BREAKING: 'Levy Out' protests at Tottenham Hotspur stadium ahead of match against Southampton

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Spurs fans have arrived at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium ahead of their match against Southampton to protest against their owners over joining and then leaving the 'European Super League'

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100+ comentarios:

Daire O'Reilly
Daire O'Reilly:
This would’ve been some season for an Amazon Spurs documentary😂😂
Nima Scolari
Nima Scolari:
Firing Jose before a final and heading for the ESL was a disgusting move by Levy. Prevented him the chance to have 1 more trophy heinous!
Scott Lawson
Scott Lawson:
Levy somehow jumped on the ESL wagon and sacked his manager before a cup final. Basically did the impossible, then shot himself twice with the same gun
I’m an Arsenal fan and I can respect this
The Huntster
The Huntster:
Next we need Sky to stop ripping off supporters with ridiculous fees
Farheen Aamir
Farheen Aamir:
The Super League has allowed us to realise that we fans have a voice and are the heart of football
And they kicked Mourinho 6 days before a final, if they lose it, oh boy, tottenham fans have every right to protest
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett:
Arsenal fan here. Well done Spurs supporters for this protest. This is bigger than rivalry
Keep at it, fellas. There won't be a better time for us to kick out these soulless owners and chairmen.
Callum Corrigan
Callum Corrigan:
Sebastian Elytron
Sebastian Elytron:
Didn't know Jeff Bezos was the chairman at Tottenham
Nicholas Gokavi
Nicholas Gokavi:
Cheers to the Spurs fans. And especially the lad who was the only one standing out the stadium when it all started. Big ups to you. (From a Manchester United fan)
Sean Southall
Sean Southall:
Good on you Tottenham fans, everyone who supports and loves football are with you. 👍
David Long
David Long:
“Lesson number one: Don’t underestimate the other guy’s greed.” - Lesson number two: Don't get high on your own supply.
Cochiner Kerala
Cochiner Kerala:
Kudos to Spurs fans for partnering with LFC fans to take the battle to the Billionaire owners. We have many battles ahead, let’s go to war together as brothers in arms 🤝⚔️ - Love from a Liverpool fan.
Kim Peow Lau
Kim Peow Lau:
English fans don't stop, try and get a voice in UEFA and FIFA for fans of all country.
romel mills
romel mills:
Jose "I'm not supporting the Super League "
Daniel Levy "Get him out of here"
Daniel .W
Daniel .W:
When your investment idea is bad enough to get you fired..
I can only imagine Jose made comments directly to the ownership regarding the ESL. His sacking makes absolutely no sense lol
GD Morgan
GD Morgan:
Respect to all fans for standing up for the game. Levy out!
Even an apology isn't enough . Either punish them or start the 50+1 rule in EPL
Levy got Jose out thinking who cares about the final when you're guaranteed money in the ESL and now they're screwed lmao.
Study Power
Study Power:
Is it me or this reporter is literally everywhere at once? He was in Dortmund back in Summer throughout the Sancho saga, in Spain when Messi threatened to leave. I hope Sky pay him well.
Mourinho is the biggest Manager Tottenham will ever of had and they sack him before a Cup Final? They won't find a bigger manager than Jose they're all taken.
Stephen Cozens
Stephen Cozens:
Respect to We Are Tottenham TV for letting the fans know about the Protest and showing it, well done Sim and Ben 👍
Enter Name
Enter Name:
Sky need to stop pretending they’re the ethics police. They’re part of the bigger problem. They’re killing the game by charging fans a mortgage to watch a PL game, the same applies to BT and all that.
Lokesh Kumar
Lokesh Kumar:
Tottenham have relly passionate fans from a lfc fan
Chris Drohan
Chris Drohan:
Mourinho was fired because he would have been loud against the ESL and been a thorn in the side.
Mourinho must be laughing :D
Jam Jam
Jam Jam:
Imagine spurs amazon documentary was this season instead of last season 😂
"The language can be a lil bit fruity" 😭🤣💀
Leo Poppa
Leo Poppa:
We are Tottenham tv loud and proud at the front of protests there. Big up Sim and Ben!
Sports fan 74
Sports fan 74:
Johnny Sins doing well for himself, Chairman of Tottenham. Fair play
Ice Cream- Brawl Stars
Ice Cream- Brawl Stars:
Why would you kick your manager right before a final?
Matthew Leach
Matthew Leach:
Respect to Tottenham fans for doing this , they are genuine fans that have fight and heart and truly cares, you wouldn't see enough of Newcastle fans doing this.
Arsenal protest on Friday. Sky make sure to report on this.
Shaheem Jackson
Shaheem Jackson:
Imaging Mason Barking commands to players like Lloris, Alderweireld, and Bale?? 😂😂
Lil Adilito
Lil Adilito:
Is it me that is discombobulated about spurs situation by firing Jose
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Human Beings R Thinking Beings:
Levy might be regretting fans allowed for League Cup Final 😂
Daniel Mann
Daniel Mann:
"... language can be a bit fruity...'😂😂😂
Kendrick Llama
Kendrick Llama:
If you dont know there is a protest outside Old Trafford on Saturday 24th to get the Glazers out.
Levy's career has spectacularly imploded. Thought his decision to axe Poch, bring Mou, bring back Bale and have Kane's head turned was bad enough. Only to get rid of Mou. Then the epic move that was ESL. His track record is decision making failure 101.
Praveesha Chapman
Praveesha Chapman:
In a way this ESL plot was a good thing. It awakened the eyes of fans to corruption and has helped them realise that they have a voice.
Now we need sky and other big broadcasters to stop ripping people off, a tenner for 1 day of sport, your having a laugh
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper:
These owners are probably doubling there security bodyguards for the foreseeable future .
Everyone1lies D
Everyone1lies D:
Something is wrong.

These guys gave up way too easily.

We got bamboozled, I just don't know how exactly.

A couple of sacrifices Jose and Ed woodward and everything is back to normal???

Something is up.
Their stadium looks so freaking nice
Darra m
Darra m:
Brilliant. Fans need to know that just because the super league is finished, we still need to get these owners out for what they did to us. Fair play to spurs from a Chelsea fan.
Mahdi Mohamedsani
Mahdi Mohamedsani:
when greed leeds to your demise. Something good might come out of this fiasko though not intended.
Jason Kennedy
Jason Kennedy:
Reporter appeared to be on a bonus for each time he said, "No trophies."
This is amazing mad respect for theses fans
VampyCal TM
VampyCal TM:
Levy to his board: "Lads, its Tottenham"
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks:
"He regret's it" - Like a thief not regretting stealing but regretting getting caught.
Jim 83
Jim 83:
Gary Neville was supposed to be doing the game tonight but he couldn’t be bothered
Huzzy 7
Huzzy 7:
I love this 😂 6 teams of fans calling for their owners heads 🤣 not just glazers out only 😂
Gary Neville's reaction: can't be bothered about it really.
Johnsy's Channel
Johnsy's Channel:
04:10 Well done lads!
Michael Muldowney
Michael Muldowney:
Spurs in a “Super League” -WTF... Never won the European Cup, 31 years since they last won the FA Cup and over six decades since they won a league title !!
Spurs Today
Spurs Today:
1:08 can not stress how my I love the 50+1 now part on that sign
Brazten Kdjj
Brazten Kdjj:
WeAreTottenhamTV at the front of the protest massive respect to them
Ayden Fernandez
Ayden Fernandez:
Now the world realizes how “Kronke out” was only the beginning of the fan revolution
Not Gary Oldman
Not Gary Oldman:
Need an act of solidarity ASAP, get to Emirates boys. I'll bring the pens, someone else bring the cardboard.
EDIT: Some snacks would be good.
My Name
My Name:
Plot twist: Sky sports created all of this drama, so they have something to put on Sky sports retro in the future.
CG Noodle
CG Noodle:
Beautiful hearing “get out of our club” in the background
Mister Wiggles
Mister Wiggles:
I think what would truly speak volumes is if you could convince the Spurs and us Arsenal fans to come together for a joint protest. Would be an incredibly powerful message, regardless how heated out rivalry has been now would be the time to put that aside for the greater good.
Lucas Teklemariam
Lucas Teklemariam:
Greatest on sight reporter I’ve seen in a minute, love this dude
Hanafiou Koulibaly
Hanafiou Koulibaly:
This Levy guy should work in the film industry. He surely knows how to put a documentary together lol
The Don Makaveli
The Don Makaveli:
Tottenham being added to the super league is like Banana man being called up to the Avengers!
Jamie Plumtree
Jamie Plumtree:
Proper Spurs always late to a party 😂 small club in London.
Gotta protest Sky now
P Upton
P Upton:
As much as I usually enjoy laughing at the spuds, as a Gooner I feel their pain.
We need this outside to remove these Glazer's problems from Manchester United
William Cobbett
William Cobbett:
As if levy wasn't doing How Lewis' s bidding as an employee .
No U
No U:
Can't wait to see the old Trafford crowds
I’m behind this, all for the outing of any owners involved in the ESL.
Naqeeb Suleman
Naqeeb Suleman:
POWER TO THE FANS. Good job guys
Nye Russel
Nye Russel:
well done spurs fans! This is the only praise you will get from an Arsenal fan!
Levy must have been waiting for the ESL to start before securing the naming rights.
The font of all garbage
The font of all garbage:
I had questions when having spent that money on the stadium you bring in Mr Merc himself to manage.
Silver Back
Silver Back:
It's great to see the younger fans, as well as the old school standing strong in this era. Fair play, it's your team and nobody can change that.
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt:
I love how the reporter's taking the piss out of spurs
Sarfaraz Nawaz
Sarfaraz Nawaz:
Each and every owner of the so called elite six has to be forced out.
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young:
Love that Ryan Mason is having crack at the job, he should treat himself to a haircut though
Travis Kendle
Travis Kendle:
Ben leading the charge. He’s one of our own 💙
stevie wonders
stevie wonders:
When he mentioned no silverware 😂
Ro Lau
Ro Lau:
Something tells me this whole ESL thing is a diversion 🤨
yello im majed
yello im majed:
Its the same fan from the training ground incident 😂👏
Now imagine if Spurs win their first trophy
Tommeh Doulton
Tommeh Doulton:
We need to remove all the you know whos from our beautiful game altogether.
derek potter
derek potter:
Levy’s been the problem for years!!
Neil Tuscano
Neil Tuscano:
Skysports is now at the top every time I open youtube and I love watching it and how superleauge is destroyed more in every video. Thankyou football fans
Netflix already started the series on the ESL. This is just more content.
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Levy actually sacked Jose to try to tame the backlash lmao
James Mbogo
James Mbogo:
All or Nothing this season would've been awesome🔥🔥🔥
Tom Harrison
Tom Harrison:
The ending is such a meme
Malcolm Middleton
Malcolm Middleton:
LOL even when Spurs protest it's a bit naff! 😁
You know they told them to come round for the cameras.
I can see a second season to the documentary 👀
Marcus Cloudy
Marcus Cloudy:
I really want to see that Juventus Amazon documentary now
Randy Arga 27
Randy Arga 27:
During these 3 days is probably the most times i've watched sky sports channel so far.