Bryce Dallas Howard Can Cry On Command - CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Bryce can turn on the waterworks on request; just start talking about Home Depot.

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100+ comentarios:

Amanda Corinne
Amanda Corinne:
im more impressed that conan could talk about home depot that long
Michelle twinky
Michelle twinky:
That’s actually pretty amazing considering she had a whole audience laughing when she’s trying to cry lol
She’s crying so easily because she wants him to stop talking about Home Depot...
Recep Karadag
Recep Karadag:
there are two types of people:
1. the one that are focused on seeing her crying
2. the one that are focused on the home depot story
Snicker Doodle
Snicker Doodle:
True story: Her parents abandoned her in home depot one time.
the emotion in her face is amazing. if this was on mute, i would think she’s really going through something devastating. how incredible it must be to be able to do this on cue.
Norman LaddleSchnitzel
Norman LaddleSchnitzel:
She just holds her eyes open until they start naturally watering and think of something sad lol. Ive played video games with tears pouring down my face because i havent blinked in 10 minutes.
I knew a guy in high school who could do this, he would purposefully answer the teachers questions wrong and then start crying when he got them wrong. Man that was funny.
She was brilliant in Black Mirror’s Nosedive. So talented!
Anyone else's eyes start watering when hers did?
That’s crazy that her eyes immediately became glossy!
She probably goes somewhere else in her mind regardless she is still beautiful when she cries
This is fake. She wasn't crying on command. I started crying too when I heard the home depot story.
I dont buy this, she has clearly got repressed home depot memories.
Mother Fucker
Mother Fucker:

Girls when I talk to them:
Martin Nguyen
Martin Nguyen:
She didnt even blink, that’s how she watered her eyes
Tushar Gupta
Tushar Gupta:
How the hell did she was able to do that in front of the laughing audience!
Argentinian Red Neck
Argentinian Red Neck:
I'm more impressed with her evil villain laugh.
Vincent Martinez
Vincent Martinez:
Bryce Dallas Howard is so beautiful. She's perfect!
Rob Redgate
Rob Redgate:
All of my Puerto Rican girlfriends I have ever had could do this and usually much faster, especially around family members or police !
As gorgeous as she is, i can't trust her.
she can cry to me and i will believe her no matter what.
The finest day that I ever had was when I learned to cry on command.
eric p
eric p:
This is how all Dads feel about Home Depot.
Mr bodymechanic
Mr bodymechanic:
Anyone can cry on demand...

 just takes a finger to each eye
At 1:40 I'm screaming: "Someone hug her, for gods sake!" :D
This is the most delicious laugh I’ve ever heard
I was scrolling down the comments trying to find one saying how beautiful this woman is but couldn't find any!
She's brilliant.
P L:
Imagine being in a relationship with this woman and her cries every time you have an argument.
She just didn't blink.
Yaki Soba
Yaki Soba:
Bryce Dallas: make small talk and I’ll cry

Conan: hOmE dEpOt
crying on command is already a tough thing to do, but then there is a host telling a funny story and an audience laughing in the background which certainly doesn't make thing easier. that's pretty amazing!
I dont want to be her husband she would play with me like a little child
Johnny Bwnes
Johnny Bwnes:
This is the best Home Depot ad ever
The trick is...she don't close her eyes,it automatically become watery & she just need to add an emotional expression.
Janie Rios
Janie Rios:
She is great! Acting is amazing
Im impressed with conan's speech about home depot tho
Keri G
Keri G:
I've always been able to do this. I imagine she's thinking of sad moments of her life. That's how I do it.
machinen kanone
machinen kanone:
"....and womans tears deceive in life, unman in death."
- Byron
Rodrigo Reis
Rodrigo Reis:
That happens to me when I look at my paycheck
Knowledge Seeker
Knowledge Seeker:
i have a friend who can do this, he isnt a trained actor or anything and his is like instant crying no build up needed.
Lennox Ellyson
Lennox Ellyson:
When you start getting period cramps while talking to your friends
George Pulliam
George Pulliam:
Paul Aries
Paul Aries:
she was not blinkin the whole time to make the tears come, and the laugh she gave at the end makes mw feel shes the Harlee quinn for real. she just havnt met her Puddings yet
Milly M.
Milly M.:
i can only cry on command when I'm watching others cry. if I'm really crying i cant look in the mirror or else ill cry more.
Douglas Diggins
Douglas Diggins:
This video should be titled;

"How women get what they want all the time."
Fatima Tariq
Fatima Tariq:
Conan's Home Depot speech was so beautiful she was moved to tears
Ciri 4K Gaming
Ciri 4K Gaming:
The way she did it is just forbidding blinking.
srinivas munuswamy
srinivas munuswamy:
seeing her crying makes me cry instantly
I'm just here to also point out how impressed I am with Conan's Home Depot story. 😅
Me after listening to my relative talk to me for 20 minutes:
Cyn Rose
Cyn Rose:
The fact that she's crying on command about home depot makes everything funnier
If only I had this ability when the teachers was giving out our grades
Mike V
Mike V:
Nothing in the relationship with her would be honest any more. Some people fake orgasms, others fake tears. You simply just... wouldn't know anymore.
Lewis Edwards
Lewis Edwards:
That’s so impressive, but that can’t be healthy mentally lol.
• Soma • • Editzzz •
• Soma • • Editzzz •:
"My god home depot how do you do this?!"
Sara Dickson
Sara Dickson:
her outfit looks like she's going to recommend me a really expensive moisturiser in the middle of a mall.
I think there was a tear stick in the mug...
Nico Torio
Nico Torio:
Impressed with her talent since I first watched her in "The Village".
Decespugliatore Nucleare
Decespugliatore Nucleare:
I can fart on command: you're gonna make an episode about me too?
Damn this woman is beautiful
I like how her tears fell symmetrically and at the same time, lol
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes:
And so can every other woman
James Martin
James Martin:
If I was the real life Joker, I'd definitely have Bryce be my Harley Quinn.
Brian Charles
Brian Charles:
The crazy laugh at the end......nice touch!
Hernán Ferreras
Hernán Ferreras:
Back in school a girl in my class could do this in a matter of seconds with no talk at all
K' Lapis
K' Lapis:
I can cry on command too,i just think about my life.
Nadie Durán
Nadie Durán:
Come on Conan, stop pretending it's the first time you make a woman cry just by listening to your small talk.
Pill popping People
Pill popping People:
Him: "You know what I love abt home depo......

Her the whole time: "yEa Yea YeA yEa 👁️💧👄💧👁️
Kevin Steiner
Kevin Steiner:
She is such a gorgeous actor boy I love redheads
Josey Wales
Josey Wales:
Being an MSA at Lowe's, I can tell you I was crying that whole time too.
I can cry on command too.. You just have to talk to me about my grades
Ulfhedinn Norsk
Ulfhedinn Norsk:
That’s most women though! 😂 It’s their most effective manipulation technique!!!
Delta Homicide
Delta Homicide:
I could do this because I got my wallet stolen at Home Depot when I was broke
Alan Silva
Alan Silva:
Spider-Man 3 who remembers she's so much prettier than mj
Eric Y
Eric Y:
Seen that type of cry from my crazy ex too many times she ain't foolin me
Sophia M.
Sophia M.:
That was so uncomfortable and hilarious to watch.
Mara Kaitlyn Borrero
Mara Kaitlyn Borrero:
*He's just talking about home depot*
Eric Pearson
Eric Pearson:
The mixed emotions of the crowd was hilarious!!!
Pepper Provasnik
Pepper Provasnik:
Narcissists I've dealt with could cry whenever it suits them.
LRD UND Strange
LRD UND Strange:
Welp, now I have an even bigger crush on her. What a badass.
Sushil Ghonse
Sushil Ghonse:
She could have been a good Harley Quinn i must say
Awn Neo
Awn Neo:
She's a natural beauty, she didn't worry about her makeup..
Liv Daren
Liv Daren:
To be honest the real talent here is how long he can talk about home depot for so long
I literally said bruce dallas
Lautaro Quiroga
Lautaro Quiroga:
That close up made me realize on how beautiful she really is o_o
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken:
Keep your eyes opened without blinking long enough and tears are going to come out.
2:07 Andy with the great joke LMAO
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll:
1:43 when I heard the Snyder Cut was coming out
Parth Deshmukh
Parth Deshmukh:
That "I know" killed me.
Rodrigo Luna
Rodrigo Luna:
"Conan talks about Home Depot until Bryce Dallas Howard suffers psychological trauma"
whenever I watch other people crying close up or in person, I do start building tears idk why tho
Charles Bruno
Charles Bruno:
She can make me cry on cue just by watching one of her movies.
1:09 - When you realize your life is not a tragedy, but a comedy
It easy, just bottle up 10 years of pain, and you can do it aswell.
*laura lee should've watched this before filming her apology*
I can start crying in less than 10-15 seconds, with tears from both eyes. Is that not normal?
Lily Lili
Lily Lili:
Her laugh sounds like an opera singer practicing her vocals
Liv Bolyen
Liv Bolyen:
I just wanna cut out Conan’s voice and the audience and just slowly pan in the Home Depot song over her tears.
Carolina Kroijenga Rosell
Carolina Kroijenga Rosell:
I’m scared of her laugh