Brentford 0-3 Arsenal | Premier League Highlights

Brentford suffered their first home defeat of the season as Arsenal climbed back to the top of the Premier League table thanks to a 3-0 win at the Gtech Community Stadium.

The away side were full value for their victory, given to them thanks to first-half headers from William Saliba and Gabriel Jesus, as well as Fábio Vieira’s long-range effort early in the second half.

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100+ comentarios:

Love4dave __
Love4dave __:
Good kick about with the boys ⚽️
Abhimanyu Roychowdhuri
Abhimanyu Roychowdhuri:
Love Brentford. As a gooner I respect Brentford the most. Good football, hard working players, great manager. Also more importantly, setting a great example of a team that doesn’t need the kind of spending being done by the likes of Forest to stay and perform in the PL.
E2J - Music
E2J - Music:
As an Arsenal fan, I have to give you guys credit for putting up the highlights and I'm really happy Toney's been called up to the England squad... he's such a good player for real! Kinda wish he was over on our side.
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
good win, remembering Arsenal was lost last season, and 0-3 win shows how much they have changed.
Don Giv
Don Giv:
Seeing Gabriel Jesus this happy...reminds me of what a great feeling it is to just play the game.
Solid performance by Arsenal, much respect to Brentford. They played a strong team.
Bels The Great
Bels The Great:
As an Arsenal fan I was shocked Brentford today wasn't what I expected from them. This was a really good match for Arsenal but regardless Brentford is a really good team and I still see them doing really well this season. Although they struggled against us I'm sure they will impress people just as they did when they beat Man U.
Even though I'm still a bit salty about it congrats to Ivan Toney for the call up, hope he does well for England, he does look a proper striker
Mas Rendi
Mas Rendi:
Respect Brentford for this highlights
MKgaspari K
MKgaspari K:
Gabriel Jesus is unstoppable
As a gooner i admire Brentford. A team not to mess with, strong & a tricky team to beat.
Honest Arsenal Fan
Honest Arsenal Fan:
Mbeumo makes really good runs every single game I watch him. Not the most clinical but he'll always pick up really good positions with his movements
komis pte
komis pte:
A shout out to Brentford ... As a Gooner i have my respect. Tall, quick and physical players you guys got get some one or two quality players in man it's gonna top notch
Respect Brentford, you guys are a class act.
Tom 45
Tom 45:
I respect Brentford, it's a properly run football club. The players just had an off day but they'll bounce back.
The 3rd goal was amazing 👏
Adimas Candra
Adimas Candra:
ARSENAL is the team with the most promising young players in EPL
Mervin Dash
Mervin Dash:
i am a spurs fan ,gotta say i love how arsenal plays , this arsenal squad is scary , they know how to orchestrate their play.. funny how vierra didnt know he scored until everyone else started celebrating , great goal..i expected more from brentford , respect them😅🤣😂
Sahr Hemore
Sahr Hemore:
Good kick about with the boys ⚽️❤️ @arsenal
NagaFootballTALKS Channel
NagaFootballTALKS Channel:
A shout out to Brentford 🤙... As a Gooner i have my respect.
Tall, quick and physical players you guys got🤘 get some one or two quality players in man it's gonna top notch
So happy for Toney with the national Team call up
Interesting Match! Respect for Brentford. . 🍻
Gildog 1
Gildog 1:
Practically a practice game with the boys. Thanks Brentford. Even got to play our 15 years old lads.
David T
David T:
Arsenal have proven that they're one of the best teams in premier League. If they keep fighting like what they did to Brentford yesterday, then they'll go straight to top 4, or even complete for the title. Thomas Party was brilliantly solid in the middle field area yesterday, keep it up bro. Together we can do it. Keep it up young gunners, and Arteta keep your excellent work.
As an arsenal fan I was playing against my second favourite club the bees, I wish them European football as we clinch the league title, haters will say am a clown 🤡 😂😂
e1 awesome
e1 awesome:
Fair play to Brentford FC.
Respect from Gunners fan
Jeff Itachi
Jeff Itachi:
Arsenal my sweet Arsenal 🇰🇪❤️
huizi fsi
huizi fsi:
Fair play to Brentford FC. Respect from Gunners fan
Alan Tan
Alan Tan:
What a bounce back after defeat against Man United still top of e table...we will see e real challenges they r facing once they meet other big "6" clubs...Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Spurs...Once they have play against all these top clubs then we will know whether Arsenal can challenge this season PL title!!
Asupan Quotes
Asupan Quotes:
Respect Brentford, good job Arsenal, i like it
obi bamidele
obi bamidele:
I am an Arsenal fan full time but you guys are my 2nd favorite lose or win you lads play together up Brentford
Damn,,Gabriel is definitely a hardworking player!
Amb. AGBESUYI Olufemi Josh.
Amb. AGBESUYI Olufemi Josh.:
Great displays by the gunners...I am beginning to believe it is possible, we can do it. Not a top-four finish but clinching the title. Injury far from us.
No replay of Vieira’s 30 yard wonder strike but 4 replays of Ivan Toe-knee hoofing it over the bar … nice kick about with the boys 😏
Yulia Dewi
Yulia Dewi:
Brentford has a good coach, but needs some star players to be even better when he meets a club as good as Arsenal
Sergey Frolov
Sergey Frolov:
классно, пушкари! так держать!
tedson kabiru
tedson kabiru:
Arsenal should win the epl if they can this season. I wish them success as a Manchester United fan. Since 2004 Arsenal are still with no epl success this is painful may the lord help arsenal win it soon.
rued siuu
rued siuu:
else started celebrating , great goal..i expected more from brentford , respect them
Azeez Tawo
Azeez Tawo:
Impressive win by Arsenal
Janky Dausat
Janky Dausat:
Chants Saliba from Arsenal fans very amazing 😍
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi:
Let's keep it up and just build on this🤜👊🤛
Safari Eric
Safari Eric:
Wife: where is the remote?
Husband: Arsenal
Wife: what do you mean
Husband: On top of the table.
The Thumb of Epicness
The Thumb of Epicness:
Good thrashin' with the boys ⚽
Ivan Toney know your place, respect the OGs
Alex Sando
Alex Sando:
Арсенал стал моей любимой командой)
30. Swagatam Debnath
30. Swagatam Debnath:
Brentford played well according to its standards.
Mike bonilla
Mike bonilla:
Nice kick about with the boys 🔥
Mac-Lucky Uchenna Clement
Mac-Lucky Uchenna Clement:
A very good kick about with the boys...✌
beckham pane
beckham pane:
I like how brenford make the set piece in second half.
Kuba 101
Kuba 101:
Nice kick about with the boys. ⚽️❤️🤍
Reikam Banford
Reikam Banford:
keep do your best brentford, bright future is coming im sure
Azzle GRG
Azzle GRG:
Great to see arsenal wining
Tirto Ananda
Tirto Ananda:
Wonderfull Save From David Raya The Spanish Sensational. Brentford FC Back To Defeat Against Arsenal FC In The Gtech Community Stadium.
Boris Brian
Boris Brian:
Brentford 4 - 0 Man. United
Man. United 3 - 1 Arsenal
Arsenal 3 - 0 Brentford

This is why I watch the PL ⚽
Djelanny Rodrigues
Djelanny Rodrigues:
Good kick about with the boys ❤️🤍 @arsenal
Mykolas Paksas
Mykolas Paksas:
Lovely kick about with ze boys :)
Husen Ali
Husen Ali:
Thank you Brentford FC for honestly posting our delight on your channel. You were good competitors, way way better than that Manchester thing😉😊
Stanley Ndu
Stanley Ndu:
Despite the 3 goals Raya kept really well if not it would have been 5 goals
K_A Gaming
K_A Gaming:
Nice kick about with the boys⚽
Ahmed Al-Jaafari
Ahmed Al-Jaafari:
1:28 Delayed reaction 😂😂
Oscar Onyango Odhiambo
Oscar Onyango Odhiambo:
Nice kicking it about with the boys😂😂
iqbal nasich
iqbal nasich:
Vieira lagging to celebrate 😭😭😭
Muhammad Shafiq Bin Abdullah
Muhammad Shafiq Bin Abdullah:
Nice kick about with the boys ⚽️ #COYG
ggs to the bees, hoping you guys can get a top 10 finish this year
Nice kick about with the boys ⚽️
I still don't understand why Brentford and Arsenal was allowed to be played, but not Chelsea - Liverpool. Both Brentford and Arsenal are London teams and that never ending queen funeral should have taken equally much police force from both matches.
Otu Efiom
Otu Efiom:
Nice kick about with the boys @Arsenal 😅
1van bender
1van bender:
вот одного не хватало Арсеналу так это как празднует забитые мячи Зинченко он лучший в АПЛ
Dvallo Emmah
Dvallo Emmah:
Nice kick about with the boys 🤍♥️ ♻️
Appreciate the clean highlights.
Brentford manager is a gentleman
Martins Spanky
Martins Spanky:
Nice kick about with the boys 🗣️🌚
Jerome Rowe
Jerome Rowe:
Well done gunners
Mr less talk
Mr less talk:
I feel the account manager of why they aint Replaying the Goals 😄😄😄😄😄
Father David
Father David:
My sympathy Brentford but we deserve the winning gunners for life
Lyrik Thompson
Lyrik Thompson:
Youngest team in the prem and currently 1st how good
awnx ruyv
awnx ruyv:
I am an Arsenal fan full time but you guys are my 2nd favorite lose or win you lads play together up Brentford
reg World
reg World:
Ivan Toney, your boys took one hell of a lot of a beating!
Arsenal fans won’t know this, but if we had Norgaard and KLP back from injury it would have been at least competitive. Too complacent from Brentford, and never seemed like they turned up.
Note to Ivan Toney - Le Tissier only played 8 times for England
Κυριακος Νακος
Κυριακος Νακος:
This Arsenal is another Arsenal, a team with the metal of a winner....and with footballers who basically don't bloody thembsla, they caress it.Mr krenke ..take the crabs out of your figured it out late, but better late than never.
Love you're highlighs brentford but y'all should at the very least hire a commentator
Muhammad R
Muhammad R:
0-1 Saliba
0-2 Jesus
0-3 Vieira
AFC Cape Town
AFC Cape Town:
Love the Bees, but I hate that boy Toney's attitude. If he never gets that move to a big club, he can only blame his attitude
Deepak Shivgan
Deepak Shivgan:
Good kick about with the boys.#coyg
bilal muhammed
bilal muhammed:
Nice kick about the boys 🔥karma🔥
Hayder Bahre
Hayder Bahre:
Good kick with boys 😂😂😂
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas:
Conference cup still looking hopeful for Arsenal this year.
Suraj Eshwar
Suraj Eshwar:
Nice training session with the boys ..
Fitz Fitzchivalry
Fitz Fitzchivalry:
Unlucky Brentford, thoughts and prayers.
Nyoman Wae
Nyoman Wae:
Jesus gabril,,good sukses arsenal 👍👍
Brentford hay que seguir ganando
Josphat Mwania
Josphat Mwania:
It was payback time. "Good kick about with the boys"
Dunia Gaming
Dunia Gaming:
Nice kick about with the boys :)
The GooS3
The GooS3:
Its ARS not ARL On the scoreboard
Ladale Lee
Ladale Lee:
How will arsenal do in the champions league vs domestic matches
Landon Patton
Landon Patton:
Man glad we live rent free in Arsenal's head because we can't afford much else 🤣🤣🤣
Xtra Cell
Xtra Cell:
Thank you arsenal
Rizky T S
Rizky T S:
Keep it up!
Ikh. Fuad Ahsan
Ikh. Fuad Ahsan:
Highlights pertandingan dari channel Brentford udah trending aja, malahan di channel Arsenal belum di UP sampai sekarang atek 🤣🤣🤣