Cagliari 1-2 Juventus | Vlahovic completes Bianconeri comeback | Serie A 2021/22

Juventus turned the game around after Joao Pedro broke the deadlock thanks to De Ligt’s header and the Serbian’s finish from close-range to consolidate fourth place | Serie A 2021/22

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Dan Prg
Dan Prg:
I am Ac Milan fan but Pelegrini’s goal was 100 % valid, no way it was a handball.
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
Vlahovic is the real pure striker that we needed for years.
sonaldo 1
sonaldo 1:
Vlahovic is the Best striker in Serie A
I love watching Cuadrado play like someone younger and hope he continues playing for a few more years.
Cuadrado was absolutely insane, almost every attack was created by him.
Zoran Kovacevic
Zoran Kovacevic:
Vlahovic just gets goals .... gives me van nistelrooy vibrations
Pellegrini goal was CLEAR goal
That de Ligt goal is just amazing cant be done better
Dani Indra
Dani Indra:
Luca Pellegrini should be in the score sheets in this match...but however this winning is more importante
That disallowed goal was one of the worst call I have ever seen , and people say juventus buy the refs , juve lost by a penalty against inter and just got a horrendous call for a disallowed goal . Something is up
Wilson 15
Wilson 15:
Can’t believe that goal was disallowed 😂 what more could the guy have done?!
No one talking about Cuadrado, he is making great performance over and over again, such a great player
Vlahovic ✅❤️🔥.
Nemanja Colovic
Nemanja Colovic:
Gabriele Paccione
Gabriele Paccione:
That disallowed goal was one of the worst call I have ever seen , and people say juventus buy the refs , juve lost by a penalty against inter and just got a horrendous call for a disallowed goal . Something is up
Fil B
Fil B:
There was really nothing else for Rabiot to do....seriously how was that goal disallowed. He did everything to tuck-in his arm inside his body. It was basically a whole body at that point.
Senou Est Puceau
Senou Est Puceau:
Dusan Vlahovic ❤
love vlahovic so much, Forza Juve!
Vlahovic! Great striker!
Joao Pedro is something else...what a goal
Eugene Goodluck
Eugene Goodluck:
Vhalovic and dybala combination is fantastic😍
Juventus Turin
Juventus Turin:
Shoutout to Cuadrado who’s giving everything for us. 👏👏👏
Boban Sarac
Boban Sarac:
Vlahovic best buy in last 10 years
I was under the impression that as long as an arm lays on you body you can even intentionally score with that arm. It was fun scoring a goal like that 15 years or so ago while playing with friends :))
🇶🇦 Vlahovic is coming! 🇷🇸
asikin aje
asikin aje:
I am Indonesian Fan, and Pellegrini goal was 100% clear and Valid. Dont have idea why it was dissalowed but however winning is still wining.
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Juventus 💚💚💚. Vlahovic played phenomenal Football 👍👍👍.
The only Yuve player Cuadrado! He deserves everything. He is everywhere in the pitch and he touches the ball more than all Yuve players! We need second Cuadrado to sacrifice himself not just want salary without doing nothing or injured most of the year.
Davil Palmer
Davil Palmer:
Joao Pedro se merece estar en un club Top Five
Alfonso Valdes Uribe
Alfonso Valdes Uribe:
Cuadrado cargando el equipo en la espalda, Capitan.
Ahmad Aburaideh
Ahmad Aburaideh:
I love this channel, I watch every single video you upload. However, I have two suggestions for you: 1. add the time and live score on top of the screen. 2. increase the time of the highlights to 5 minutes. Thank you so much.
Robert Ziska
Robert Ziska:
Annisa Aura
Annisa Aura:
Kemenangan memang menjadi juru kunci bagi kedua tim baik dari Cagliari dan Juventus
roman chemical my
roman chemical my:
Rabiot's hand was unactive
Abdirahman Abshir
Abdirahman Abshir:
unpopular opinion: Cuadrado has been more consistent for Juventus than Dybala.. criminally underrated baller
Yuri Serebriany
Yuri Serebriany:
How on earth first one was disallowed? The ball hits back not arm.
Ilir Tanku
Ilir Tanku:
I am not a juve fan but i watch seria A highlight for all teams.It seems to me but quadrado game has improved so much
arief syaifullah
arief syaifullah:
How can it be disallowed goal 😂. The arm in passive possition
George Leto
George Leto:
Vlahović 💣💣💣🤛🏻player everyone need stricker like him … only 21/22 year he is pert project for another 10 year….
Just juve need more players to suplay him with ball ⚽️ often.
Blue Boys
Blue Boys:
De ligt ❤️🇳🇱
Buen partido del cagliari
Ahnaf Ibne Anis
Ahnaf Ibne Anis:
I guess it was also Rabiot's hand that shot Tupac...
Javier E. Anaya
Javier E. Anaya:
Tremendo pase de Cuadrado
Gotas de Chocolate
Gotas de Chocolate:
Cuadrado 1 assist
1 key pass
Crucial in both Juve goals
David დათო
David დათო:
Forza Milan!❤🖤
Neiver Gualter
Neiver Gualter:
Bien el tío Vlahovic
mickey leboeuf
mickey leboeuf:
joao pedro deserves to be at a decent club. think cragno is ok as well
fuad Abdulrahman
fuad Abdulrahman:
What a play from Juve player ever.
Ofal Derick
Ofal Derick:
Dybala my boy 🔥
S Karmale
S Karmale:
That Pelligrini goal should have been allowed,brushed off his 💪not 🖐️ and was unintentional!!!
Sluggish but solid performance from Juve! Surprisingly & pretty crazy to consider that we are still in the race but #FinoAllaFine #ForzaJuve
Juventus got the 3️⃣ points...

But its the Serie A admins winning the ♥ uploading the highlights so quickly 👏👏👏👏STANDING 👏👏👏👏
👍🙌🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍👍Thank you!!! 👍
Abo Tufano
Abo Tufano:
Having won with UKRAINE colours makes the victory even more special. Let's all STAND FOR UKRAINE! ❤🙏
AMf Gaming
AMf Gaming:
Maju terus juve 👏👍💪
Pritish Appadoo
Pritish Appadoo:
Amazing how Italian referees are always finding "loopholes" around the handball laws to damage Juventus.
Doktor iz Brazila
Doktor iz Brazila:
Dusan Vlahovic 💪💪💪💪💪
turino ik
turino ik:
Juve seems to need Son Heung-min. He's the best in the epl.
Herman krw
Herman krw:
Forza Juventus, from Indonesia 🔥🔥
Gabri C94
Gabri C94:
Three takes from the match:
1) Once again Juventus victim of poor planned ref. decisions; Pellegrini's deviation was clearly not handball. You can't go watch the VAR and call that handball.

2) Cuadrado is a beast. Really playing like 2 during the last matches and that assist for DeLigt was pure gold.

3) The team is building up a new mindset and our most offensive player are improving their team work. Hope Dybala stays.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Vhalovic and dybala combination is fantastic
Judah Idowu
Judah Idowu:
Pellegrini's goal was rightfully disallowed. Law 12 of the game.
In an offensive play, once it hits the arm, whether accidental or not, the goal will be disallowed.

However, it's a different case if it's a defensive play( a possible penalty). That's when arm being in a natural, making the body bigger, blah blah blah comes into play.
Законопослушный водитель
Законопослушный водитель:
Жаль, что Кальяри проиграл
Olajide Sehinde
Olajide Sehinde:
Pedro needs another club 💁🏽‍♂️
Simon Welser
Simon Welser:
Glad Zakaria is back! 🔥
Momcilo Djujic
Momcilo Djujic:
VLAHOVIC 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸💪💪💪💪
Giovanni Mckenzie
Giovanni Mckenzie:
Incredible how juve clawed their way back into the title challenge ALEGRI=GENIUS
Mr. Gr
Mr. Gr:
Error by arthur on marking and obviously dybala losing the ball.
But, jogging by zakaria and rabiot is ridiculous
Noha Al zein
Noha Al zein:
Bravo momcino samo tako nastavi obozavajute muslimani iz srbije❤
Hendi 92
Hendi 92:
hopefully the end of the story of the Italian league that won Juventus, but it took a miracle 3 teams above it always lost.
Play game
Play game:
Wow the match 😯
The referee and VAR tried again to sink Juventus but this time failed. The action of Cagliari's goal started with a clear foul on Dybala. Furthermore, Pellegrini's goal was very valid. No hand touch and arm attached to the body.
Onny Daihatsu
Onny Daihatsu:
Fino ala fine forza juve 🔥
Yeet XD
Yeet XD:
still cant believe Juve be letting Dybala go
Juve 🎉🎉🎉
Jace Dimples
Jace Dimples:
The struggle that Juventus is going through since Ronaldo left💔💔>>>
Finally i lived to see clear Juve goal disallowed
Line Haul
Line Haul:
Forza juve🥰
Elton Murati
Elton Murati:
When the arm is in a natural position, they don’t give penalty, why should a goal then be dissallowed if its goal or not? A foul is a foul 🤔🤔🤔
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto
Yudi Setiawan Sucipto:
Juventus will finish in 4th place this season. They will secure the UCL last spot
Lient ForJuve
Lient ForJuve:
VAR only ❤️ Inter
and hate Juve

What reason they make today? Last time VAR reason was because they didn't have clear footage for Bastoni foul on Zakaria. Meanwhile every the clear footage is all around the Internet. Also Inter vs Torino, Belotti penalty clear as day, also VAR didn't react
Nobody talks about Razvan Marin's performance
Besnik Azemi
Besnik Azemi:
Cuadrao touchs more ball than all jubentus
rangga aditya
rangga aditya:
Bayu Ananto
Bayu Ananto:
Dybala 10 💪
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic:
Vlahovic 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Lieutenant Columbo Los - Angeles
Lieutenant Columbo Los - Angeles:
Dibala + Vlahovic = Victory
*Juventus* ❤️💥🥳
Al Fatih
Al Fatih:
Referee in Seri A 👍👍👍 the best league in the world and the best referee in the world
Pietro Cesari
Pietro Cesari:
So, if the Goal by Pellegrini was a inverted situation it would have been penalty? I don't think so!
Serie A don't want Juventus in the top four, but they can keep trying lol
Leonardo L.M.
Leonardo L.M.:
Forza Juve
fransisco bessi
fransisco bessi:
Forza Juve
Ajat Sudrajat
Ajat Sudrajat:
Wasitnya terlihat sedih dan kesal karna akhirnya juventus yang menang 🤣🤌
Light Bright
Light Bright:
Thank you juve
I despise Juve as much as the next man but that was a terrible decision to rule out that Pellegrini goal.
Gabrijel Pavković
Gabrijel Pavković:
For those who don't understand, in NO SCENARIO is the goal allowed to be scored with hand. Rabiot tried to get out of the way, but he still put the ball in the net via hand.
Susah payah untuk win lawan tim yang raksasa Italia Cagliari, 😂😂😂
englewood price
englewood price:
VAR really is ruining football. this is the 2nd week running that VAR has screwed over juve. cuadrado really has been juve player of the season. most of the attacks come thru him. Vlahovic is a striker that juve has been missing. that was pure strikers finish. a dirty goal, thats what juve was missing
ardin salim
ardin salim:
that handball ruling on Pellegrinni goal was such BS, Rabiot hand were tucked inside his body
Ari Vlog Family
Ari Vlog Family:
on what planet is that a handball lol
Yudi Erwanto
Yudi Erwanto:
Untuk menjadi juara bukan hanya menang dari tim papan bawah