Bridgerton Season 2: Claudia Jessie REACTS to Cliffhanger and Teases Season 3

Spoilers ahead! 'Bridgerton' star Claudia Jessie chats with ET about season 2 of the popular series, which is streaming now on Netflix. The actress opens up about this season's explosive ending and what she hopes for her character, Eloise, in the coming seasons.

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Agree Claudia! Seeing Eloise love story transcending class with Theo, is a true Eloise story, them together bringing changes through their intellect and social involvement would be fresh air, these two have been the best surprise from season two and love to have them as endgame ❤️ #NerdSwoon
checkmy flow
checkmy flow:
i love the friendship between eloise and her chauffeur (?) idk that was so funny to me that she bring him in all her bad ideas and him keeping secrets and backing her up when she meet Theo and sassy him, i don't know if it's in the book, but i really appreciate this dynamic
Vibração Elevada
Vibração Elevada:
Theloise. They have an intelectual connection and insane chemistry. I also love the rich girl x poor boy forbidden romance trope. Also Shonda give us #theloiseendgame
Erica 아름 Kang
Erica 아름 Kang:
I loved Eloise. I loved that she got more light in this season and her character had more development. She is so adorable and Claudia did such a wonderful playing her rebellious and intelligent spirit. I loved that her in that scene where she finds out about Pen and her delivery of that scene was perfect. Wonderful job Claudia!
Nyssa Jay
Nyssa Jay:
I’d like to see more of Eloise and Theo. I know the show is based off the books but it would be a good story if Eloise married outside of her class.
Kathryn Hall
Kathryn Hall:
I also LOVED when Antony asked Hyacinth to dance...such a tender moment 🥰
Marie Williams
Marie Williams:
I can’t believe Claudia is 32 years old she looks like she’s 20!
Finally she figured it out. That scene was priceless. Can’t wait to see how Eloise moves forward with this information. Hopefully E gets her guy back.
Miriska Francis
Miriska Francis:
I couldn't tell if she was still in character or not, she brings Eloise energy even off set
dj diSi
dj diSi:
I absolutely adore this Theloise storyline! Cute af. May be my fave budding romance to date, looking forward to see where this goes
Dianelys Blanco González
Dianelys Blanco González:
I know that in the books is different but I loved so much Eloise and Theo, that I hope they can have their endgame. #Theloiseendgame, this couple can't end up like this, I know that in the books is different but, can't it be changed Sir Philip for Sharpe? It's the best
Also, Eloise is my favorite character ever, she was AMAZING this season, as always
Anonymous ARMY
Anonymous ARMY:
I really hope Eloise and Penelope make up, their fight broke my heart more than whatever Colin did
Max Jensen James
Max Jensen James:
Eloise is honestly my favourite character and I think her character is going to really be one to challenge the social classes and fight for women's rights in the era and possibly be the one who leads the charge in changing things in their world. Around the expectations of women and all of them having to find husbands when they reach a certain age and compete for the diamond. I am interest to see her continue her political pursuits and continue the love and relationship between her and Theo as well as go against the grain with them being separated by class.
Lembayung Senja
Lembayung Senja:
Claudia is so beautiful. She has natural beauty as herself, and as Eloise also. Eloise and Benedict are my fave lead in Bridgerton
Anu mallya
Anu mallya:
I loved her..she was one of my favourite character.I loved her personality
Nansubuga Fatmah
Nansubuga Fatmah:
There's a way Eloise character is built slowly from almost quiet to making everyone anxious to see her own lead
I love that Bridgerton created Theo Sharpe as a focal point for Eloise's relationship. She may still end up with Sir Philip Crane. Though for now, TheoLoise!💖
Wendy K
Wendy K:
Love the character Eloise. Claudia does her great justice.
P. Welch
P. Welch:
Claudia’s acting was great in S1, but was exceptional in S2! As painful as it was to watch, Eloise read Penelope for filth and deservedly!! And without repentance, Penelope returns right back to the feathered pen!!! [Great acting from Nicola also!]. How will this play out in S3???
She really perfectly played Eloise's character. I love her so much <3
Alaina da Costa
Alaina da Costa:
I just finished season 2 and am so ready for season 3. I was absolutely shocked when I looked up the cast and saw she’s 32 and Nicola is 35. I really love Eloise’s character
Kathryn Hall
Kathryn Hall:
I think Collin will be the bridge to bring the BFFs back together in season 3 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻❤️
Incredible writing
sharon Irons
sharon Irons:
I love the character of Eloise, Claudia is one of the better actors in this show. She talks with her hands during the interview; in the series her facial expressions and body language make her more realistic. This young woman will be one to watch!
Zee Dee
Zee Dee:
Eloise and Penelope are the only reasons I'm watching Bridgerton. I'm patiently waiting for their romance stories.
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny:
gotta love Eloise...her and Benedict are my favorite characters <3 and Claudia plays her so well
Lazy Luna
Lazy Luna:
So much love for this girl! Both Claudia and being Eloise. She's a gem. I'm so excited to see her own story even though that I am currently reading the book.
So much as I love Season 2 and still adore Penelope and Eloise as a character. Seeing so much hate on Penelope on the internet makes me wonder how will the writers or will they redeem Penelope after throwing her under the bus (We all know this is totally different from the books) and how would Eloise forgive her and how would Colin fall in love with her after what the writers made Penelope do to both Marina and Eloise? I just can’t imagine.
Federica Trevisan
Federica Trevisan:
*Nerd swoon* hahaha...just adorable❣️🤓📚 Let's hope that #Bridgerton changes even more from the book material, since ships like Eloise & Theo are more interesting than what should come instead, & the girls of the show are cooler than the remaining boy cast for me as well.😋
Liz Muschinski
Liz Muschinski:
Eloise is my fave, and it's Claudia's personality that comes through that makes the character so great.
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D.:
Wow season 2 looks SOO good I can’t wait to watch it I just have to finish studying 😭
Tanja Sew june dress
Tanja Sew june dress:
Eloise and Penelope are the best characters in the second season. The actrasses are amazing!
Bruna Felipe
Bruna Felipe:
Eloise is my favorite character. I'm looking forward to the season that tells her story. For me it's the best book ❤️🥰😍
I can't believe I have to wait another 3 years for Eloise's story 😭
I literally finished this show in a day…. An I’m OBSESSED, I definitely was living under a rock… 🤣🤣😍😍
Rosie Girl
Rosie Girl:
Love all the actors in the show but Eloise looks older than Daphne and Benedict looks older than Anthony. Nothing significant yet but I think they need to play out both their stories soon and I am thinking this will be season 3 along with the Penn and Eloise story with some hints of Colin's love story beginning - just my guess. Also what about the love story for the mother...why not especially now that Kate is the new lady of the house.
dj diSi
dj diSi:
She nailed it right on the head and am so glad she sees it the same way I do... it IS so cute!
Juseph Elas
Juseph Elas:
Claudia Jessie is such a brilliant actress! Her acting in Bridgerton is really captivating. She IS Eloise!
Becky Nelson
Becky Nelson:
Am in mourning for the series as I've seen it all now.Anticipating series 3 🤞
Roxanne Gordon
Roxanne Gordon:
Eloise certainly brings action to the plot. The way she stands, leaning forward, looks like she's going to take off.......on a run....somewhere. Everything about the show, the costumes, stiff dances (for that period) and the music, the quartet. I'd love to record this music with the group. I'm a violinist.
Fritzie San Antonio
Fritzie San Antonio:
I just wish that Theo is gonna be rich, a self-made man or soldier, gonna have his own family, then became widower... then it's gonna be To Sir Theo 🤣
Eloise is such a great actress
Spirit Vision ITC
Spirit Vision ITC:
Love Elois! She is the best character and we want her story now! Not in 3 years!
NERD SWOON 😅 That's why I loved Theo and Eloise so much. Just two book nerds falling in love 🥰
Kathleen Weinberg
Kathleen Weinberg:
There are great characters on the show can't wait to see
One of my favorite characters.. ready to see her take down lady whistldown lol...and i know the episodes are longer than usual, but we're gonna need more than 8 episodes 😭
Tee Mack
Tee Mack:
Eliose/Claudia is really pretty, especially in real life. Her hair and makeup are on point in this interview. 👌
Red Ramiro
Red Ramiro:
We need to know her skincare routine. She's 32 and looks 20.
Tbh the only relationship that I really care about is Pen and Eloise. Their friendship is soo precious!!
She is my favorite character. So funny and quirky.
Love Claudia and love Eloise! 💖
I need season 3 to be Eloise and Theo.
Loved it! Loved you! Cannot wait for season 3!
i really hope they expand on her involvement in womens suffrage and political thinking in season 3
Marie Kaňovská
Marie Kaňovská:
Claudia is amazing actress :)
D N:
I was thinking to myself watching her in the show, she must be 20/21 and then shocked to find out she's infact 30😭 i love eloise
Kumar Ramakrishnan
Kumar Ramakrishnan:
My favorite character ❤️ she's so perfect..
Diamante Chica
Diamante Chica:
i hated that the series was so short kindly make season 3, 12 episodes long. we need more screen time Shonda
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
I think the next season is going to be focused on colin or Eloise from what I've gathered from the end of season 2.
Daain Muhammad
Daain Muhammad:
Just finished the show. Great show 😊
Terrence Myers
Terrence Myers:
I enjoy her character on the show she is funny!
Ivin Michaila
Ivin Michaila:
I love Claudia's voice so much, ghaaad
I D:
Oh my god, we need to see more of those scene directions haha!
Fatma 27
Fatma 27:
I really love eloise and Theo but I want to see them more like friends and to focus instead on eloise's ambitions like being independent and talk more about her political side
Gee Bee
Gee Bee:
As much as I loveeeeee Simon and Anthony, I'm ready for the next sibling...❤Eloise and Theo❤
Cianna Coleman
Cianna Coleman:
I am loving the show but season 1 (I’ve only read #1&5 Eloise’s story) stuck so well to the book in the MC storyline that I really hope they stick to the books for every main storyline. Eloise’s romance story was wonderful I don’t want it changed even though they made her more of a feminist in the show. Especially since they teased at the future in this season!
Salina Ayers
Salina Ayers:
I was done with her obsession. The almost love story she had with the boy at the newspaper was hopeful that she could fall in love and not sound so hard.
Ana Catarina
Ana Catarina:
I think they will have a much healthier friendship now that Eloise knows who Penelope really is, better than in the two seasons where Penelope only listens to what Eloise thinks of herself and her life and never has space to share her own ambitions.
harry gleeson
harry gleeson:
ive a theory in season 3 Eloise and Penelope will be rival columnists and Eloise will publish in whistledowns name and it will be like a behind the works of it all battle.
Helen Awdish
Helen Awdish:
I seriously will never understand how theo fans would 'stop watching' and 'riot', if the show puts Eloise and Phillip on the show as its meant to be in the books, because of how much hate the character Phillip gets. I'm sorry, but I'm certain Shonda and show writers will not disappoint the author, nor are they allowed to change who the bridgeton siblings end up with. Period. Also theres been many interviews and proof from writers, that Eloise will go through a character arc, to grow more mature and open to the idea of love and marriage. What fans, need to understand is, due to Eloise's high reputation as a Bridgerton, it would be unlikely for her to be with Theo, and 'try' to make it work. Eloise is outspoken and rebellious for the right reasons of class, and having Theo be that as well, and with her, their opinions of feminism will clash.. This is why Phillip is perfect for her. He's sweet, and supportive and respectful of her for who she is. He does not belittle her, like how we watched Theo guilt trip her, because Phillip is a man. I highly encourage show watchers to read Eloise's book, because in the book she is not a feminist. Eloise and Phillip, are characters that always felt misunderstood, and like they didn't ever belong. So them finding each other and happening on the show, is proof that they are everything they've been waiting for. Theo is just there to teach Eloise that it's okay to love. And will then leave. Theo is literally an 'in the meantime' character for Eloise. Eloise and Phillip forever.
we just need more theoo
Margarida Alves
Margarida Alves:
Eloisa is a good character. But watching the second season made me understand how Regé is a great actor with his multiplicity of facial expressions to express the most varied feelings and thus bring the viewer a total involvement in the unfolding drama. The same can be said for Phoebe Dynevor who was also perfect. hence the resounding success of the 1st season. Simone and Jonathan did a very commum performance. Nothing special.
angela sweet
angela sweet:
I hope that next season …. Eloise could fine her love.
Nansubuga Fatmah
Nansubuga Fatmah:
I came here specifically looking for Claudia, jst to listen to that "huh, something is going on here" with Theo
I hope they don't follow the book order. I like Benedict but somehow I don't care for him as a monogamous romantic lead,I believe he can flirt around for a little longer. I am just too curious about Eloise and Penelope getting married (although they are not my favourite characters). Especially Penelope since I believe she is supposed to be with Colin who couldn't seem less interested at the moment (Emma inspired story?But Colin is Emma?).
Sipra Dattagupta
Sipra Dattagupta:
Best acting.Eloise and Pen.Loved them..Sharmas were miserable and an eyesoreMore research needed to be done on Indian customs and Indian women.
Manda Ward
Manda Ward:
How on earth will the showrunners resolve their friendship when it was Colin who finds out causing the friction between C/P.
E/P's friendship is vital. Things are messy, it's Penelope who goes to the 'wrong' side of town as in RMB.
I hope Eloise doesn't blackmail/banish Pen from the Bridgerton family.
So many plot 🐇🐇🐇🐇 and so many deviations from the books.
Sorry I'm am a lover of the book series, and I love seeing it brought to the screen by these incredibly talented actors. 💗💗💗💗
I can't believe she is 35 , she looks so beautiful and young!!
Lindy Hawthorne
Lindy Hawthorne:
Can somebody please explain something for me as I cant figure it out......when Penelope was spotted by the French dressmaker at the markets, she turned and fled etc. I dont understand how that sighting means that the dressmaker now knows that Penelope is Lady Whistledown ?????? H E L P.... confused about it.... LOL
In the books Eloise finds out at the stage in her life when she doesn't give a f about it because she is more mature. And of course they needed to add drama in the show... I hate this, it can only steer the plot even more from the original source material 😭
regine dela cruz
regine dela cruz:
I love Eloise 😍
Marie Williams
Marie Williams:
I cannot believe that Claudia Jesse is 32. She looks 20. 🤩
Mary Orangi
Mary Orangi:
Adore Eloise
Rosemary Martinez
Rosemary Martinez:
I was soooo disappointed that they threw the book away this season. They also seem to have spoiled at least two others
Pradipta Dutta
Pradipta Dutta:
Eloise ❤️
Trudy Herft
Trudy Herft:
She was my favourite!!!!
Claudia Jesse is my best actress on the show... how she fooled me... She plays a 16 year old on the show... i was so fooled... that is art right there. I love you Claudia Jesse. Will you marry me? :)
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson:
Great show
She is sooo pretty omg, is she even real 😭
Jinielyn Reyes
Jinielyn Reyes:
Sheeems wag niyo akong paasahin please! My #TheLoise heeaaarrtt!! I want to move on from them as I know they are not endgame in the book but the videos I see do not really help 💔
Genevieve Newman
Genevieve Newman:
I don’t mind if they still go by the books and have Eloise end up with Sir Philip, just as long as they give them more chemistry than they had in the books. And hopefully they won’t make her end up a housewife. Like I’ve no issue with her becoming close with his children, but please don’t let her lose her personality. Like I want her become more involved in the political world etc.
hourly baejoohyunnie
hourly baejoohyunnie:
I love Elosieee
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji:
I cant believe she’s 32!!!! She looks like 18 omyghaaad
Anuki Keen
Anuki Keen:
A television version of Kylie and Jordyn Woods😂
patty graham
patty graham:
I find Eloise annoying she always talks a good talk but never walks the walk . Penelope shouldn't have gossip Ed about her friend or her friends family but at least Penelope was walking the walk even if she was doing it a bit wrong . Eloise was all for gossip about other people and even loved it but she was so obsessed with the writer almost jealous like . So while Penelope was wrong for doing what she did Eloise was no saint herself she repeat edly lied to Penelope as well and also is keeping a secret from everyone as well but I don't see Penelope being obsessed like Eloise was. And she has been writing a older man for years when she was still considered a teen/child so Im not liking either of the girls at the moment especially Eloise who is so self-righteous and judgemental more so than Penelope.
Carolina Ramos
Carolina Ramos:
claudia is sooooooo beautiful!!
Isn't Sir Phillip Crane married to Penelope's cousin in the tv show? I am confused. Can someone explain?
Taddy Ariola
Taddy Ariola:
Sounds like Claudia had colds during this interview. Her already low vocal register went even lower.
Tomorrows Nata
Tomorrows Nata:
This season very interesting with this story
Evita Montero
Evita Montero:
she's effin gorgeous good god.
Leandra Prisha
Leandra Prisha:
theo and eloise are cute and all but philip and eloise will always be it, he's who makes her the happiest. I've read their book so many times and each time a new perspective comes to mind. I know for sure philoise is endgame 💙