Burnley 1-0 Tottenham [INSTANT MATCH REACTION]

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This makes Arsenal's draw at the Emirates to Burnley look good and sensible in comparison
Raw Material
Raw Material:
Kane had everyone’s pants down and played the game of his life to get a transfer
Nick Fox
Nick Fox:
Good olde Spurs, they never let you down when you need cheering up, they always give you a laugh
I don’t think people understand players just can’t run 20+kms in 3 days and still play at the same level. The issue is squad depth and always has been, that’s essentially what Conte is saying to the media - we have the funds but they’re not spent right (ie on squad depth). Although I do think Moura, Regi and Berj should of started for rotation, it can hard playing the same dynamic
Ultra is mtruth
Ultra is mtruth:
Why do people underestimate opponents just because of their place in the table? you will never know when they turn up. and the table doesn't really give context on the teams performance...
Trust me Kane was playing against City to seal a move for the summer.🤔
Will there be a tactical analysis breakdown like the one y’all did after the man city game?
Conte is a one track pony, can only play counter attacking football, city outplayed spurs but spurs got lucky,
His tactics only works against teams who go all out attack, spurs simply haven’t got the players to dominate teams that set up defensively, one trick pony don’t know what to do, conte will probably walk in the summer if not backed with a huge amount of money in the summer as he knows the team is dead and the two best players are getting old
Tony Dew
Tony Dew:
I am not surprised, we lost against Wolves and Southampton at home, so this result doesn't surprise me. We got ourselves up for one game out of 5, that is why we have lost four out of our last 5 games. Just think in 5 games, we have lost against Southampton and Wolves at Home and now Burnley away. That is awful if you are deluded enough to think we are in a top 4 race, there is too many players in this team that do not perform week in and week out. I find it astonishing that Bergwijn is only getting last 10 minutes of games, he was buzzing after scoring two goals against Leicester. I love Conte and can't believe we got him but will call him out when needed. He moans that we are worse of after January, well I can't understand how Players like Ndombele and Le Celso are being loaned out and players like Winks are staying. Then Conte says important players were let go in January. maybe thats because he never bothered using Ndombele or Le Celso and left them on the bench. He never even brought them on as a sub, so Levy will rather loan them out and save on the wages, if all Conte is going to do is leave them on the bench. I don't care what anybody says, we do not have the players to play Conte's formation. We would be better of going 4-4-2, put Moura and Bergwijn on the wings and have Son and Kane up top together. Davies is a left back and not a centre back, Sessegnon instead of Reguilon, Reguilon is the best fullback with have at the club, he can be suspect at defending but is dangerous going forward. I have to question some of the selection policies of Conte, we all know there is a lot of dead wood in this squad to get rid off and new players need bringing in. Still we shouldn't be losing 4 League games out of 5 and not against teams like Burnley, Wolves and Southampton. This Club is going exactly were I knew it would when Poch was sacked, backwards and back to mid table Tottenham. I have no idea what will happen next season, the owners will still not want to spend to money needed and will hang on to the deadwood for another season. We will still have no decent right back and have the likes of Doherty, Royale, Dier, Sanchez, Davies, Sessegnon and Winks still at this Club. Trust me Conte will not be Manager at the start of next season, he wants instant success and bring in players who can do that regardless of their age. The owners want us to bring in young players at cheap price, so they have a sell on value in the future. This Club with these owners is dead, there will be no success while they are in charge.
Conte trolling Levy by playing wing backs with 2 of the worst wing backs the Prem has ever seen 🤣😂
Burnley are playing well, they had more shots on goal than Liverpool two weeks ago, walloped Brighton at home 3 0 and have this season drawn Chelsea, Arsenal, Wolves, Man United, Palace and Leicester. The definition of nuggety.
I don’t understand why anyone has even been talking about top 4 this season, it’s so obvious we’re conference league level at best with this squad. Nothing short of delusional to still be holding out hope, don’t do it to yourself.
I'm sorry but been saying it since the Poch days, against sides like Burnley we shouldn't need 7 defensive minded players on the pitch from the off!
3:29 I thought that no one really wanted to pass to Emerson. His teammates were really hesitant
Dom Basto
Dom Basto:
Look to be honest I was afraid this might happen because Burn haven't conceded more than 2 goals I their last 5. They only just lost 1-0 to Liverpool so that puts things more n perspective. Yes I hoped we could have nicked a goal second half but unfortunately it was Burnley
Golden Sansam
Golden Sansam:
Top 4????? Wake up guys! We are loosing to teams like burnley and southampton! What on earth we gonna do in champions league? If we get in to top 6 that will be a miracle.
Raw Material
Raw Material:
Ever since Romero has come back, we have won 1 game.
When Wolves beat Spurs to go above you in the league I remember you pair saying that 'you should not be losing to teams like this'. Well guess what, you are a team like that.
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
4 defeats in the last 5 games. This clearly shows the agenda England had against mourinho. They would have absolutely destroyed him with those stats. But somehow Conte has revived tottenham and is doing amazing when he basically has Nuno stats. I don't blame him. The point is that the club is a mess. If one of the greatest up and coming manager. One of the greatest managers in football history and one of the greatest manager in modern football can't save you maybe we need to blame the club sometimes
Imagine expecting us to win today
Conte has to get blame! Why we keep playing a back three with these poor full backs? Smh!
0:34 I'd say it IS detrimental to our chances. We're really only going to be in the race for fourth if the teams above us right now slip up.
Michael george
Michael george:
Playing like we have over the last five games, the only to make top four is if Chel, Manu, ManC and Liv join the Superleague
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ:
"It's the history of the Tottenham. They always miss something to arrive at the end." 🤗🤗🤗

Giorgio Chiellini
Michael Knight
Michael Knight:
Worrying thing is if a strong manager like conte was to walk then the next one will be a yes man and we are stuck in this Webb of levy’s and Enic for ever!!!
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey:
Why is Conte immune to criticism? From both fans and the media. The man is hailed as some kind of managerial messiah, but 4 losses in 5 he carries some blame
Stephen John Hurlow
Stephen John Hurlow:
You mentioned Burnley doing a job on us by pressing, yet the best team at doing this is City, and we managed to overcome them. I predicted we'd lose to Burnley after our mega win at City, and unfortunately I was right. We drew 2 - 2 with Lpool and should have won. Appears we can raise our game against the best, yet can't see off relegation material.
Dominic Davison
Dominic Davison:
Great result for Arsenal and Man Utd. Spurs just being Spursy.
John Carruthers
John Carruthers:
Been the same for years!!! Remember when we beat inter Milan in the champions league then got battered by Bolton at home I seem to recall?
😆😆😆 what you need is a decent manager like Conte!…oh wait…
James Delaney
James Delaney:
Overated Romero found out ,sick of these bargain basement players
Ahmedin Hussen
Ahmedin Hussen:
Tote taking 5 steps ahead and takes 9 steps backwards 😏😏😏who bewitched this team
No Joggin' Allowed
No Joggin' Allowed:
Love how Ben he praises Romero and blames Son for the loss.
just another day in the life of a spurs fan lol
Andrew Poupart
Andrew Poupart:
A loss is the best thing for your channel, everyone jumps on to write, "Everywhere you go "
Why did anyone expect anything else? This is the real spurs. Sunday was a one off and nothing more.
Danny Hudson
Danny Hudson:
Nuno’s record at spurs better than conte
All that over reaction to the City win lol 4 losses in 5 PL marches says it all
Danny Howell
Danny Howell:
Top four teams don’t lose to a team bottom of the league.
The thing is it's gotta be attitude !!! Beat Man City at the Etihad 3-2 with disallowed goal , 90+5 mins winner and after conceding 89 mins penalty . The ability is there but attitude to lose to bottom Burnley , Southampton and Wolves .
It's not professional , it's attitude and application .
I'm sorry we deserve everything we get . We're not top 4 !!!
Clinton Baptiste
Clinton Baptiste:
Conte is going to walk already 😭😭😭
Vinz W
Vinz W:
Looks like Conte hasn’t improved Spurs after replacing Mourinho.
Spurs were really lucky to have won at Man City, really lucky.
Against a bottom club like Burnley, WOW, you’ve done it again.
Donte Francis
Donte Francis:
When conte’s done I’m done I can’t keep doing this
andrew pickmere1
andrew pickmere1:
We’ll be in a relegation fight next season unless we change 59% team?
''To win thee cup for Totten-ham''🤣🤣😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆🤣🤣
Mal Smith
Mal Smith:
My brother who is a gooner was seething when spurs beat city at the weekend I told him wait until they play Burnley when they have to try and break a team down sorry to say I was proved right
We've bottled it again, what a surprise
Kunaal Soni
Kunaal Soni:
You lot beat City every season, was never an indicator of form - 3 points from a possible 15 is it?
glen watts
glen watts:
We bottled it completely tonight, typical spurs, beating the champions elect then loosing to a bottom team, until we change this bottle job mentality and sell players that aren’t good enough, we will win nothing 🤷🏻‍♂️
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan:
Why do we keep talking about top 4 when we are clearly not good enough for that yet … if we have a good summer of signings it may be possible next year … but this year, no chance!
Raw Material
Raw Material:
Romero once again, mistake after mistake
We’re done! Finished! Season over! Forget about the fa cup!
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Top teams always try and get a result no matter how!
Are you mad!?? We got even worse when winks came on 😂😂😂
Hahahahahaha!!! That Man City now means nothing and Spurs will finish miles outside the top 4
Hello there
Hello there:
Are next results
Leeds vs spurs 2-1
Middlesbrough vs spurs 0-1
Everton vs spurs 1-1
Man U vs spurs 3-0
Brighton vs spurs 2-2
Spurs vs west ham 0-1
Mick Howes
Mick Howes:
Son was poor today but the pass you speak about to Kane was a tough one and he couldnt really make it because he had a poor first touch! As for Winks coming on and turning us into an attacking side, do me a favour! The whole team woke up and realised just because they had beaten City they couldnt just breeze past Burnley.Winks just made his usual easy sideways or backward passes, we lost something when Bentancour had to come off. Kane was more effective in the ten role but as I said before Son wasnt at his best.
I predicted the win for Burnley and knew once we started attacking they would breakaway and score. We looked half asleep in the first half and allowed Burnley to press us when all we needed to do was put Son on the shoulder of their last defender and hit them on the break as they were WIDE OPEN at the back! Kulu did well but cant cross with his right foot and so had to cut back with his left HE IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO OUR RWB!Missing Ndombellend and Lo celso ? I would keep lo Celso over Wanks but Ndombellend is no miss!
I predict we will get a draw at best against leeds who will press high and attack our right flank and lose to Forest who will press high and attack our right flank and Conte wont do anything to stop them! I think we may have a problem with our right wing back or right back!
Last comment Romero was brilliant last night, he was everywhere right wing, right back, centre forward and midfield his only mistake? cost us a goal but he was my m.o.m
Aston Martin
Aston Martin:
Spurs have achieved very little since 1961.Why do you think that will change ? They have always underachieved.
Stig’s journey
Stig’s journey:
Your underestimating teams like wolves in a big way if I’m honest
bonney silas
bonney silas:
Now who said Jose was bad, had Jose gotten the support we are giving to Conte, Tottenham wouldn't be in this situation.
Danny Kang
Danny Kang:
Conte might want to leave now before he get sacked again
G B:
I thought Winks, Bentancur and Sessegnon were terrific... 😏😂
David Song
David Song:
This team does not have a midfield creative enough to consistently win in the PL. When other teams dare Tottenham to break them down from set defenses, Spurs can not do it consistently. Period. End of story. You have 2 midfielders in Hojberg and Betancur who are as bland as they come. Your wingbacks today of Sessgnon and Emerson are your 2 worst players in a system that relies on them a lot. On the attacking side, Son is lost because he’s literally the only one with pace now on the front 3. Kulu is slow as molasses and so is Kane. Son isn’t good when he has to handle the ball in tight spaces. He gives it away too easily. He’s best when he can run into open spots and threaten teams with his pace. Not when he has to wait, dribble, and do combination 1-touch passes to get free. And Kane needs the ball given to him in positions to score because he certainly can’t create on his own cause he’s slow.
Patrick Cahill
Patrick Cahill:
Forget the top 4 , it was never on.
All Stars
All Stars:
Spurs won’t even make on top 6
Everywhere you goooooo!!!!!
Zac Robinson
Zac Robinson:
Look top 4 is dead and has been since Southampton. We had chances, Kane hit the bar, pope saving Burnley a few times, Kul missing by inches. I won't blame the performance. I will blame the fact we have no creative midfielder. Who's faults that Levy and ENIC. LEVYOUT ENICOUT
Why is everyone surprised? This has been going on for year after year, same stuff all the time nothing changes… forget top 4!!! Not a hope in hell lol, be lucky to get top 6
ray bp
ray bp:
1000IQ from kane. Show up in a few games to get his transfer then ghost in the non important game
Nodger Bodger
Nodger Bodger:
Be happy with Europa. If we’re lucky. The weaknesses are still three….Royale, Sessegnon, Winks (never play him again!), Davies….and Sonny really out of sorts this season. It’ll come under Conte….but not until next season. COYS
Gurson Fortuin
Gurson Fortuin:
The wingbacks are creating nothing. We need a number 10 in front of the two midfielders.
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts:
Wait at what point in this season were we thinking top 4 is a possibility? We never did...so why you guys talking about top 4 now...stop putting unwanted pressure on the team...we are in a rebuilding process and you are asking top 4? We are loosing to Burnley and u want us to play Bayern PSG Madrid? Dont be delusional...we have a top class manager, we need to back him and build the team in his vision and get ourselves a trophy....let's go you spurs!!
Kevin The best
Kevin The best:
It looks like Spurs played their world cup final against City LOL
Bishopp's Chicken Biscuits
Bishopp's Chicken Biscuits:
Time to start preparing for Europa League.
“Top 4 race” you ain’t in it anymore
Michael george
Michael george:
Top four, NO WAY. This a long, long term project. NO MANAGER CAN FIX THIS IN SIX OR 12 MONTHS
Danny Kennedy
Danny Kennedy:
it doesn't matter which manager comes in, when there is severe lack of technical quality in this team we cannot create opportunities when we come up against a well drilled, deep defense. Spurs seem to only score goals when there is space to run into using Sons pace and Kanes guile. We have players that work hard but it is not enough, we have had a stodgy midfield for years and poor wingbacks in regards to crossing the ball. We all feel Contes pain and want him to stay. The deficiencies are continuously exposed and never get addressed due to this clubs dreadful recruitment policy. Players who we all know are not good enough get to hang around in the first team for ages without any fear of being moved on. What a club.
Harvey Fuqua
Harvey Fuqua:
Let's forget about top 6. I also suspect it's a mentality issue. I disagree with Ben and Sim, Burnley were not special. They kept on losing the ball. We gave them that game. Emerson and Sessegnon are not doing justice to the positions they play and especially in Conte's system.
Question Everything
Question Everything:
These players cannot unlock a low block, it's that simple. Put this Spurs team up against an aggressive, defensive, high spirited and team that works together and we will come off second best. Give the top 4 a rest guys, if you can't see that it's over, your in the wrong job I'm afraid.
santos jr
santos jr:
If it was jose ,the media would be over him all
G D:
You sound surprised Spurs bottle it? This is the same players who failed Jose
Top 4?..... Forget it 😪😔
Shaun JP
Shaun JP:
According Talksport Conte maybe walking after what was said in press conference…
9 Ether King
9 Ether King:
I'm sorry lads....as Spurs fan, ENIC have ran this club to the ground with consistent stingy transfer strategies, excessive financial demands for out-going players, poor dragged out youth players integration to the first team, poor management of potential youth team players running down contracts and leaving the club....and consistent refusals to back enthusiastic managers vision (Pochettino, Mourinho, Conte). WHEN Antonio Conte leaves...this club is finished! Just think of when Brighton Manager Graham Potter voiced his refusal to join Spurs in thr summer of 2021 because he had observed the diabolical running of the club from ENIC and Levy and deemed it as unattractive! A Brighton Manager? After Conte leaves....the only way is DOWN 👇
Junior Rodigan
Junior Rodigan:
When ERIKSEN comes in and gets assists for BRENTFORD ... then everyone is gonna question why he is not back at Tottenham because even if he is 3/4 of the player he was, he can make the passes we NEED at this stage against a team like Burnley .. because he has the vision.
LUCAS was terrible tonight .. the sub should have been STEVIE .. Lucas is there for his pace, well tonight he had ZERO ...
ROYAL also let us down more than once in the first half ...
Last but not least ... there was a penalty by MEE on DAVIES in the box but the ref nor VAR looked at it ... it happened in the sequence at 87 mins when STEVIE shot was saved by POPE
The biggest problem with Tottenham is the foolish thought of Joe Lewis, the owner of the club who doesn't spend money, and Levier. If he doesn't reinforce the players, Conte will resign voluntarily.
J Yid14
J Yid14:
Kulu potentially being played RWB shows how trash Emerson is
Hhhhh we are the history of Tottenham
Every good coach needs quality players to win trophies,and the team don't have that qualities, and they have refused to buy expensive players.
If you still think Tottenham will make Top 4, you’re deluded
mark brown
mark brown:
Since mou left i stop watchinc spurs. His team was good to watch then .
The sniffer
The sniffer:
Why pay the manager so much if he can't manage. His tactics need to change depending on opposition. Against Burnley you wanna go all out attack not play with 6 defenders!
It's seems these high profile managers can only manage with unlimited funds!
Robin LaBouche
Robin LaBouche:
Welcome to Spurs and Levy.....get out while you can Antonio !!!!!!!
Mohit Jhamnani
Mohit Jhamnani:
conte is defo gonna walk guys, he can't take how shit we are every week
Michael Knight
Michael Knight:
We have no hope of top 4; conference league is about it for us,you just knew this would happen , we have done it for yrs,whenever we have games in hand we blow it time& time again . Put pressure on us and we crack!!
I just can't agree with having Kulu as RWB. Not is he slow but he is lefty and constantly needs to cut to his left to cross, which takes even more time. He is probably better than Emerson but still not a good RWB, perhaps he could be a LWB. The team just has no quality players in DF and MF to build up and feed Kane and Son. The only thing that the team can do is a counter attack with Kane and Son
Gurson Fortuin
Gurson Fortuin:
They got the goal because of a young Sessegnon grabbing an aging Lennon.
Spurzy performance
Paul Lasky
Paul Lasky:
how long before Conte is a broken man. Levy and Joe Lewis again sitting on their shekkles whilst the car needs new tyres and a service