BREAKING: Tiger Woods' car crash: Scenes of the wreckage

Tiger Woods has been taken to hospital after being injured in a car crash in California.

The golf star had to be cut out of the vehicle by firefighters and paramedics following the accident on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes on Tuesday morning.

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100+ comentarios:

Look Intoit
Look Intoit:
Hope he's ok
In the bunker he goes, hopefully makes a recovery
His wife finally got revenge
Scott Smith
Scott Smith:
Not the best drive I've seen him make.
andrew daley
andrew daley:
He refused to take the vaccine. Andy England 🇬🇧👍
Lachlan Reid
Lachlan Reid:
I hope he makes a full recovery
primary son
primary son:
Good job he wasnt driving through the cliff drop estate or he'd be in real trouble .
John Wood
John Wood:
5 years to get ready for the senior tour Tiger. Lets do this!
And this is a "Roll in One" classic golf shot.
Was it his ex wife again?
Chad Bundy
Chad Bundy:
This happens everyday to average hard working people. No news coverage for them. Pathetic
Wondering if he had maybe been drinking prior this..... A blessing no one else is hurt or been killed
Dodge 57
Dodge 57:
This might END his golfing career!!!😪
Paul Visage
Paul Visage:
Roll over? Looks like it flipped over head to tail not rolled. Look tail of car carrying some serious damage as well. Not the sides. Still does not make me like him
Anderson Lee
Anderson Lee:
Hope he makes a full recovery
Oh that's unfortunate anyway hope he recovers.
Simon Wilson
Simon Wilson:
A piss head junkie, who's gonna kill someone unless he gets help. Tough love admittedly!
I wonder if it was "prescription drugs" again :-)
Wild-eyed Woman
Wild-eyed Woman:
*"Oh I say sir......Tiger played a nasty shot there and has found himself in the bunker.*
*He'll need his niblick to get out of that!"*
John Caldini
John Caldini:
Hope Tiger is all good 🥺🙏
I’m better Than you
I’m better Than you:
RIP Tiger
If it was your family member would it have gotten this much attention??? Nope good night😌😌
michael lavery
michael lavery:
Does a compound fracture to the leg mean he got a hole in one?
His caddy give him another bad driver?
Terminalogical Inexactitude
Terminalogical Inexactitude:
Look forward to not seeing him on the tour
Wish warp speed recovery,Tiger!
Risa Nora
Risa Nora:
The short heart accordantly repair because tulip latterly pinch an a loud governor. typical, groovy underwear
He has gone from one side to the other.....good job a family in another car was not oncoming...destructive....very lucky.......
He was defo getting a bloweeeee..
M P:
He's good at golf driving, but not good at car driving.
Glad he's okay thats why I can make light fun of the situation he got a roll in 1 🙏💙
Khish Jackson
Khish Jackson:
Praying for speedy recovery 🙏🙏🙏
Robert Maloney
Robert Maloney:
That's called in the rough
He needs to practise his drive!
Arlindo G.
Arlindo G.:
He’ll get bombarded with cold callers asking if he was involved in an accident recently.
Kinna Ironic .. He was in the Rolling Hills Estates
Blue Max
Blue Max:
Two broken legs, in surgery.
paul hoskin
paul hoskin:
Let's hope he's ok
Ronin Around
Ronin Around:
Q: How can Tiger Woods improve his game?

A: He should stop driving into the rough.
Grim wriggler
Grim wriggler:
I can'tsee anywhere where he 'was cut from the vehicle ' the car is uncut and it looks like it has been involved in a head on collision and not a roll over
The Estimator
The Estimator:
Let's face it , the only driving the guy is any good at has nothing to do with a steering wheel or any wheel's at all
Wassup bud123
Wassup bud123:
Ahhh, the irony, history has a habit of repeating itself
Ryan Mccormick
Ryan Mccormick:
This story could be Boogie oops I mean bogus 🤣😂 Na I hope the guy is okay !
Fraser Sandiford
Fraser Sandiford:
Ooof that shot went into the rough
They reported "No Skid Marks", meaning he didn't hit the brakes as his car crossed the center median then 2 more lane before leaving the road. The first reaction to an out-of-control situation is "HIT THE BRAKES!", unless one is unconscious or the brake lines were cut?
Vincent Kelly
Vincent Kelly:
We're all rooting for him.
eliot davey
eliot davey:
Out of bounds AGAIN!!
Robert pearson R.p property maintenance
Robert pearson R.p property maintenance:
Hope he ok
That doesn’t look like he was cut out of the car , roof and doors still on ???
No taking away that it was a bloody big crash!!!
Vegan Grinch
Vegan Grinch:
Limp buscuit..!!
Keep rolling rolling rollling.....
salome russell
salome russell:
Speedy recovery Tiger.🙏💙🖤💖
veena Devi
veena Devi:
Praying for a fast recovery 🙏
Mike H
Mike H:
Assignation attempt by the dems
Bil zedek
Bil zedek:
Hope he's alright. Hope he's not on the pharmaceuticals again.
David Robins
David Robins:
Wishing Tiger a full and speedy recovery.
trebor sirrah
trebor sirrah:
He rolled over in Rolling Hills,he should have seen that coming
Winsome Cousins
Winsome Cousins:
So sorry to hear of this. I wish Tiger a speedy recovery.
my name is none of your business
my name is none of your business:
All we know is that he got the cash for THE BEST medical treatment money can buy in USA. Therefore, worry too much for him - wishing him a speedy recovery.
Makai Mauka
Makai Mauka:
Positive thoughts for Tiger. That is a bad wreck....
Public Punchbag
Public Punchbag:
Great news is.
Tiger is going to be ok!🏌‍♂️🏌‍♀️🏌
john kidd
john kidd:
Maybe his ex-wife finally got even
sekuru Kaguvi
sekuru Kaguvi:
Get well soon Woods
Jay Kay
Jay Kay:
Tee shot went off the road. Hope he finds it.
Oppo AndroidF1
Oppo AndroidF1:
Get well soon,Tiger Wood...👌👍👌👍😊
warboss 2010
warboss 2010:
Reed would get a free drop from there🤥
Damn I hope he’s getting true
Darshana Shah
Darshana Shah:
Sending healing prayers for complete recovery.🙏🌸
Del Boy Trotter
Del Boy Trotter:
The updated headline just said he's having surgery right now on multiple serious leg injuries.
Thomas Pridmore
Thomas Pridmore:
Keep him on the course and off the road
ian M
ian M:
Wow,thats rough.
I hope he's ok
Reema Patel
Reema Patel:
Omg 😲😲 hope the ok
Humphrey Fluffy
Humphrey Fluffy:
What will be on the death certificate?? C 19
paul fletcher
paul fletcher:
Jaws Of Life were not used on that car. Looks like he might have been extracted through the windscreen.
Diana Lovato
Diana Lovato:
drive safe everyone get well soon tiger
Day Day
Day Day:
Straight onto the green by tiger
nik mxforever
nik mxforever:
Instagram posted that he died during surgery
Drugs, alcohol or arrogant speeding?
browne Joan
browne Joan:
Keeping Mr. Woods in pray 🙏🏾for a full recovery 🛐
A roll over where the sun roof didnt break?
Dick Riggles
Dick Riggles:
Is that an Explorer?
George Morenstein
George Morenstein:
Chef Louie Van
Chef Louie Van:
Andy Cole
Andy Cole:
Bye bye Tiger!!!
Robin Bird
Robin Bird:
Dear lord make tiger hav a speedy recovery amen
philip coffman
philip coffman:
Genesis gv80 best commercial
We Are Royals
We Are Royals:
How come no footage of being cut and removed from wreckage??
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev:
Should of stuck to a different type of driver
Finally some real news... 🤣
the boss 99 boss
the boss 99 boss:
Hope Mr Woods makes a full recovery best golfer the game has seen 🤕
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur:
Hopefully he will be out of the woods soon
Peoples Press
Peoples Press:
I knew a tiger couldn't drive
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall:
How the frick did he do that?
Greg Shaw
Greg Shaw:
All good Lindsey will take care of him
Sand Game
Sand Game:
hyundai sonata, sudden unintended acceleration
Couldn't see the Woods for the trees .
Khin David
Khin David:
Wtf. How did this even happen.?
Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz:
Tiger has fallen in the woods!!!!!!!!!
What a shame 🤣👍🏻
Philip Odida
Philip Odida:
Quick recovery
I am not sure if the Jaws of life were actually used. I believe he went out the windshield.