Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz Make Valentine’s Dinner | Vogue

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz get together to cook a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for each other. What's better for Valentine's Day than a heart-shaped pizza?

Director: Rom Bokobza
Producer: Gabrielle Reich
Director of Photography: Stephen Tringali
Editor: Evan Allan

Camera Operator: Alex Cason
Gaffer: George Sugar
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Production Assistant: Phillip Arliss
Set Designer: Chloe Park
Set Designer Assistant: Josh Harron
Chef: Francesco Sansone
Covid Supervisor: Gee Depratt
Line Producer: Tina Magnuson
Production Manager: Edith Pauccar
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Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz Make Valentine’s Dinner | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

Hats off to David & Victoria's parenting. They've literally raised a gentleman & the earth needs more people like Brooklyn!!
I cannot believe Brooklyn is just 22. The way he acts is so mature and a gentleman. Mostly young adults this days are onto games, party and such and I am impressed he knows the kitchen well. He sure is a husband material.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy:
Brooklyn Beckham being a male protagonist written by a woman for 11 minutes straight.
Ele F.
Ele F.:
Kudos to Victoria and David for raising such a fine gentleman who respects women and treats his fiancée like a Queen. Men...take notes!
jools y
jools y:
They are so cute together, there is something satisfying watching 2 people respect and love each other and having a good time doing it.
heyoka Ikaggen
heyoka Ikaggen:
I hope that Vogue continues with this series, I'm surprised at just how much I enjoy watching these two.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
Nicola is 5 years older than him but you would not say, he's so gentle and dominant and she's so shy omw! :')
He needs a cooking show! He’s a natural and can cook too!
Rina Dolan
Rina Dolan:
This is what i want in a man adoring his fiancé he’s such a gentleman, he’s so gentle with her you can tell how much he loves her this is how every woman should be treated,he was well raised.
Emma 09
Emma 09:
Regardless if you like him or not, he has such a lovely energy. This was a sweet video
I’m surprised at how lovely they are together. Not that I thought they wouldn’t be. But you usually just see pictures of them together but this video was so cute! Brooklyn is such a gentleman and Nicola seems very sweet as well. You can tell David and Victoria raised him very well! The dinner looks delicious and simple.
These two are absolutely adorable! wishing them both many happy years together
Brooklyn really is a man written by a women.
Such a gentleman, great cook and gentle with Nicola.
David and Victoria did an admirable job raising him.
Moises Galindo
Moises Galindo:
Brooklyn is the definition of a true gentleman. The way he treats Nicola is adorable. It really shows how he was raised.
A Davis
A Davis:
I love Brooklyn's cooking posts. He is very talented and the recipes look delicious.
Kaila Fagan
Kaila Fagan:
who doesn't love this? They are calm, loving and cooking food! The best.
Nadege Mentor
Nadege Mentor:
Maturity has nothing to do with age, he is so mature, respectful, love his fiancée and you can tell his parents did an amazing job…
Nev M
Nev M:
They’re a legit good couple! Like sometimes you see people together and how they interact and you’re like “ehh, idk about that”, but these two you can just kinda tell are like fully compatible and both completely lovely. Like you can feel the good vibes. Love when I see that in a couple, so really happy for them both.
Carley C
Carley C:
God, you can just see the influence his parents' marriage has had on his life and approach to relationships. So beautiful to witness!!!
Angela Siomina
Angela Siomina:
Victoria and David - the best parents !!! Theirs Face and their Heart are their children!!! Their son is a Gentleman in all means !!! Love these kids to bits !!! The world is beautiful with such folks!!!
They seem to have the same dynamic in their relationship as Brooklyn's parents, which is lovely. They're both really calm and genuine with each other.
Moecus Pocus
Moecus Pocus:
You can tell they have both grown as adults. Being a good influence for your children really shows.
Lalrinzuali Ralte
Lalrinzuali Ralte:
We need more videos of Brooklyn cooking!!☺️😍
Aaron Bynum
Aaron Bynum:
They are a beautiful couple, and their energy together is synched I hope and think they will have a long marriage hopefully ever
Aparna Singh
Aparna Singh:
love when Vogue suddenly turns into a food channel . She’s very awkward in the kitchen. 😂Every time she holds a spoon or a bowl feels like a parody. But he’s so comfortable~ a natural!😻
Tassis Cardoso
Tassis Cardoso:
their wedding is my definition of a royal wedding. so happy for them both
Lindiwe Dim
Lindiwe Dim:
Nicola is actually the hilarious princess feminine energy I aspire to
Ami B
Ami B:
Just read an article about how Brooklyn is rubbish at everything he tries (football, photography, modeling, cooking). Came here after that article to see for myself. Must say, that article is garbage and Brooklyn is really relatable and watchable. Love this.
Julia V
Julia V:
OMG THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE! They're like so sweet and gentle to each other, it literally makes my heart melt.
Ron & Marissa Poll
Ron & Marissa Poll:
These two are so lovely, what a great couple. I love how passionate Brooklyn is with his cooking.
Nahuel Prieto
Nahuel Prieto:
His accent is so appealing to my ears and her cuteness makes me wanna keep watching the video. They make an absolute cute couple🥺
Olivia Lai
Olivia Lai:
I love how Brooklyn gives so much praise to Nicola after she does something simple like pour the cake mix into the dishes 🥺
Aaren Leigh
Aaren Leigh:
I love these Brooklyn cooking episodes!! More please
a peach
a peach:
When Nicola said she’s such a chocolate person and only took one bite of that dessert 😂
So glad to see another video featuring these two! I just love their down to earth nature, and you can really feel the love between them.
Natasha Howes
Natasha Howes:
I hope I have a relationship like this someday ❤ They are so sweet
J. Lopez
J. Lopez:
She’s so awkward in the kitchen but adorable ☺️😂
Audrey Lucianna
Audrey Lucianna:
Nicola is soooo adorable with Brooklyn. They really compliment each other!
Katie Mae
Katie Mae:
Had no idea he was that intelligent about cooking haha also love how he treats her, he was raised well
Katie M
Katie M:
They are so cute. Brooklyn is a natural in the kitchen. I could see him with his own cooking show!
Cath Nailtheday
Cath Nailtheday:
My husband is the cook in our house, she’s as useless as me in the kitchen and I love her for it! ❤️🤣🤣
Rock girl
Rock girl:
He's going to make a great husband. Glad he's teaching her to cook.
anz Kad
anz Kad:
Bravo. Un enfant bien éduqué. Je suis toujours aussi surprise qu'il sache aussi bien cuisiner à son âge. Ses parents peuvent être fiers de lui.👏👏👏👏
Alia Ariff
Alia Ariff:
“Dairy free? Please for the love of god” 😂 the last time he cooked on this show he made her dairy & gluten and the poor girl was intolerant but she was lovely about it.
Google Google
Google Google:
Omg how humble and how calm this gentleman is, I mean seriously
Bless him and mrs Brooklyn
Everyone keeps talking about he lives on his parent’s money… but when has it ever a bad thing to have successful parent?! He seems to be a nice guy with good manners
Miss Em23
Miss Em23:
Know their names, didnt know their personality. Brooklyn's shines in this. Nicola comes across as docile!
Minda Rosas
Minda Rosas:
THIS WAS AMAZING 😭 sheesh my heart. They’re so sweet to each other!! ❤️
G T:
David and Victoria did a great job as parents as is evident in the beautiful man Brooklyn has become. Gorgeous couple too!
She is other-worldly beautiful. Like, actually stunning. She looks intimidating but actually seems pretty sweet, their energies match well.
priscilla c
priscilla c:
Beautiful people! They look so happy together. This was actually relaxing for me to watch lol.
The food looks delicious🤩 Love Brooklyn and Nicola
Aline Russell
Aline Russell:
They’re both adorable. Wish them all the happiness in the world ❤️
Meghane Lex
Meghane Lex:
this is the cutest video 🥺❤️ i love this couple!! congratulations on the engagement 💍
Raveena Masuta
Raveena Masuta:
I hope Brooklyn makes a YouTube channel, I’ve actually really enjoyed these series 😂❤️
What a beautiful couple 💙 she seems like a genuinely fun person and he knows his way around the kitchen💙
I'm gonna admit, I did not expect to like these two - but shucks - they're so obviously very much in love, and you cant hate on that!
I do not know the Beckham's, but I do admire how they raised their children.
Roxana Hernandez
Roxana Hernandez:
I love watching this series Brooklyn is so good chef and very sweet and at the same time respectful with her fiancé all a gentleman, congratulations Beautiful couple
Grace Kavanagh
Grace Kavanagh:
He's just like his dad. Comes across as a really sweet lad x
Linda Kienle
Linda Kienle:
Such a lovely, loving couple. Wishing you both an amazing life together all the best life has to offer you both.
Adam Faybrem
Adam Faybrem:
I can tell he's the kind of guy that wants everything perfect so his cooking OCD kicks at times it makes me laugh.
Julia D
Julia D:
Brooklyn is such a wholesome lovely gentleman. I feel he takes after David. I don't know what Victoria is like in person but David clearly seems very nice.
Robbie Kaur-Singh
Robbie Kaur-Singh:
Absolutely adorable, lovable, playful, respectful and simply awesome!!
You guys are beautiful together.
Blessings to you & Mazel tov!!
jermain amburayan
jermain amburayan:
Wow! A man who can cook and loves cooking for his wife. A keeper. He is so respectful with her. Nicola looks like a decent person too. Not too flashy in dressing but classy. That is because he has said that his dad cooks for the family most of the time. Plus Brooklyn worked in a cafe before. Brooklyn is so down to earth. Get your own cooking show , Brooklyn. Marriage the jewish way. You can tell real love , it shows.
S. ab
S. ab:
When you're David Beckhams son, you know he is well raised and a gentleman. Like father like son.
Brooklyn you should have your own cooking show on real, your voice is very relaxing. Its nice to watch you and easy to understand.
Ibby Dokubo W
Ibby Dokubo W:
Everyone commenting about Brooklyn but Nicola is so funny and awkward omg I love her energy
Brooke 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
Brooke 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞:
This is what i want in a man adoring his fiancé he’s such a gentleman, he’s so gentle with her you can tell how much he loves her this is how every woman should be treated,he was well raised.
Meli Huang
Meli Huang:
One of my favorite lovely couple!!! Love is in the air ❤️
Brooklyn really has a peaceful voice, really cute couple 💑
Romelia PC
Romelia PC:
Omg he is such a chef! I loved the first video so much, they are so cute. I want another of this after their married😍
Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes:
Omgosh...He is the sweetest. His parents raised him well. Lucky girl!
Melanie Parker
Melanie Parker:
Such wholesome content ❤️
I love them together. I wish them a long and happy marriage
I can’t believe how knowledgeable he is in the kitchen!! He seems sweet :) Good job to his parents!
Danielle Howard
Danielle Howard:
Really love watching him cook. Think he is so natural at it. He seems a beautiful soul, kind, gentle and a perfect gentleman! Cute to see x
lol i loved him teasing her at the beginning when he said she can't' cook to save her life, cause i'm right there with her. kudos to Brooklyn for finding his passion. they are so sweet
Amy Falcon
Amy Falcon:
Love a guy that can cook 👨‍🍳! Great job Brooklyn! 👏👏👏. Great job to his parents who did a good job raising him up! And….he’s only 22?! She’s a lucky girl!
Beckhams Children have great manners very well behaved and they are so humble ❤❤❤
Arnica Longonya
Arnica Longonya:
they need their own show!! so cute
Milla Witt
Milla Witt:
This just makes me smile a lot❤️
Carmel Earley
Carmel Earley:
Lovely couple well done and congratulations on your engagement. Best entertainment they are so good together. Start your own cooking show brings a smile to your face. 😊
Narjiss Mihraje
Narjiss Mihraje:
It's so nice to see a lovely couple and healthy and sweet !!!!
You guys are so sweet … perfect couple 🥰🥰
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo:
brooklyn is a man of pure class like his father
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
their wedding is my definition of a royal wedding. so happy for them both
Reddix Debbix
Reddix Debbix:
Your parents did a great job on you Brooklyn. You're gonna be a great husband! I wish you both love and happy times forever!
Fara Daud
Fara Daud:
Nicola is so funny and cute. They both look so good together. 😂
Helia lamster
Helia lamster:
its so refreshing to watch , god bless them
Suby ASMR Channel
Suby ASMR Channel:
I do enjoy Brooklyn's cooking video. You and Nicola make a wonderful couple. Two great people and to see two young people in love 💘. Thanks for using vegan products. I will try the vegan products myself. Good luck with your wedding. All the best.
Funeka Cherish
Funeka Cherish:
I really love these two, they are so adorable 😍
Tuktik Pluto
Tuktik Pluto:
Who wouldn't fall in love with these two? They're perfect for each other!
Madeline Levy
Madeline Levy:
He's going to make a great husband. Glad he's teaching her to cook.
Khadijah Holder
Khadijah Holder:
Brooklyn looks like Victoria but with subtle features of David! Omg what a perfect mix. You can tell they are really in love 🥰🙏🏾
Brax fan
Brax fan:
Lovely couple ☀ Nicola is lovely, lovely voice and accent. Brooklyn is nice too, and really respects her ✨
Natalie Ohlsson
Natalie Ohlsson:
Love this!! Keep it up!!
Cute couple & energy between them. Lovely content. Wish them much happiness & love. xx
Jody Lancaster
Jody Lancaster:
Adorable couple. They seem so real too. ❤
I don't get the hate for him or her for that matter. Sure they've had a very lucky start in life but that's not a crime. He's a really good chef too and they make a great couple. Wishing the very best to the newlywed Peltz-Beckhams.