Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Full GAME 4 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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The Nets drop a franchise playoff record 141 in a Game 4 rout of the Celtics

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
Celtics fan threw a bottle that just narrowly missed Kyrie Irving's head
Ebenezer Indi
Ebenezer Indi:
42 points on 20 shots on 70%...
Classic KD.
Never forget Harden’s sacrificing 50 point games for the better of the team
NBA Talks
NBA Talks:
Harden durant and irving combined for 104 points
Harden shot 66% from the field and 40% from 3. While putting up 23 points and 18 dimes 🥶 He’s been so efficient this series.
Karlon Ellis
Karlon Ellis:
Kyrie used the energy from the booing in the last match and converted it into straight buckets, he went off
Kyrie Irving 39 pts 11 rebs .. James Harden 23 pts 18ast ..Kevin Durant with the quiet 42 .. y’all won already damn man 🙌🏾
MJ Yap
MJ Yap:
Love Kyrie this time, he overcome his anxiety from the booing crowd
Meanwhile James harden is just chillin while playing cause he knew kyrie and kd can take all the business.
Uriel Level up Riley
Uriel Level up Riley:
70% shooting 14/20 100% three pointers 3/3 KD is a killer
Harden still able to score his usual 60pt game but in a different way 23pts + 18 EFFIN ASSISTS! DAYYYYM BEARD!!!
Fabio Monteiro
Fabio Monteiro:
Can we all just take a moment to realize that KD is playing like a GOD after being out for 1 and half years due to one of the worst injuries a player can get?
This was Kyrie's revenge game after dropping 16 last time KD is always gonna get his. Harden is a basketball genius
Swapno Drawing Academy
Swapno Drawing Academy:
The Brooklyn Nets CRUSH Boston
Kevin Durant put up 42 PTS, 5 AST & 2 BLK on 70% FG.
Kyrie Irving with 39 PTS, 11 REB & 2 STL.
James Harden had 23 PTS, 18 AST, 5 REB, 2 STL & 3 BLK.
Slim Bugatti
Slim Bugatti:
"I dont see alot of people lined up for handshakes"🤣🤣 "nah not really" 🤣🤣
Just Kofi
Just Kofi:
Durant and Irvin scored points for a whole half basically 🤯
Stephen Curry Archive
Stephen Curry Archive:
*Who needs defense when you can score 140?*
- Brooklyn Nets
bonnbolini reyes
bonnbolini reyes:
NETS will be the champion of this season "IF" they are going to maintain good teamwork and ball distribution
boo Jay
boo Jay:
Let me get this straight. The Nets have a player who's as tall as a center, but efficiently shoots jump shots to score 40+; a point guard who led his team in rebounds by pulling down 11; and a shooting guard who dropped 18 dimes.

Is this what the NBA has come to?
Maridane Angelline
Maridane Angelline:
James Harden top tier dimes right there
Dražen Keković
Dražen Keković:
Kevin Durant is a beast. 42 points (70% FG) 🔥
KD could have scored 70, but decided to settle for the quiet 42
Gotta give the Nets credit for making the necessary adjustments after the last game. They're still an OP band of mercenaries though 😤
with those three guys, you don't need any defense strategy, it insame 104 points on three guys
Ralph Danielle Panganiban
Ralph Danielle Panganiban:
Celtics does the teamwork! I saw all of them are working 💯

BKN has kd, irving and jd hahaahaha
Master Of None
Master Of None:
I feel for the Celtics. What's Tatum supposed to do against a stacked nets team with 3 generational talents and a sniper in Harris?
Dysen Miller
Dysen Miller:
KD’s legs are so tall omg
Man lots a points right there but Harden with 18 assists is always pretty impressive.
Boston scored over 90 points in 3 quarters...and were still down by twenty wtf!!
Peter Sascha
Peter Sascha:
3 players combined for 100 points that's inspirational
Ahmad Zidane
Ahmad Zidane:
the beard with 18 assist, damn!!!
Andrew Elmacin
Andrew Elmacin:
Great revenge for Kyrie 💪🏾 Game 3 was pretty difficult but he responds on Game 4 with 39 and 11 reb.
"We'll be dropping it as fast as you can dish em" KD and Kyrie to Harden.
I haven’t watched NBA for a couple years but WTF, Brooklyn has KD, Kyrie, Harden and Blake Griffin? WTF
Charles Chege
Charles Chege:
Another excellent performance by Tatum.
mohammadreza salagh
mohammadreza salagh:
Every shot by Durant. = points
Let's goo Brooklyn🖤💫. See u game 5👌
Edward Wasingan
Edward Wasingan:
Durant was really good he is definitely better than lebron or any other players now so far.
Marios Moukakos
Marios Moukakos:
Yes, LOVE the new stats format. Please never change it.
The Nets are so enjoyable to watch right now! The championship seems like it’s theirs to lose at this point
That synchronized falling 10:33 🤣🤣
Mr. Green
Mr. Green:
Thanks for posting highlights, since most of can't stand watching a game anymore.
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs:
Coach Nash: How many you dropping Kd ?
Kd: Yes
Niopmahcheep 2413
Niopmahcheep 2413:
I like how no one complained on how stacked the nets team are unlike 2 years ago with the warriors.
Anthony Severino
Anthony Severino:
Nets different bro, that's why I got them winning it all, like who stopping the big 3?
Andrew Drew
Andrew Drew:
Big three dropping points like crazy for revenge game 3
The ONLY thing that can stop Nets is injury
Marco Benjamim
Marco Benjamim:
KD The best player in the league last 3/4 years... after achilles? He's a unicorn!!
PJ Kicks
PJ Kicks:
4:05 man that GOTDAMN Uncle drew, he and Iverson, Curry, have the some of the best handles
The Survivor
The Survivor:
The amounts of 3s went in from both yeah is just mind blowing , the game was going too fast. Brooklyn ready to kill anything and anyone that Dare standing in their way . Period
Gerry Crowe
Gerry Crowe:
As a Celtics fan … I’m embarrassed! Brutal effort ! Time to start firing some and moving players ! NOW !
Sherwin Poh
Sherwin Poh:
Turns out when first options get the defensive attention of second/third options, they become the most efficient in their careers
Young Economist
Young Economist:
Big ups to the Nets lol I enjoyed the game it was intense 🙌👏
Champ Magat
Champ Magat:
Now thats the BEST END STATS you have put so far! I Hope it stays! Thanks for listening even though its been too long..
Gazmend Abdiu
Gazmend Abdiu:
Harris is brilliant 👏
Brandon Cargill
Brandon Cargill:
9:25 When your brother is making up new rules in the middle of the game
Kyrie with the putback 🔥
Rule of Law
Rule of Law:
Celtics was so humiliated, they refuse to do the handshake lol.
Andy Tan
Andy Tan:
The Nets simply just have too much firepower.

Tatum was impressive with 40 points, but those trio over at the Nets each got almost 40🤷🏻‍♂️

Yoe Pereyyy
Yoe Pereyyy:
Kyrie is the GOAT !! lets go man!
abshar abdurrazak
abshar abdurrazak:
I'm still looking for Blake Griffin's sensational dunks
Rnz zxc
Rnz zxc:
Tatum playing basketball and doin' gym at the same time.
Mkhl90 Xmas
Mkhl90 Xmas:
59% from 3 and 57% from the FG. and 96% from FT. 18 Assist from Harden. KD e KI 81 points combined together. stunning.
Jer R
Jer R:
Loved every minute of it!!
DaMon Smith
DaMon Smith:
Lol i find it hilarious that people actually think the Lakers can beat the Nets in a 7 game series!!
Victor Obinna
Victor Obinna:
3 teams I would love to see play the finals. LA Clippers, Suns, Brooklyn nets. If 2 of the 3 meet in the finals, i won't feel bad whoever wins. PG needs a ring, James Harden deserves a ring, CP3 deserves it more cos time is nt on his side
wow, Harden's D is levelin up!
CalmCat & Willow
CalmCat & Willow:
Kevin Durant - 42 Points
Kyrie Irving - 39 Points
James Harden - 23 Points & 18 Assist
Mohd Nazrie Bolhassan
Mohd Nazrie Bolhassan:
Great job Brooklyn..
Bernard Ziriga
Bernard Ziriga:
KD is simply incredible,
Noel Autor
Noel Autor:
The Celtics played well but the absence of key players such as JB, Kemba and Timelord is a big disadvantage when playing against a powerhouse team with Kyrie, Durant and Hardin in it. As a Celtic fan, I am not expecting much from the team because of its present handicap. Its a good thing that they win game 3, I hope that despite the great odds, they can win game 3.
Iam OvZo
Iam OvZo:
Bro they all scored 40 points they’re literally splitting up pieces of the pie 🥧
Bitkong 29
Bitkong 29:
It's a good match up next round Bucks vs Nets🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jermaine FL
Jermaine FL:
This was exactly what I said about Kyrie when he was talking that shit. He either had to bury Boston or be hung in Brooklyn. Oh boyyyy. Disrespectful on some of the moves. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Curtis Morris
Curtis Morris:
At first i thought their mins was their point totals at the end lmao
Davis Rockness
Davis Rockness:
We may have lost but Jason Tatum is still the man
Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott:
In the first quarter I thought that Brooklyn were gonna get thrashed. That changed quickly asf lmao
라헤수 LaHESU
라헤수 LaHESU:
Nets will be the champ this season for sure !!!
Lance Dang
Lance Dang:
Am I hallucinating or Harden had 3 blocks ?!?! 11:13
MLG highlights are just speed, so fast lmao
Joe Harris is playing like Thompson.
KD is very consistent i dont know if he had injured once but looks like he is healthy
This series should’ve been a sweep
Sneak 100
Sneak 100:
Kd in the 2021 playoffs : 35 8 and 3 on 55-45-90 splits
Diether Santos
Diether Santos:
Bucks vs NETS for Eastern Coference Semis 😃
Edit: lmao I was right :D
Khaiyong Ng
Khaiyong Ng:
6:32 Blake lobs it off to kyrie for the dunk. Something off about the sequence
Leo Brada
Leo Brada:
141 points in a playoff game as a visiting team. GG Boston.
Xolisa Wulana
Xolisa Wulana:
Only player in the league who can just give you a quiet 42 point game is Kevin Durant 😂. Just from 20 shots 🙆🏾‍♂️😂this guy’s efficiency is just on another level
Junior Boss
Junior Boss:
Please Steve nash don't let the stars play until almost the end until their need to
Lord Xi jing Ping pong
Lord Xi jing Ping pong:
This looks like just a practice game for the nets. Almost effortless for them 😂
Just give them the rings already at this point 😂😂. KD HARDEN AND KYRIE just being bully every time they on the court 😂😂
Can Altunbulak
Can Altunbulak:
The new format of showing the game stats is good
KD 42🥶They gonna need this kd-BALLIN CUZ YT
Alex Dimitrov
Alex Dimitrov:
Good game from Harris 👏🏼
kara quaschnick
kara quaschnick:
Marcus smart back in his Oklahoma bag but more polished I love it
andrew eden
andrew eden:
KYRIE WENT OFF!!! putback dunk, deep 3s, sick handles! KD beast mode! efficiency and flashy passer. harden as always being facilitator and amazing court vision. big three on fire!
in the other hand, lakers lost.
borislav petkov
borislav petkov:
I mean the nets were supposed to win the series anyway, but us having 3 of our 5 starters injured compared to the nets fully healthy roaster makes it so much worse. Its just not right when we get blown at home. Nets are amazing tho, so I hope this series is over soon so I can actually enjoy watching them play
Nice game!
Ketchupz Studio
Ketchupz Studio:
KD is the best player in the league !