Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Full GAME 3 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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Jayson Tatum exploded for 50 Points to life the Celtics over the Nets in Game 3

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I like watching basketball highlights, it's like everybody is just having a great day and nobody misses the net.
andrew lgd
andrew lgd:
Drop 50 on this stacked nets team, insane talent and confidence for a youngin
Garcia Miller
Garcia Miller:
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Ethan S. Chalifoux
Ethan S. Chalifoux:
Marcus Smart deserves more credit for this win as well. That defensive play on KD in the last minute was amazing.
Jacob Katz
Jacob Katz:
I love how casual Tatum is after the game about dropping 50 points
Celtic fans should thank irving for leaving. Him doing so has allowed Tatum and Brown to blossom into stars!
Tatum, Luca, Ja... league will be in a good hands after Leking retirement..
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer:
Nobody will mention how valuable Tristan Thompson has been, I really thought he was only good because of bron but this man is getting everything out there
That loss was really needed so they could stop thinking they are invincible.
This is literally how the other guys on the Celtics need to play. Tristan Thompson was great tonight, Marcus smart too and JT being JT.
JT is money, he’s like a cross between KD and Mamba
Eveybody is raving about Luka, don't get me wrong I love Luka but we have to appreciate tatum. 23 yrs old dropping 50s during crucial games.
Linval Lowe
Linval Lowe:
Tatum 50 on a stacked nets team, that’s just amazing. Keep going young fella
Tristan was big with the offensive rebounds 💪💪
Baran Canaloglu
Baran Canaloglu:
Tristan has the champions heart man. Hustle after hustle. Looking good ✌️
anhthy dinh
anhthy dinh:
Imagine if Jaylen Brown hadn't had an injury, this series would be more dramatic.
Tatum is a monster and I hope the Celtics can make this series competitive.
Bobby Payne
Bobby Payne:
I think we all knew Tatum would go off in atleast 1 game didnt expect him to win that game though
francis 4
francis 4:
net's offense be like
option 1 durant iso
option 2 harden iso
option 3 kyrie iso
option 4 blake iso
option 5 harris get open
BlackMamba Mentality
BlackMamba Mentality:
Can imagine Kobe being pleased seeing Tatum’s performance...make Kobe proud ma boy Tatum!
Iska 10
Iska 10:
Man i love Smart, i think everyone would love to have a player like Smart on his team.
Hugo Borel
Hugo Borel:
Marcus Smart was doing his thing haha, my man has been grinding his scoring moves, we see you MARCUS !!
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz:
Helluva performance by the Celtics specially Tatum he seemed like he couldn't missed even throwing up some prayer shots and having them going in.
Roodgally Senatus
Roodgally Senatus:
Wow! Tatum cooked KD ALL NIGHT LONG!
B A:
Never in my life thought I’d see anything similar to Kobe in a Celtics uniform.

Then we drafted Tatum
Aaron G
Aaron G:
Nets getting abused by TT makes me wonder what they'll do if they run into Joel..
Desroy White
Desroy White:
tatum is just a different monster...another 50 piece!
Silent Butter Bruh
Silent Butter Bruh:
JT carried so hard Kemba and whole franchise didn't realize he went 3/14. Dude was cheesin so hard when he finally made that 3rd basket🤦🏾‍♂️
LA Mon
LA Mon:
Glad JT gave nets there first L early in the first round
There's always THAT DUDE on the court each night amongst all the pro's. Tatum was THAT DUDE tonight. and it's getting more and more often that he's THAT DUDE against other greats. Pretty scary
Simon Patterson
Simon Patterson:
That's an impressive effort by Celtics.
F R:
It’s great to see Tatum playing with his son, Kyrie Tatum Jr 👏🏼
Loh Xin Kai
Loh Xin Kai:
In my opinion, the nets need to do everything they can to keep Kyrie, Durant and Harden healthy. Even if one of em plays below their average days they lose
jon smith
jon smith:
the nets played like a bunch of weirdos tonight...kyrie was worrying about the crowd more than what was going on on the court, smdh
Matt Bowlen
Matt Bowlen:
Tatum plays really good defense the way he was playing on Durant impressed me more than the 50. He get better defensively he gon be super scary
John Doe
John Doe:
Amazing performance and fight by Celtics. Embarrassing throw of lead by Nets.
Thanks Tatum. Never think about a win in this series. Now please bring the team to go further. TT, Smart and Fournier stepped up in time too. All of them including Walker should play above standard in the remaining games. Good luck 🍀
K M:
When the playoffs begin, I feel Harden's drive is speeding up.
Чинтулга М.
Чинтулга М.:
NICE!!! Tatum gotta go for 35pts everynight and kemba needs to get at least 20 pts. And gotta make sure to stop joe harris, nets fastbreak. But these refs sure loves harden man.
Tatum, Smart and Thompson played great, but the Celtics really need Kemba to step up for the next game
Rafael Viana
Rafael Viana:
Smart and Tatum were going crazy this game 🔥
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor:
1:18 that was a very satisfying moment to watch. How I hope defensive players would do that more often!
Get Trolled
Get Trolled:
Kyrie finally led the Celtics to a playoff win!!!
I hope we all realise that the nets are the villains this year
orderly chaos
orderly chaos:
I hope Celtics continue playing with this kind of chemistry
Chris L
Chris L:
The amount of isolation the nets had was crazy lol almost every possession was an iso

Kyrie was not focused at all, Tatum and Smart just went ogg
Boom Sensei
Boom Sensei:
JT is The Boston Version of Kobe, Mamba Arsenal worth of moves
Briyan Jung
Briyan Jung:
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Savage gang
Savage gang:
Damn Kd is so clutch my gosh…. Kyrie need to get with the system n let the beard n kd take over if they have any chance of winning
Russell Santamaria
Russell Santamaria:
Tatum was amazing, in good team effort game.
That boy JT really a special talent. He got that Mamba Blood in his DNA.
Emmanuel Mbah
Emmanuel Mbah:
JT is gonna be a future MVP man. He's been going crazy all season.
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez:
I actually wished Celtics got to CFs last year. Would've been more exciting than Jimmy b vs lakers lol
Love JT been one of my fav players now for 2 years
Joseph Her
Joseph Her:
The ISO plays from this highlight was masterclass level!!
Sammy Name
Sammy Name:
Tristan Thompson doing this, Imagine Embiid or Giannis
Je vous remercie
Je vous remercie:
My boy JAYSON TATUM left me in tears 😭 so proud of you
Gabriel Martínez
Gabriel Martínez:
So glad for Tatum man I was getting annoyed by Nets bandwagons saying they would sweep the East
Exquisite Meat
Exquisite Meat:
Tatum dropping 50 on a stacked team, without Brown. Fantastic talent
I love how kyrie didn’t want to be overshadowed by lebron, but doesn’t mind kd and jh.
Marco Tardini
Marco Tardini:
Tatum is the best player of this series imo
I told these clowns that we weren't getting swept but none of my friends believed me 😤
#Tatum is a bad bad man
Odin Son
Odin Son:
I love that harden doesn’t even try to defend
ɮʟօռɖ ɦʊʟӄ
ɮʟօռɖ ɦʊʟӄ:
Impressive 50 pts for Tatum. Smart also contributed.
I’m more happy to see Thompson putting the work and having a great match. In Cavs I didn’t see him perform that well. Let’s hope it continues.
Dulguun Bayan
Dulguun Bayan:
my boy Kemba's effort played a big part in the win tooo
Sherrif Shrew
Sherrif Shrew:
1:20 james harden really improving on defense lmao 💀
Marios Karavasilis
Marios Karavasilis:
Let's go Celtics! Make it a series!
bebe mante
bebe mante:
Tatum reminded me of Kobe tonight, amazing to witness!
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton:
Boston had a great game :) Tatum 🔥🔥
Lekzin Tshering
Lekzin Tshering:
Classic performance from JT
Ant B
Ant B:
Don’t forget Evan Fournier he was class. Valuable player for the Celtics
Stephon Pervez
Stephon Pervez:
Damn!! Tatum gave Brooklyn some of mama's cooking.. 😂 ✌️
11:54 "It's over! Boston is the city of champions!" 2016 vibes XD
SickNtwisted 351
SickNtwisted 351:
Tatum was on fire wow 👏 good job celtics
It's interesting how the Nets walk off without handshakes when they lose...
Mr Samanos
Mr Samanos:
Big Respect to Tatum and his team
Excellent game! Fast paced and exciting to watch.
vhin dave
vhin dave:
wow JT! just wow🔥🔥🔥
ibra vebra
ibra vebra:
Jayson tatum beat 3 of top scoring players in NBA history
2E Tor
2E Tor:
Great fight back from the Celtic's!
Darius Gordon
Darius Gordon:
As much as I love the Celtics. I wouldn't mind the Nets winning, as long as they go all the way.
Eduardo Balgos
Eduardo Balgos:
Hope the celtics will carry the same intensity on monday
Stephen Curry Archive
Stephen Curry Archive:
*Jayson Tatum is the only player in NBA history with a 50 point game in the regular season, play-in tournament and the playoffs!*
Arif Howlader
Arif Howlader:
Always appreciate the HD uploads, thanks!
Julien Razafindranaly
Julien Razafindranaly:
Man, I never would have thought that there one day would be a team that I want to see losing more than the LA Lakers, but this Brooklyn Nets team made it happen. No love for this Celtics franchise either, but Jason Tatum owned whole Brooklyn tonight.
Gelber Santos
Gelber Santos:
It lowered the spirit of Kobe at Tatum! The boy's departure!
Akeem Thomas
Akeem Thomas:
Just imagine if Jaylen was still playing
Don Gadson
Don Gadson:
Kyrie, Durant, and Bron all have something in common. Durant and Kyrie are the most dishonorable, though.
Viktor Ibarbo
Viktor Ibarbo:
If only JT was playing with actual great players. Find that man some help ASAP!
Eva et Evana
Eva et Evana:
Tatum was too unstoppable 🔥🏀❤💯.
Dimez fresh
Dimez fresh:
0:10 how tf does KD not block that
Kemba is surely on the list of most overpaid role players by now
Adrian Batts
Adrian Batts:
Congrats Tatum Love how he hit that jumper on KD the 🐍 face 😆 boy was on 🔥
Void 09
Void 09:
James Harden beard is overwhelming his opponents. The thumbnail nailed it on jayson tatum lol.
The Beard's casual 41 points overshadowed by a 50 point Green Monster. You win this one, Celts.
That‘s the problem when you don't focus on defense, at all: basically ONE great scorer is all it needs, to keep up...
Guess what? Every team has at least one great scorer...
But they know how to defend. Hopefully Nash will tell them to prioritize.
Wilmar Beia
Wilmar Beia:
JT had a great individual performance, and Celtics needed that. One way to beat the Nets is to force them miss shots, which is difficult, and make them work hard on the defensive side.
Mason Harkness
Mason Harkness:
TT looking like his old self out there tonight 🔥
Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu:
What a great game! FInally an intense playoff game with good D. Whichever team that has KD has an unfair advantage. Celtics played great team ball and to win this one, go Celtics!
Stephen Curry Archive
Stephen Curry Archive:
*Jayson Tatum Stats*
*50 Points*
*16-30, 53% FG; 5-11, 46% 3PT-FG; 13-15, 87% FT*
*6 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 2 Steals, 1 Block*
James Harden: I said give me the ball!!
Jason Tatum: NO!!!!