Bryce Dallas Howard Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

"A Dog's Way Home" star Bryce Dallas Howard takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Can Bryce Dallas Howard cry on command? Who is her husband? Why is Bryce Dallas Howard named Dallas? Bryce answers all these questions and more!!

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Bryce Dallas Howard Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

Wired, call more people like her, this is a proper Interview, she is awesome!
Laarnie and Kaiser Hufana
Laarnie and Kaiser Hufana:
When she's crying she actually sounds like she's truly crying
Horus Lupercal
Horus Lupercal:
3:48 I was WAITING for that laugh!
Bryce seriously has the most psychotic/sweetly genuine laugh ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Windia Nata
Windia Nata:
that laugh oh my god 😂 amazing skill
Wreckless Rancid
Wreckless Rancid:
3:49 that laugh after that cry was evil man!
MG 7
MG 7:
Someone that actually answers the questions properly
Devashish Pathak
Devashish Pathak:
She looks a bit like Adele and Jessica Chastain.
Maksymilian Leśniewski
Maksymilian Leśniewski:
Her crying was the most convincing piece of acting I've witnessed in a long time.
She’s got a fantastic laugh and an amazing personality.
Chimmy Tibula
Chimmy Tibula:
Yes! That episode of Black Mirror was amazing!
Mehul Koshti
Mehul Koshti:
So no top searches has,"How did she run in those high heels in Jurassic world?".
Jan Lloyd Fernandez
Jan Lloyd Fernandez:
wow she's beautiful! has a great personality too!

*rates 5 stars*
Team Ski
Team Ski:
She definitely inherited her father's down to earth sensibilities. Very impressed with her demeanor; she didn't fall into that Hollywood trap of fame destroying her sense of self. Well done!
Alik Melnikov
Alik Melnikov:
DC should cast her as Poison Ivy, she is so charming
Joseph Thomas Whiting
Joseph Thomas Whiting:
First movie I ever saw her in was "The Village" and I was CONVINCED that she was truly blind in real life. She did such a great job!
Geovanni Rosales
Geovanni Rosales:
homegirl is kinda nuts and I'm here for it
Doctor Colin
Doctor Colin:
Some things are cute as a button.

Buttons are as cute as Bryce Dallas Howard.
Oleg Kozak
Oleg Kozak:
"I'm not Jessica Chastain!" lol
ARNOLD Watkins
ARNOLD Watkins:
I low key got a crush on this woman and this interview was confirmation. The blue eyes and the red hair does it for me as well as her quirky personality
Luis M.
Luis M.:
There's a very big difference between Bryce Dallas Howard interview and Brie Larson's.
Gaby Castelblanco
Gaby Castelblanco:
She's an amazing actress and very underrated in my opinion
Nicole Dumont
Nicole Dumont:
She is beautiful, has a beautiful personality and an unique laugh... love this woman 😍😍😍
Arko Wirarespati
Arko Wirarespati:
that laugh after she cried was just...pure sinister sounding laugh, followed by her usually loud laugh

I'm genuinely scared, she's really good
She's so elegant and pretty, I love her
she’s so pretty :,) and her personality is 💯💯💯
She played Gwen Stacey, but what’s funny is that with her natural hair, she looks a lot more like Mary Jane Watson.
B Karyne
B Karyne:
6:21 she’s just so genuine, adorable and overall joyful, how can anyone dislike this woman????
atef alwan
atef alwan:
The fastest crying actress in the world.

BTW, she's amazing
Nicole P.
Nicole P.:
The crying scene holy God shes crazy I love it. I also love that shes healthy looking and not too thin. Gorgeous
caramel coffee
caramel coffee:
she's gorgeous and honestly is so fine with that weight on her. also love that she's a bit kooky lmao she has a great laugh
Willa Strikes
Willa Strikes:
The moment she cried on command... scary. love youuuuuu bryce
Liz Lauren
Liz Lauren:
I’ve loved her since the village! She’s such a good actress I hope she continues to get recognition and more leading roles! :)
Fun fact : She gained a few pounds for one episode of black mirror .

BDH: I'm definitely not upset, this is just a technique T_T
Me: Oh no, who hurt you, don't cry :C

BDH: :3
Me: :o

This woman is absolutely brilliant!
Jared Ruff
Jared Ruff:
I wanna meet her. She's seems like a sweetheart. I wanna meet her along with Chris Pratt. They're probably my favorite duo.
Sh'Kinah Faleolo
Sh'Kinah Faleolo:
3:48 Bryce and gwendoline Christie’s laughs are related😂
protect her.
she's precious.
Lei Paasi
Lei Paasi:
This is actually my fave episode of this series even though it doesn’t have the same amount of views this was just so down to earth and refreshing
Nosedive is my favorite black mirror episode.
Such a beautiful end, she did an amazing job.
Sammy Derrick
Sammy Derrick:
Those eyes are just...OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
Does anyone else find it adorable that she jumps at any chance to talk about her husband? I find it very wholesome.
T.M. Will
T.M. Will:
The crying on cue was very unsettling lol. Good job though.
Jimmy He
Jimmy He:
she kinda scares me when she laughs
She is so so precious. One of my favorite actresses and she looks just like her daddy.
Prisha Arora
Prisha Arora:
She's the most adorable and amazing actress😊😊. Her voice is so soothing. I just love the way she laughs. Love you Bryce😄😄
Bryce Dallas howard you still my favorite actress 💜💜
Most beautiful woman i have ever seen
I watched her acting on black mirror, she’s fantastic!
rabid heartbeats
rabid heartbeats:
she kinda looks like Adele when her face is fuller like this. They're both adorable too!
her eyes are like diamonds that can open portals into new dimensions, so truly beautiful
Marlboro Blast
Marlboro Blast:
I just saw The Help, her acting there is very amazing so I instantly searched her on YT soo here I am. I love you, Bryce!
Mr. malfoy
Mr. malfoy:
3:48 I can't stop my laughing ha 🤣😅 ha ha ha 🤣
Andrea Becker
Andrea Becker:
Okay, crying on demand is some kind of freaky skill.
Aiden Eugene
Aiden Eugene:
I adore her! So funny and a great actress. Not just because of her dad.
s a t u r n
s a t u r n:
Amy Harris
Amy Harris:
I love her laugh! It’s adorable
Movie Reelness
Movie Reelness:
i love her. she´s amazing in Rocketman
I love that she answered the questions properly unlike some of the guests
My opinion: She should've been Captain Marvel. :)
She really cried on command!
SMW - Planet Coaster
SMW - Planet Coaster:
3:48 just saying we have a new joker
I enjoyed this interview thoroughly. Thank you Bryce for being genuine and sensible in answering all the questions. She's alright. Great!
She’s 37 WHERE AT
Marisol Meza
Marisol Meza:
So Adele lost weight but we still have Bryce...
3:05 I love that she explained it.
I love women with charisma like this
Yeah I’ve got a question: Is Bryce Dallas Howard and Judy Greer contractually obligated to play sisters?
3:50 Bryce's laugh tho 😂
Aman Vinod
Aman Vinod:
She's the sweetest thing ever !!
Michael Rodríguez
Michael Rodríguez:
She’s beautiful

My crush ❤️😂😍
Michelle Muller
Michelle Muller:
She seems lovely so you know she's a great actress because her character in The Help was so awful
When she does the crying thing, I imagine all the women out there thinking, "What are you doing! Don't let them know!"
it's just brandy
it's just brandy:
She actually did this interview correctly and I applaud her for that. Also, well done on the cry.
She’s so much fun, I love her!
Lana Teramae
Lana Teramae:
I love how honest she is!
Chrissy Henderson
Chrissy Henderson:
She’s so amazing I love her personality 😍
Annie Pohlman
Annie Pohlman:
Bryce laughed:
Me:"Jessica Chastain has entered the chat"
Danilo Gabriel
Danilo Gabriel:
3:48 Bryce scared the Joker!
Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon:
Me watching her cry on command: Amazing!!! But I feel like actors who can cry on command are secretly sociopaths/psychopaths
Bryce: (As if on cue) *cackles maniacally*
Me: O.O
Bruce Pan
Bruce Pan:
definitly one of my favourite hollywood actress! like her acting and style :D
Alec Cross
Alec Cross:
She's like a more matured Chloe Grace Moretz
Hammad Akbar
Hammad Akbar:
The purest soul in Hollywood. No scandals, no drama, nothing. Adore her!
Dark Angel
Dark Angel:
Man I honestly just love her so much
Loni Gray
Loni Gray:
She is awesome and so down to earth! Love her!!
I know she has a pretty face, but she is really beautiful on the outside and inside. Sweet lady, talented and amazing!😍❤
Elisa Gouveia
Elisa Gouveia:
She's sweet! She answers questions! That's a first! Love her!
Beagle 1
Beagle 1:
Lady in the water maybe the most underrated movie. So good
Javier Burgos
Javier Burgos:
I thought initially that she would be in IT Chapter 2.
She’s hot hot hot wow
She’s hot hot hot wow:
It’s so hard to see her playing a mean character when she’s such a sweetheart 💜
omg shes such a great actress!
Shin Reacts
Shin Reacts:
Bryce is very sophisticated, but also dorky. Love her.
Jurassic Lion
Jurassic Lion:
The Queen!!! 😭😭😭 I love Bryce Dallas Howard ❤️
Dylan Noah
Dylan Noah:
“Can Bryce Dallas Howard sing?”

*_I want love, on my own terms_*

...I think so 🤔 🤔 🤔
mackinzi elizabeth
mackinzi elizabeth:
when she was crying I actually felt bad for here and she just kept saying she was fine
Mari S
Mari S:
I love her laugh, it's so funny
Mark Hernandez
Mark Hernandez:
Dang I'm crushing on Ron Howard's daughter ☺️❤️
She is just perfect in every way.
Dede Juanda
Dede Juanda:
oh I loved the way that she still remember her past as Gwen stacy, and so good to known she's happy for it. eventho I wanted to see her flashback to the 'twilight too.
A Warm Gun
A Warm Gun:
She's looking very happy in her relationship
Mariano Dodds Ibañez
Mariano Dodds Ibañez:
She's great!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!