Bryce Vine - Drew Barrymore [Official Music Video]

Watch the official music video for Drew Barrymore by Bryce Vine from the album Carnival.
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Starring: Christian Serratos from The Walking Dead


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Bryce Vine is a rapper-singer renowned for his hit songs "Drew Barrymore," "La La Land," "I'm Not Alright," "The Fall," "Classic and Perfect," "Sunflower Seeds," and "Guilty Pleasure." He worked with artists like Wale, YG, and Loud Luxury — amassing billions of global streams and receiving multi-platinum certifications.

I want this forever
Just you in the grotto
With nothin' but your nights on
Keep the fuckin' lights on
Same again tomorrow
We don't need no bottle
Purple color lip-gloss
Room at The Saguaro
Ain't nowhere I would rather be
Right between your holidays
Coffee on the flintstone
Jewelry on the ottoman
Baby, let me in, oh
For I get way too adamant about it
Love the way you shiver
Dig in to my shoulder blades
Feel it when you quiver
Higher level, elevate
You could be the renegade
Bonnie to a Clyde
Harrelson and Juliette
Legends never die
The TV hasn't worked in ages
Probably got a shorted cable
Way too busy fuckin' on the sofa or the kitchen table
Is my vision hazy?
You look like you're someone famous

'Cause you're the next Drew Barry
And I want more, yeah (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
'Cause you're the next Drew Barry, yeah (Barry)
And I want more
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for, yeah

'Cause you're something like the summer
Kinda like a hurricane
Sweepin' through the desert
Hot Americana rain fallin'
Wearing nothing but my Lauryn Hill shirt
It's kinda baggy on you, baby, but it work
The AC hasn't worked in ages
I could probably read the label
Way too busy fuckin' on the counter or the coffee table
Am I hallucinating?
Why do you look hella famous?

'Cause you're the next Drew Barry
And I want more, yeah (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
'Cause you're the next Drew Barry, yeah (Barry)
And I want more (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for

I wanna make
Every single moment for you great
Fly away to Cairo or LA
Girl, I want it now, don't wanna waste time, waste time
I wanna make, yeah
Every single moment for you great, yeah
Fly away to Cairo or LA
Girl, I want it now, don't wanna waste time

'Cause you're the next Drew Barry
And I want more, yeah (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for
You're the next Drew Barry, yeah (Barry)
And I want more (More)
And all these other girls keep wonderin' what I fuck with you for

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100+ comentarios:

Bryce Vine
Bryce Vine:
Checkout my new song BabyGirl. Out Everywhere. 🎉
Dragging this into 2020 hoping more people listen to it. >>> let's keep dragging it into 2021 because it wasn't enough
P J:
It's been 3 years. And I still come back to this song 🔥
Zachariah Swartz
Zachariah Swartz:
Honestly she deserves this song and the recognition.. she really is one of the greatest. I've always adored her and her films❤️ and now I adore this song just as much!
Magda Sanchez
Magda Sanchez:
I am still jamming with this song like it was released today
Nicholas Wellford
Nicholas Wellford:
This hits on so many levels when your in a great relationship
Damn this is 🔥🔥🔥
Words cannot express how much I love this song
Marcus Organ
Marcus Organ:
My ex girlfriend showed me this song, life was perfect for us both. We just didn’t see it at the time, this one song makes me realize how great life really was at the time.
raelee lewis
raelee lewis:
i learned ab him about a year ago, hes so insanely talented. a style of music that is so rare. his songs give such happy-summer vibes. i hope as he gets more popular he never changes his style of music
Charles Schmidtke
Charles Schmidtke:
Can’t stop listening this is just hitting me in the feels. Just wow.
alesha van beek
alesha van beek:
I love this song. What a talent. And I completely agree. Drew barrymore is the ideal example of a soul mate. With her being talented and beautiful among other things. Great job.
Harley Humphrey
Harley Humphrey:
Currently playing this song (it'sbeen one of my faves for years), holding my phone to my belly, and my unborn son approves. He vibin' in there.
maineah north
maineah north:
Please dont ever stop making music I havnt heard a song that made me feel.this way in a long time this is my go to summer anthem. Your awesome
adam west
adam west:
Dont know why this didn't smash the billboards...
Dakota Duffina
Dakota Duffina:

* my fav of the entire video is them bouncing on the tennis court😂
Kendie Prekadini
Kendie Prekadini:
This song needs more recognition than it has!
Quame Prince
Quame Prince:
It’s been 4years since I heard I still remember it I’m impressed.I cry everytime because it brings back old memories
DevaStator01 K
DevaStator01 K:
I could listen to this all day & everyday 🖤
Quinn E.
Quinn E.:
Why do I love watching him sing so much?!
He looks so proud of himself for that Drew Barrymore line 🤣
Alexander Gruber
Alexander Gruber:
This song brings me back to happy places and makes me excited for new ones.
Tess Cooper
Tess Cooper:
3 years already?!!!❤️ Wow, never gets old
Stoners Lounge
Stoners Lounge:
This hits waaaayyyy different when your on acid…. I’m on a trip rn.

I feel like I’m watching this for the first time for what it’s truly trying to tell me

Lol hope that makes sense
oliviaa torres
oliviaa torres:
This song never leaves my Spotify On Repeat because I always listen to it. and ugh, This video is so aesthetically amazing.
Yeliz Ovo
Yeliz Ovo:
He has something so catchy I can’t keep my eyes off him
💙💜 I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I have it on REPEAT AGAIN!! Never gets old!!!! 💙💜
Jenmi Matt
Jenmi Matt:
Amooo esta canción, aún no la supero ❣️🔥💯
Kristin Towne
Kristin Towne:
Can never get enough of this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Frankie DeLong
Frankie DeLong:
How the hell is this guy not famous beyond belief and rich. The talent he has is unbelievable…🤔🧐🤷‍♂️
dreaass _
dreaass _:
Does anyone else love the way he says MORE. LIKE DAMN
Corey Iles
Corey Iles:
I've never realized how good this video was, this is a master art piece
I need a 10 hour version.✨🌿
Dog Dog Productions
Dog Dog Productions:
I’ve probably played this 30 times in the last month lol. Great song, I know all the words now 🤪
Kristin A Kellogg
Kristin A Kellogg:
Idk how I'm just discovering this but I love it 💖 definitely a keeper in my favorites.
Bobbie Prater
Bobbie Prater:
This will never get old to me 😜❤️🔥
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown:
This song is sooo good!! I can’t stop listening 🥰😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Even though its been 3 years, i still absolutely love this song
Frankie Blackman
Frankie Blackman:
Listen everyday. Love you Bryce! Much love x
Tanbir Alam
Tanbir Alam:
Most Underrated song right now !!!!! It's buzzing in my mind all the time *_*
Trxvis Montana
Trxvis Montana:
I remember when this just came out. It was on the radio EVERYDAYYYYYY in Jamaica ❤️
Mathenge Denis
Mathenge Denis:
2022 and it's still good❤️
Road HouseDelorean
Road HouseDelorean:
Every time I here this it takes my heart back to the girl that had my heart.
Gunshine aka GunnythaGamecat
Gunshine aka GunnythaGamecat:
How is this three years old and I just heard it on the radio?
Damn I'm late but better than never.

Loving this music🤩🤩
green ghost
green ghost:
I can't stop listening to this song. I love when they dance together they have good chemistry
Stacy Frisbey
Stacy Frisbey:
Now this puts a smile on my face... A true smile. I can't even help myself. Feels mmmm.
I remember listening to this in summer 2018 (a great summer btw) & it only had 2 mil views, i was in disbelief cause it was so good! But seeing the growth in the past two years, I’m sure that this song will go far(:
Erie Boi
Erie Boi:
My first love told me this song made her think of me.. to this day this song just boosts my confidence. Thanks cadie🖤
Like...this song truly represents the utter passion you feel for someone....while having a connection! PERFECT!
Ariana Lugo
Ariana Lugo:
Listening to this song for the first time when I was 16 and now it had 74M views crazy seeing an artist grow!!
This is one of my favorite🔥song videos .
I like to hear this song in the morning🌅 gettin' ready for work!
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson:
I play this song everyday I love it so much♥️
Bowen Boyack
Bowen Boyack:
Instant eargasm boys.

One of the best songs of the past 3 years
This girl is like a cross between a mannequin and a robot, but she's freaking gorgeous though
Celeste Jiménez
Celeste Jiménez:
2022 and this is still a masterpice <3
Michelle E.
Michelle E.:
I can literally listen to this song 24/7 haha 💃🏻 🕺🏻👯‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
I honestly I wish I could like this video 100x over!
💙💜 I am listening to song again on repeat! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! WHO IS WITH ME? 💙💜
Had this song on loop for 2 hours and still not tired of it
Love his voice ❤️. You should add Drew Barrymore in the video.
Danny Holman
Danny Holman:
Alright so I have a theory this song wasn't made to slap but it naturally does.
Kassie king
Kassie king:
i love this song more than anything but for some reason it always makes me want to happy cry
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you
Eddie van der Meer
Eddie van der Meer:
Love this song 🔥
Nathan Spickler
Nathan Spickler:
Sad to say, I just found this song. But I can’t stop listening to it
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa:
This song and “Clover Cage - WarCry” are two songs keeping me sane during these crazy times. I am here sending love to everyone and here to tell you to hang in there because things will get better......
Anezza Youlee
Anezza Youlee:
This just makes me happy all over..I love it!
Namande Patra
Namande Patra:
2years and it's my number one favorite song.#Addicted
I just can't get enough of it.
Elizabeth Saldivar
Elizabeth Saldivar:
I’ve watched/listened to this sooooo many times. I just can’t get enough of it. ❤️😭
Nick P
Nick P:
Cant get enough of this song!
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love it! I have it on repeat!!!
Saw this guy live in Boston a year ago was actually a pretty dope concert.
Dana Eatmon
Dana Eatmon:
How am I just hearing this coming to 2022. It's addicting and Bryce is 💣
Shauna M
Shauna M:
Just found this and i want more 💜
Lexa Love
Lexa Love:
2021 and I'm still here like I never left💞👑🌴🌻
Mr Maguire
Mr Maguire:
Should have got way more attention. Such a brilliant catch song. Great lyrics
J D:
This isn't something you sing to a girl you like, it's a song you listen to while worshipping your Drew Barrymore shrine.
Chillin w/ Brody
Chillin w/ Brody:
The vibes in the song and the video are out of this world 😯
I need more songs with this vibe. Suggestions??
Karisoswagz xx
Karisoswagz xx:
you don’t understand how much i love this song
C7 Miller
C7 Miller:
This song never gets old... Miss you 2018.. 2020 been a wild ride
Renee Courtney
Renee Courtney:
I'll forever love this
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together......
Susan Edenfield-Williams
Susan Edenfield-Williams:
Loved this song since I heard it 2 years ago. It holds memories and sadly that’s all♥️🔥🤍💋
Godo Loco
Godo Loco:
Listen up. U got talent. Keep going hard. Also advertise ur work is art
Ignacio Rodriguez
Ignacio Rodriguez:
You go girl!!!
Dylan Meyers
Dylan Meyers:
Most people don’t know how far he has came, in 2012 he was on “The Glee Project”, a reality competition for a spot on the show “Glee”, he got eliminated first which must’ve discouraged him, he then has blew up with his music and is now super popular for this music!
Amega Farrell
Amega Farrell:
I love this song
I’m sorry for the people who haven’t heard or seen this art😋🥺❤️
Underrated...needs to reach more ears
oralie sanchez
oralie sanchez:
💜 I love this song!
alecho k
alecho k:
This song hits different everytime I hear it🕺🏽🕺🏽
Obsessed with this song. This video is just so satisfying to watch, the way he sings and their dance.
Celina Alec
Celina Alec:
Love this song !! I hope someday I get see him in concert in Canada bc Vancouver
alicia S
alicia S:
This song is amazing <3
Geemail Gmail
Geemail Gmail:
I love this! This is the love of my life's song and I can't wait to spend my life with her. This is 🔥 🔥!!
Aiden hildebran
Aiden hildebran:
Can't lie the beat makes you feel a weird way but in a good way
Roshan pk
Roshan pk:
I listen to this every single day. Never gets old
Zoey Waskahat
Zoey Waskahat:
Dragging this into 2021!! Happy New Years y’all! Much love from Canada 🇨🇦
Catherine Camacho
Catherine Camacho:
Wow three years loving this song and the music video. This is genius
Slim Dusty
Slim Dusty:
I proposed to my ex fiance to this song
Just hearing it breaks my heart 💔