Cameron Norrie vs Nikoloz Basilashvili | Indian Wells 2021 Final Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

I like how 90% the highlights are Nikoloz, since his huge hitting was what gave Cam enough errors for the win. I respect Cam’s simple consistent play though, even if it didn’t make for the flashiest highlights.
Ezra GORA:
What a consistent player Norrie is. He keeps holding his form until he wins. No wonder why he defeated an intense striker like rublev.
Julian Bobasso
Julian Bobasso:
The most consistent player won. Nikoloz brought some insane shots but his playing style only works when he´s in a good day. Reminds me a bit of Shapovalov.
Norrie kept his cool and close the match as he should. Good for him
Steven Davies
Steven Davies:
Cam is mentally very, very tough. He doesn't panic when he's getting blasted out of there, just sticks to his game and keeps making his opponent play that extra shot. Eventually, the tide turned.
M Pa
M Pa:
A good friend of mine played with Norrie in TCU so I got to meet him, such a nice guy and I'm so glad to see him winning a tournament like this. All the best Cam!!!
Just imagine if basilashvili could play like he did in the end of the first/beginning of the second set all the time
Norrie is just a nightmare counter puncher: lefty, speedy, just enough pace so youre working harder on every ball to generate your own, can place the ball on a dime, hand skills beyond and super fit. He's a world class out, becoming one of the trickiest guys to deal w on the tour.
Anshuman Ghoshe
Anshuman Ghoshe:
Just want to ask for an overall appreciation that how these two players : Nikloz Bashilashvilli and Norrie were so calm like ice in the tour .,even in the most crucial moments . They both deserve a trophy for there calmness and patience . 🇬🇪🇬🇧. Hats off !
Jai Swan
Jai Swan:
When Norrie said he was targeting a top 30 ranking this year I didn’t think he had much of a chance but what a year he’s had. British tennis is looking healthy again 🇬🇧
Saket Veling
Saket Veling:
Cam Norrie has shownamazing composure and consistency this year. Makes very few unforced errors. N plays big points really well. ATP Masters 1000 is quite an achievement. Congratulations Norrie
Super Alexandre
Super Alexandre:
I'm Georgian rooting for Niko... but congrats to Norrie seems like a great hardworking guy his defense was strong today - Niko crumbled after that 40:0 lead evaporated - not that I love that style Norrie plays but that gave him a Victory - congrats the UK. It was hard to imagine this result after the first set... Feeling sad for Niko but he is still progressing at 29
Great job Bas... He is a high risk player. We have to respect that. Amazing shot making. Norrie is just consitent... That wins titles...
Cam must be one of the fittest guys on tour in today's game. He's everywhere.
Samuel Harris
Samuel Harris:
Playing against norrie must be so annoying haha. He surprisingly gets to everything.

Feel bad for Basilashvili
basilashvili may have lost but goodness gracious that man could be a model with that face.
Nikoloz was overwhelmed when leading the match. Cam didn't win this Niko lost because he is such a humble person and the moment and pressure got the best of him. I admire him so much in dealing with his emotions. This is why he is such an amazing person on and off the court. It's not as though he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but instead was born with a heart of gold!
Congratulations to both players once again. And Camo is going to have an even better year ahead. Best wishes to both 👍🏽
Gregory Kulga
Gregory Kulga:
Shotmaking from Nikoloz is just astonishing! Like "Thor" Delpo but both sided.
regguyftl65 Don
regguyftl65 Don:
Bravo 👏. Cam is a hard working,consistent player. And a nice guy 👍🏾. Bash played a GREAT tournament,too! Hope they both continue playing this well
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
A spectacular display ! Both players executed a high level of tennis play . Norri had the 🔥 from go, lost his footing and hit the reset button and the rest was battling through his opponent! Ultimately he won 🏆! Grit, consistency and determination!
'For the 33rd time this week, Cam Norrie breaks serve'. THAT says a lot!
Cash Loans
Cash Loans:
Imagine if basilashvili consistently played like he played after break in 1st set. Scary stuff
Vasil Butkhuzi
Vasil Butkhuzi:
Ყოჩაღ ნიკა მასტერსის ფინალი დიდი წარმატებაა, გამარჯვებები წინაა 🇬🇪❤️🇬🇪
valerian magradze
valerian magradze:
Ника! Для нас грузин ты такой же великий спортсмен, как и человек. Ты проиграл финал этого грандиозного турнира но ты для нас победител финала и спасибо что ты нам подарили радостью Пожалуйста не расстраивайся и все будет хорошо! .
frank figliomeni
frank figliomeni:
Congrats Nikoloz for your awesome tournament!!! Your way of playing is Impressive!!! It was a pleasure watching you play!!! Put this final behind and believe in yourself !!!! If you do just that you will win a Major!!!
Chandra Sekhar Dadi
Chandra Sekhar Dadi:
The momentum shifted when Norrie did not allow an easy forehand for Basilash in the second set onwards, the cross-court rally continued with patience and one who is persistent and strong-minded won it. Fantastic match.
Thank you Tennis TV for sharing the highlights. :)😄
Master Plumbob
Master Plumbob:
With sunscreen as his shield & consistency as his sword Cam really fought for that Win! 🤺 Lol

Ps. I Love how Basil had all the highlights, but still didn't get the Trophy. 🙃
What a BEAST he was this tournament.
ben rusher
ben rusher:
Tortoise and the Hare comes to mind! Consistent and steady gets it done. Lots of ways to win a tennis match and Cam knows how to make the most of his toolbox, mentally and physically. Well done!
SuHaLe 619
SuHaLe 619:
Congrats to both Norrie and Nikoloz. I was rooting for Nikoloz. Felt sad to see him lose the match after having won the first set. And that sadness is written all over in his face. But at least he had one of the best tournaments of his career. He still can keep ascending to the top. Norrie's forehand is good. It's got precision, variety and instant pace on directional variation. But his backhand seems to be not that good but it still does fair enough job to keep him in the rally.
Matthau San
Matthau San:
Nikoloz Basilashvili has a funky forehand, but man he use it well.
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin:
Cameron is on a roll! He redeems himself after an early exit in US Open.
Adithya Krishna Raja C
Adithya Krishna Raja C:
I just hope these guys play at the top for a long while! Tremendous match
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm:
Happy for Cam Norrie (and Britain). He is a great guy! Enjoyable to watch him play tennis, too.
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney:
Happy for Cam Norrie (and Britain). He is a great guy! Enjoyable to watch him play tennis, too.
Bhabani Shankar dash
Bhabani Shankar dash:
Thanks to Camron. But missed Federer a lot bcs for his marvelous playing technique & good personality which nobody equivalent in tennis world so far.
Dan Kim
Dan Kim:
3:14 he really needed to start moving forward to the net after he hit that forehand..
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
Consistency is the key - well done!
Sarah Tullamore
Sarah Tullamore:
What a great year for British tennis and in the US too. Emma Raducanu and now Cam Norrie at Indian Wells - bravo!
Winners: Basilashvili 23, Norrie 10, Unforced errors: Basilashvili 44, Norrie 23. Basically too many unforced errors by Basilashvili, which can happen when you go all out with your shots. Norrie, not as hard hitting, but far more consistent, which won him the match.
John Jeffers
John Jeffers:
Happy for Cam Norrie (and Britain). He is a great guy! Enjoyable to watch him play tennis, too.
Meticulous Asmr
Meticulous Asmr:
Nikoloz, the best is yet to come, Go ahead, you are strong! Cingrats to Norrie! I love you Nika ❤️
Bram Valkenburg
Bram Valkenburg:
Basilashvili did great the first set but he could just not keep up his level of play. He was a tad slower in the 2nd and 3rd set and not as aggresive as he was before.
Norrie almost made my heart to give up. I had bet a huge sum on him to win this final.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
I love that style Norrie plays but that gave him a Victory - congrats the UK. It was hard to imagine this result after the first set... Feeling sad for Niko but he is still progressing at
If others ask me one of the best tennis player out there now, I will never pick Norrie what so ever, but he's truly a super solid and high quality player. It's just personal
This guy now has as many Masters 1000s as Del Potro and Wawrinka lmao
Chase Masciorini
Chase Masciorini:
Funny story-
I played Cam in college (UCSB v TCU) at Texas. I was playing #1 doubles for SB. TCU was known for big college crowds , I was playing ‘I’ with my partner serving, I pop up on a second serve and Norrie hit a forehand that had to be 120 mph at my chest 😂. I had 0 time to react. It hit so hard it bounced on the other side of the court. The crowd went wild. It was actually one of my most memorable college sports moments with that big of a crowd.
Leslie Rosado
Leslie Rosado:
I believe he just pass the ball…The Georgian has amazing tennis
So happy for Norrie after being runner up in so many ATP finals this year
road to 200 kg squat
road to 200 kg squat:
Putting it on the line 🙌🏽
Mattia Lumbau
Mattia Lumbau:
Fantastic final! That atp 250 tournament was Amazing! See you next year San Diego
Random Reviews
Random Reviews:
Tbh when he was broken at 2-1 in the 2nd set and his opponent with those ferocious shots, I switched the tele off. Telling my misses this morning he was getting destroyed and probably lost only to find out this morning he won comfortably.
👏 👏 👏

Sorry for not having faith in you Norrie.
You know what at least bashilasvily tried giving us a good final by demolishing every ball rather than just get the ball in
Ottavio Stellato
Ottavio Stellato:
What a match! Spectacular tournament!
MOTTO Music:
Great tennis from both Cam and Niko - Cam was the better grinder/counterpuncher in this match, poor Niko finally ran out of juice…
Congrats to both guys rated 20s on beating top players on the way to the finals!
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
What a great performance!
Well Done!
am thinking back to a match between Norrie and Nick K. and I remember Nick losing his cool about something and Norrie just staying quiet, focused, and got the job done, despite being the underdog in that match. He has come soooo far. Well done. Lots of hard work in getting there. Britain has a champion.
Rogerio Graca
Rogerio Graca:
It all comes to consistency so if was not for that Shapovalov would be winning a few more tournaments. Verdasco was another player when was on could beat anyone but extremely inconsistent.
Steve Hodgetts
Steve Hodgetts:
A really good match, well done Norrie,commiserations Basilashvili. It's been refreshing to see some of the lower-ranked players,both men and women,shine at the tournament in the absence of Fed,Rafa,Djoko,Serena,Venus etc, there's so many players now who are capable of winning big tournaments,which makes it more unpredictable and that's brilliant for the sport,probably brilliant for the bookies as well
Nico Vivier
Nico Vivier:
norrie was an ordinary player again last year what a dazzling progression !!!
Cam has a different kind of playing style that seems to be really effective somehow!
Ali Bander
Ali Bander:
just pay little bit tribute to Nicolases amazing strikes crosscort shots and his calmness is insan. congrats to cam norri
Xiao Jack
Xiao Jack:
Congrats norrie for this huge victory!

I am very curious how fast his backhand is though, if it’s fast enough I definitely wanna copy it, since my backhand sucks lol
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Norrie ❤❤❤. Norrie played phenomenal Tennis to lift the trophy 👍👍👍💪💪.
even tho he lost I hop for Basiliashvili that he can win some more titles in the future. His hard hitting is just too good to watch
Make Fly
Make Fly:
The ball striking from both sides is simply amazing.
Incredible from Norrie! He predicted he would have a breakout season! 🤯🤯
He fought back the whole match and won.
Максим Куров
Максим Куров:
Жаль Басилашвили, тоже заслуживал победы!!!
Mrer Mrer
Mrer Mrer:
Rios, Ferrer, Davydenko (to name a few) should get in shape and win a Slam when the big3 is retired.
Surprised bas didnt get it after 1st set. His routine looked good vs norrie
Tennis Gaming Hub
Tennis Gaming Hub:
Basilashvilli is very entertaining to watch... Lot of flair in his strokes and easily pulls off some extraordinary shots...
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell:
Cam is rapidly becoming the tennis equivalent of a wall. There is no way you can blast past him! Bjorn Borg said something like when I decided not to lose I became impossible to beat. Cam's consistency is paying dividends! Great performance.
Gap Year
Gap Year:
As a Brit, I thoroughly enjoy this result
Mister MJ
Mister MJ:
Heck of a month for Norrie - beat Rublev and Shapo last week in San Diego (reaching the finals) and wins his first 1000 title. The guy had 8 CAREER wins in 1000 events going in but runs off six matches in a row in Indian Wells. He's also reached six finals this year after entering 2021 with a 51-60 career record so amazing improvement ... goes to show what hard work and confidence can do for a player.
Well done to Norrie, I'm curious to see if he's ever gonna repeat the success he had this season.
It's so frustrating seeing all these players win a Masters title before Nishikori😌🔫
Flo sim
Flo sim:
"Nullie's face outsurvived the fists who continuously punched his mug" ... great skillz ...
Jesse Murage
Jesse Murage:
Trying to figure out what assets Norrie has in his game. But then realised it's what the likes of Djokovic and Nadal do, and that is wear opponents down.
I was in the stadium to watch the final of ATP 250 in Lyon, where Tsitsipas beat Norrie in straight sets in around one hour. Tsitsipas said that Norrie would have his victories and that his time will come. Now he won a Masters, a 4-times more important tournament. Bravo!
Less power probably but Norrie reminds me a lot of David Ferrer the way he just grinds his opponents down and his level just never changes
Norrie is the first Briton to win Indian Wells.
Stella Barrow
Stella Barrow:
Well done great fighting spirit.
dimitri guladishvili
dimitri guladishvili:
მაგარი ხარ ნიკოლოზ ✊❤️❤️❤️ შენი იყო ეს თასი! ჩემი აზრით, მეორე სეტში ჩქარობდი ქულის აღებას და არ გიმართლებდა, ძირითადად სულ დაცვიდან გეთამაშებოდა და შენი შეცდომებით მოიგო.
Insane drop shot by Cameron at 3:15 😲
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Imagine if basilashvili consistently played like he played after break in 1st set. Scary stuff
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Wow what a match! Happy Cam Norrie won! 🇿🇦🇿🇦 Nikoloz had a great match, but was Norrie's day today 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
avtar Kahlon
avtar Kahlon:
Rublev being a top 10 for a long time couldnt win a single 1000 masters yet and players like hubert and norrie did it from outside
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul:
So happy for Norrie ... Fully deserved ...
Unfair on the players from the crowd support perspective ...
valerian magradze
valerian magradze:
Nika! For us Georgians, you are as great an athlete as a person. You lost the final of this grand tournament, but you are the winner of the final for us, and thanks for giving us joy. Please don't be upset and everything will be fine! ...
Miruku Midnight Ch.
Miruku Midnight Ch.:
Those shots Basilashvili had in 1st and 2nd set are very deadly. tbh, he lost his cool and consistency at the 3rd sadly.
what a game! amazing!
M Delroba
M Delroba:
Wow 🤩
Great performance by the Brit .
Noy Savage
Noy Savage:
Yayy!!! Well done Norrie 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻
Terry Andrews
Terry Andrews:
Norrie was on the back foot most of the match and won most of his points out of defence. takes a lot of stamina to do that. but it only sometime works as a strategy. This was his day.
Vera Mcowan
Vera Mcowan:
What a great Game nice to see a British player it’s been few and far between good luck to both players it was anyone’s game and exciting to watch
Gabriel P J Gervais
Gabriel P J Gervais:
It seems the Brits are going to have their victory moment for a time:)))
Milko Ansah-Johnson
Milko Ansah-Johnson:
Well done for a great win.
Paul W Franklin
Paul W Franklin:
Did Norrie say "6-1" at the net? :p
Amazing effort, expect him to win the AO! :)
Julio Chaves`
Julio Chaves`:
Congratulations to Norrie, well deserved... I just can't believe the ugliest backhand in the circuit can be son consistent hehe. When I watch him play I feel like screaming "hit the damm ball you Norrie!!.." ;-)