brian may best solo ever

el mejor solo de brian may con delays
disfrutadlo aunke sea largo

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Austin Beckstrom
Austin Beckstrom:
Plays guitar better than any other Astrophysicist.
Jade Fitzgerald
Jade Fitzgerald:
Fun fact: Brian doesn't play with a pick, he uses a sixpence, a British coin, and uses the serrated edge to create different sounds from plucking the strings
Nat the Full Natty Shrugger
Nat the Full Natty Shrugger:
Brian May is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time.
Brian May plays to the stars....and they listen.
Stephen Sparkes
Stephen Sparkes:
Brian May made his own damn guitar.. That's all u need to say..
Brian is not a virtuoso in the traditional sense.  He is not a speed demon like many guitarists that emerged in the late 70's and 80's.  What Brian is, however, is a "riff master".   His genius lies in his ability to add a great sound to the over-all song.  In his mind....the song itself is more important than a flashy guitar solo.   It's a generational thing, I suspect.  One of the most tasteful players of all time, in my opinion. 
Most of the "shredders" that emerged in the 80's have been reduced to small footnotes in Rock history...whereas Queens legacy will live forever.
Steve Vai said of Brian May ""I can listen to any player and pantomime their sound, but I can't do Brian May. He's just walking on higher ground."
Nero Havlíček
Nero Havlíček:
Yeah i understand why you think this is not the best solo ever....its not the fastest,its not the most complicated shit so its cant be best right ? WRONG....solos,guitar and whole music isnt about speed,about technique or perfection...its about soul,passion and love for playing that music,and This man has all of that and so does this solo.
John Doe
John Doe:
Major Danger
Major Danger:
He plays with a coin. Not a pick, a coin.
Guess what guys, music isn't a competition.
He and his dad built those sneakers from scratch. Amazing.
Buskin Kef
Buskin Kef:
i dont get why people are comenting negatively on this, the emotion and soul he's putting into his playing is crazy, you can shred all day long and probably play better than this but if you just shred the same positions of the same scale like a robot theres no emotion, what this man is playing may be clumsy but he is putting his heart and soul into his music which makes him an amazing muscian and guitar player <3 
I hope when he’s gone that guitar is taken to the rock and roll hall of fame. It’s a one of a kind.
Tim Rolls
Tim Rolls:
Brian May is god.
Xavier Simon
Xavier Simon:
I almost died when I saw the screen of Freddie Mercury
There is a warmth and intelligence to Brian May's playing that I think is matched only by David Gilmour.
Ender Gearl
Ender Gearl:
Brian and his dad specially crafted the Red Special to sustain notes longer and have a larger range.
Aldemar Camacho
Aldemar Camacho:
este sólo merece muchas más visitas que ese reguero pORQUE VALIO LA PTA PENA XADA MALDITO SEGUNDO :"V
Charlie Foxtrot The 3rd
Charlie Foxtrot The 3rd:
Brian to just such a rock and roll icon. A good person, thoughtful, good sense of humor, talented as hell, and loves music in a way that inspires others. In my top five favorites fur sure.
El Egret
El Egret:
That little twist of his head when he looks at the audience while he's playing can feel him offering his heart and soul to you on a silver platter.
God love ya Brian.
Holy Koolaid
Holy Koolaid:
Did anyone else notice the dude getting chloroformed at 2:29?
Brian May is an amazing guitarist. He isn't extremely flashy like a lot of other guitarists that are still great, Brian's just a genius who plays smartly.
Grady Geiger
Grady Geiger:
Now we all know and knew this is why he was in queen
Brake McGaughey
Brake McGaughey:
603 people don't play guitar or they don't enjoy real music
When you build your own guitar at the age of 16... And then become a guitar hero with it for more than 40 years.
Unique man.
Seem like people forgot what it was all about.. After have been playing guitar for nearly 25 years, and 10 of them on a professional basis, the following words can be said.. You are NEVER gonna change rock with fast scales and schreddin'.. You will in 90% of the cases only hit a dead end and stagnate as a guitar player.. Nearly everybody can learn how to play scales fast, backed up with tons of distortion.. Be a good guitarists never was/never will be about that.. I can play fast, but i envy people like Keith Richards/Brian may/Jimmy page.. masters of the art of building riffs/feeling and sound of the jazz/r'n b influenced pioneer virtuoses from the 70's.. One day when you grow up as a guitar player, you will also understand that!
Will E. Fistergash
Will E. Fistergash:
I would wager to say that Brian is probably the most identifiable guitarist ever.
Spoder Man
Spoder Man:
the government had to censor out Brian's fingers at 2:01 because it would have been an overload of awesomeness
Patsy Fuehrer
Patsy Fuehrer:
Brian May, in my opinion is THE BEST GUITARIST EVER!!!  F░O░L░L░O░W ☜═(╹◡╹)
This band was aptly named QUEEN  ...they were and still are the royalty of pop and rock...I have listened to a lot of guitarists over the years ...some that are incredibly fast or can perform stunning fretboard acrobatics...but Brian May is a true artist in the classic sense...he can squeeze emotion out of every note and composes feelings in song as did the great classical composers..arent too many left like this im afraid
Leigh Williams
Leigh Williams:
He's a truly great rock guitarist, for an astrophysicist. Or maybe I have that backwards. Nevermind - let's just shorten it to "He's truly great."
holy crap amazing at 1:21 you can literally see him turn the d string into vapor for a split second, then back again
Spud Spinnigan
Spud Spinnigan:
He's getting all astrophysical on that guitar ;-)  A gentleman that has earned all he has got.
fortnite pro
fortnite pro:
Every guitar player: i can do better

Brian may : hold my beer
Colton Carey
Colton Carey:
imagine going to play live and people hold signs of your dead friend.every time.
Dave Wray
Dave Wray:
Brian and his Dad made his guitar he is playing. His personality magnifies his already excellent playing.
who needs 3 guitarists when you have brian may
brian may mesmerizes, how many of you just sat there silently just watching? i know i was.
Maren Denison
Maren Denison:
0:11 Brighton Rock
3:41 Bijou
4:25 Bijou (w backing track)
7:00 epic SPACE song (idk what the title is)
I'd like to see Neil deGrasse Tyson do this.
The Lorenzo
The Lorenzo:
Great use of delay pedal.
Can we just do away with the "best ever" phrase ..... forever.
Railgap Esoterica
Railgap Esoterica:
Also, there are great guitar technique players, and there are fantastically musical, soulful lead guitar players who don't necessarily have the greatest technique - Brian has consistently presented an excellent ballance between showy technique and pure emotional musicality.
Cody Marmon
Cody Marmon:
One of the masters, no argument!
Sean C
Sean C:
Only band that still makes me emotional
His best days are behind him, but Brian May is one of the greatest guitarists to have ever lived.
Bram Rawlings
Bram Rawlings:
Ed Manukian
Ed Manukian:
This is a collection of his solos from Brighton rock, Bijou, and Bohemian Rhapsody (In this order)
Patsy Fuehrer
Patsy Fuehrer:
I always loved Brian May's guitar playing, He was the first guitar player I truly loved listening to and still is to this very day.
Richard Bruton
Richard Bruton:
Brian May may not be the most powerful guitarist but on one thing for sure is he is very versatile. Brian can fit any song, his crispy fingers jam out elegant solos.
Rigo es Amor
Rigo es Amor:
Best homemade guitar everrrrrrr!!!!!
I admire what I know about Brian May to a great degree...his studious interest in science, his chops (few others could sit down with EVH and keep up that readily, listen to the Star Fleet Project) and his approach to guitar sound...he did not let himself be that influenced by the established tone of the time, he completely sought out his own tone...
2:28 when the drugs kick in.
Very few guitarists have ever lived that can wring that much emotion out of their instrument. God bless you Brian May.
Liam Murphy Music
Liam Murphy Music:
When Brian ascends into the heavens to play with Freddie once more, that guitar will be his ride.
Your joke are totally from the Internet
Your joke are totally from the Internet:
Imagie your lecturer are a lead guitarist for one of the best band in the history of mankind.
Anyone got a six pence? :-)
Gen Eisenhower
Gen Eisenhower:
only two words can describe may bad and ass he is a badass
Monty Walsh
Monty Walsh:
The man's tone-it's a cry of love from an electric pegasus.
Badr El Fahi
Badr El Fahi:
king of pop moonwalker
king of pop moonwalker:
I'm in love with Brian and with the Red Special.
Frank Skirpan
Frank Skirpan:
Brian May proves the assertion, you don't play music with an instrument. You play it with your emotions. Your instrument simply gets your point across.
feye hudson
feye hudson:
I am 66 now. first heard queen in a car. such a different sound. Freddie what a voice Brian omg!.
I love queen it's makes me cry go listen go Brian play. Freddie I still have not heard a voice as his go this day. Bryan I love u . I know your depressed as I. One day I hope go meet u. Your awesome go this day♩😂💖✌🤘
sad when i saw freddie on the screen. i wish he was here
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado:
Estoy aquí por recomendación “sígueme el viaje” “follow me the trip” franco y Macario
1:19 reminds me of Trans-Siberian Orchestra for some reason.
Ashley Herrington
Ashley Herrington:
I wanna cry when I saw Freddy in bouiji rip Freddy Mercury ull Ly in our heart for all eternity my brother we love and miss u brother sleep well in heaven friend
Chris Olding
Chris Olding:
There has never been a guitarist who has other groups fans attempting to sing his lead guitar solos. That is legend right there!
Лу на
Лу на:
7:20 может не в тему скажу, но ребята, я четко слышу соло из Лепса "Рюмка водки на столе")))))))) по моему я знаю, у кого они сплагиатили мелодию. Попробуйте спеть))) капец. Реально похоже
4:27 so GOOD ..
Brian May is a Legend
Scout 629
Scout 629:
People started crying when Freddie came on screen, let that sink in.
william hersey
william hersey:
What a world to live in, blessed with people like Brian May
Wubba Lubba dub dub
Wubba Lubba dub dub:
Every guitar player: I can do better.
Brian may: Hold my coin.
Daniel Weaver
Daniel Weaver:
Me : I am really enjoying this solo. (getting chills)
Youtube : Inserts a ad for dogfood mid riff
"Brighton Rock" was Brian May's greatest solo guitar work!
Is it only me or did the chords at the start sound like Comfortably Numb
Sandi Palazzo
Sandi Palazzo:
He clearly absolutely loves what he he's doing. He has so much passion and is adorable. 🎸
David Verheyden
David Verheyden:
Brilliant!!,Brilliant !! Brilliant Guitarist.of all time !!
Maggie May
Maggie May:
Brighton Rock , then Bijiou, then? I can`t put my finger on the last one, help me out???
Angelica Luceki
Angelica Luceki:
That guitar smoked a cigarette after this.
inSANE Olive
inSANE Olive:
8:43 is that Brian’s son??
Randy Crager
Randy Crager:
I gotta say, I've seen Briam May play many solos far greater than this one, sorry 
I kept expecting "Brighton Rock" to erupt early on.


Brian May is beyond AMAZING!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!
augusto pelayo bravo
augusto pelayo bravo:
Supera a Jimmy Hendrix y a Van Halen...y es elegido mejor guitarrista de todos los tiempos!!!
Brock Shaw
Brock Shaw:
the resination stabilization and perfection emitting from the man is truly amazing
Spoder Man
Spoder Man:
3:48 welcome... to the Twilight Zone
Jesse Garduno
Jesse Garduno:
One of the best guitar players of all time: Brian May.
That was absolutely underwhelming.
I’ve never understood why he is considered a great player.
Zefram Mann
Zefram Mann:
One of the top ten guitarists that ever lived, IMHO. There are others who demonstrate greater technical skill, but May plays with a passion and soul that goes beyond mechanical technique.
Anthony Genao
Anthony Genao:
wow .... just wow
-Savage PitBull-
-Savage PitBull-:
If he plays these high notes I miss Freddie so much in the background ! Brian and his guitar are made for Freddie and the Queen band that's for sure ! R.i.P. Freddie
Ziggy Trax
Ziggy Trax:
There are guitar greats.... and there is May... forever... I bow. and so should you!
Sean Connolly
Sean Connolly:
Also an astronomer. In fact brians hair was around at the moment of the big bang and is still expanding.
4:08 oh crap, didn't see that one coming. Look, it's just a cold. Sniff :-\
that first 45 seconds sounds f-ing amazing if you have good audio equipment running ... prolly one of the best guitar solo intros ever?
Amazing how Freddie, seems like a lost family member to so many of us.
Raymonde Sherman
Raymonde Sherman:
I don't care what anybody says deacy amp or not. Love Brian May!