie Polston
Debbie Polston:
Awww rest in peace sweet girl.
peggy bear
peggy bear:
another one go 😭so sad rip
Mira Medicineway
Mira Medicineway:
Stop 5 G!!
Rest In Peace 🙏🏻
nelsy segura
nelsy segura:
Rest in peace to you my crush idol..😢😢
Gayin Bernaldo
Gayin Bernaldo:
Pano papayapa RNP kung nag pagpakamatay, ang pjnakamatinding kasalanan ng tao ang pagpapakatay, sa 10 utos wag papatay,pinatay ang sarili, tinuldukan ang gagawin ng Diyos sa Buhay, maraming nga tao may sakit, subrang hirap sA kalagayan pero nag susumikap at lumalaban para mabuhay, pilay bulag walang makain ealang matirhan subrang kawawa ang Buhay pero gusto pa din mabuhay,
vicky Tae
vicky Tae:
Who''d agree that Sulli's suicide was a BOMB in form of SHOCK!!!
I'm Korean and I don't even know who she is. Never seen her in dramas. Sad though...RIP
Caroline Cee
Caroline Cee:
RIP beautiful lady. This is so sad 😞
I’m a potato
I’m a potato:
Rest In Peace Oh In Hye 🙏
Samairaa El
Samairaa El:
Why is everyone dyingggg😭😭
denito st paul engracia sancho
denito st paul engracia sancho:
Rest in peace 💖
I hope she reborn again 😔♡︎
maila ruiz
maila ruiz:
Rest in Peace.. Oh In Hye
BTS Army
BTS Army:
OMG!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!😭😭😭😭💚💚💚💚❤️
vasuma magar
vasuma magar:
Rest in peace 🙏💞
Likitha Bh
Likitha Bh:
Rest in peace 🙏
gurung ATARAH
gurung ATARAH:
Rest well ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Josie Ford Style Vintage
Josie Ford Style Vintage:
So sad rest in peace and may the angles take you home😪⚘
ikaw na
ikaw na:
I didnt know her, anyway RIP
Michael 482
Michael 482:
Rest in peace
Kakai Touthang
Kakai Touthang:
Rest in peace 💐
Regina Shepard
Regina Shepard:
Rip 🙏🙏
Audrey tajib
Audrey tajib:
🙏May your soul rest in peace🙏
Honey Sajo
Honey Sajo:
It was in the vision of our Madam RUDY BALDWIN she visionise it in here dream, it tells that there will be a korean actress that will be dead,...and now it happens .... Condolence...
From philippines,
Myr S
Myr S:
Rest In Peace🙏 condolence to fam
marcelina aringo
marcelina aringo:
😢😢😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 my she Rest In Peace...🕯🕯🕯
May she rest in peace.
Geeta Winsome
Geeta Winsome:
So sad. RIP. Praying for her family.
Rob M
Rob M:
What a shame. She was lovely. What's going on?
Jayam Vijaya
Jayam Vijaya:
RIP GIRL! 😢😢😢😢
Coincidentally, Japanese actress Sei Ashina of same age (36) also committed suicide around same time. RIP.
She lived enough.
VibeX MaTxeMa
VibeX MaTxeMa:
Another rape or abuse case gone hidden as cardiac arrest....
Sunday Omolara
Sunday Omolara:
Rest in peace from Nigeria
Min Suga
Min Suga:
Her funeral is gonna be on my birthday she was my favorite actor and to see her family mourn over her on my birthday make me sad
Noviah. bts
Noviah. bts:
Rest in peace
Yoongi Min
Yoongi Min:
2020 is getting worse 😔💘
jeniel cross
jeniel cross:
R.i.p oh in hye
R Getty
R Getty:
May your soul rest in peace 😢😢😢🌷