Brilliant Rafa Nadal Tennis vs Opelka in Indian Wells For 18th Straight Win To Start 2022!

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100+ comentarios:

Such a different and magnificent match. Opelka's really high bounces made such an interesting match to see, even if there weren't too many exchanges. And the way Nadal managed to solve the second set was just out of this world. GG!!
Jacob Kurian
Jacob Kurian:
Opelka is better than just a serve-bot. But the problem was that Nadal can deal with anything right now.
George L
George L:
Really starting to like Opelka, his game has a lot to offer aside from the big serve. Seems like a good guy too
English With Joshua
English With Joshua:
Rafa is now 14-1 against three of the biggest servers all time. But many of those wins were close, tight matches with Rafa giving all respect to how tough it is to face these giants.
7-1 against Isner
5-0 against Ivo Karlovic
2-0 against Opelka.
His lone loss was to Isner, at the Laver Cup, on an indoor hard court, in 2017. Isner also took him to 5 sets, at the FO in 2011, with Rafa winning 6-4 in the 5th.
Eduardo Cherñajovsky
Eduardo Cherñajovsky:
I know Opelka’s last shot was wide, but heck that was a great forehand considering where he had to go get the ball, how tall he is and how (naturally) limited his footwork is.
Rafa is playing like never before, his legend is just growing and growing!!
Pavel Claudio Patino
Pavel Claudio Patino:
Nadal deserves every accolade, respect and recognition. I have to stand up and GIVE and ovation to him. He has consistently raised up his Game, getting better and better in every aspect. His discipline and dedication are supreme. His Game its a joy to watch. #Absolute #Respect to Mr. Rafael Nadal
Mohd Fadzel
Mohd Fadzel:
I really thought the match was going to rubber sets. Nadal’s ability to dig deep is phenomenal.
Vamos Nadal!
moc 009
moc 009:
Great use of backhand slice today by Nadal to neutralize Opelka's forehand in rallies. Incredible how he adjusts according to his opponents.
The man is turning 36 and has accumulated tons of injuries in his career but still showing no sign of slowing down.
Kevin Funk
Kevin Funk:
Nadal has got to be the best retriever. The main difference is you'll notice he doesn't actually sprint for the ball until after his opponent has actually hit it. He moves slowly in the direction he thinks they'll probably hit it, but does not sprint until he actually sees where it's being hit to. Many players recover too much and then they get wrong-footed.
Ana Bergamin
Ana Bergamin:
Vai Rafa ,vence mais um torneio e descansa um pouco ,curte sua família! Vc é resiliente e hj o maior e melhor jogador de tênis do mundo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘
Rafa is Rafa, but I was also really impressed with Opelka. The bounce on some of those serves was absurd! Rafa was returning from way over his head on the backhand side a lot of times. He also moves better in rallies than any of the other huge servers. He's got a chance to be a top ten player.
Markus E
Markus E:
Fabulous Rafael. I thought this would go three (3) close and tough sets, and/or I even feared Reilly may beat Rafael in two not-so-close sets. Man was I wrong.
Docteur Gilles Alewina
Docteur Gilles Alewina:
Even though he didn't win, I'm impressed with Opelka's speed and resilience.
Vinura Devinuwara
Vinura Devinuwara:
What a year for Rafael..🐐🐐
Freda Patel
Freda Patel:
GOAT!! Vamos Rafa.💪💪💪👏👏👏
Bee da trot TV 👊
Bee da trot TV 👊:
Rafa is not holding back. Seizing every opportunity to win. Awesome to see him playing on high level. 🙌 #SpaniardLegend
Jonathan Kwan
Jonathan Kwan:
Rafa has already exceeded all expectations this year so far. It'd be a tough match against Kyrgios tomorrow, Nick has been playing well and will be motivated to end Rafa's winning streak but, Rafa hates losing to Nick just as much as Serena hated losing to Maria. So expect Rafa to step it up a notch and let's see what happens. Vamos Rafa!!! 🇪🇸
Ama Yensanxaelalma
Ama Yensanxaelalma:
Gran partido de los dos. Nadal siempre sacando a relucir su gran clase 💪💪💪
Harihar Khadka
Harihar Khadka:
18 straight victory for Rafa 🥰
Vamos Rafa!What a tie-break match!🔥
Rafa has definitely been raising his game with each match at IW against good opponents. Opelka is a challenge for all players with his booming serves and good groundstrokes. Kyrgios will be another unique and tough challenge for Rafa. Two more world top 10 seeds gone (both Italians): Berrettini and Sinner. Only Rafa and Rublev left.
Nadal is just a legend man
R C:
This is what I love about tennis. Every tennis player has a different style and technique. Some like baselines rallies, others like to come to the net, others have huge serves and go big. You have to be prepared at anyone that gets thrown at you
fercedez rary
fercedez rary:
Nadal is really really ombelibebel
Vamoss !! !!
Good match. It looked very one-sided in the first set, despite what the scoreline suggests, but it changed quite a bit in the second set. Rafa lost the feel completely for a few games and had to claw for a break back to bring it back on serve. He said his foot was acting up in the second set and that may be why, but it was surprising nonetheless. Opelka has alot of weapons with his serve, forehand, and even a pretty good backhand, but he needs to build consistency and patience in rallies. Many of his errors could have been avoided. If he is able to handle low balls better somehow than he will be a truly frightening player.
How many 140mph serves did Opelka hit? Incredible!
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
Reilly is definitely getting better with his game. This one was too close, even though it was 2 sets.
Tennis Replays
Tennis Replays:
I really don’t know if Nadal will ever stop winning!! He is doing very well but I wonder if he will be able to keep this level for longer.
Rafael Nadal is GOAT
Jesus Honrado
Jesus Honrado:
I don't know what is more unheard of, the 18-0 scoreline of a nearly 36-year-old tennis player or the Indian Wells crowd supporting Rafa Nadal against an American opponent.
Opelka kept it very close. He's still improving. Based on his steady improvement, Opelka can be expected to win some big matches in the near future, and maybe get inside the top 10.
Opelka's big serve is unnerving. But beyond that, it's fun to watch an almost 7 foot player be so competitive in general.
I’m also very impressed with Opelka👍
Aserve Yout
Aserve Yout:
Rafas backhand has improved so much over the year, its definitely a dangerous weapon can he rely on.
jose pecano cano
jose pecano cano:
Es para estar orgulloso de este deportista, el nivel de motivación y sacrificio , felicidades Rafa
Gerardo Gutiérrez
Gerardo Gutiérrez:
90 farenheit and playing in a high level. Congrats Nadal.
Truth Trooper
Truth Trooper:
How anyone returns serves that fast is beyond me ! 🚀🚀🚀🚀
jujo alo po
jujo alo po:
¡ Que monstruo ! 💪
Eternally Thankful 3771
Eternally Thankful 3771:
Nadal is such a monumental player - and a class act human being - what a great ambassador for the sport !!
toni s Berbel
toni s Berbel:
Opelka es un gigante con un gran saque...y sabe jugar.
Una victoria muy difícil para Nadal.
Anyone felt an earthquake? Nevermind was just Opelka running to that ball. He seems tired everytime but damn his service is something special
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
Amazing Nadal. Simply amazing.
Things didn’t go Opelka’s way but damn I am really impressed with this kid. He might be the next big American hope.
Agent 006.9
Agent 006.9:
While we know to never count out Nadal in a set I was surprised Opelka lost the 2nd set as Nadal was giving him chances to close it out when opelka got the break but at the same time opelka seemed so disinterested as if he knew the inevitable would happen
Alex Roki
Alex Roki:
Genial Rafa! Superior tennis
Alex PV
Alex PV:
Bravo, Rafa! Bravo, Reilly 👏🏼👏🏼
Sanne V
Sanne V:
It was a difficult match for him, Opelka is for sure a difficult opponent to play, but he handled it brilliantly
Aman Choudhary
Aman Choudhary:
Vamos Rafa Nadal 😎👍
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
Imagine a player with Opelka's height and Nadal's talent!
Jhon Jairo Chacon Vera
Jhon Jairo Chacon Vera:
Grande Rafa 🤚🏽
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Opelka hitting as hard he can but Rafa, the best returner is sending all the ball back to his court with precising. No chance for Opelka in this match.
D & Y
D & Y:
The dream comeback carries on 💪💪💪💪
Very tough match. I expected it too. Not shocked it went to two tie breakers.
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Magnificent Rafa was impressed every
Performance congrats. !
max stelwagen
max stelwagen:
Opelka his game besides his serve is also really good!
Jane Cooper
Jane Cooper:
Rafa is totally amazing and can adapt his game. What a phenomenon... and today he has to play Krygios fresh from a walkover.🤞🏻🤞🏻
Jae Won
Jae Won:
You're a legend.Rafa❗️❗️💓
Katana 1099
Katana 1099:
Wow what a serve was that !! Very high bounce, that made Nadal sometimes to jump to reach the ball as it's bounce as high as 2 meters , Nadal was very smart, patient & focused in this match with very little errors, he lost only 4 points in his 1st 8 games on serve.
Benjmin Peter
Benjmin Peter:
Incredible Legend 😃
Ferdinand Suting
Ferdinand Suting:
Congratulations rafa... hopefully that pain u were telling during the conference is not that serious....u knew better champ. Vamos keep going champ.... hopefully u will finish this tournament with a trophy...and most importantly without any injury.....big games ahead😊❤️💪🙏🙏🙏
Epic quicker CR & BS
Epic quicker CR & BS:
1:07 you have to give opelka credit for reaching that ball
Karlovic/Isner would have never done that
Just watched the interview Rafa had a problem with his foot and a lil bit bothering him.. hopefully is fine until the next round
Mayrose Wang
Mayrose Wang:
Excellent talent. Wonderful victory.🌞✨👑✨👍👀👍✨🎉
Nadal is god! best player ever
Arjan Aiden
Arjan Aiden:
This nadal guy is pretty decent
Ain Soph
Ain Soph:
Nadal is a genius
Nico Vinn
Nico Vinn:
He's the peoples champion and a great person as well..
Am sure Nadal will get to 23-24 Slams if he can stay free from injury.
Khalil Ramadan
Khalil Ramadan:
نادال مثال على الرجل المقاتل لا يهم ان فاز او خسر المهم انه يبقى واقفا
Bitan Mandal
Bitan Mandal:
For the very few who might be unaware, Opelka has defeated Stan the man in Wimby
Younes Mirkabdi
Younes Mirkabdi:
His feet hurt him even his walking shows that ,, i hope he stays healthy whether he wins the championship or not
Hope Opelka sticks around for a while at this level and up. Nice to see someone so tall actually move pretty well. Tall but not super lanky or clumsy. It's good to see.
nicolas rodriguez
nicolas rodriguez:
Vamos Rafa!👍🇪🇦
That last point was epic.
Sergio Navarro
Sergio Navarro:
Descomunal, grandioso Rafa Nadal Parera, acaba puntos casi imposibles. Bravo toro !!!!
Dorothy Gale
Dorothy Gale:
These highlights were not representative of how close this match really was. By watching this video, one would think Rafa won 6-0, 6-9. The match score was 7-6, 7-6 and this was Rafa’s best performance to date in this tournaments (his own words in the post-match media room interview). Rafa may be on a winning streak right now, but his play at Indian Wells is not at the level it was in Australia or Acapulco.

I have been on Team Rafa frim the day I first saw him play his first French Open, but being objective, he is very beatable if he doesn’t play better than this going forward in this tournament. So far, Rafa has had a favorable draw and even he said he thought in the 3rd set against Korda that he was going to lose. To be clear, he said he didn’t give up at 2-5 in the 3rd set, but he also said he didn’t think he would win. Kyrgios could be an upset if Rafa doesn’t lift his level of play going forward (if he can).
꧁༒ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ༒꧂
꧁༒ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ༒꧂:
Nadal is a god of tenis
P Werf
P Werf:
Nice points from Opelka!!!
Rafa dressed like the character in dragon ball
Vamos Rafa 🔥🔥🔥
Γιάννης Τσαγκάρης
Γιάννης Τσαγκάρης:
Rafa has made the best start of the season in his career.He is unbeatable with a 18-0 win record so far this season and he broke the 17-0 record of Pete Sampras from 1997 and of Roger Federer from 2018 and he is not only 35 years old is also someone that has many injuries in his career.I think he will be again no 1 in the world ranking because he has from this position at least one more run left in him.I'm more fan of Roger but Rafa is Rafa he is one and only.I think both Roger and Rafa are so special athletes that there will not be someone like them.I can take the example of Dimitrov he tried to imitate Roger but he didn't reach that level because Dimitrov was a big talent but Roger is special he is one and only the same goes for Rafa i don't know if someone will try to copy his playing style but he will not be like Rafa.I want Rafa to face Alcaraz it will be very interesting and great match
Dan Fernando
Dan Fernando:
Still the best!👍🎾
Crina Bodea
Crina Bodea:
The holland rafa! Great great day and champion! Vamos! 🥇👏🙏💪🏆
Sergio Amador
Sergio Amador:
If Opelka continues serving that way, he is going to be one of the favourites in Miami and going to have a great RG
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Opelka is much more than just a big serve. His lateral speed is really high for his size and he can also fight through rallies.
Well done Rafa 👏👏👏🇦🇺
Heading back to the no. 1 position. Unstoppably! ®️
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
Legend 👍👍👍👏👏👏
John Dobson
John Dobson:
Wow how did it get to 7-6, 7-6 when Nadal won every point?!
Fed Hawley
Fed Hawley:
Opelka makes a lot of balls which is good enough with most opponents on tour. But making balls and getting into baseline rallies with Nadal is pointless. Opelka should be way more disruptive, just go to the net way more and go for winners all the time. Doesn’t matter if he misses or Nadal passes time and again. Don’t allow Nadal to get into a rhythm and find his groove.
Rafa extends his unbeaten start to the season to an impressive 18-0, his best ever start to a season. Amazing achievement at his age.

But it isn't anywhere near the best start ever to a season, recorded by Novak Djokovic in 2011, where he put together a staggering run of 41-0, from the start of the season in January all the way until the French Open semi finals in JUNE, when he finally lost to an inspired Roger Federer. I don't think anyone will beat that record.
Rafa said after the match that he was playing with pain in his foot. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled out of his match with Kyrgios.
cesar fernandez lopez
cesar fernandez lopez:
Another one bite the dust!!! 😂VAMOOOOOOS RAAAAFAA!! 💪🏼🇪🇸🎾❤️
Harry Wild
Harry Wild:
Go Rafa!😀👍
Shawn Salisbury
Shawn Salisbury:
Pity djokovic isn't in the tournament.. to see these two go at it would be the real show
althea graham
althea graham:
is there such a thing as a tennis mind ? these are amazing!!!
GK with Sagar
GK with Sagar:
Yulius Madakaka
Yulius Madakaka:
Ravaaaaa..... you are the real real GOAT...
Great win by Rafa but IMHO Opelka should feel really good about getting as deep as he did in this match.