Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy (Official Video)

"(You Drive Me) Crazy" by Britney Spears
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You drive me crazy, I just can't sleep
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
Whoa, crazy, but it feels alright
Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night
Oh, oh

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100+ comentarios:

Britney + Sabrina = Perfect team
Allah does not exist الله غير موجود ALLAH TIDAK ADA
Allah does not exist الله غير موجود ALLAH TIDAK ADA:
Her best song
andres estrada
andres estrada:
Let's see, how many people are listening to this song in February 2021 🙂😀
Carlos the baddie
Carlos the baddie:
Back when people got famous for being talented
Mash Art
Mash Art:
i've made a Levitating x Drive Me Crazy mashup ❤️
Swifty Unknown
Swifty Unknown:
My childhood crush turned into my adult crush.
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
Britney, Melissa, Adrian = so 2000
Maria Teixeira
Maria Teixeira:
I look at this video and there are so many things I miss about being a 90s kid: I now appreciate the simple music video concepts (literally just dancing in a bar/club without too many distractions), the loose and comfortable fashion that allowed you to move but still be sexy and suggestive (without having to fake anything), the way women looked so natural and different from each other but still interesting, rather than looking like they came out of an Instagram factory...and while popularity and vanity will always be a thing for people across generations, I loved that you could act silly, dance your heart out or have genuine fun without worrying about being constantly recorded or photographed to later be posted in massive social media channels for everyone to see. I admit I'm getting older by getting this bit of "90s nostalgia", but I don't care! Long live Britney Spears and all of the others who gave our childhood so much happiness!
La Belette
La Belette:
I heard Melissa Joan Hart say that when Britney came on the set of Sabrina, Melissa asked her if she wanted to come and eat with her and friends for lunch break and Britney looked at her staff asking permission "Can I ? " and they answered no, that she had too much to do ... And there, you realize how all her life must have been hell, always having to ask permission for everything. Free from nothing. This is so sad.
Britney's music made so happy.. Now she deserves to be free and happy.
R A C H E L:
Please tell me I'm not alone here in 2020 lol 😂
I was 8th or 9th grad when this was out.. Britney was blasting on TV, there was no social networks and smartphones, and everyone was out having fun with their friends living their best lives with no pressure.. kids today will never know what epic and great times those were!!
Mounir Sirhan
Mounir Sirhan:
It seems like she's singing about my anxiety
Mellow Marsh
Mellow Marsh:
It's absolutely crazy to me how the world can uplift you one moment and then bring you down the next.
Who’s doing a Britney Spears marathon with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️
layale hachem
layale hachem:
none of her songs or videos are outdated. like it’s never cringey WOW
Marie Campbell
Marie Campbell:
Dude in the yellow & blue is the choreographer. That's why he is front & center. His eyebrows are fierce & scary at the same time!😂
Âmes Brunes - Chaîne équestre
Âmes Brunes - Chaîne équestre:
Who watch this for Melissa Joan Hart ? ♥
Shehara Mahagamage
Shehara Mahagamage:
ok, how many people are listening to this song in April 2021. I'm obsessed with this era!
18 years old and doing it like a VETERAN!!!! kween shit
She was so incredibly fit! She radiated feminine energy.
Es normal que aún hoy, en pleno 2021 me siga emocionado al escuchar esta canción?
- Sí
Taty Bae
Taty Bae:
I really like the fact that we can hear her real Voice in this song
Jeff Grant
Jeff Grant:
Baby, I'm so into you
You've got that something, what can I do?
Baby, you spin me around, oh
The earth is movin', but I can't feel the ground
Every time you look at me
My heart is jumpin', it's easy to see
Loving you means so much more
More than anything I ever felt before

You drive me crazy, I just can't sleep
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
Oooh, crazy, but it feels all right
Baby, thinkin' of you keeps me up all night

Tell me you're so into me
That I'm the only one you will see
Tell me I'm not in the blue, oh
That I'm not wastin' my feelings on you
Loving you means so much more
More than anything I ever felt before

You drive me crazy, I just can't sleep
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
Oooh, crazy, but it feels all right
Baby, thinkin' of you keeps me up all night

Crazy, I just can't sleep
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
Crazy, but it feels all right
Every day and every night

You drive me crazy (you drive me crazy, baby)
I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
Oooh, crazy (you make me feel all right)
Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night

You drive me crazy (you drive me crazy, baby)
Yeah, yeah
Oooh crazy, but it feels all right
Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night
Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night
Paulo Rodrigues
Paulo Rodrigues:
Everyone needs seach for "FRAMING WITH BRITNEY SPEARS" and watch the new @nytimes doc. The way Britney has been treated since her break up with Justin is disgusting and this #conservatorship is just the cherry on top. #FreeBritney
Dee Dubs
Dee Dubs:
Don’t lie, who else used to practice the choreo when watching this video?!
Aryan del Rio
Aryan del Rio:
the only one princess of pop <3
Naeema less
Naeema less:
Me: I miss the 90's
Also me: Oh I forgot I wasn't born
Harraz Naufal
Harraz Naufal:
We are so damn lucky we grew up in Britney's generation.
Just watched the documentary the other day... So sad how she was treated by people... #FreeBritney
Dawson Provost
Dawson Provost:
Pöbelfilm Sollentuna Skate
Pöbelfilm Sollentuna Skate:
1990s and the world was great! No social media crap, no freaking algorithms and MUCH less hate ❤️
the undisputed, unstoppable and untouchable princess of pop inher glory days. Miss u britney
oh my god i haven't heard this for like 15 years this song is a banger!
Melody Lao
Melody Lao:
Who knows Melissa Joan Heart is here because this music video was part of a Sabrina episode?
Raquel casas
Raquel casas:
So I’m here because I was watching Sabrina the teenage witch and saw the ending and wanted to confirm if she was in the video 🤣
chelle patino
chelle patino:
Knowing this was grueling and exhausting just makes me that more impressed with young Britney
Ellie Hernandez
Ellie Hernandez:
Being a kid/teen in the 90’s was truly magical.
Jule Knight
Jule Knight:
interesting how she uses her thinner voice for the verse and her fuller voice for the chorus
Roman Davidovich
Roman Davidovich:
this song was way ahead of its time, if it were released today it would be #1 on the pop charts...
Luisa González
Luisa González:
I still remember when Britney did a cameo on Sabrina. Old good times.
Colleen Hunter
Colleen Hunter:
The world fucked Britney up, we are so sorry britney.
Gaya A
Gaya A:
Masterpiece. Her voice, her talent, maturity beyond her years...
Britney Spears was a phenomenal newcomer back in the days, whatever you hear or read is totally true. Crazy is just an awesome pop song, still rocking
Don Brooks
Don Brooks:
Can we give her props on sustaining that damn high note and going right into a run?
Josh Andallo
Josh Andallo:
She was so iconic, they had to change the name of the movie she re-recorded this song for to the title of this legendary song! Your favourites could never!
Go 100M Merry Christmas
Warm colors and the outfits scream early 2000's culture.
Sebastian Gomez Chacon
Sebastian Gomez Chacon:
I wonder, what would aunt Hilda and Zelda say if they were watching Sabrina like that?
J S:
Forever classic one of my top fave britney spears songs
This song is so nostalgic saw it as a kid and its a positive vibes song too love it
Sending good loving vibes to all 💜
Ehri Chan
Ehri Chan:
I can’t believe that Britney was only 17 years old here.
master big water
master big water:
She was WAY ahead of her time!
step bro
step bro:
It's more than a decade, but it's still rocks!
Angie Grobler
Angie Grobler:
Jeeese this womam can dance.... always loved her moves... she is incredible 🌻✌😊
David Mackay
David Mackay:
This song lives rent free in my head, LOVE Britney x
noelle elizabeth
noelle elizabeth:
I literally cannot believe how hard this goes 😱🤯
Angelica Urfano
Angelica Urfano:
This would be such a good mashup with Backstreet Boys - Everybody!
Mrs newburys Videos
Mrs newburys Videos:
Thank you Britney. Even as a 31 year old woman I'm still as crazy fir you and your music as i was as a kid. Xoxox stay well honey
Melanie Sass
Melanie Sass:
Britney was the best thing about my childhood
pop music needs a comeback. i’m tired of all these tik tok songs.
The lyrics posted in the description are on crack
My two favorite girls in the same video 🥺 the episode of sabrina the teenage witch w Britney in it was iconic
Howaboutthat 2013
Howaboutthat 2013:
This describes pretty well how a woman feels when she’s got a crush on someone she loves.
Dilia Panjaitan
Dilia Panjaitan:
So lucky being 90 kids . When celebrity spread energy .
Gaia Mastrocola
Gaia Mastrocola:
Britney + song =farytale song
Kauani who believes in MCND supremacy
Kauani who believes in MCND supremacy:
It's really special the way Britney stares the camera, i love it!
Alex Gimenez
Alex Gimenez:
Me acabo de teñir para parecerme aun mas a ella. La amo
Tommy Fretz
Tommy Fretz:
Stay strong Britney, rescue is on it's way.
happy birthday :D i didn't know that but happened to come here today <3 i love her songs
This music video is the most amazing time capsule ever.
Maricarmen Ramírez
Maricarmen Ramírez:
Feeling nostalgic lately. I wished it was the 90s again. It was bliss being a kid.
Yuna Tuna
Yuna Tuna:
I... I haven't even known this was Britney's song, like what a legend.
Lets be thankful for the fact shes still alive after the fame game wrecked her innocence and talents.
Boxy Brown
Boxy Brown:
THIS is choreography. We won't see performances like these anymore.
Aly Bautista
Aly Bautista:
"Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night" Me to my workload
javier byron
javier byron:
Just now, after rewatch Sabrina in 76 cap, notice Sabrina in this video with Britney WTF ....... Love this
sakchai issan
sakchai issan:
teenage years flash back. It took me and my friends 3 months to get the choreography down.
eliane marcal gabriel
eliane marcal gabriel:
Sem legendas é viver saudade
Mausi Imlicht
Mausi Imlicht:
Let’s be honest, this wasn’t recommended to us. We all searched for it during quarantine.
Mayra Sanchez
Mayra Sanchez:
wish we could have protected her she is a gem
Santa Spears
Santa Spears:
Why all her old songs are now masterpiece? Omg, Qween of the universe
Michael Miller
Michael Miller:
Anyone else remember listening to this and trying to record this on a mix tape??
This is the only song I know all the dance moves to. I'm still waiting for the day someone busts this at a party and I let loose! 🤣
Orlando Araujo
Orlando Araujo:
90's definitely the best decade to be a teenager!
Eleea Islamey5
Eleea Islamey5:
Britney Spears was magic when I was growing up. She was/is naturally beautiful. Forward two decades FB, Insta, tiktok, overnight celebrities, cosmetic surgery, famous for being famous..... But Britney is still untouchable. Those were the days
I basically learned English through this song
SagiTaurus Vibes
SagiTaurus Vibes:
Bingeing Sabrina on hulu and had to come watch this mv to see if Melissa really was in it 😂
Miss. B
Miss. B:
I still remember watching a whole VHS recording of “You Drive Me Crazy” waiting for this music video at the end 🥺 it was the only way my mom would let me listen to Britney, because we just “forgot to eject the tape” lol
Lizz Saeglopur
Lizz Saeglopur:
Britney's music will NEVER go out of style! who's here in 2020?
Dlp 1985 fan
Dlp 1985 fan:
Iam going crazy over this song its nice and sweet and if she has to play a nerd in this video then damn she is hottest nerd i have ever seen
Areann xoxo
Areann xoxo:
Mann to be a teenager in this era must have been great!
The video is at the end of the “Drive Me Crazy” movie. I would rewind over and over again to practice this dance routine. 😂
Britney is and was the shit!💕💕
Alvarito Arguello
Alvarito Arguello:
Yay HD videos finally Britney
Aprillia R
Aprillia R:
Look how many people's who's listening on January 2021....
Frozen Oldies
Frozen Oldies:
an episode from impulse season 2 bring me back here again after decades forgotted this song 😂
Megan Gutierrez
Megan Gutierrez:
Childhood memories!! How bittersweet
Jaime Muñoz Martinez
Jaime Muñoz Martinez:
I’m nostalgic what times to be alive
See Jay
See Jay:
This song is such a BOP!