Bundesliga Opening Weekend: Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich Preview | ESPN FC

Welcome to Bundesliga Opening Weekend! Join us for the ESPNFC Pregame show while we take a look at Frankfurt versus Bayern Munich prior to kick off.

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22 comentarios:

Dembe Mutombo
Dembe Mutombo:
Bayern destroying the Europa League winner 5-0 in the first half is scary..
Thomas Hicks
Thomas Hicks:
Thanks for this!
Great way to start the season!
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
I get where Ali's concerns are coming from, but teams have proved in the past that you dont REALLY need a world class striker to be great...Man City made it to the final of the UCL in 2020/21 and were mere minutes away from making the final again last season, all while having no REAL striker...it can be done, and with the names on that Bayern team sheet, dont be surprised to see a treble

Edit: I mean Ali is just being a bit unrealistic in saying "what happens if they go cold?"...with the amount of scoring options Bayern has, practically half the team would have to go cold for Bayern to be left with NO ONE, you cant convince me that all of those players go cold at the exact same time for the same amount of time
Matti M
Matti M:
So the season Nico Kovac let Muller barely play at Bayern, Lewandowski just scored 22 goals :D Lets see how he works without Muller at Barcelona since the two together were what made him so strong. Lewa is world class, but usually in football most world class players have one player in the team they benefit from.
Gabriel Lockett
Gabriel Lockett:
Congrats Bayern on winning the Bayernliga for the next 10 years!!
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Ali: "scoring goals is HARD"
Bayern: hold my beer...
Noviani Jegeg
Noviani Jegeg:
5-0 halftime
CP Way Gameplay 101
CP Way Gameplay 101:
Ali You don't have to wait anymore! YOU SAW WHAT BAYERN CAN DO WITHOUT ROBERT!!!
James Powers
James Powers:
What a game this has been Bayern looks really good
The 34 year old Lewandowski left and brought 50 mio + 24 mio of saved salary
+ now you have Sadio Mané and Matthys De Ligt in the team
-> now there is flexibility and fun and freedom 4 the other players
💯% the best 4 FCB
RM Man
RM Man:
Half an hour and Bayern absolutely destroyed them already. Same old Bundesliga lol
Maharaja Ramzan
Maharaja Ramzan:
Congrats on winning the Bundesliga for the '22/'23 season Bayern
Bayern are so much stronger now imo
Angie Wiedenkeller
Angie Wiedenkeller:
Nope, today wasn't the day for Bayern to lose their opening match either ! 🤪
Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto:
Mr Moreno is a very opinionated "expert", being very loud and emphatic about his views as if nobody else knows football. Everybody knows Lewa is hard to replace. On the other hand you can see that even the players who were in the team with him now seem to run freeer than before, have more fun, as Robert always commanded the ball as you should as a necessarily selfish striker. Now is the present, change is necessary and might take some time, but as you can see from the 6:1 against Frankfurt, we can already see that it might not be that hard after all.
kalyan bhandari
kalyan bhandari:
Super Bayern ! Super Bayern!! Hey Hey Hey !!!
Neneh Sillah
Neneh Sillah:
Sadio mane 🔥🔥🔥
Eduard Käseberg
Eduard Käseberg:
🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳nuba uno sport
k tom
k tom:
Moreno being an idiot again. ESPN really went for a cheap option here - hiring a Venezuelan former mediocre player, just because he spent a few seasons in the USA.
perry Oduro
perry Oduro:
stark jungs
Capture Jay
Capture Jay: