BREAKING: Live Coverage from Tiger Woods Crash Site | CBS Sports HQ

Live coverage from Tiger Woods crash site.



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Najmiddin Isroilov
Najmiddin Isroilov:
Either this is the end of his career or a documentary of how he recovered and came back. Hope he gets better!
Kevin Makumbe
Kevin Makumbe:
Wishing him a speedy recovery
Kimberly Rice
Kimberly Rice:
Sending Prayers Out To The LORD CHRIST JESUS for his Healing Amen
Sophia Z
Sophia Z:
this is like kobe bryant's helicopter crash :(( things will get better tho :)
doops doops
doops doops:
That wasn’t a long drive.
C Los
C Los:
Stay strong, Tiger. I'm praying for you.
Garrett Dobbertin
Garrett Dobbertin:
2021 ain’t off to a good start
This commenter is a standing contradiction! 😝🤣
Black Dynamite
Black Dynamite:
Mad Max
Mad Max:
When they asked him how many times he thought he rolled over he said, "put me down for a 3."
Pat Cannedy
Pat Cannedy:
Sorry to hear!!! Get well 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️
Joe Pepe
Joe Pepe:
Get well soon! Thanks for all the golf inspiration!
doops doops
doops doops:
7:47 thank god we have an expert to clear things up to for us.
Robert Rohrs
Robert Rohrs:
Thoughts and prayers for Tiger.
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni:
Get Well Soon Tiger Woods My Prayers Are With You ❤️🌹🌹🌹🎈🎈🎈🌸🌼🌻🌺🌺💐💐
Damm is son like 12 hopefully he don’t lose his dad early
Hana Murakami
Hana Murakami:
He need “Med Bed”!!!!
Jacob Böös
Jacob Böös:
Nah idk how I feel about her comparing this with Kobe
Peter Markusic
Peter Markusic:
I pray he recovers.
When will people realize driving can be deadly, at any moment! ....even at low speeds.
Marge Werden
Marge Werden:
Major prayers for Tiger.
Kevin Moran
Kevin Moran:
I love how ya'll deleted the video of the interview with that sorry excuse of a sports reporter/ analyst, KYLE PORTER.
kev theplumber
kev theplumber:
"brings back those feelings and emotions from kobi".....why because they're both black athletes? lmao
Rose Zielinski
Rose Zielinski:
For gods sake, hire a chauffer!!! Prayers...
actualidad Barcelona
actualidad Barcelona:
Kylo ren jr 123
Kylo ren jr 123:
Hope he recovers quickly. Thank god he is alive!
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell:
Damn, 2020 sucked, then 2021 said, hold my beer. Fuck
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak:
🐅 🙏 ⛳
Константин Бочкарёв
Константин Бочкарёв:
They said the injures will not be death but knowing him he will keep playing
Jasmine Orchard
Jasmine Orchard:
jay oakes
jay oakes:
Damn this channel is trash love the comments section tho
Naserian Windom
Naserian Windom:
Yes I felt what u said about Kobe, I'm praying for Tiger...
22 Meezy
22 Meezy:
Couldn’t loose another legend ☹️
chasity leman
chasity leman:
Prayers for Tiger!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Next time drive a VW GOLF. :)
J J:
Dave Showers
Dave Showers:
Hope he comes back strong like another golf great Ben Hogan did.
Angelo Da Conceicao
Angelo Da Conceicao:
Oh no Now Tiger Woods,Last year kobe . 45 to 44 a month apart
Should they really be reporting his injuries? Just wondering where Hippa figures in.
Brock Murray
Brock Murray:
Car-1 Tiger-0
Maurice Schimetschek
Maurice Schimetschek:
Grant P
Grant P:
Probably caused by his pain meds putting him to sleep at the wheel. The
weather looked good, so road conditions were good. Also could have had
a tire blow out, but that shouldn't cause that.

Either way, I hope he fully recovers, as he provided many with great memories
on the golf course, we'll never forget. He's a legend, and I hope he's OK.
John Heath
John Heath:
90 + speed. Drive the road all the time. Downhill turner burner. I always go slow. Never seen anything like this, on this road! He is #1 at car crashing.
DONT DRIVE hyundie genesis
javier mori
javier mori:
Pills are very difficult to get off of if you have had issues with addiction..hes got legitamate back pain and problems and i wonder if he ever got off the narcotics.
East Bay Raider
East Bay Raider:
Jim Ballow
Jim Ballow:
Well the silver lining is he never killed anyone else driving like a fool look at all the others like this
David C
David C:
Had the privilege of watching Tiger at Lake Sherwood Cc tournament in 2008
Neil Angus
Neil Angus:
Tiger has been fixed up but he is not out of the woods yet
I hope he has a speedy recovery
germany vids
germany vids:
don't drive drunk
Ted Flick
Ted Flick:
Sad story, but maybe this guy needs to hire a driver from now on
David Lutz
David Lutz:
Bullet proof windows
isaiah payne
isaiah payne:
Joe Stefanizzi
Joe Stefanizzi:
Hola amore que Rico mucho mucho bella
Wonder how drunk he was
Darlene Newsome
Darlene Newsome:
Barb Rowley
Barb Rowley:
This will certainly put a stop to his philandering. I am telling you Karma gets to you sooner or later. I hope all you haters and you know what l am talking about remember this.
That road is very steep and has signs posted for trucks to use lower gearsas well as several signs of an escape lane for runaway vehicles..Tiger's car went off the road right where the escape road begins.
Naserian Windom
Naserian Windom:
Just lost my nephew in a car accident on January 30, and we are still not sure why the accident happened, the police investigators don't even know, a single car accident with him as well. This incident seems so close to home with my family. But I'm so happy that Tiger survived, even though my nephew did not...
Tire Grill
Tire Grill:
Tiger Woods gets 3 DWIs and Venus Williams Kills someone in a crash and if that was us, we would get Life in Prison and be getting mamed and assaulted... Hey but Tiger and Venus are our Heroes right???
Pain Free
Pain Free:
This was no accident. Think CIA, Secret Societies
Manuel David
Manuel David:
Sorry for Tiger, get well soon and all the best! IMPORTANT: SUVs are the
least safe vehicles on the planet, with exception of the Tesla Model X.
SUVs usually have a far too high center of gravity, are built too heavy
for such condition and therefore easily roll over, have too long
braking distance and act very delayed and unstable in curves. Please
drive cars with lower centers of gravity, people. It makes a huge
Tire Grill
Tire Grill:
We in Prison need to Worship and Praise Tiger and Venus! We don't want anything to happen to them! Because We are Nothing!
Michael G
Michael G:
If it's in California. They keep it under the Table.
John Rogan
John Rogan:
Black horse road...whoa stud!
kelp farmin6
kelp farmin6:
Jeff C
Jeff C:
Reminds me of Ben hogans car crash. Pray for him. Hope he is going to be okay.
A W:
Sad news, hope he makes full recovery quickly...but anyone that has had a back op, the 5th one for him, wouldn't they be on some kind of meds for pain etc, when I had bad back... meds they gave me, I couldn't have driven a car as made me feel out of it and tried. Maybe he's fallen asleep at wheel. Thank goodness didn't have his kids in car. Anyways get well soon.
Taylor Made Man
Taylor Made Man:
They are acting like he is dead ot going to die. What's the diagnosis/results. I think broken legs he will live and comparing it to Kobe is just wrong.
Think about it he’s great he’s not going to die. He’s going to fight through this and win another masters
Bang goes his Golfing Career :-( my favourite player as well :-( hope he gets through this ;-)
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan:
Tiger quit trying to act ghetto
r sprockets
r sprockets:
Space lasers zapped his tires
Ricky Rickardo
Ricky Rickardo:
How many accidents were there in LA yesterday? Let's pray for the regular people or is our sympathy only for the elite in society? Us regular people can be easily replaced so who cares. I can't hit a golf ball 300 yards.
Navin Sitoula
Navin Sitoula:
I hope Tiger Woods gets better and wish him a speedy recovery. 2009 and now is a repeat of history and who is to say if he keeps driving there won't be another accident. Hire a professional driver. Safety for you and job for someone else.
We need more hero’s that do the right things,he was a great golfer not a saint
American Paisa Returns
American Paisa Returns:
Was he running from Elin again?
Suffer Nofools
Suffer Nofools:
$100 says he was drunk.
Penny Wise
Penny Wise:
Any word on if any "women of comfort" were found near the scene of the crash?.....I know how Tiger likes to pay for companionship.
I hope he’s alright
Francis Nihs
Francis Nihs:
Genesis car made y Hyundai. This car saved him? Or ruined him?
Jay Kay
Jay Kay:
Dang, first black guy to play golf too
Marge Werden
Marge Werden:
STOP SPECULATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
going downhill on Hawthorne, vehicle flipped over the median end-over-end (not rollover), must have been going way over speed limit to have the vehicle so far distant from the opposite traffic lane (some100' it seems) and end up that far up the embankment.
Pedro Barajas
Pedro Barajas:
Atleast it wasn't a helicopter
Kathy D
Kathy D:
Maybe he was taking pain meds for back surgery? Pray he's safe.
Randal Ramsook
Randal Ramsook:
Just like Kobe. This must be some illumati deep state shit 💩
John34 Baxter5555
John34 Baxter5555:
I'm going to pray Rosary now for Tiger
ismail azad
ismail azad:
Ford crown Victoria is better than 800000 dollars suv for rollover safety. .don’t drive more than 10 over the speed limit which is there for a reason.
man he can drive a ball but sucks driving a car. how many drug induce wrecks he gonna get in before they take his license away.
Jtedls Sterling
Jtedls Sterling:
He’s accident prone.......that place is cliffs all over
David C
David C:
He will be OK people!!!
Pat Cannedy
Pat Cannedy:
Bryan Baker
Bryan Baker:
CBS is posting this so they should go ahead and say it. IT WAS TRUMPS FAULT!! Hahahaha! Let’s start another scandal against Trump to divert attention away from the real frauds!
Harley m
Harley m:
Wonder why he couldn't break once. can see tracks. could've breaked after he hit the sign
I hope and pray that he gets better and takes his time to do so. But in this news report they kept saying he should've had a chauffeur driving him around. If he did have a chauffeur driving him around doesn't mean that an accident would never happen. There have been many celebrities over the years that had chauffeurs and got into really bad accidents. But the point is no matter who's behind the wheel it doesn't predict whether something bad will or won't happen, celebrity or not.
Polly Sey
Polly Sey:
For all we know a deer got in his way. Don’t make assumptions.
Aaron Burns
Aaron Burns:
One thing Tiger will never master is Nascar. Time to give up the keys buddy.