Brian May Cries while shaking hands with Imaginary Freddie in concert

This is the video of Brian May shaking hand with Imaginary Freddie Mercury during a concert.

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Pim Prijs
Pim Prijs:
You die two times
1. When your heart has stopped beating
2. When your name is said for the last time

Lets keep freddie mercury alive ✌
Ethan Young
Ethan Young:
It’s not an imaginary freddie he was there with Brian supporting him as we all should! Rock on Queen 👑 ❤️
Janet Yovonne Stuckey
Janet Yovonne Stuckey:
Just think BRIAN, did in fact shake hands with the real FREDDIE once or twice in real life a long time ago..... (EDIT) THANKS for all who read & liked
White Glove club
White Glove club:
Brian's voice here is a bit like Freddie
Brent Heil
Brent Heil:
Freddie sang a song about " Who wants to live forever" and the ironic thing is is that he will.
Marta Isirah
Marta Isirah:
Like, if you still cry for Freddie Mercury... 🥀😭
Makayla Jackson
Makayla Jackson:
I wish I could give Brian a hug
MJ Tv:
So sad seeing him cry
Steve Ashfield
Steve Ashfield:
Queen isn't Queen without Freddie.
Ultimate Nerd
Ultimate Nerd:
the fact that the crowd all sang in unison with a holgram of freddie goes to show this man is a legend, and legends never die and they are never forgotten 🤟
True friendship goes beyond the boundaries of time and death.
The Don
The Don:
Um, he isn't crying lol. It's just his facial expressions as he's singing.
Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Bartolome Esteban Murillo:
''Some friendships are so strong, they can even transcend lifetimes.''
Brick Stair
Brick Stair:
“You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be.”
melina mercury
melina mercury:
And seeing audience crying, am in tears myself, very touching.
We Are The Children
We Are The Children:
he’s not imaginary. just because he’s not there phisicaly doesn’t mean he’s imaginary. he’s there in spirit
Diego Villarruel
Diego Villarruel:
Roger: "You're a legend Fred".
Freddie: "We're all legend".
Breny07 Tubby
Breny07 Tubby:
Freddie's soul is with us when we sing to him
chloe hamilton
chloe hamilton:
Freddie Mercury died a whole decade before I was born and I still miss him.
Graham Glasson
Graham Glasson:
One of the world's greatest rock bands and Freddie world's best Freddie.
Khushi Sinha
Khushi Sinha:
1:32 This is called true fan.😭😭😭😭😭
Mondo Archuleta
Mondo Archuleta:
These fans were honored by seeing this event. Singing along with Brian and Freddie. The handshake at the end out tears in my eyes, and I'm at the gym. Who cares. Loved it anyway.
Luca Cristiano
Luca Cristiano:
🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑
beau buxton
beau buxton:
This is the first time a song has actually brought tears to my eyes, so moving.
Azaleah C.
Azaleah C.:
Why am I crying over somebody who died 15 years before I was even born?
Brian May is the most precious, darling, perfect man on the face of the earth....😭💖🥺🤩😍🥰🌟💖💖💖💖
He's the very definition of love, kindness, and tenderness....
I listened to Freddie, Elvis and Jackson recordings done in the studio the other day, all acapella, Presley and Jackson sounded like beginners who I felt needed lots of knobs tweaked to get their sound right. Freddie's voice was as raw in the studio as was live on stage and just magnificent. My god the amount of recordings done on reel to reel tape for Bohemiam Rhapsody was huge so Freddie could get "that sound" he had so clear in his mind, pure genius.
Azalea 1975
Azalea 1975:
My heart nearly melted as Brian reached his hand out to Freddie’s hologram. Like it was his spirit he was trying to reach and hold onto 😢😢😢 So beautiful and sweet 😇 The for sharing this. It was lovely 💓
Richard Louis Newman
Richard Louis Newman:
Two of the best this world will ever see.
paulie’s big ass eyelashes
paulie’s big ass eyelashes:
I started crying when Freddie came on the screen 💕🥺👑😭
Khushi Sinha
Khushi Sinha:
0:34 Look how happy they are while seeing brian 😭😭😭😭 and crying 😭😭😭😭😭
Santoni Riggatoni
Santoni Riggatoni:
We cried with him, I'm pretty sure we all did
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma:
OMG Brian was crying 😢😢
Herman Helmich
Herman Helmich:
He wasn’t the only one
Sylvia-Novella Underwood
Sylvia-Novella Underwood:
I’m sad I never got to meet Freddie Mercury

He touched many peoples lives and you never again will meet such a colorful,artistic,funny,bold, out of the box fellow like him
Fronk Oreo
Fronk Oreo:
I love The guys so much and loved their friendship. I just can’t imagine how they felt when Freddie died. They were so close and loved each other like a family. I hope they’re doing alright 😭
mike m
mike m:
I Can Only Add My Tears
As I Watched This
Derek Hernandez
Derek Hernandez:
It's so sad seeing Brian may cry after freddie died he still had a big smile on his face
Nina Gellert
Nina Gellert:
I was at this concert, it was the Wellington, New Zealand concert. I was about 25 metres from the stage. It was even more moving in real life! 💕 I love how Brian treats every concert as a tribute to freddie:)
Oh dear, please tell me who just started to cut onions cause it’s really annoying...
Rowan Maguire
Rowan Maguire:
People always forget that Roger and Brian and decan could all sing so well they could have been lead singers but freddie came and stole the show.
Cursed Pink Diamond
Cursed Pink Diamond:
*Me crying watching how Brian crying while shaking hands with imaginary Freddie*
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro:
Poor Brian I felt that too 😭

R.I.P Freddie Mercury
rose Lintner
rose Lintner:
OMG. Thanks for a real tear jerker. Pulled on my heart strings!❤️🥀
Sonam Bhutia
Sonam Bhutia:
COVID doesn't scare me.... Freddie is on the other side ♥️
Aaron Cox
Aaron Cox:
Freddie loved the crowd singing with him.
Leeshane PH
Leeshane PH:
Seeing some of the audience cry makes me cry
Is gone in Physical form. We have the videos to help us keep his Legend alive! Thank you Brian and Roger for keeping Freddie's alive in Spirit!
Charles :
Charles ::
This is a perfect example that MUSIC WILL ALWAYS SPEAK.
จิรุตม์ ชนะ
จิรุตม์ ชนะ:
Fact:2 minutes can make you cry.

Also fact: me too
Matsung Temjen
Matsung Temjen:
When we watch Michael Jackson's video everyone says he was the greatest.
I admit there's no one like Michael Jackson but I say there cannot be anyone like Freddie Mercury till the end of the world.
Die like a star n live like a legend.
Freddie we miss you GOAT
Alyssa Verdeflor
Alyssa Verdeflor:
This breaks my heart 😭🥺😞
Nope - I don't see anyone crying either.
Lemons for Lucy
Lemons for Lucy:
I would love love love to see these in concert but I’ll just be crying the whole time because Freddie ain’t there
The recommendation we didn’t ask for, but what we actually all needed ❤️. Rip Freddie you gorgeous soul.
MS 19
MS 19:
I'm gutted I dont get to see them in June, 🤞 it all works out for next year
David Dahl
David Dahl:
this bought tears to my eyes amazing
amber indiana
amber indiana:
no he’s not the best vocalist, but this performance is honestly so moving not to mention is epic rockstar playing
Fraaa _2400
Fraaa _2400:
I promised myself to not cry and now I'm here, with my head on my desk, in tears.
Dianne Meyer
Dianne Meyer:
Amazing, the effect Freddie still has on people almost 30 years later.
Blitz Arcade
Blitz Arcade:
We can all relate, Mr. Mercury was a friend to all of us
I'm crying so hard right now😭😭😭💛💛💛💛 I miss you freddie
Hassan Haider
Hassan Haider:
We're just going to ignore the fact that Queen were huge even in Japan
Christi Hodge
Christi Hodge:
I love Queen so much! I came to them late but now they're all I listen to. This is absolutely beautiful but still heartbreaking. We still love each of you Queen!
Vincenzo Ottaviano
Vincenzo Ottaviano:
difficult to say if someone was crying at 240p
This is enough to even make me cry.
Peter Xenopoulos
Peter Xenopoulos:
that was his best friend :(
Ulsterbus Fan
Ulsterbus Fan:
It so sad to Brian cry because he’s a legend
Alexander Noam Norgaard
Alexander Noam Norgaard:
"Imaginary" sounds .. you know. "Holographic" sounds better. Heartbreaking clip 😔
I Cried Too!!!
Albert Santos
Albert Santos:
The queen of rock is immortal!
J F:
It moved me too. I was lucky enough to see Queen in '79 and again during the "Flash" tour the night after John Lennon was killed. Freddie sang "Imagine" ....not a dry eye in the place.
Zander Groom
Zander Groom:
Whoa, I never knew Brian May could sing so good 😢
Hiro TTV
Hiro TTV:
We all miss Freddie
Allison Pimperton
Allison Pimperton:
Amazing loved queen and Freddie was 1 of a kind miss you Freddie lovely Brian May so touching and special xx
Travis Walsh
Travis Walsh:
Freddie came down from heaven for Just a moment
shady bish
shady bish:
Rip Freddie Mercury 🌹♥️
What a legend he is to this day
The crowd is really feeling the moment. Everyone has their eyes closed. Breathtaking.
wendy hammonds
wendy hammonds:
Seen them in concert last August, I can remember watching live aid for my birthday in 85. Adam brings his on spin to Queen, but they'll only be one Freddie Mercury. ❤❤
Esteban Ardila
Esteban Ardila:
Holy shit!!! They brought him back to life just to sign this song, monsters!
Paul Scott
Paul Scott:
I can't write but just listening to the maestro of our generation and more
maruice brunet
maruice brunet:
Gives me chills Freddie was there for sure rest in peace Freddie
Jimena Taylor
Jimena Taylor:
I came here to make my self cry 😭
Brian has this very soothing voice
It‘sMe gwan
It‘sMe gwan:
no, i'm not crying😭
Frank Stecker
Frank Stecker:
Stunning - a kind of magic!
J. Greene
J. Greene:
i honestly and crying right now. I'm speechless.
Sindee Perkins
Sindee Perkins:
We still cry about Freddy,can’t imagine what the band feels like? They are absolutely incredible,love them all 😢❤️🌹
Best of CSGO
Best of CSGO:
It's been years since I've heard this song for the first time but i get the same feeling every time... My heart becomes heavy with Joy and sadness..... Freddie will live on till the end of time❤️❤️
im batman
im batman:
i wana know who was chopping onions in the crowd? everyones eyes are pissing 🤣
Catalin Lartist
Catalin Lartist:
where is he crying, cuz i can't see
I didn't know Brian had such a beautiful voice.
Diana Couleurs
Diana Couleurs:
Beautiful brian freddie 😘❤️
Dustin Gyrmov
Dustin Gyrmov:
I've watched this a couple of times now and I dont see Brian May crying. Nice video though.
luis enrique
luis enrique:
The important thing here is.... chinesse's likes Queen?
Anais Hill
Anais Hill:
🥺 i love queen and brian is genuinely such a sweet person, he was very suicidal after freddies death:(
bonkey dollocks
bonkey dollocks:
I didn't see the crying bit or the holding hands bit. Freeze frame at the end but..