Brooklyn Nets vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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KD: You cant guard me
Kyrie: You cant find me
Beauty On Earth
Beauty On Earth:
Wishing everyone good health and happiness!
Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokic had RIDICULOUS stat lines against each other tonight! 😳

KD hit the dagger three and is in MVP form ‼️
Luka GOATcic
Luka GOATcic:
KD had 29 pts 7 rebs 5 asts 1 stl 1 blk on average so far
He has better stats than before he got his achilles injured
Rafael Kenny
Rafael Kenny:
KD is just unguardable man... it isnt even fair
Don Ancelotti
Don Ancelotti:
man when kd starts going between the legs and crossing over left and right....its FIRE
Thomas The Dank Engine
Thomas The Dank Engine:
Almost 3 years later and I still think it's hilarious Kyrie Irving tried to tell people LeBron was the toxic one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa:
They tried putting Bol Bol on KD....he also couldnt guard him.
Vintage KD is Back 🔥
Kyrie: " Now you see me Now you don't... "
Lex Alex
Lex Alex:
They said KD was only efficient because he had Steph to take the heat off him but his efficiency is actually much better than it ever was
KD 3rd in MVP voting IMO. Whoever thought he wasn’t going to be the same KD after his injury, you’re delusional
Love your Self first
Love your Self first:
Ahmad Zidane
Ahmad Zidane:
Still finding Kyrie
LeGoat James
LeGoat James:
Why durant look more explosive
Yea I hear you ‘
Yea I hear you ‘:
GET MY MAN KD SOME REAL SCORING HELP. If ya ain’t gon play defense play better offense
Biblo Hudson
Biblo Hudson:
happy to see bol bol getting minutes
Ballistic Ninja23
Ballistic Ninja23:
Kyrie my favorite player but ngl he starting to piss me off how he acting
I am so happy that KD is back
I'm gonna need the refs to stop letting Jok bow the defense almost everytime.
James Belga
James Belga:
Kyrie out for personal reasons, but he's active in a private party.
Ronielle Bronio
Ronielle Bronio:
Kyrie lookin like Delonte West
I see The Nuggets miss Jerami Grant
Edmon Lau
Edmon Lau:
KD is back in 100% fit ! But a bit like he still playing in okc... Carry the team by his own..
Blanca Marroquin
Blanca Marroquin:
Kyrie" I dont even need to play to win free paycheck"
mithun mitz
mithun mitz:
Just play like this..
You really don't need Kyrie, his egos are only gonna drag down the whole team. A star scorer in KD with a bunch of hardworking support players. That's a team..
I see Harden and Erving trade coming soon!!!
CedRock Starr
CedRock Starr:
KD is definitely KD. Denver not getting pass the second round this year
34 pts! And not 35?! Nah he still looks shakey...
Den Winchester
Den Winchester:
Levert could be as good as Bradley Beal if he goes to the right team that develops him
Heru Amun
Heru Amun:
He’s just as explosive as he was pre injury and he looks more calculated.. that’s a problem for everybody!!
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha:
May bahay ako Mansion
May bahay ako Mansion:
that is what happen if kd become point guard.....
What a game by Durant
Jesi di Broni
Jesi di Broni:
harden,kd,irving damn
Wonmeng Phang
Wonmeng Phang:
let trade kyrie for harden
Irvine Dahwa
Irvine Dahwa:
Difficult to see the final stats this is not the standard I am used to from MLG
γιωργος δουζενης
γιωργος δουζενης:
Stay healthy KD....PLEASE!!!!
10:26 7 footer moving like this wtf
Lmao and they were saying KD is not clutch after missing one or two game winners..
Chris Read
Chris Read:
if you want a new beat for the outro let me know your email I’ll send some through.
Chris L
Chris L:
KD single-handedly took over the game damn
K-Pop K-Pop2323
K-Pop K-Pop2323:
not a KD fan but im so glad he is back.
Austin Lynch
Austin Lynch:
I endorse Durant>>>>LeBron in the clutch
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald:
I think kyrie doesnt want to play cuz Durant instructed him the other game from the sideline remember
KD is insane. No one can guard this man! He has so many go to and counter moves that it´s ridiculous!
holy Referee
holy Referee:
8:08 Imao Durant Time😂
Most unprofessional player of all time : where is Kxxxx??
James Lee
James Lee:
Kevin Durant is so good at Basketball
kevin rara
kevin rara:
Shame on Kyrie for giving KD problems. I really want him to take it slow in the season and see him shine in the playoffs. He's coming from an Achilles injury ffs..
si lewis
si lewis:
Durant is just a total video game character. Don't take him for granted
kyrie who? KD vs lakers at finals!!!!!
Yog Kuv
Yog Kuv:
I feel bad for KD, fresh of an Achilles injury and he have to carry such a load already because Kyrie decided to do his own thing and miss game. Thought kyrie was suppose to be his crime partners
G. Abzilla
G. Abzilla:
And now the beard arrives... This will be fun!
Cia Laisvis
Cia Laisvis:
Sooo. if Harden coming to Brooklyn it's literal analogy to football team playing without the backs
Damn that Durant guy is good, Atkinson shouldn't have benched him last year and now he lost his job.
rosalie banquillo
rosalie banquillo:
Welcome back Kd!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Oktavian Putra Agusta
Oktavian Putra Agusta:
You need to change back to old style of showing stats at the end. The pie chart is too small as most of us use our phone to watch..
Biodynamics Vienna
Biodynamics Vienna:
Thx for the awesome editing, best condense games,..
farrah inz uddin
farrah inz uddin:
It's Kd
Marios Karavasilis
Marios Karavasilis:
KD just iced it. 🥶
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton:
Wow keep up Brooklyn having good season so far 😊🇬🇧
Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray:
feel bad for the nuggets bro they just keep losing at the end of matches
Keb TMT:
KD where's Kyrie? 😂
Emrah Sevinç
Emrah Sevinç:
Bungwidhi Yuwono
Bungwidhi Yuwono:
Amazing KD
Sir Kay
Sir Kay:
KD said, bring your best whiteboy lineup and I'll eat them all for lunch. Dude up there schooling chumps.
Gee Cee
Gee Cee:
Paul milsap dude was a bad man in the paint really adjusted his game big time
MOXIE channel
MOXIE channel:
10:02 TOPIC moments
Luka GOATcic
Luka GOATcic:
Even Kobe didn’t recover perfectly but KD was different so amazing 🔥
Idk about you guys but the ending with mj I just cant stop watching it
22 Muhammad Ibnu XI MIPA 4
22 Muhammad Ibnu XI MIPA 4:
can ya'll hear the nois 2:53 its like a person breathing hard
Jason Hie Wijaya 1105051
Jason Hie Wijaya 1105051:
Damn Durant 1 rebound away from triple double

34 points, 13 assist, 9 rebound

I think whatever,
Players need to think about their team
My man kd is back..
Λευτέρης Ξανθόπουλος
Λευτέρης Ξανθόπουλος:
Where is my boy campaso NBA must use him more he is a very good guard
emmanuel oklu
emmanuel oklu:
Brooklyn can do better if they play good defense.
Andre Sene
Andre Sene:
So they don't want to give any minutes to my guy Bol Bol but when they do they give him against one of the best if not the best scorer of all time ... make it make sense a rookie against KD ?
Kendy Jeune
Kendy Jeune:
Having KD back is really the best to nba fans like him or not. Next up is Klay!
jordan dk
jordan dk:
Harden got traded to the nets!!!!!!!!!!
Box scoree...... at the end of video... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Mbonisi Tshuma
Mbonisi Tshuma:
KD is back!
So unprofessional from Kyrie
Andjeo Cuvar
Andjeo Cuvar:
kd and jokic, my fav matchup in the league
Lebron West 'Biological Son of Delonte West'
Lebron West 'Biological Son of Delonte West':
trade kyrie for harden. kyrie the diva
Pole adventures
Pole adventures:
kd is on another level
Dibs Vincent
Dibs Vincent:
They should trade kyrie for Harden. Harden still wants to win, just not happy with houston, while kyrie, we don’t know what he wants.
Yeetus Jr
Yeetus Jr:
KD takeover IRL
Isaac Li
Isaac Li:
damn kim
damn kim:
Jocelyn Cellona
Jocelyn Cellona:
KD 🐐
Mehmet Ata Arslan
Mehmet Ata Arslan:
Whats wrong with jerseys this year, they ugly as hell.
stray dog
stray dog:
Joe stole KD's triple double
Emmanuel B
Emmanuel B:
KD his on Fire🚀🚀🚀🚀
KD gogo!!!!!!
Eduardo Ariel E.-
Eduardo Ariel E.-:
and Bol ???
luke Baulch
luke Baulch:
Eshhhhhhh go the nets
Yu-Han Chang
Yu-Han Chang:
KI can just quit playing basketball from now on. I believe what he has earned can afford the rest of his life...just don’t get it what he is doing = =
Scoring at KD's level is already a ridiculous feat, but 13 assists as well ! Jeez
Mr. Badass
Mr. Badass:
KD God
wheres Kyrie? is he still missing? =p =p
mcJones723_AG Rainbow Six Siege 彩虹六號, 圍攻行動
mcJones723_AG Rainbow Six Siege 彩虹六號, 圍攻行動:
good stable kd