Cabo Verde (Africa) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Cabo Verde.
Cape Verde is an exotic island world, an archipelago off the coast of West Africa it combines the flair of the Canaries with the charm of Africa. Explorers Christopher Columbus and Vasco Ad Gama lay anchor there in order to replenish supplies and repair their ships. It was not until 1445 that the fifteen islands were discovered and consequently became a Portuguese colony. We begin in the north east of the islands, in Sal. Crystal blue sea and endless sandy beaches, islands of both wind and sunshine with a volcanic lunar landscape twenty five kilometres long and twelve kilometres wide. Sal owes its name and colonization to its once most important export of salt which was to be found in huge quantities. Baia Da Fontana, close to Palmeira, appears like a shady oasis with various green trees that provide welcome shelter from the heat and in the background the dominant Monte Leste volcano where the slopes reach down to the shore and the splendid rock pools of Buracona. Mindelo, situated on the island São Vicente, is considered to be the cultural centre of the archipelago in which typical Creole art has been preserved. Sparse, raw and untamed it is dominated by powerful, almost mystical mountains. Santo Antão is an island of mountains, wind and water and the second largest island of Cape Verde. Its most important route is a road over the high mountains. The views of the Paúl Valley take the breath away. A fairytale world of stone which looks truly surreal. Against the background of the scenery, clouds entangle themselves within the mountains and provide life-giving moisture. Each island is unique and possesses its own special charm. Cabo Verde - islands full of light and joie de vivre!


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JRF Voyages
JRF Voyages:
Wen you travel to Cabo Verde, please do not stay in one Island, take advantage of your destination and explore additional islands.  For inter-island travels contact a travel agent who can design a route/tour based on the flights, time of your stay and budget.  This should be done before you book your international flight to CV.
Visiting Cape Verde in two weeks. This is my second visit. Excited to visit this peaceful country once again.
Leon Maluleke
Leon Maluleke:
I am a South African and I like Cape Verde music, Ceasaria Evora in particular. I am planning to visit this islands soon.
Jo Richardson
Jo Richardson:
My mothers DNA test shows she has a large percentage of ancestry from Cabo Verde. Very thankful as a Black American to have somewhere so nice to go back to/ visit. Thanks for posting.
Maria Sousa
Maria Sousa:
Linda Linda,
A Minha Terra Cabo Verde
Lanney Monteiro Tavares
Lanney Monteiro Tavares:
I'm from Praia 🇨🇻🇦🇴🇧🇷🇵🇹
Doutor Azágua
Doutor Azágua:
Indeed, Cape Verde is a dry place most of the year. I invite you to come again during rainy season between August-November to see the real beauty of Cape Verde. That's when we realize that water is LIFE! Also, omitting 3 beautiful islands (Maio, Fogo and Brava) did no good. Going to Cape Verde without visiting these 3 islands is NOT THE SAME! They put Cape Verde on the map in every aspect. So, I don't consider this a good travel guide since you did not provide the most beautiful points of reference.
Doutor Azágua
Doutor Azágua:
Rising above the daunting conditions facing it at inception, Cape Verde has become a case of relative success today. In December 2004, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 59/209 on Cape Verde´s graduation from the category of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to the category of Middle-Income Country (MICs). This was effective from January 2008. The decision was based on the three main criteria for performance evaluation: (i) progress recorded in per capita income, (ii) human capital formation, and (iii) reducing the economic vulnerability index. However, the country’s graduation from the LDCs list was based on the two first criteria, with the General Assembly recognizing the country’s structural vulnerability. While it is difficult to benchmark Cape Verde with other countries because of its unique attributes, its experience still offers lessons on several issues for developing countries across the world at a generic level, and in particular for countries in Africa.
As a very small island economy in the Atlantic Ocean situated in the Sahelian belt off the coast of Senegal in Western Africa, Cape Verde has managed to defy the odds and transform itself from an extremely poor country into one of the better performing economies in Africa in just over two decades. Cape Verde has transformed itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. In that time, it has managed to transform itself from least developed country status into a lower middle income country. During this period it has also consistently improved its human development indicators. Cape Verde has benefited from sustained and stable growth over 35 years, leading to the increasing well-being of its population. Its 6% average annual GDP growth during 1991-2010 far exceeded the continental average. Despite a scattered population spread over nine inhabited islands, a very small economic size, an extremely low endowment in natural resources, a high vulnerability to exogenous shocks, and remoteness from world markets, it has managed to raise its GDP per capita over three decades by more than tenfold from $175 to $4188 (PPP, USD) in 2010.
As a result of its sound economic and social performance in recent years, Cape Verde has gained the status of a Middle-Income Country (MIC). In doing so, it has overcome severe geographic, economic, and social challenges to become an African success story. In spite of its difficult beginnings, Cape Verde now ranks fifth in terms of the UNDP Human Development index (HDI) in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has been labeled a “fast achiever” of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in which it is outperforming much of the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. Universal access to primary and secondary schools has been achieved, a strong social safety net has been set up, and the benefits of growth have been distributed through an inclusive approach to policy making and nation-building. These achievements were made possible by prudent macroeconomic management, including fiscal soundness and maintenance of a competitive exchange rate. Cape Verde has gained international credibility for its macroeconomic policies: a stable currency pegged to the euro, good governance with low corruption rates, a simplified tax system, and a reformed banking sector. Cape Verde is regarded as a safe haven for investment. These achievements were also made possible by an earnest and sustained focus on building strong institutions free of corruption. From independence onwards, successive governments have fostered pluralism and a universal sense of citizenship, a participatory political process and trust between the government and citizenry. The peaceful multi-party democracy has survived changes in leadership. Cape Verde’s government is widely regarded as one of the most stable and democratic in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is a society based on laws that also respects human rights and civil liberties, including a free press.
Successive Cape Verdean governments of have also been conscientious about adapting their policies and institutions to changes in the global economy, and to maintaining strong strategic partnerships with a variety of countries and institutions. The country has benefitted from steady remittance inflows from the Diaspora, and generous external assistance, but since the mid-1990s it has also become a destination for foreign direct investment, mainly in tourism. Together, these inflows have enabled modernization and diversification towards a services oriented economy.
raan chol
raan chol:
This is beautiful island country, I would love to visit it some days.
This is definitely a dream destination. Hopefully in a year or two.
Look Foward
Look Foward:
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.😍
Vitor Galveia
Vitor Galveia:
In Portuguese we say "Serra" not "Sierra" (min 23:24), Sierra is Spanish :-)
Nathan Kennes
Nathan Kennes:
I went there to! Loved it! And i made a video from our trip! Check it out!
Advira Peckham
Advira Peckham:
Went with family two years ago we had a wonderful time beach exploring food. sunshine. people are really friendly
Zakir Hussain
Zakir Hussain:
VERY good information about Cape Verde
Thank you so much.
Ivanilde Cruz-vasconcelos
Ivanilde Cruz-vasconcelos:
caboverde e pikinoti mas e sabi
KayKay Leeuw
KayKay Leeuw:
I hate the narrator's voice. The way he said colonial and exotic... puke
Yves Vincent
Yves Vincent:
This video is very poor
Because it doesn't talk about the culture or type of famous cv dishes
Seph Callaway
Seph Callaway:
Love it. I would live on the island.
Perhaps in another video you can include Maio, Fogo and Brava.
벡 Beck다니엘라 Daniella
벡 Beck다니엘라 Daniella:
My aunt lives in Brava 😊
Annie Davies
Annie Davies:
thank you everybody
Perhaps in another video you can include Maio, Fogo and Brava.
Mario Gámez
Mario Gámez:
Ojalá pudiera cambiar mi nacionalidad mexicana por la de Cabo Verde. 😌😱
jennifer azor
jennifer azor:
i so wanna visit!
Jahlil Hill
Jahlil Hill:
My county
brockton mass cv
pretty !
Lavonia Duda
Lavonia Duda:
Thanks for sharing. :D
Mahcyah S.
Mahcyah S.:
L💙ve this documentary of Cabo! The narrator's voice was perfect for the moods of each island! I could watch for of his narrated videos! What about Sao Nicholas & Fogo? Thanks for this informative doc on Cape V! I truly enjoyed it! 👑💒👣💗🛡👣💥😀🌠🇹🇭🎵
jennifer azor
jennifer azor:
Would Love To visit someday
Ganesan K
Ganesan K:
A breathtaking portrayal and pleasing presentation. Thanks .
Joana Di Falco
Joana Di Falco:
Bom dia Cabo Verde eu Amo a minha terra Linda
Isabel Semedo
Isabel Semedo:
Linda linda lindaaa Cabo Verde minha terra querida que saudades
sand mors
sand mors:
The carvings are beautiful
Auxilia Silva Dos Santos
Auxilia Silva Dos Santos:
São Vicente
15:00 Isis needs to pay this place a visit.
Marvin Maocha
Marvin Maocha:
Im from Santo Antão💚💚💚
seoane miguel
seoane miguel:
lengua oficial portugues
Emeka Nkeze
Emeka Nkeze:
Paradise, here I come. I am going back to Africa and staying in cape Verde for good.
Awot Haile
Awot Haile:
None colonies proud of ma mother land Ethiopia 🇪🇹 boom 💥
Dulcelina Cabral
Dulcelina Cabral:
m.Basar basar basry
m.Basar basar basry:
Super bok
What does Boa Vista have to offer?
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox:
Krioula Is in my opinion the most beautiful language spoken on earth
Annie Davies
Annie Davies:
Please could you tell me the island with the mountainous terrain
Lucia Kelp
Lucia Kelp:
I don’t get why ‘Cape Verde’! Why not Cabo Verde?! It’s original name?!?
Camden Ham
Camden Ham:
I went, it was FAB, but travellers beware !!!
Most long-haul flights land on Sal, which is too terrible fo words. Internal flights are not cheap, but well worth it to get away from that ghastly place.
A few long-hauls do land in Praia, so try to route-yourself on a Praia flight instead. All other CV islands are infinately better.
toy story toys
toy story toys:
it doesn't look very poor to me
Antoine Johnson
Antoine Johnson:
Grata ! Estes Restitué De Domino Es Hoy Que Fédéral Western Africa Island ! Igual Cabo ' Es Cabo ! Que Federal África Union Présidental Caucus Court Congress Cabinet Parliment Législatives C'est Général Assemblée ! Beun Coordonnées A Formal Alter Voucher Colaterial Por Verderes Downsize Territorial Flagstaff ! J'ai Choisi 250,000 Per Citizens ! Avant Toi Andado Par Nada !
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis:
Columbus was a murderer not an explorer.
Lovely but Verde ...????? Why not green
edna hunt
edna hunt:
cabo verde nao e o pais mais pobre do mundo;;;; isto e mentira ;;; mais pobre e o Haiti