Brilliant Shots In An Electric Atmosphere! ⚡️ Diego Schwartzman v Lorenzo Musetti | Monte-Carlo 2022

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100+ comentarios:

Schwartzman generates unexpected amounts of power for his size. You can't help but marvel at how he's carved a name for himself in a sport where height gives you a direct advantage. He isn't even particularly built for a modern player either.
I absolutely love it when diego starts breaking the doubles alley. He can do so much damage by pulling his opponents so far off the court, and it just completed his game when he can take charge of a neutral rally considering how great he is at neutralizing rallies
Celestial Spartan
Celestial Spartan:
Chance for Diego to go deep and win this , with no Rafa and Djokovic ousted. The guy did beat Rafa in Rome once.
Bala T
Bala T:
Schwarzman is an extremely tough competitor who in a different era would have won more titles !! Many a time he had fallen at the hands of the Big 3. With no Rafa or Djokovic, he can go far !
usanee beilles
usanee beilles:
Congratulations to Schwartzman. Deserved the win. Well done indeed.
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel:
Diego is my absolute favorite guys..he's an inspiration to so many shorter players that height doesn't matter in can still be a Rockstar in tennis...
I really hope he wins masters 1000 , he definitely deserves it..🙌💪😊
Commentary Talk
Commentary Talk:
Schwartzman came back from set down and break down to win. Showed a lot of quality.
Robin Remy
Robin Remy:
Very happy for Diego! When someone fights as hard as he does on the court, any win is actually well-deserved. Great opposition of styles on the clay as well with that Musetti match-up. So easy on the eye!
Low Roar
Low Roar:
I love how good Diego gets when playing on clay
Ron Harris
Ron Harris:
At least Musetti showed up solid for this tourney. Good for him.
Diego is a fighter he was down a set and a break yet turned the match around! Diego mental toughness isn't talked about enough! He is very mentally tough.
Jing Qi
Jing Qi:
Musetti is a bright young NextGen star with a helluva future in front of him! Gotta love his one handed backhand too!
Schwartman pound for pound inch for inch the toughest dude on tour.
alex sokolov
alex sokolov:
Браво Диего!!! Браво, молодец. Великолепная игра, динамичная.
Padid AZG.
Padid AZG.:
That backhand at 0:53 reminded me of Federer's.
Musetti playing always too far from the baseline in every point…it’s really unforgivable at this level.
Plus, doing it against Schwartzman’s huge serve, is simply beyond the reasonable…
Flavio Biancolli
Flavio Biancolli:
A pity for musetti to have such a hard draw, if he'd been in the upper part of the draw he would have got chances to go very deep
Diego is winning me over. I'm still hoping Delpo somehow makes it back, but until then Diego is my favorite Argentine.
Tufty Aurelius
Tufty Aurelius:
Remember that match on clay between Kevin Anderson 6’8” and Diego Schwartzman 5’ 7”?
Guess who won after a hard fought battle? Tactics, drop shots, volleys and shot selection does it.
Dan Juhl
Dan Juhl:
Brilliant points. I am concerned about the form of my favourite players Casper Ruud. He played terribly in his two matches in Monte Carlo this week. And many players seem in good form, including Dimitrov and these two guys.
Forge T
Forge T:
Musetti absolutely needs to stand closer to the baseline. He could have won this match in 2 but he backed off.
Yakziv Z
Yakziv Z:
I really like both of these men, so this was a tough match to watch.
Mountain Guy
Mountain Guy:
Diego is like Jaguar. Both are unmatched(pound for pound or inch for inch)
Bee da trot TV 👊
Bee da trot TV 👊:
Diego came back from the grave! Great come back 👍
Canal do youtube
Canal do youtube:
Que virada incrível!
JP Yes I am
JP Yes I am:
Gran victoria Diego!! Bravo!!
P. S
P. S:
Well done Schwartzman!
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
The problem with Diego is that he does not have that many problems and hardly misses.. still good match for Musetti who can only learn from this!
Mitsi Chessa
Mitsi Chessa:
J'adore ce joueur 😍. Talent et gentillesse 🙏🙏🙏
John Proton
John Proton:
I just don't know if Musetti will ever get there. The talent isn't in doubt...but the grit, determination and will to win sure are.
Keith Lauder Jr
Keith Lauder Jr:
Show me a player w more heart than Diego. May the Swartz be w you.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
The Argentine exploited the Musetti backhand. Smart tennis.
vempada ganesh
vempada ganesh:
A height of just over 6 feet would have given this immensely talented legend oppurtunity to win atleast 4-5 grandslams... Hatsoff diego whatta player and diego did win against RAFA on clay so he could beat anyone on his day and i hope he wins this Masters 1000 title ❤️❤️❤️
Alvaro Breccia
Alvaro Breccia:
Lesson Learned
Lesson Learned:
I thought it is Diego Maradona ! 🤣🤣 Both brilliant lovable Diegos.
Musetti is a great kid, love seeing him play. But you ousted my boy FAA, so my other boy Diego took revenge for me. Lol JK
Hernán gonzalez
Hernán gonzalez:
Felicitaciones Diego !!!
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Schwartzman is at home on any clay court anywhere in the world.
Armando Lara
Armando Lara:
Vamos Diego!!
Need more focus Musetti.. but nice match the 180 point was there but... Well done to diego to never give up
yaraima Coromoto Bracho Basabe
yaraima Coromoto Bracho Basabe:
Bravo por Diego!!!
Jan parchanski
Jan parchanski:
Size doesn't matter it's how you use it. And he does it pretty well.
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas:
It's fun watching the little Diego!
Jérémy Navarro
Jérémy Navarro:
Diego, show why being fast is the best tool on clay
Anna Maria
Anna Maria:
Lovely one-handed backhand from Musetti.
Vittorio Marcelloni
Vittorio Marcelloni:
If Musetti would have half of yannick Sinner mindset he could be easily a top 20 player or even better.
Erik Hoffmann
Erik Hoffmann:
1:56 Get off your phone and witness greatness, fool!
Chris Paynter
Chris Paynter:
schwartman is a quiet achiever.

he looks tiny compared to most opponents but works hard to win his matches.
Robert Bohnaker
Robert Bohnaker:
Top level play…
Great Schwartzman
M R:
Very good Diego👏👏
The defensive lob has become a really good tool in the bags of many players these days. An upgrade in quality from just a few years ago.
Amazing Diego~~!
Eye Color Check - Unika
Eye Color Check - Unika:
Musetti and Alcaraz have brought back the drop shot.
mohammed abdul muqtadir
mohammed abdul muqtadir:
Diego Maradona would have been proud of Diego Schwartzman
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit:
Look at Diego man so inspirational
Man you guys are getting faster than my mind!!!
Do i hear now ??? That Musetti is soo good and will be top 10 or top 20 what every of you said🤣
Lucas Cardoso
Lucas Cardoso:
Someone need to optimize the sound on these videos. The rally is so quiet, then the speakers almost blow up with the crowd
Amazing diego
florian b
florian b:
What a comeback
marcelino palacio
marcelino palacio:
Diego was positive he would beat mussetti
I am a huge Schwartzman Fan, but how could Musetti lose the match after beeing set and 3:1 up in the second 🤔😳🥴
mudr kk
mudr kk:
Nothing against Musetti.
It is always a pleasure seeing these overly partizan crowds take a loss for their stupid cheering.
Brendan Hughes
Brendan Hughes:
Roger should coach Lorenzo when he eventually decides to call it a day.
Diego is a giant
Reynaldo Castaneda
Reynaldo Castaneda:
Congrats to Diego. But Musetti's time will come. His backhand reminds me of Petr Korda, father of Sebastian Korda.
So what happened to Lorenzo? Up 6-2 3-1?
sanjay shetty
sanjay shetty:
Diego will be 2022 Monte carlo champion
Rahul TN Nambiar
Rahul TN Nambiar:
Vamos el pequeno. 😎😎💪
Bob McIntire
Bob McIntire:
Like many, I watch some matches that I’ve recorded. Others I enjoy watching on your recap. Please avoid revealing the winner with your thumbnail photo showing the winner celebrating.
Vamos Diego
Schwartzmann good playing
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
Happy to see DS on his winning mode again, he needs to stay mentally stable ......enough of that argentinian attitude! You r NOT a winner until you win!
Stephane McKeown
Stephane McKeown:
Shortman did it!
negro matapaco
negro matapaco:
Al argentino es muy talentoso, su reves es buenísimo
David Mon
David Mon:
Daleeee pequeeee!! 😉💪
It takes confidence to wear those shorts !
Diego s forward sprints are fucking speedy gonzales level
i love diego
Leonardo Lopes Alberto Gato
Leonardo Lopes Alberto Gato:
The Matt Damon tênis player is on fire. Hope he won this tittle
Харниса Джалилова
Харниса Джалилова:
теперь жду встречу аргентинского
коротышка с греческим великанов!!!
selma swaney
selma swaney:
YEAH 👌😎 my little BIG MAN.
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying:
Victory is sweeter when you come from behind to win.
D Y:
Yeah Diego!
Pavel Claudio Patino
Pavel Claudio Patino:
In Argentina they call Diego Peque as in Pequeno meaning little. He is indeed short compared to the majority of players towering up 6. BUT he has a huge, giant heart. The fact he is in the top 15 of the world its really a great feat. Prove that if you believe in yourself everything its possible. Congrats Peque _Giant
Adr Rda
Adr Rda:
Diego = Gladiator
Allan Yang
Allan Yang:
Did something happen at the handshake? It got edit out just before he was walking up
Rafa Undisputed goat
Rafa Undisputed goat:
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year
I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2022
Jean J
Jean J:
Peque grande
Schwartz is on it! ®️👍😎👏
LvL Up
LvL Up:
Diego increased RPM on his forehead
Silvia Scarpello
Silvia Scarpello:
Que grande el peque
Eric Estrada
Eric Estrada:
I understand Diego's mentality. We are Chihuahuas that identify ourselves as Pitbulls.
Abo Tufano
Abo Tufano:
Musetti is going to win a Grand Slam title soon or later, I am 100% sure about this.
Jake Huang
Jake Huang:
What is it with one hand backhanders and choking away matches they should have won? Jez.
Oh, the beautiful and MAGICAL Musetti is out. Turns out grit is more important than trick shots. Who would have thought? How is Tennis TV going to hype videos now that we are left only with regular players?
Coach Cala TV
Coach Cala TV:
Fransisco Scaramanga
Fransisco Scaramanga:
Musetti seems like he's got to work on his conditioning........he seems to run out of steem a lot.