BREAKING William Hurt Star of the MCU, Black Widow, Civil War, The Incredible Hulk & More dies at 71

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100+ comentarios:

Aiden Daugherty
Aiden Daugherty:
RIP William hurt 😔 this is heartbreaking
Rest In Peace William Hurt, such a great character in the MCU, you will be missed, my heart goes out to his family and friends ❤️
Man this sucks, I would've hope Ross would've been Red Hulk eventually, obviously they couldn't do it back then because of rights issues but whatever happens with General Ross I believe Marvel will do the right choice. He was such a great Thunderbolt Ross, R.I.P
Rip William Hurt 😢 this is unbelievable now he’s up there with Chadwick
Rip Red Hulk
R.I.P William Hurt you were a great actor and the world will miss you. For some reason I remember William Hurt from the Lost in Space film strange as that may seem.
anthony leach
anthony leach:
I met him back in 2010 at a hotel in New York. I told him that I really liked his portrayal of Ross in incredible hulk and ask him if we are going to see him in anymore movies. He looked me dead in the eye then laughed and said no. So you can imagine my shock to see him in future movies. But he was really nice person when I talked to him
At-At pilot
At-At pilot:
It’s unfortunate we’ll never get to see his version of red hulk,may he rest In Peace.
Justin Gary
Justin Gary:
This is really saddening to know William Hurt was a great actor really bringing Thunderbolt Ross to life onscreen. This is why we as fans and people shouldn't underappreciate and take actors and actresses for granted thinking they're only alive for our entertainment and judgement. May his soul rest in The Grace of The Lord and his family find peace in his departure from this life.
I remember watching him in the The Incredible Hulk as Thunderbolt Ross when I was in High School back in 2008.

Soo sad, My condolences to him and his family. 😢
Rip William Hurt. He was the perfect General Ross and an amazing actor. Condolences to his family and friends
He was a legend way before the MCU. He starred in so many great movies.
Ross :
Rest In Peace william hurt, you will be greatly missed and remembered 😞
Izzy Meh-Zone
Izzy Meh-Zone:
A gifted actor who is hard to forget about. My heart goes out to Hurt family and friends.
David Catlett
David Catlett:
Rest In Peace William Hurt.
Would have liked to see you do more as General Ross or other roles if you had still been down for continuing your career.
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman:
This is why they should have done stuff with the Incredible Hulk characters a lot sooner imo.
Tony Felder
Tony Felder:
He had a great career long before the MCU. I first saw him in "Altered States". My favorite of his films is "Children of a Lesser God". Would've loved to have seen more of him in the MCU again. RIP Mr. Hurt.
Teresa A.
Teresa A.:
What an amazing actor he was. RIP 🙏🏾

He's been in the mcu from the beginning and being the oldest character I presume in the mcu, they really under utilized his character. It's been almost 15 years since incredible hulk. Like things happen unexpectedly I know, but they shouldn't have dragged it for so long. But life if full of mysteries.

I hope he is in a better place. 🙏🏾🕊
Δημήτριος Ρηγινιώτης
Δημήτριος Ρηγινιώτης:
William Hurt was perhaps one of the most talented actors that ever existed. I loved his performance as General Ross but this is not were his work ends. His extensive work includes countless other films such as Kiss of the Spider Woman ( for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor), A.I.: Artificial Intelligence ( one of my personal favourite films) and many more. May his soul rest in peace😥
RIP William Hurt, the legend will always be remembered
Shaine White
Shaine White:
RIP, William Hurt, 1950-2022.
Kelli Meredith
Kelli Meredith:
Crushed to hear of his passing! A truly gifted actor! One of favorite movies that he started in was Body Heat! He'll be missed!
Jose Morales
Jose Morales:
For those of you old enough to remember, Mr. Hurt starred in a great early 80's film called ALTERED STATES. Essentially, a hallucination induced by a Mexican drug allows the scientist played by Mr. Hurt to go back into man's most primal state of being. Crazy film to watch. Thought his brief appearance in A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE was great to watch with his back and forth with Viggo Mortensen. May we meet some distant day.
Grant Adams
Grant Adams:
Well, I guess we won't be getting red hulk in the MCU.
This is really sad! 😱😭😭
He will be missed!!! 😢😢😢
Notorious Nate
Notorious Nate:
I was dreading this day man, RIP William you definitely will be missed❤️
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear:
Rest in peace William Hurt... Prayers go out to his family 🙏🙏
The Batman
The Batman:
Excellent character actor, never put a foot wrong. RIP Mr Hurt :(
Rest In Peace William Hurt
Mr Gold
Mr Gold:
Rip William Hurt I'm gutted he's been great in everything I've seen him in and I'm in shock
Donar Thiazi
Donar Thiazi:
_The Big Chill_ will always be one of my favorite films of all time. _Nick_ was my favorite in it.
*Rest in Peace Mr Hurt and thanks for the memories*
He was a unique actor, rest in peace
Analisse Casado
Analisse Casado:
R.I.P William Hurt , you will be missed .
Dimitri 1027
Dimitri 1027:
R.I.P Mr. William Hurt, My deepest condolences to your family.
The Incredible Hulk is my favorite MCU project and William Hurt was one of the best things about that film. May he Rest In Peace…
Brody Avis
Brody Avis:
Wow! That is so sad, I too was looking forward to his Red Hulk story arch. So blessed to have had him this far and will be watching all the marvel movies, his remake of Dune, and lost in space! The special effects are terrible but he wasn’t!
Schardt Cinematic Productions
Schardt Cinematic Productions:
So many great movies he has been in. More than just playing Ross in the MCU. He was in The Village, A.I., Lost in Space and so many more. R.I.P. Mr. Hurt. It's now a sad day finding this out.
Damn man he was a good ass actor, I was excited to see him potentially become Red Hulk, he was such a perfect fit for Thunderbolt Ross

RIP William Hurt

Thank you for everything
Andre M.S.
Andre M.S.:
Rip, William Hurt. We'll miss you. 😔🙏🏻
Rest In Peace William , you really have been an inspiration to me. Thank you .

And yes I totally agree, he totally was the PERFECT CAST actor! This one hits hard, he definitely filled his keystone roll in Marvel, and really everything I’ve seen him in.
Dominic Fuentes
Dominic Fuentes:
This is heartbreaking, William Hurt is a great actor to play Thunderbolt Ross and sadly we didn't get to see him as the Red Hulk.
RIP William Hurt I send my condolences to his family. We will miss him in the MCU.
Shaine White
Shaine White:
Holy Shit!! That's crazy! He was an awesome actor. He was considered for Alan Grant in Jurassic Park.
Terrell Austin
Terrell Austin:
Oh My God No No William Hurt
RIP Legend 😭😭😭😭😭
Deluxe Mammoth
Deluxe Mammoth:
Lost in Space was the first movie I watched him in when I was a kid and it's still the favorite movie of mine that he's in.
Damn this one hurts a lot because I was looking forward to see his character evolve more in the MCU but again damn.....may he Rest up. prayers to his fam
joseph shanklin
joseph shanklin:
R.I.P. William Hurt Great Actor Condolences Prayers goes out to the Family.🙏
Boogy Woogy
Boogy Woogy:
I knew that he wouldn't make it to be red hulk. Don't know why, but I've always thought he was already too old and although this was unexpected and very sad, something always told me he couldn't make it that far. Rip thunderbolt. Great actor
R.I.P William hurt, general Thaddeus E. Ross you will be sadly missed my heart and condolences go out to your family and friends 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Freak Zeke
Freak Zeke:
When I saw him in Black Widow the thought of was he okay for an instant cross my mind. Glad know at least that it wasn't in ill health.
Devon Wooter
Devon Wooter:
Damn this hurts I just finished the incredible Hulk on Netflix he's such a great actor he would truly be missed 😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏
Carmelo Smith
Carmelo Smith:
Omg This Legit is upsetting,was looking forward to see him in future mcu projects 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽R.I.P William Hurt
Shellyman Studios
Shellyman Studios:
RIP, William Hurt. 😔
Poor Sod
Poor Sod:
William Hurt has been one of my favorite actors of the Mcu since the beginning. One of my favorite superheroes in the comics too. I am sad as anything damn
Anthony Grubb
Anthony Grubb:
May he rest in peace. He was such a great actor in the MCU. Willam Hurt had a big impact on my life as an actor. Thank you.
Loved him in Kiss of the Spider Woman (1995) and Dark City (1998).
Rest well Mr. Hurt, you will be sorely missed.
Josh Markham
Josh Markham:
R.I.P. William Hurt. You will me missed.
Malcolm Carter
Malcolm Carter:
I loved him as general Ross but he was so good in his first film Altered States if you like Sci Fi check him out in that. RIP 🙏🏽😢
a e
a e:
Rest in peace 💜 I was watching civil war last night and thinking he's been a great consistent character in the mcu
JimiJop Woodstock
JimiJop Woodstock:
I just watched a doco on William Hurt’s career (so far) a few days ago. I was thinking he maybe 72 but he was still at top of his craft. Respect to his varied roles and good guy I think he was. RIP. Warnie teach him spin bowling.
Kelly Cole
Kelly Cole:
One of my lifetime favorite actors. From Altered States all the way to A History of Violence— the man was great! RIP
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney:
One of the greats of his generation...he always carried a quiet power that got your attention. Good in MCU but I hope he'll be remembered for films like Body Heat, Dark City and A History Of Violence. RIP, legend.
Niko Lion
Niko Lion:
Very devastating! Rest In Peace William Hurt, for you’ll be missed dearly!
Damn man, I wanted to see him in the she hulk series 😭😭😭😭. R.I.P
Reshiram Tube
Reshiram Tube:
Blimey I hope that people can forget the allegations and stuff about him and can actually celebrate his life without the negativity
Oh man, I just found out. Rest in peace William Hurt
RIP William Hurt,you were a legend
Steph Carlo
Steph Carlo:
RIP William Hurt. Great and very talented actor!! He will be missed!!
Ali Halmamat
Ali Halmamat:
RIP, his acting in civil war left a good impression on me
_ MZGames
_ MZGames:
Damn… I was so looking forward to see his character eventually evolve into red hulk.. rest easy Hurt..❤️😔
Rest in peace, you will be missed. Now i dont feel good about getting a new red hulk. Imagine him getting angry and transforming. Such a great actor.
Roxey Logan
Roxey Logan:
Oh no! Such a wonderful actor RIP 😢😢
Robert Martin JR.
Robert Martin JR.:
😪Rest in Peace William Hurt🙏💖
RIP William Hurt.
You will be remembered. 🙏
Just watched the Challenger Disaster 2 nights ago...His performances seemed authentic, soo researched and nuanced....even his gate and the way he walked, carried his briefcase, every nanosecond was precise for us as the audience, an old school actor who valued performance and deliverance over the pay check...America lost a good one...RIP Bill +++
Jim Hughes
Jim Hughes:
I loved his part in Dark City
John Jones
John Jones:
Damn, we will never get to see him be Red Hulk 😔 R.I.P
Such an amazing actor, everyone should check out his Oscar winning performance in kiss of the spider woman from 1985
Darth Coco
Darth Coco:
😞RIP William Hurt, I have always enjoyed your MCU appearances, and hoped to see more of you. I would hope to see you in She-Hulk series, but most notably loved your portrayel as Thunderbolt Ross, because you fit the part so well. Rest In Peace William Hurt, you will be missed, since being there from the beginning of the MCU😥
If you want to see one of his better films, check out “Altered States,” where he de-evolves.
RIP. We will always remember him as being a great actor his achievements will live on through his fans and his movies and family. It’s thing like this that remind us we are only human. Thank him for all he gave us.
Christian Fontenot
Christian Fontenot:
RIP William, you will be missed
Goonie Fazo
Goonie Fazo:
Rest In Peace William❤️very sad we didn’t get to see him in thunderbolts or be the red hulk☹️😢such a wonderful actor he was❤️
Richard Armfield
Richard Armfield:
This is so sad, all my prayers go to his friends and family. He was very talented and I am sure they know how special he was.
Ricky Gonzo
Ricky Gonzo:
I'm glad we get to see him one more time in She-Hulk. RIP William
R Gibbs
R Gibbs:
Rest in peace. I was so ready for the thunder bolts. But I'm glad to see his career overall.
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis:
Wow this one got me. I love William Hurt. He was so awesome in A History of Violence and especially Changing Lanes. RIP
Diego Salcedo
Diego Salcedo:
RIP William hurt he will be missed, sam elliott can replace him in some way of the multiverse sam elliott did played thunderbolt ross from hulk 2003, and again RIP William hurt
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming:
R.I.P. William Hurt. You were a good actor. All love goes to your family.
He was one of those comic book characters that was perfectly casting
Spectahman 2.0
Spectahman 2.0:
I guess we are never see Red Hulk in the MCU. 😭😭😭
Gunner Rose
Gunner Rose:
Rest in piece legend 🙏🏾
Anthony Vazquez
Anthony Vazquez:
Amazing actor. I’m gonna watch all the mcu movies he’s in now.
Gojira 2008
Gojira 2008:
R.I.P William Hurt played an amazing actor through out the year
You shall be missed William Hurt
Rest In Peace William Hurt 😔
Willie Rodriguez
Willie Rodriguez:
RIP William Hurt
Jeremy Ray Wilson
Jeremy Ray Wilson:
Rip... I always loved him as an actor! My favorite movie of his is, him in Lost in space! He was great
Moko D3
Moko D3:
R.I.P William hurt 😢 my deepest condolences to the family 👪
Ervin Griffin, Jr.
Ervin Griffin, Jr.:
So sorry to hear this! Rest in peace Mr. Hurt.
I cant believe it, first Chadwick then William just man… RIP ♥️ Best wishes to his family.